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TBS Sports Ltd
Bolton, Lancashire, BL6 6LB
Tennis Balls Head Tennis Tennis Equipment Tennis Clothing Tennis Rackets
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Featured Listing [Silver]
the bike doctor
Leeds, West Yorkshire, ls184qe
no call out charge bike fix bicycle servicing free advice mobile cycle repair
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Chester, Cheshire, CH3 5SD
Suppliers of premium Inflatable paddle boards
SUP surf paddle board
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Lilley's Cycling
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE8 6PS
Learn to cycle & developing cycling skills & confidence lessons & cycle sport coaching for adults & children in the Peterborough, Stamford, Corby areas.
Cycle sport coaching Cycling lessons for adults Cycling lessons for children Cycling lessons for beginners
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Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 1QA
UK carp fishing tackle shop, KARPZ stocks big branded baits, rigs, rods, reels, tackle boxes, barrows, chairs & much more. KARPZ is helping anglers meet their fishing goals. Delivered nationwide. Join the KARPZ affiliate programme and earn your tackle supply FREE!
angling supplies sea fishing carp bait fishing bait carp fishing
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Deeside Tackle
Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 1QA
Deeside Tackle Shop in Shotton serving the North Wales and North West England for Fishing Tackle for Carp, Coarse & Sea. At Deeside Tackle we cater for all anglers - Carp, Coarse, Sea and Fly.Deeside Tackle has served the local community for decades through support angling clubs, providing quality tackle to customers, and offering advice or information to anyone who stops by the shop.
fishing reels angling shop fishing tackle fishing rods tackle shop
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Select Scooters
Stockport, Cheshire, SK3 9AR
Select scooters was created to better serve the customers we had at Stockport skate shop, by concentrating on connecting kids and parents with scooters they love. We love to be involved within the local community and are proud of the skill level and enthusiasm there is for the sport of scootering in and around the stockport area. We aim to continue putting our customers first and help guide more people to utilise the social and physical aspects of scootering as a sport.
Stunt scooter protection Stunt scooter repair stunt scooter helmets Scooter scooter pads Stunt scooters
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uPlay Sports
Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1NQ
uPlay sports provides quality coaching for people of all ages and skillsets. We offer a wide range of courses, holiday camps and sports coaching. To learn more please visit our website.
Netball lesson,Netball camp,Netball party,Netball instructor, Netball tournament Tennis lesson,Tennis camp,Tennis party, Tennis insrtuctor, Tennis tournament
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Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 7DQ
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
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RUGGERBUGS Westcombe Park
Orpington, Kent, BR6 9SX
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
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Hendon, London, NW4 1RL
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
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RUGGERBUGS Saffron Walden
Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 3EG
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
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Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 9PB
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
See main listing - RUGGERBUGS Hertford »

Hampstead, London, NW5 1UJ
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
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Harlow, Essex, CM17 9LR
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
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Chatham, Kent, ME4 5JB
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
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RUGGERBUGS Bishops Stortford
Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 5LH
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
See main listing - RUGGERBUGS Bishops Stortford »

Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM22 7EP
RUGGERBUGS is a fun and exciting pre-school sports development programme inspired by non-contact rugby for boys and girls, aged 18 months to Six years. It is designed to promote a fun and positive attitude to sport and fitness. Established in early 2007 RUGGERBUGS continues as a family run business and was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first to establish close associations with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into mini / junior rugby with ease. Fully accredited by the Children's Activities Association, RUGGERBUGS not only gives young children a fun, and non-competitive indoor environment to enjoy a weekly activity, make new friends and develop a love of sport but parents peace of mind that the activity is safe and age appropriate The unique RUGGERBUGS 'Head Start'™ programme assists with a child's Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games. Social interaction is also a key concept giving young children confidence and self-esteem. RUGGERBUGS is different from other organisations because it agrees with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport, and so does not teach children how to play rugby (that's what your local club is for) but gives children a "Head Start"™ in developing skills which they can later go on and develop at club or school level. RUGGERBUGS actively promotes grass roots rugby for boys and girls and its results are amazing but it also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football Hockey, Tennis and many more. Give RUGGERBUGS a TRY - it will make you smile! CENTRES across Essex, Herts, Kent & London:
Toddler Classes Rugby for 2-3 year olds Kids Activities Rugby for 3-5 year olds Toddler Rugby
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TA Sport Stars
Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 0AY
Affordable sports clubs and holiday camps from 5 years. Football coaching for children from 3 years upwards. We accept childcare vouchers for all our activities and competition vouchers for camps. It's never been more important to keep your kids fit, healthy and occupied. At TA Sport Stars we have a wealth of experience in running holiday camps, summer camps, kids' clubs and after school clubs. Staffed by qualified professionals, they are designed to provide great entertainment, whilst also building physical fitness and encouraging social skills. As well as football coaching we also offer a range of half term and summer holiday clubs, after school clubs, multi-sport nursery clubs and children's parties. We enjoy mixing up the experience for the young people that we support, which might mean, for example, bringing in some inflatables or organising a game of laser or nerf tag. Anything that encourages fitness, cooperation and teamwork, while still being hugely enjoyable for the kids. We also offer football coaching. Across Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire.
school clubs children's parties holiday clubs summer camps football school
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Basingstoke Soccer Centre
Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 4HS
Basingstoke Soccer Centre has 9 flood lit 3G football pitches to hire, football leagues, children's football coaching, children's football parties.
