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Improving Maps Listings with Local Citations using JSON

What are Local Citations?

Think of local citations as business location references.

When Google crawls the web and finds references of your local business it is also looking for consistent information about your location.

If Google find numerous references using different business names, different phone numbers, different addresses it is difficult to gauge where you actually are, how you can be contacted and what you do.

If Google finds consistent information about your local business Google can be confident about you and assign a trust value.

Local citations are effectively the online references of your business Improve your Citations with Citation Booster

How Local Citations Can Help Google Rankings?

Many Google Maps experts say it is important that Google finds your citations online, and that when they do find them they provide accurate NAP details.

It is believed Maps ranking is based on a trust factor, Google wants to return accurate results based on the searchers search term and need to be confident that businesses are located where they say they are.

The more references of a business location online the more confident Google becomes that it is the correct location leading to more chance the business will rank higher on Google Maps.

UK Business Directory providing business listings using JSON-LD Mark Up

How to get Local Citations

The UK Small Business Directory was one of the 1st UK directories to provide NAP citations for individual business listings using schema mark-up.

We have now improved our semantic mark-up to also provide NAP Citations in JSON format.

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