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No h2o waterless valet

42 Forres Drive Glenrothes


Based in Fife, No H2O waterless mobile valet aim to offer the best value car valeting along with the highest levels of service. We offer a whole host of services tailored to suit your exact requirements... We have fully self-sufficient valeting vehicles, we do not need to be provided with water or electric - just your vehicle. We can visit you at either your home or your place of work - at work you don''t even have to meet us, just leave your keys and payment with reception or security and we will valet the vehicle and return the keys to the same place! If you have any questions, please just call us - we will endeavor to answer all your car valeting questions with the least amount of fuss... The " Waterless Wash" is the ultimate high quality dry-wash, polish and protectant. It has been engineered to deliver the convenience of dry-wash technology with a deep shine that will endure the elements and keep your car looking like its just left the showroom! It has an amazing ability to repel water and atmospheric pollutants and will help extend the life of your car''s bodywork by preventing the build up of dirt and grime. It replaces the products (water, shampoo, wax etc) normally associated with car cleaning. On contact it emulsifies dirt, grime, insects and bird droppings and contains them in microscopic "jelly beans" to prevent surface damage. Most frequently asked questions about the Waterless Wash are answered here. What can it be used on? Bodywork, glass/windscreen and wheels. It can also be used for boats, caravans, motorbikes, house windows etc. Could it scratch? Following our directions and using the recommended accessories it will not damage the surface in any way. Thick mud, grit and stones are examples of abrasives that should be rinsed off. How long will it take? In a single step the Waterless Wash will clean, polish and protect bodywork, glass, chrome and wheels. This will normally take 60 to 90 minutes. What about wet or freezing weather? The Waterless Wash doesn''t create any mess or rely on a water source, so in wet weather we can work in our mobile valet bay. In winter we can continue to work outside, although the formula may take slightly longer to dry. How often can I have it applied / In between applications? The Waterless Wash can be applied as often as you like or to replace your normal clean. In between applications you can gently wipe the surface with a clean damp terry cloth and then buff. How long will the protection last? Normally 3-6 months. However, we recommend more regular applications to keep the protection at its optimum. What about the environment? We won''t waste water (a hosepipe can dispense10 litres per minute) and effluents from shampoo and other products won''t enter the eco-system. What does it contain? It contains emulsifiers, lubricants, wetting and cleaning agents and PolyGuard-3 (a unique blend of high quality polymers). It does not contain silicone, Teflon or any synthetic or organic wax. How does it work? On contact dirt, grime, insects and bird droppings are emulsified and suspended in microscopic "jelly beans" to prevent surface damage. As these are wiped away, PolyGuard-3 (see above) bonds with the surface to leave a deep shine and tough protective barrier. Why are polymers better than waxes, polishes and sealants? The Waterless Wash contains a blend of high quality polymers that replace traditional waxes, polishes and paint sealants: Waxes: offer a good level of surface protection, but can leave the paint looking dull after a period of time. Polishes: are great at revitalising dull paint and removing minor blemishes, but are often abrasive and provide little protection. Paint Sealants: protect very well but don''t clean or polish

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