Parties Coaching Sports Coaching Football
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Uniplay - Playground Markings & Thermoplastic Markings
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 2NB
Uniplay supply and install unique playground markings across the UK. We offer a free design and site visit service to ensure we get your markings perfect! We work with all schools and nurseries.
Courts & Sports Playground
See main listing - Uniplay - Playground Markings & Thermoplastic Markings »

Little Sports Coaching
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M19 2HW
LSC provides professional PE and school sport, sports coaching and activities to children of all ages (from 18 months to 18 years old) and abilities before, during and after school, as well as at weekends and during the school holidays in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. LSC, is a subsidiary of the LSG Group of companies which provides sports, football and education across the UK to schools and parents.
After School Clubs PE PPA Cover Sports Coaching PE Sports Coaching kids football coaching
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Kings Football Coaching
Wednesbury, West Midlands, ws108tn
Join us at Kings Football coaching, whether you're just starting out or looking to build up your skills, we have training options that cater to all levels.
Family Football Sessions Football coaching West Midlands Private Football Sessions Group Football Sessions Football Coaching Birmingham
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Thorney Park Golf Club
London, Buckinghamshire, SL0 9AL
The PGA Club Professional at Thorney Park Golf Club is Matthew Potter, and we are very fortunate to have one of the most up-to-date coaching and custom fitting facilities available in the UK. The Matthew Potter Golf Academy specialises in advanced coaching and offers a variety of coaching packages for individuals and groups to improve your game, handicap and overall enjoyment.
cheap golf clubs Free golf club membership Professional golf trainers Golf Club with Restaurants golf clubs
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Segway board
Birmingham, West Midlands, B69 3HJ
The battery pack is basically the gas of your hoverboard, without the stinky outflows. The battery works with the motherboard to control your ride. Most hoverboards utilize a lithium particle battery with battery lives fluctuating over a few hour range.
Certified Swegway UK segway and kart bundle uk segway
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Maldon Canoe Club
Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 5JU
Welcome to Maldon Canoe Club. (formally known as Maldon and Dengie Canoe Club) We are an extremely active canoe and kayaking club affiliated with the governing body British Canoeing, we are based in the Maldon district of Essex with pool sessions, river sessions and trips running throughout the year. The club meet regularly at our pool sessions that take place the last Saturday of each month at South Woodham Ferrers swimming pool. Whether you paddle a Kayak, Canoe, SUP or anything else, we welcome you to paddle with us.
Burnham on crouch Kayaking Essex Sea Kayaking Essex Maldon Canoe Club Essex
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Flashpoint Swindon
Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 8HB
"Flashpoint Swindon - A new Bouldering Community! A new state of the art bouldering wall designed with all abilities in mind, located in the Techno Trading Estate in North East Swindon. Whether you've just started bouldering or you're training for your next big trip. For those looking for the next challenge, we run regular Taster sessions where one of our excellent instructors will get you going and even teach you a few key techniques. The routes are changed all the time which means there is always something fresh to try, even for the most dedicated of climbers."
sports club indoor activities recreation centre children`s activities rock climbing centre
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Freedog Bristol
Bristol, Avon, BS3 4RP
"Freedog Bristol is an activity centre for all ages. A huge trampoline court, foam pits, dodge ball & slam dunk lanes & a free running "skills area" to teach total beginners through to free running ninjas. Toddler Bounce sessions are great for kids up to 5yrs (accompanied by an adult). Open Bounce sessions are perfect for ages 5yrs+ Parties for all ages available with bouncing, free running, pizzas & private rooms. Freedog is located in central Bristol (short walk from Temple Meads) & allows you total freedom of expression. Fuel up with freshly made pizza from our authentic Italian pizza kitchen, or wake up with coffee & pastry. We're a family friendly activity centre where you can't help but get fit while having the time of your life."
recreation centre indoor activities sports club sports complex trampoline park
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Freedog Swindon
Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 8HB
"Freedog Swindon is an activity centre for all ages. A huge trampoline court, foam pits, dodge ball & slam dunk lanes & a free running "skills area" to teach total beginners through to free running ninjas. Toddler Bounce sessions are great for kids up to 5yrs (accompanied by an adult). Open Bounce sessions are perfect for ages 5yrs+ Parties for all ages available with bouncing, free running, pizzas & private rooms. Freedog is located in Techno Trading Estate, Swindon, and allows you total freedom of expression. Fuel up with freshly made pizza from our authentic Italian pizza kitchen, or wake up with coffee & pastry. We're a family friendly activity centre where you can't help but get fit while having the time of your life."
indoor activities rock climbing gym sports club trampoline park
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Racket Stringer
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 6RX
We offer an online mail order restringing service for tennis, squash and badminton rackets throughout the UK
Racquet restringing Squash racket restringing Badminton racket restringing Racket restringing Tennis racket restringing
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Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7HB
Trainar is the all-new augmented training app. We combine augmented reality with sports exercises, taking training to a whole new level. Get yourself onboard, compete against others and have fun! Join today to become a part of the Trainar CLUB.

