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Louise England - Lifestyle and Home Assistant
Bristol, Bristol, BS1 5PY
Time is a precious commodity, and the last thing you want to do during ‘time-off’ is household admin. That’s why Louise England provides a Lifestyle and Home Assistant service that aims to free-up your free time. Having worked for 15 years as an executive assistant and managing projects, including five years within the NHS, she recently started up her own business in Bristol. She learnt what dedicated support Chief Executives need in the office and what attention to detail is required to successfully deliver projects. She realised that busy working professionals also need similar help to manage their home lives and decided to set up a bespoke service which is tailored to meet clients’ individual needs. The range of services she offers include errand running, research, project management, wait-in, de-cluttering, recuperation and administration. To date she has helped with projects ranging from finding the perfect family home to tackling a busy doctor’s list of maintenance jobs in their home. From the simplest task to organising complicated projects, all benefit from Louise’s attention to detail, resourceful nature and efficiency. She will help you to free up your personal time so you can spend it doing the things you love rather than the boring things you ‘have’ to do to keep your life running smoothly. Find out more about Louise’s Lifestyle and Home Assistant Service at Mobile: 07780 474256 Email: Twitter: @L_England
De-cluttering, Errand running, Project management, Administration, Wait-in
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