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  • Random SEO Tips – Childhood Memories As the age of the age of internet users increases it shouldn’t be forgotten just how many people have childhood memories and like to rekindle them. You may be wondering what this has to do with SEO but this little example may explain better, Autumn Days Lyrics That one little phrase brings me about 20 visitors a day most of the year, and a lot more in Autumn time, not only does it bring the visitors, my stats show that the post is quite often linked to from various places. Basically, it is a mild form of link baiting by using little phrases from childhood memories.
  • Random SEO Tips – Using Text boxes for SEO Have you got loads of copy that you want to make available on a page but don’t want to make the page too long? Have you got fields in a database that contain HTML, you want to display the text, but don’t want the html to be active? Have you got text that you need the search engines to see, has a legitimate reason to be on the page, but just don’t want it to be to promiant or displayed as a big block of text? These are just some reasons why text boxes can be used for SEO and web design. Note: be careful how your CMS treats text boxes though or you may end up with similar to below This is just one of the random SEO Tips listed on this website.

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  • Random SEO Tips – Waffling for SEO It’s the end of the day, your sat at your keyboard with all your work finished. What better time than to open up one of your blogs and just waffle on about anything on your mind and what you have been doing early that day. Not only can this give you inspiration for the next morning it also keeps your blog fresh and up to date with new content and can be the perfect way of dropping links to the projects that you have been working on earlier in the day.
  • Random SEO Tips – Engage with your visitors I’ve heard many an SEO say no-follow links are a waste of time, but are they really? Any link that brings visitors to your website is a link worth having, it’s what you do after the visitor arrives on your site that is important. Give the visitor something they want, something that will encourage them to engage with you, something that makes them feel comfortable and something they want to share. Suddenly that SEO unfriendly link has not only gained you a follower, it has also given you a visitor who may link to you, and more importantly a visitor who may help spread the news of the services you provide. So next time you hear anyone bleating on about nofollow links being a waste of time direct them to this page where hopefully they may just pick up a clue.
  • Random SEO Tips – Anchor Text People think Google is smart – I Don’t Google is just a bot and needs to be treated like a baby Remember this when creating your links, if you are linking to a page about Wheelchair Ramps make sure you tell google what the page is about with the anchor text of the link, don’t use Click Here or similar, as you are not telling Google what the page is about until it actually reaches the page. For those asking what anchor text is, it is the word used to create the link Anchor Text
  • Random SEO Tips – Make your non blog pages appear in Google Blog Search A little trick that not all aware of is blogurl: If you want to find the pages on your site that appear in Google Blog Search and that Google consider to be blog posts you just search in Google Blog Search using blogurl:DOMAIN i.e. – What if you want pages to appear in Google Blog Search though that aren’t actually blog posts though? Simple :) – Just drop a link to your blog feed in the head of the page
  • Random SEO Tips – How do I rank high in Google Every now and then it is good to take a step back from what you are doing, stop discussing SEO with others in the Marketing/Advertising/Website industry and just spend a bit of time with the man on the street. Spend too long hanging around with others in your field and you can become complacent and just assume others have your same knowledge. Let’s face it, virtually everyone in the web industry knows what optimisation means, the majority will have an idea what SEO stands for, and nearly all will know that you need a well optimised page to rank high in Google. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the general public won’t know the terminology and a large number will still have no idea about the importance of ranking high in Google (or even that there is an industry set up doing this). What this can often lead to is the SEO expert ends up speaking in what is effectively a foreign language to the man in the street. The man in the street isn’t interested in Optimisation, SEO, Page sculpting, Link building, Page Rank, PPC, affiliate marketing, internal link structure, Alt attributes, anchor text etc. in fact he probably hasn’t a clue as to what you are talking about. This is just one reason why it is good to just step back every now and then, get away from your circle of work colleagues and just spend time with those outside the industry, you wil; find they aren’t interested in SEO, optimisation, link building etc. all they want to knoew is How do I rank high in Google
  • Random SEO Tips – Give them a reason to Link to you Most people with any knowledge of SEO will probably agree that the best types of links are the links that come naturally. If you have a page on your site that you would like to be ranked higher and all the on page optimization is spot on, ideally you want more links pointing to that page. The method of going out and buying links with rich anchor text appears to be too risky now, so how do you get more links to the page? The answer – Give people a reason to Link to your page The question – How do I get people to link to my page? The observant out there may wonder why that is reversed? The quick answer to that is: – You sometimes have to think in reverse. The longer answer is elsewhere amongst our random SEO Tips lost in the woods
  • Random SEO Tips – SEO Testing SEO forums, SEO Tutorials, SEO blogs, SEO books etc. can be great ways of learning SEO and keeping up to date with the latest techniques and changes in the Google Algorithm, they are no alternative though to good old SEO testing and experimenting.