See main listing - Trainar » - Football on TV Today
London, London, W12 6QU
TeleFootball is a website dedicated to providing full TV schedules for football games to all football lovers. Don't miss out on your favorite team's football game, just visit TeleFootball to get the football TV schedule. The website will give you information on which channel to watch the game even if it's broadcasting live. TeleFootball will give you an accurate TV listing of football games, as well as a comprehensive TV program for all popular leagues - both local and international. We've got MLS, NASL, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Bundesliga, the World Cup and many more. At the website, you'll also find a section giving all the current information of results from games played at the moment as well as results from previous days. Whenever you're looking for a game to watch but don't know where, go to TeleFootball to see which TV channel you should go to.
football tv schedule football on tv today football on tv
See main listing - - Football on TV Today »

Westbury, Suffolk, B91 3EN
Fun Fest Holiday Clubs offer children a choice about how they spend their school holiday. With a menu of different activities for kids to choose from every morning and afternoon, each child can design their own individual programme for their holiday camp.
kids holiday activities solihull children activities solihull kids sports camps solihull children holiday activities solihull kids holiday activities solihull
See main listing - fun-fest »

fun fest
Saffron Walden, Suffolk, B91 3EN
Fun Fest Holiday Clubs offer children a choice about how they spend their school holiday. With a menu of different activities for kids to choose from every morning and afternoon, each child can design their own individual programme for their holiday camp.
children holiday activities solihull kids holiday activities solihull children activities solihull kids holiday activities solihull children activities solihull
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Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 1ND
Connecting Sports and Referees. YesRef is a disruptive new platform that allows sports providers looking to find local qualified football referees to officiate in games, tournaments or events. Referees have the ability to sign up for a monthly subscription and have access to our #LiveGamesList. This is is direct requests from sports clubs or businesses that require a referee for a specific game or an event or tournament. The Live list is added directly from the sports providers. We are currently working on relationships with County FA's in addition to Sports Providers. Sports Providers who are looking to request referees from our network of qualified officials will be able to upload requests directly to our #LiveGamesList. The request goes Live immediately and referees will be able to request to referee the game. Email correspondence will be sent out to both the referee and the sports provider when a referee has requested the game. We operate throughout the United Kingdom.
Football Referees Sports Software
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waterland outdoor pursuits
Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6DF
Waterland Outdoor Pursuits provides outdoor activities to Corporate, Schools & Youth Organisations. You can participate in stand up paddleboarding (SUP), windsurfing, archery, raftbuilding, low ropes, sailing, kayaking, orienteering, problem solving, bushcraft and canoeing.
Swimming Outdoor Activities Schools and Youth Organisations Jo Pendlebury Watersports
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DW Soccer School
Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 2UR
Professional Football Training for both boys and girls aged 18 months - 14 years. We aim to help support local teams and the local community and help players fulfil their potential and encourage self-development within a healthy environment. At DW Soccer School we want to create a better future for the younger generation.
Soccer/Football Camps Football Birthday Parties Professional Football Coaching
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Arb Holdings Ltd
London, London, ec2a 2ew
Sports Arbitrage betting - Tips for Newbies 1. The first thing that may draw bookmaker's attention to your account is the amount of your wager. It is desirable to avoid large and maximum wagers on surebets as it may cause suspicion and lead to limitation of your account. 2. If after calculations you have to bet a fractional amount, let's say $98.37, it's better to round it up to $100. This way you won't draw too much attention to your account but may lose a minor part of your income. 3. In case your bet is confirmed or rejected, do not send a request again. Duplicate bets are one of the surest ways of exposing yourself to the bookies, since a regular gambler is limited to only one bet per event. 4. Quite often many arbers begin to bet on the most profitable sports arbitrage situations. Remember, the more wagers on the same surebet, the more reasons for the bookie to check it up. Try to find unique surebets only. This can be done applying filter settings in your account. 5. Don't bet on Prematch surebets with more than 10% yield. Most likely, the bookmaker will return your bet, referring to a typo or an error on the line. You would be lucky if you manage to cover the bet with some other bookmaker or your second bet wins. Otherwise, you may lose all the money you bet. 6. Any request to withdraw funds is the reason to check your account. Try not to make requests for withdrawal too often or immediately after deposit as this may lead to a thorough check-up. The bookmaker may reject the payout to ascertain the circumstances, suspecting even minor violations. 7. Try to avoid betting arbitrage of unpopular championships and outcomes. You can easily be recognized because of occasional bets on such events.
football bets sports betting sports arbitrage
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Sport and Health Academy
Bury, Greater Manchester, Bl90EU
Sport and Health Academy are well established across the UK, delivering high quality football based sessions across Greater Manchester! We pride ourselves on our professional delivery of all sessions, whilst maintaining the ability to adapt sessions to suit all! Pre school sessions - 18months-4 years old! Development Centre sessions - 5 years old-12 years old! 1:1 Football sessions - 6 years old-13 years old! Sport themed birthday parties! Fun themed sessions to suit all ages and abilities throughout the week!
Development centres Football All ages Pre school Coaching
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Just Keepers Ltd.
Leicester, Leicestershire, LE10 3EZ
Just Keepers is the leading online goalkeeper equipment seller in the UK and offers a comprehensive range of branded goalkeeper gloves, jerseys, pads, clothing and everything that a goalkeeper needs. Call us on 01455 233355.
