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Beaming Restorations

12 Lisburne Square

07595 992216


Safe removal of black paint, varnish, grime and many other coatings from oak beams, brickwork, stone, boats and other surfaces.

If you have looked at your lovely old oak beams and thought how they would transform your property if they could be rejuvenated back to their original state by removing the black paint, varnish or grime that hides there natural state.

The process we use is a low pressure (28 - 32 psi) system using a range of very fine and soft mediums. These are used in low amounts (25kg per hour).

This process although looks similar to sand blasting is very different as the paint or varnish is not ripped from the beam but gently lifted from the surface layer by layer, without damaging the lovely protected timber below. there is no introduction of water with the use of this system in any form, as this is never a good thing (eletrical problems, mess and moisture damage just to mention a few). With the water introduction systems large amounts of smearing across walls and ceilings are caused, this normally requires a complete decoration of the area in question. With the dry system the medium and surface covering just simply fall to the floor ready to be cleaned away. (we have used both systems and have had to clean up the mess afterwards, please take our advice that the dry process is more efficiant and friendly to your property).

Firstly the area to be cleaned will be isolated from other areas of your property with polythene isolation curtains. All floors are covered with high grade sheeting and electrical points and sensors sealed. This contains any disruption or mess created and aids with the comprehensive and thorough cleaning of the work area.

Secondly we use extractor fans that remove air born particles from the area, this minimizes dust. It also virtually eliminates the risk of dust travelling to other areas of your property by reversing the air flow from the work area. Once again this is different to sand blasting that uses higher pressures and volumes of medium that cause large clouds of dust created in your property.

Finally we understand that your home is your castle and as a company our policy is to leave the work area as clean as we would expect our own home to be left.

We understand you will probably have many questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to answer your questions.

Send some photographs if possible as this will help to give a better idea of what we are dealing with.

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