  • Random SEO Tips – Alt attributes on Linking Images Most people know that using a healthy sprinkling of keywords within the alt attributes of the images on your web page is beneficial for SEO. This doesn’t mean cramming the alt attributes and effectively keyword stuffing. As with page content, it is a case of getting the balance right. One thing that the novice SEO needs to be aware of though, and that is seldom mentioned in SEO forums, is the fact that you have to be a little more careful when using alt attributes of images used as links and realise the power of the alt attibute benefits the page being linked to more than the page displaying the link. This is an important SEO Tip often overlooked and should be considered when page rank sculpting.
  • Random SEO Tips – Why we don’t use friendly URL’s You may be thinking it is strange that a blog talking about SEO Tips has URL’s which end in /?p=1149 rather than /target-keyword as most SEO’s would recommend. I’ll let you in to a little secret, every now and then we like to change the content on pages, change the dates of posting, and bring old pages back to the front of the blog. Sometimes we change the content so much that the title is no longer rellevant, and as the title is no longer rellevant, had we been using search engine friendly URL’s these would no longer be relevant either. Not only would the friendly URL’s no longer be relevant, they could even stop us from changing the content of the page without changing the URL, which if the page is well established could be a blow. Hence why we use /?p=1149 as it means we can do whatever we like with the content and title of the page.
  • Random SEO Tips Using current affairs for traffic A friend of mine asked be to buy him some Take That tickets from Ticketmaster for Take That Progress Live 2011 tour. I tried to log on at 10 to 9 only to find the Ticketmaster website was down, so spent10 minutes trying again, then decided to write a blog post Take That causes Ticketmaster to crash 30 minutes later the post had received over 1000 visitors. This is a perfect example of using SEO to gain traffic from current affairs and news stories.
  • Random SEO Tips – Using Googles Cache for SEO Google tends to have regular crawling pattern and knowing when google is crawling a particular page can be turned to your advantage with SEO. A perfect example of this is sites that display latest listings or latest posts on their homepages. Take my business directory site for instance, I list the 20 most recent listings on my homepage, I know that my homepage is crawled twice a day at within 5 minutes of the same time of day, once near midnight, once near midday. By knowing what time google is crawling I can decide when to refresh my top 20 list, or even change dates of entries of specific listing if I want to give them a boost. Another advantage of knowing google cache times is when posting on forums or social networks, get your timing right and your posts appear on the sites homepages or category pages just as google is crawling. Even if no links to your sites are with the posts your profiles/blogs get boosted and you may have links in your profile pages or blogs.
  • Random SEO Tips – Using Google LSI Keyword research is a very important factor of SEO especially as the person doing the searching is now more inclined to put in 3, 4, 5 word phrases now where as in the early days of search it tended to only be 1 or 2. There are numerous ways of researching keywords, examples being Wordtracker and the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Another way which is often overlooked is Google LSI. We won’t explain the complexities of LSI here, but in laymans terms Google uses LSI to theme words and effectively group them together. Using Google LSI To take advantage of LSI you simply need to add the tilde character ~ in front of a keyword when searching, i.e. ~keyword When searching on google using the tilde character in front of the keyword you will notice that not only is the keyword bold in the SERPs, but also simillar words are also highlighted, these are the words Google sees as being themed to yout initial keyword. A typical example can be found using ~Business You will see that not only Business is highlighted, but also Company, Companies, Commercial, Commerce, Office, Industry, Corporate With the knowledge that these are the words Google sees as related to your search term you can go on and write your page content with these words in mind.