Fingersave Goalie Gloves Keeper Gloves Goalkeeper Gloves
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Cheshire Cycling Club
Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 3NJ
Cycling Team and Club
Cycling stockport Road Cycling Teach Cycling kids cycling Cycling Club
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Experimental Escape
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV324RQ
We are Experimental Escape and we are an Escape Room located in the centre of Leamington Spa, in Warwickshire. We aim to test your skills in problem solving, logical thinking, communication and teamwork with an exciting variety of 60 minute escape room experiments. Take on our games with a group of 2-12 players or test your abilities with our VERSUS game and challenge a team of your choosing to see who completes the challenge first. The only physical challenge at Experimental Escape is that we are located on the second floor. We invite you to try one of our games, with the challenge to complete the objectives in less than 60 minutes. Check our website or call us for more information. Hour: Monday - Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Payment Method: Apple Pay, Credit Cards, Google Pay Business Year: 2017 Starting Date of Inception 2nd December
Warwickshire Escape Rooms Escape Rooms Escape Rooms Warwickshire
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Millwall F C Museum
London, Greater London, SE16 3LN
Millwall FC Museum is a football museum in south-east London. We display a wide variety of antique, restored, original and valuable pieces, with relevance to the history of Millwall FC and their exploits. Welcoming customers of all ages, we are a popular and intriguing local point of interest, for those who are fans of the club and even those who don't, anyone with an avid interest in football is welcome. If you are stuck for something to do before the big game, why not get together with friends to pay a visit to our museum? We are also happy to accept bookings for private viewings and for parties or groups. Our staff are all Millwall FC enthusiasts and experts, and will be happy to show you around and provide background information and material as many of the displays and items have been curated by the staff themselves. We are open 11am-2pm on match days. We are open 11am-3pm every Friday from January 2019. For more information, please contact: Tel: 020 3880 7660
Football Museums
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R H Fisheries
Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 8SD
R H Fisheries is a syndicate of fishing venues in Shifnal, Shropshire. With us, you can fish for some of the best quality carp in the country, across our five venues. Between April and May you can access our lakes in the prime carp fishing season, offering you your best chance of landing the biggest fish you have ever caught. Our venues are all peaceful and secure, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself in a serene and tranquil setting, with no disturbances to frighten the carp. Our lakes are clean and maintained to the best possible standard, to protect the environment and keep it as authentic as possible for our anglers. Some of lakes contain fish weighing as much as fifty pounds, and we constantly invest in new fish every season to satisfy all. For more information, please contact: Tel: 01952463141
Carp Fishing lake carp fishing Fishing venues
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Professional Sports Coaching
Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 6NR
At Professional Sports Coaching we deliver the highest calibre multi-disciplinary sports coaching for boys and girls of all ages and abilities. We have an experienced team of coaches who are dedicated to creating positive environments and enriching experiences. We inspire children and young people to share our passion for sport, encouraging continued involvement in sport and physical activity. All new faces are welcome to come and try a FREE taster session. Where children can get a warm introduction to what we do in a fun safe environment. Classes available in Bradford, Dewsbury, Cleckheaton, Tong 07704900843 All venues and classes: PSC Academy - Bradford Friday evening -- Tong High School 2 Westgate Hill Bradford BD4 6NR 5.30 - 6.30pm - ages 5 - 7 6.30 - 7.30pm - ages 8 - 12 Saturday mornings -- St John Fishers Catholic Voluntary Academy Oxford Road Dewsbury WF13 4LL 10- 11am - ages 5 - 12  PSC Tots - Bradford Tuesdays  10-10.30am  18 months to 3 years -- The Dancing House Gomersal Moor Lane Cleckheaton BD19 4LF Saturday - ages 2 - 4 years -- Tong High School 2 Westgate Hill Bradford BD4 6NR
childrens sports coaching junior football football training for kids football coaching for kids
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Pyramid Sports Coaching
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST48EN
Pyramid Sports Coaching develops children physically, socially and emotionally from the ages of 12 months - 7 years old. We understand the remarkable development they undergo at these stages of their lives, and want to give them exciting opportunities to grow through the medium of sport. Our Inclusive Football Academy for boys and girls focuses on improving children's confidence, fundamental skills and technical ability. We aim to do this by our professional highly qualified coaches that take pride in every session they deliver, and bring them to life with innovation, creativity and fun that excite the children motivating them to be the best they can be.
Toddlers Coaching Sports Children Football
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AC8 Academy
Middlesbrough, Teesside, TS6 9AE
Here at AC8 Academy, sport is our passion. We believe sport has the power to enrich lives, regardless of ability or background. Founded by current Pro Footballer, Adam Clayton, our academy inspires children and young people of all abilities to have fun and get active! We deliver the highest calibre football and multi sports coaching for boys and girls of all abilities, nurturing and developing each and every child, building confidence, knowledge, resilience and self-esteem. Ultimately, our focus is bringing out the best in all the players involved. Our high energy positive ethos harnesses enthusiasm in fun and safe environments that allow all children to achieve their full potential. Through positive and enriching experiences, we aim to inspire young people from all walks of life. Children at AC8 enjoy and participate in fun and varied sports activities. Above all, we keep children active and engaged in sport to build sustainable healthy lifestyles. Get in touch today to book your free taster session. 07704900843
tots football football training for kids football for toddlers childrens sports coaching football coaching for kids
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Malino World Martial Arts Excellence
Harrow, London, HA2 8AE
Malino Gear is a leading online martial arts uniforms and equipment shop in UK where you can get quality products at cheapest rates.
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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG55DA
AdvancedMuscle is leading SARMS store in the UK. Our mission is to help athletes reach their goals. If you are looking for quality SARMS - you found it.
