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ChangeWays Therapy

Therapy with Horses At ChangeWays we offer therapy in the outdoors wit horses. This is a powerful way for people to connect to themselves, their inner knowing & emotions. It provides opportunities for new insights into individual's relationship patterns; their inner world & beliefs about themselves and how these are mirrored in their interactions with the horses. It also offer a unique way to connect with ourselves through reconnecting to our instincts, the natural world and building relationships with animals.

We work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups and organisation to help people develop inner strengths and build resilience. Our prices start from £95 per hour. Find out more by contacting us today.

Team Building & Professional Development We offer professional development and team building for organisations working in the helping professions. When your work involves supporting children and adults who have experience trauma the impact of this work can be absorbed into your body creating stress. This stress can cause friction within the team, effect individuals wellbeing, mental health and their ability to maintain healthy boundaries. You may find that meetings go round in circles without reaching a solution? Staff dynamics and communication issues can take its toll on work relationships and staff morale. We can help by providing a non-judgemental space to reconnect with your team. We believe that people have the best solutions for themselves when given the opportunity to experiment and express their creativity. We provide the space to help your team see the bigger picture & reconnect to your shared values.

ChangeWays Therapy
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