UK Small Business Directory is a Personalised Ads Free Website

We strongly believe that if Government bodies were tracking peoples behaviour in the way that some companies do there would be uproar.

With this in mind The UK Small Business Directory has declared itself to be a personalised ads free website

When looking for anything on this website we hope that you find what you are looking for and not a distracting advert or a scummy click bait article designed to take you to other websites that track and profile you based on your Online behaviour.

We have removed Google ads, Facebook ads and Amazon ads for 2 reasons;

1. We don’t like the way they track our visitors

2. Without these adverts on our website, the small businesses registered with us benefit by the distraction free content that they have submitted.

Web Analytics – Stat Counter

We have also removed Google Analytics from our pages in favour of StatCounter who’s mission statement reads “Our mission is to help our members easily understand their visitors, so they can make good decisions to become more successful online.”

The StatCounter Privacy Policy can be found here –

We don’t use StatCounter to personally identify you or track you, we use it predominantly to monitor our sites performance.


We Will Lose Income Due to Our Moral standing on Personalisation and tracking

We have previously benefited from the Google AdSense programme and will be losing money due to our moral beliefs, we respectfully ask that if you agree with us, and have (or are about to register) a listing in our directory that you consider one of our Upgrade Options which not only benefits you but also helps to keep our site personalised ad free.

If you can’t afford an upgraded listing we ask that you please link to this post and tell anyone else who you think may be interested.

Let’s go back to good useful content on websites rather that obtrusive adverts and click bait articles.

Please note: If you do find any ads on any pages that you think may be Google Ads or Personalised ads please let us know where you find them (there may still be old historic pages that we have not edited) and we will remove the ads.

Terry Simmonds
UK Small Business Directory

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