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SSP Specialised Sports Products Ltd
Canterbury, Kent, CT4 7AN
Based in Canterbury, Kent, SSP provide services across the whole of the UK. SSP provide Playground flooring solutions including: wet pour rubber, artificial grass and rubber mulch. We also provide maintenance packages for 3G pitches and tennis courts and provide surfacing solutions for golf courses. We can additionally assist with all your playground elements from playground equipment to sun shades and fencing.
safety surface Artificial Grass Playground equipment Sports pitch maintenance Playground Flooring
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Anglesey Shooting & Fishing Ltd
Holyhead, UK, LL65 3UE
Presaddfed Estate is the home of Anglesey Shooting & Fishing Ltd and the Anglesey Shooting School, located on the Isle of Anglesey, near Holyhead, in the peaceful grounds of Presaddfed hall, a 17th century manor house. Presaddfed hall provides accommodation and catering for shooting parties during the winter and self-catering holidays for groups of 12 to 20 guests during the summer months. There are 10 well-appointed double bedrooms with 9 bathrooms. There is an open fire with a supply of logs provided. Presaddfed Hall is also ideal for small conferences, business meetings, weddings, family gatherings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, with or without catering. There is a wealth of sporting and leisure activities available during the summer and winter. Bookings are accepted for shooting groups only and the ideal number for a group is six to eight. Formal traditional mixed driven shooting begins late October through to the end of February 1st. During November, December and January there is good Woodcock shooting when the birds are migrating from Scandinavia, Asia and France to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Sporting Clay Pigeon Shooting, Skeet and Simulated Game Shooting are available from March to the end of September at the Anglesey Shooting School, which is part of the estate, 8 acres have been specially designed to simulate different types of shooting, tuition is available for both beginners and the more advanced. Refreshments are available at the clubhouse. There is so much to experience and enjoy in our stunning grounds, come and immerse yourself in the rich history of this beautiful estate! For more information please contact us on Tel: 01407740652 Email:
clay pigeon shooting fishing Game Shooting
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Beyond The Mud
Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, PO9 6DF
Beyond the mud was born from a desire to get out and live life to the full. We believe that life begins outdoors and that there is no better way to explore our natural environment than on two wheels! Our unique mountain biking retreats offer a chance for you to immerse yourself in the outdoors, improve your mountain bike technique, skill level and push your riding further than you thought possible under the watchful eye of experienced coaches. Our guided rides are about having fun, discovering new places and incredible views. As every good cyclists knows its not all about the bike (well it might be 90% about the bike) Our retreats include Pilates classes designed for cyclists learn exercises that will help you improve the strength of your riding and supporting muscles as well as taking the opportunity to relax and unwind. We also offer days coaching, guiding and private Pilates classes please get in touch for more information.
adventure breaks mountain bike guiding corporate retreats pilates mountain bike coaching
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Franchise We Make Footballers
Richmond, London, TW1 2AG
We Make Footballers believe that our franchise opportunity offers individuals the opportunity to create a viable career and business within the football industry. Our job is to help each franchisee every step of the way in their franchise journey and give them everything they need to be as successful as they can be.

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Truro Hockey Club
Truro, Cornwall, TR1 1TH
Welome to Truro Hockey Club, based at Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre, Truro School. We currently have 4 senior mens teams and 2 senior ladies teams competing at various levels across the South West. Our juniors are an extremely talented group who we are immensely proud of - they range from U-8s to U-14s. Competing with a positive fair play attitude around The South West, the club's ethos is all about making hockey accessible for all, offering grass roots hockey with a clear path for youngsters to develop and progress to a high level of performance. We pride ourselves on having a close community within the club, a family friendly atmosphere where we can come together to compete, exercise and socialise. The no.1 choice for hockey in Cornwall.
Club Truro Cornwall Sport Hockey
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Mighty Tips
London, London, EC1V 2NX
The best part of all of the free betting tips is that they come with analysis, produced and written by our very own team of pros. If you end up reading them, you might learn how to become a pro yourself, so good luck and don't forget to have fun! What you will find though is some of the best betting tips in the industry which will give you the ability to claim victory when you want it and stand out when you need to.
Free Sports Betting Tips licensed bookmakers most popular betting sites legal betting sites Betting tips
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London, London, W68DA
If you are thinking to get into the tennis game, then we Aceify are the best platform to choose. Visit our website and find the nearest coach and tennis lessons with our mobile app.
find tennis coach tennis app tennis lesson near me tennis lessons
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Sportive Breaks
Twickenham, London, TW2 5AH
Are you planning your next vacation to cycling destinations? Find your big ride and book with us! We provide the best cycling holidays in Europe to let you experience some of the best riders on the planet. We will take you to some of the most enticing of Europe's mountain landscapes. Mallorca 312 in Spain, Nove Colli in Italy, Paris Roubaix of France and the Dragon ride of UK are some of our best sportives. Further, we offer pick locations in the best locations, guaranteed entries, bike rentals as well as airport transfers.
Nove Colli Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel Paris Roubaix Tour of Flanders La Marmotte
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TeamSport Go Karting Basildon
Basildon, Essex, SS14 3WB
Located in the Festival Business Park, next to the popular Festival Leisure Park, the new £1.2 million facility hosts a 500m, multi-level circuit which is able to accommodate up to 16 racers. Ramps, straights, corners - whatever you love best about racing, you'll find it here!
indoor karting leisure activity sport group activity go karting
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Rundraise Virtual Races
Bristol, Bristol, BS4 4LB
Virtual running business with a passion for raising money for good causes.
Medals Races Running
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Horse Show Stream
Cardiff, Cardiff, CF10 3NS
HSS is a sports activities blog that produces unique content material, aggregates news and shares viral motion pictures for a passionate reader base. The kind of content we feature consists of however isn't always constrained to: breaking news quick hits, list articles, interviews, reactionary columns and viral media.

