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Do you run a small UK based Business and would like to benefit from free business advertising ?

To benefit from our Free Business Advertising simply Register a business in our business directory and if your entry meets our approval we will create an individual page for you and also list your details in your county directory and your category directory.

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Why do you offer Free online advertising ?

There are a number of reasons why the UK Small Business Directory offers free advertising, the main reasons are;

  • Content
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • Directory entries

What do we mean by Content?
Simple really, a good website needs good content. When you submit your details to the UK Small Business Directory we ask you to provide a description of your business, a description of the service you provide and details of your location and the area you cover. We then use this information to create content rich pages within our directory, which in turn benefits both the entree of the details and ourselves.

What do we mean by Word of mouth marketing?
If you like the service we provide we would appreciate you mentioning us to your friends, posting about us in forums (no spamming please) and generally just spreading the news about us and the service we provide. We are not backed by any big company and have an advertising budget of £0.00 the only way we can survive is by word of mouth marketing and by you helping us to help you.

What do we mean by Directory entries?
Although we are a highy ranked Business Directory, we have comparitively few entries compared to the major directories. We could obtain business data from a number of sources and boost up our advertising numbers but feel this would be unfair on the 190,000 plus businesses who have taken the trouble to manually submit their details over the past 10 years. Instead we would like to continue to increase our directory entries by allowing people to submit their own details, we do need to increase our entries and feel the best way of doing this is to provide a service that people want.

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Free Business Listings : Why does UK Small Business Directory Provide Free Business Listings

I’m quite often asked why UK Small Business Directory provides free business listings and what do we get out of it? Below are just some of the answers.

Why does UK Small Business Directory provide free business listings ?

The UK Small Business Directory is owned, maintained and run by me.

I don’t pay commission to sales staff.

I don’t use call centres for cold calling.

I don’t have to maintain expensive business premises.

I’m perfectly happy driving around in my little VW Polo.

I love playing around at SEO and treat it as a hobby.

I enjoy what I do.

Owner, Manager, Webmaster, Tea Boy –

Any questions before taking out a free business listing – Simply give me ring on 01608 685039

What do you get out of free business listings ?

This may sound like a load of tosh, but what I get out of free advertising is the satisfaction of knowing that business owners actually want to list their business details with me.

I could quite easily go out and buy data, load it in to my directory and double the listings I have overnight, but I personally can’t stand the directories that do that, and think it’s pretty obvious that they do it to try and get the business owners to upgrade their business listing when they see it.

Rather than do this though, I provide free business listings and are pleased to say out of the 140,000+ business listed with me at least 98% have been listed by the business owner or a representative of the business.

Another important thing I get from providing free business listings is contacts, I try to be fair when people register with me and have built up quite a number of contacts who I like to think trust me and appreciate what I do, which can be a great help with online marketing.

How do you make money from Free Business Listings ?

Despite what I’ve written above I’m not a saint. Of course I make money from free business listings. For a start I make money from the adverts which are displayed throughout my directory, I also make money from a small number of upgraded listings and I also make money by providing Search Engine Optimisation services.

OK, I’ve read why you give free business listings, where do I get one from ?

Another reason why I give free business listings is because for you to get a free business listing, you do the work ;o)

Simply visit this page,

Free Business Listings

Fill in the form and if it meets my approval I will add your business listing to my directory.

What can I do to improve my listing ?

If you’ve bothered reading all the way down here you probably have an idea of my philosophy, I’m not that bothered if you pay for an upgrade or not, I’m far happier if you interact with me and my directory more. for a start you can come and (when I say follow, I don’t mean just Like and nothing else, come along to post on my wall, ask questions and generally join in)

What would also be nice is if you link back to my directory and tell any other small business owners who you think might be interested about it.

If you really want to pay for an upgrade feel free to just give me a ring on 01608 663759

Terry Simmonds

Free Advertising