  • Random SEO Tips – Using Buttons for Backlinks I recently set up a little test in gaining backlinks. First I created a new UKSBD button to link back to my homepage. Business Directory I then changed my backlink request page so that people had the option of using a text link or use the button for the link. Amazingly, even after just 4 days there is a noticable difference in the ammount of people linking back, and the % of people using the button was very high too. SEO lesson learnt = Give people something they want to put on their page and the more chance you have of them using it.
  • Random SEO Tips – It’s still all about links when improving Google rankings Some will say bollocks – the more who do the better ;-) Links improve rankings
  • Random SEO Tips – Never underestimate a good bottle of wine Some nights I can just sit here and not think of anything worth waffling about. When this happens I like go down to my wine cellar go to the furthermost corner where the lighting has failed put my hand in to the wine bins and just pull a random bottle out. Ok, this my be a bit of an exageration, but I do like to get a bottle out from under the stairs. Tonights waffling is courtest of a 2008 Verdicchio classico from dei Cstelli di Jesi in the Marche region of North East Italy I usualy prefer a nice rich red when in waffle mode, but the Verdiccio stirs fond memories in the back of my mind. Strangely, what I remember most about the Verdicchio from my younger days was the deep green colour of the bottle and the rather strange shape, other memories are probably best left as that. Well in to my 2nd glass now, the keyboard is starting to hum as the waffling becomes easier, if I carry on like this I might even forget to drop a link to my latest little play site over at So, what’s the random seo tip today I hear all my visitors asking themselves! Simple really, never underestimate what a good wine can do for your waffling, and when you do get that sudden burst of inspiration for a good waffle, be sure to make the most of it.
  • Random SEO Tips – Friendly Referrer Spamming Most webmasters now use some kind of statcounter or analytics package on their websites to track visitors and general hits. This can be used to your advantage when link building by using a watered down and more friendly version of referrer spamming. Basically you research the keywords you are targeting, analyse the top sites, create a list of sites you are not in direct competition with, assess which sites have links pages (or look as though they provide information about other sites) and crate links to them from your own site. Then over the next couple of months you click on these links a number of times a day (preferably from different machines on different ISP’s) not too often, but just enough so as to attract a little attention when the webmaster studies his stats. After another couple of months you email the webmasters, usng your URL in the title of the email. Now because they have probably seen your site linking to them in their stats (and probably checked your site out to) There is a far greater chance that they wil read your email and respond to it. This is a particularly good technique to use on low traffic niche markets, as not only does it help with your linkbuilding it can also help you develop relationships with the webmasters of similar sites to yourself, which can benefit all concerned. Another quality post from the stable.
  • Random SEO Tips – A page is a page The novice SEO optimises websites The experienced SEO optimises web pages
  • Random SEO Tips – Careful how you tread in virgin snow Although an experienced SEO will have a good network of blogs, forums, article sites, friends sites and his own sites, he will always be on the look out for valuable places to join, post in, and drop links in. One thing to be aware of when finding these new places though is not to leave footprints. Dont go rushing in using the same username you use everywhere else, don’t drop links to all your own sites, don’t link your own sites back to your new profile, don’t go blabbing about the new place you have found to all and sundry, but most of all just act natural, contribute properly and try to be a worthy member of the new place you have found. Like I always say “You get out of it, what you put in”
  • Random SEO Tips – Big world out there Ok, you have a little website selling products online but only delivering to the UK and with no plans to change this in the near future. You know the best kind of link to your website is a themed link from sites selling similar things as you. So where better than another site selling the same products as you? Why would someone selling the same products as you link back to your site though? Simple really, a well worded email to similar sites in the USA, Canada, Australia etc. clearly explaining that you have no intentions of selling in their regions and that you will pass on any visitors from those countries to them. Research their sites first, make the email personal to them and offer them a link back on a strong page and you may find yourself picking up half a dozen good strong inks from around the world. One small point though, don’t overdo this, your main links always want to be from UK based sites with just a liberal sprinkling from other countries. The key is to be selective, providing you have a strong site already you should aim to get links from strong sites in the other countries and not just any old site.
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