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Jill Peer treatments

29 Orchard Place. Ledbury


I am Jill Peer here are my qualifications:- British Complimentary Therapy Association, Association of Physical and Natural Therapists, Register of Allergy Therapists. General Natural Practitioners Guild ( Hon member) ,and ITEC qualified in Reflexology 1994.   see my website :- www.jillpeertreatments and pass it on please. On the site you will find a whole list of my clients who have freely given testiment to the power and success of my work.Then when you ve seen it, please let me know how the website looks , if you can !    Basically I offer:- Indian Head Massage which assists circulation, hair growth , strength and texture and condition of hair follicles, can eliminate headaches, overall body pain, especially of back and shoulders. Can also help eliminate the effects of Tinnitus. Helps clear congestion and relaxed muscles of face, neck , head , shoulders and balances energy levels. Most suitable for on site treatments I teach introductory workshops in this treatment, charging 30- 40 per student for a 6-7 hour workshop Auricular therapy (which is specific work on ears,) For which I am also qualified and make part of my Indian Head massage treatment. Reflexology of feet or hands and most suitable for on site treatments Assists pain relief and sleep loss, usually very quickly,generally as quickly and reliably as most over the counter drugs can do. Also assists with many Hormonal, reproductive, and Liver toxifiation problems, I.e. Most minor Skin complaints, such as eczema, arthritus, IBS. Can help with many progressive disorders such as Multiple Schlerosis and ME. In some cases Reflexology has shown to help and improve ability and tolerance levels. Hand work is excellent for instant self help pain relief of annoying problems like headaches sore throats and even mouth ulcers, in many cases. In a recent trial I undertook with a client recently showed that a single extremely painful mouth ulcer was cleared, and pain removed within minutes. Its also useful for headaches and sorethroats or even back ache in most circumstances. Fast pain relief. I teach introductory workshops in this treatment, charging 30- 40 per student for a 6-7 hour workshop Kinesiology, Nutritional Allergy Testing and desensitization. Best for treating Candida Albicans ( or IBS ) as it assists all problems of the body, by adjusting foods and relieving sometimes devastating symptoms. With this treatment we can also desensitize for deep difficult intolerances , those which are really acting as an interference in life, such as intolerance to pets , fur, smoke or specific plants; this can be done generally with kinesiology . But most effective if you also look at altering negative diet habits. Kinesiology tell us exactly what the body is really in need of on an individual level. Celloid Mineral Therapy , I was trained by Blackmores Until the trace minerals of the body are balanced well, no other treatments can work well. Therefore these work synergistically, with most other treatments taken. They consist of the basic minerals which form life and which remain after the physical body is destroyed. I use Iridology and Tongue analysis within a case history system to decide which minerals are deplete. These assist ALL forms of ill health to improve from birth to old age. I also use my own developed ''Fan Healing'' with my own hand made bespoke Shamanic Fans. To waft negativity from the aura following a treatment where the cells of and around the body have been vibrated. Please contact me for further details or to book .

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