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Xscape Yorkshire
Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 4TA
Xscape Yorkshire is a one-stop location where everyone and anyone can enjoy a range of different leisure activities, at affordable prices. Some of the activities include skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, cinema, shopping, laser tag and crazy golf. There are also a range of well-known restaurants to eat at too, such as Nando's, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Express and Frankie & Benny's.
family day out Yorkshire climbing wall Yorkshire things to do Yorkshire
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Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 9BD
RideRevolution is an all-encompassing cycle coaching and lifestyle company. We offer Cycle Coaching UK wide and beyond. We are here to provide all cyclists with the tools needed to achieve their goals and ambitions. Whether you want to enter your very first sportive or race, add some structure to your weekly riding, or you are chasing that first professional contract, we have the package for you
Cycle Coach Sports Coaching Cycling Coaching
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Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK9 3XS
Indoor Skiing and Snowboarding Snozone Milton Keynes is an outstanding venue for skiing and snowboarding indoors on real snow slopes in the UK. Since we started over 17 years ago, we've taught more than two million people to ski and snowboard! We offer beginner to advanced private and group lessons for everyone from 3 years upwards and lots of options to ski and snowboard for the more experienced snow sports fan. Freestyle and slope style are both well catered for, with our weekly freestyle nights and regular competitions - and we offer a fantastic membership option which offers up to 50% discount on lessons and slope passes as well as a heap of additional benefits courtesy of our partners! Disability Snowsports We believe snow sports should be accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of age, fitness or physical, sensory or cognitive impairment. Through our own Disability Snowsports, we provide bespoke, adaptive (disabled) snow sports training and coaching using expert guides and specially adapted ski and snowboard equipment.
uk ski centres snowboarding lessons learn to ski indoor skiing ski lessons
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Spectrum Classical Kung Fu
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL528ER
Spectrum owner Sifu Lee McGeough has dedicated his life to Kung Fu since 15 years of age, on a full-time basis, uniquely offering expertise panning over 25 years, as a Kung Fu martial artist, performer and teacher. Lee started training at 8 years of age in various different martial art styles such as Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing, but found his true calling in Classical Chinese Kung Fu. Kung Fu is over 2,000 years old - with over 200 traditional styles within it. Lee has studied over 50 classical forms across both Northern and Southern Kung Fu styles, such as Hung Gar, Bak Mei, Classical Wing Chun, Chang Chaun, Northern Dragon, Lei Gar, Northern Praying Mantis, Eagle Claw, Chi Na, Five Animals, Nanchaun, and various other hand to hand styles, in addition to numerous weapons such as Broadsword, Corn Leaf Sabre, Wudan Gim, Butterfly Knives, Fan, Spear, Staff, Nan Dao, Pole and Three Section Staff amongst others. ​During Lee's tenure, he has gained various achievement awards. This includes having been a Chinese Forms World Champion, Kyoshu British Kung Fu Champion and Kyoshu National two-time Gold Medal winner. Spectrum Classical Kung Fu is an accumulation of knowledge, martial arts skills, styles, theory, principles and application, tailored to suit absolute beginners to professional athletes and seasoned martial artists. Sifu Lee McGeough is a full-time teacher, with a range of different tuition available, including 1-2-1 private tuition, based at Deans Close Sports Centre in Cheltenham. Please note that Spectrum Classical Kung Fu is strictly adults only (16+). Beginners classes now available every Wednesday, 7 - 8pm at Deans Close Sports Centre. £10 pay-as-you-train, no contract, no membership fees, no gradings, no nonsense. All levels of Beginner very welcome!
Cheltenham Martial Arts Five Animals Hung Gar Kung Fu
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Event Ticket Master
London, London, NW11 0AR
Event Ticket Master is leading re-selling platform for secondary tickets and marketplace for world's most popular football events. All prices are subject to seller's discretion and may be above or below face value.
Football tickets London Football tickets online
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Sport Tickets Office
Golders Green, London, NW11 0AR
Sport Tickets Office is leading re-selling platform for secondary tickets and marketplace for world's most popular football events. All prices are subject to seller's discretion and may be above or below face value. Our main goal is to keep our customers happy and offer them the best seats at the most competitive rates. Our online system is constantly renovated and this enables us to have our customer's database and payment process protected and safe. SportTicketsOffice have a top reputation in the football ticket market as a result of providing an exceptional customer service. At you are able to book tickets online for many football events! We have available English Premier League,Spanish La Liga,Champions League and many more! Our friendly customers service will be glad to answer any of your questions.
Atletico madrid tickets Everton tickets Football tickets online Football tickets London Europa league tickets
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We Make Footballers Twickenham
Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 3BB
We Make Footballers is a youth football academy for children 4-12 and we offer a weekly indoor and outdoor training session aimed to develop technical ability, speed/movement/fitness, game intelligence as well as character and desire. We offer a free training session, so please come along to see why we have such a great reputation! At our Twickenham location we offer an all girls session on Wednesday nights from 6 to 7 pm.
youth sport Youth football kids football kids club Football
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The Soccer Dome
Wallasey, Merseyside, CH44 7BZ
Come down and become a part of the biggest Football Community on The Wirral! We offer a football fix for all ages and abilities with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Have a look at what we have to offer: Kids Parties Kids Coaching Sessions Holiday Clubs Leagues Walking Football Pitch Hire Tournaments We do it all, don't take our word for it - come down and see why we are The Home of 5 a side Football on the Wirral. We can even grab a coffee for you from our Cafe too!
