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Reflection Therapy

The Old Barn Therapy Rooms, Ironmonger Lane, High Street

07772 687610

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I offer Counselling and Psychotherapy. Today’s world is placing increasing demands on our mental and physical capabilities, leaving us vulnerable to the demands of Partners, Children, Friends, Work Colleagues and others. Like a feather in the wind, an outer world that is in constant change, requires an inner mind that is stable, focused, and yet peaceful, refreshed and adaptable at the same time. It is through ‘Self Reflection’ that mental health becomes a reality, refreshing those parts of the mind other therapies cannot reach, leaving you prepared for the challenges ahead. Psychotherapy and Counselling is ‘Self Reflection’, through understanding the past in the present context.

Psychotherapy is a journey of self-exploration and reflection, with the potential to lead to greater understanding and awareness of Self. Looking at past experiences and emotional patterns can be useful as early experiences can determine how we behave and feel as adults. Early relationships often define the relationships we have in later life, both with others as well as with ourselves. Through therapy, we become more conscious of our patterns of behaviour and emotional functioning. This sense of self awareness can lead to a greater sense of well-being, freedom and personal authority, purpose and meaning. Psychotherapy is usually for an open ended term determined by the client.

Counselling involves looking at one or two specific life issues that are currently affecting the client’s present way of being in the world, and that, seemingly, have power and control over them. Over the course of a contracted term, the client and therapist seek to understand how, and why, these life issues are having such an impact, what the root causes may be, and what qualities need to be developed to enable the client to recover their power. Counselling on one life issue can often uncover deeper seated issues that may need to be looked at before the presenting issue may be understood.

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