Walking Football Children's Parties Leagues Pitch Hire Kids Coaching
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Mitchell Cycles UK
Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 2QA
Welcome to the online home of Mitchell Cycles, we're excited to be able to offer our extensive range of cycle brands and accessories from this new interactive online platform! It's great to be able to welcome you to our website - we are Cycling People, a family run company spanning 3 generations of Mitchell's & this year is our 50th Birthday in bikes!
United KIngdom Sports Bicycles Outdoors Health
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Fearons Gym
Derby, Derbyshire, DE23 8LD
Fearons Gym and Boxing Academy in Derby is a unique, friendly community asset. We aim to give back to our community and keep our reputation as the best results based gym in Derby. As well as being a well-equipped Health Studio & Gym experienced team are willing to go that extra mile to ensure your needs are met.
Derby Boxing Gym boxing academy sports boxing gym boxing
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Go Below Scuba Diving
Wimborne, Dorset, BH213QX
Go Below Scuba Diving is an active club of enthusiastic dive professionals providing PADI Training based around the Poole and Bournemouth area. We look forward to sharing our love of diving with you! We specialise in recreational PADI Diver Training from beginner to professional. PADI is the world leader in diver training. We focus on teaching in small groups, and even one-2-one lessons are available! Once you are qualified why not come diving? We dive throughout the year, exploring the south coast including Swanage, Bournemouth, Weymouth and Portland. We even organise trips abroad to the Red Sea, Azores, Caribbean and many more!
Scuba school PADI Open Water course Try Scuba Diving Learn to dive Scuba diving lessons
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Diddikicks® Woodlands
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN6 7RU
Toddler football in Woodlands. "My son Jacob always tended to be very shy around other toddlers, after trying many other classes he would cling onto me and not join in. After such a small space of time coach Ryan has helped Jacob really come on with his confidence, he now can't wait to put his Diddikicks kit on every weekend!" - Lorna, Bolton Diddikicks® believe in development beyond football®. Our age specific toddler football classes engage and encourage your little one to learn in an energetic, fun filled, and pressure free environment throughout their Diddikicks® journey. Classes are delivered by qualified coaches who have undergone enhanced DBS checks. Sessions are complimentary to the EYFS curriculum, incorporating numeracy, colours, communication, social and physical development. All our sessions have been created with your child's development in mind by qualified football coaches and are uniform across our hundreds of classes to ensure the best experience for everyone at #TeamDiddi Diddikicks: When Halls Become Stadiums, Where Shy Becomes Confident, Where Strangers Become Team-Mates. Register today for a FREE trial session at our local Woodlands class. Diddikicks® Woodlands, All Saints Community Centre, Central Avenue, Woodlands, Doncaster, DN6 7RU. 01942 517 638.
Coaching Children's Parties Toddler Football Football
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Rugbytots Central Essex
Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2EQ
Our fun, structured play sessions take children on a journey of sporting imagination with engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way whilst teaching how to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team.
educational Active toddler friendly parental involvement Fun
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Noak Hill Sports Complex
Romford, Essex, RM3 7YA
Football fans can take advantage of the full-size 3G artificial pitch thats available to hire throughout the week, while we also offer two grass football pitches as well. Meanwhile, tennis players among you can book our four outdoor courts while if you fancy a game of netball, weve got you covered for that too. Inside, theres a group exercise studio that offers a programme of classes to choose from, while the sports hall hosts a number of activities, including five-a-side football.
Function Hall Tennis Courts Group Exercise Studio 60m Sprint Track Artificial Football Pitch
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Southwark Athletics Centre
London, London, SE16 2PE
Whether you're a casual runner, or a more serious athlete, we've got the facilities to help you improve. The six-lane, 400m running track is ideal for sprinters, middle-distance and long-distance runners alike to hone their skills and fitness levels, while the jumping pits are ideal for both triple-and long jumpers. The centre also boasts a shot put ring, meaning we cater for a range of different athletics disciplines.
London City Athletics Club Athletics Track
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St Augustine's Sports Centre
London, London, NW6 5AW
Situated on the site of St Augustines High School, the Sports Centre of the same name is home to a sports hall that offers a huge range of different activities, so youre sure to find one you enjoy. Open to the public outside of school hours, the centre features four badminton courts, a badminton court and one volleyball court. These arent the only activities you can enjoy here, however, as we also host table tennis and five-a-side football sessions.
Football Pitch Sports Hall
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Tring Sports Centre
Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 5JU
Open to both the public and pupils of the school its attached to, Tring Sports Centre is a fantastic place to enjoy a whole host of activities. These include award-winning swim lessons in our 25m pool, along with a host of other aquatic activities, while the sports hall is a fantastically versatile space that hosts a number of different activities. Furthermore, we also boast an all-weather football pitch on which you can enjoy casual kickabouts or more serious matches.
Sports Hall Artificial Football Pitch Swimming Pool
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Salt Hill Activity Centre
Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3SS
The centre boasts a range of exciting activities, including ten pin bowling, a games area and an adventure soft play zone for the little ones. For those looking for a thrill, why not challenge yourself on our high ropes course, explore the many tunnels and chambers found in our indoor caving centre or hit the heights in our trampoline park.
Soft Play Trampoline Park Caving High Ropes Ten Pin Bowling
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Hatch End Swimming Pool
Hatfield, London, HA5 4EA
The swimming pool here at Hatch End is perfect for swimmers of all abilities. At 22m in length, its long enough to be a challenge, while it can also be divided into three lanes so keen swimmers can get their exercise it. We also host Everyone Actives award-winning swimming lessons that cater for swimmers of all abilities and for everyone from four months old and above. Furthermore, we also host seniors-only sessions, as well as aqua aerobics classes.
Swimming Pool
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Jim Peters Stadium
Dagenham, London, RM8 2JR
Jim Peters Stadium offers athletics facilities that are second-to-none. The all-weather floodlit eight-lane running track, four jumping pits, throwing cage, a fully accessible pavilion are just some of the facilities that you can enjoy at this centre. Alongside outdoor athletics, you can also enjoy cycling and football, as well as a multi sports area that allows you to take part in a multitude of different activities.
Outdoor Athletics
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Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Sports Facility
London, London, SE1 6ER
If you want to play football, then you can take advantage of our floodlit five-a-side astroturf pitches, while basketball players can enjoy the outdoor basketball courts. Furthermore, we also have tennis courts, as well as multi-use courts and gaming areas that can be used for a diverse range of sports and activities, while our outdoor netball courts will also play host to netball camps with the Hertfordshire Mavericks Vitality Netball Superleague Club.
Artificial football pitch Basketball court Netball court Tennis courts
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Ascot Racecourse
Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7JX
Since 1711, Ascot Racecourse has been home to the world's best horse racing events in the world, including Royal Ascot, the most prestigious event in the horse racing calendar. With a wide range of events to choose from, there's something for everyone. As well as hosting events, Ascot Racecourse also caters for private events, such as weddings and Christmas parties, with fine dining and private room hire to choose from.
fine dining private room hire corporate room hire horse racing
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Freedom Snowsports
Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 2GT
Freedom Snowsports is a modern approach to ski school based in Chamonix, Megeve, St Gervais, and Les Contamines our instructors and coaches are some of the best teachers and skiers around. Whether its your first ski trip or you're a seasoned pro, book a session with us and you'll be glad you did. Book Online Today.
Ski Coaching Ski School Chamonix Ski School St Gervais Ski Lessons Ski School Megeve
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Whey UK
Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 1HH
Whey UK Whey protein nutritional supplements from grass fed whey offer unique blend protein shakes with natural ingredients produced to compliment your exercise regime. Whey UK offers a unique Pre Workout BEYOND which will give you a pump to push to your limits and beyond. Whey UK is an independent UK company and our drive is to deliver the best nutritional supplements to you. Order online today through our website.
whey isolate protein shakes nutritional supplements pre workout Whey protein uk
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CB Swim Academy
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD3 3RH
One to one independent swimming lessons in Huddersfield for individuals of all abilities.
Huddersfield Swimming Children's Swimming Lessons Adult Swimming Lessons Swimming Teaching Huddersfield Swimming Lessons Huddersfield
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Manchester, Greater Manchester, -
Movementum offers natural movement coaching, pain & injury clinic sessions and performance services fusing parkour and acrobatics.

Have pain no one has been able to resolve? Take control of your health and choose this breakthrough approach for treating pain & improving movement.

Would you like to become stronger than you’ve ever been? Natural movement builds strong, resilient and adaptable bodies at any age or level of experience

Movementum create innovative content using parkour & acrobatics and provide site-specific performances, speciality choreography and creative consultancy.
fitness alternative therapy sports performance personal training
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Latest Rugby
London, London, N12 0DR
Latest Rugby is your location for all rugby news, current affairs, and rugby learning.
rugbyunion rugby
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Usk, London, UB6 7JJ
Buy and sell tickets for the football matches and attractions at Box Office Events. We ensure maximum safety for your transactions.

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Sport Photo Gallery Ltd
Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3FZ
SEARCHING FOR ICONIC SPORTS IMAGES? LOOK NO FURTHER!.Buying state of the art sports images has never been easier. Whether you wish pictures, posters, frame, canvas or just an image that capture a sporting legend or a team victory, you will be spoilt for choice at Sport Photo Gallery. Choose an image from our sport photo database and purchase at the touch of a button. Once you have placed an order with us, we will deliver the selected item in no time. Shop online with us for football pictures, rugby pictures, golf images and any kind of sport-related images and much more.This is only a few of the images that we sell online at Sport PhotoGallery. If you would like to find out more information about our rugby pictures, golf images or any other images on our site, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
sports photography
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Wicked Adventures
Market Drayton, Shropshire, tf9 2bs
Wicked Adventures are an activity company based in market drayton a short distance from stock on trent wolverhampton and shrewsbury. We offer MOnster Truck Drive Experiences and also Tank Driving Experiences.
4X4 Driving Drive A Tank Quad Biking Laser Tag Drive A Monster Truck
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The Dodgeball Company
Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 2FJ
The Dodgeball company is a Leicester based sports company offering a quality range of dodgeball coaching sessions in and around the UK. Our team offers coaching sessions to all abilities, ages and genders. Our members of staff include world class players from the current world champions, England Lions and we also have fully qualified teachers with in depth knowledge of school needs. We provide fun, friendly and inclusive lesson which will leave the kids demanding more Dodgeball. The main objective of the game is to eliminate the opposition as quickly as you can by either throwing a ball and hitting them out or by catching an opposing player's throw. Each game lasts for 3 minutes can be finished early by getting all of the oppositions players out before the time expires. So, if you have any questions regarding game, please feel free to talk to us, our team members are here to assist you.
Summer camps Holiday clubs Corporate events Dodgeball
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Pro Hockey Direct
Hertford, Hertfordshire, AL49QT
Browse a fantastic choice of pro-quality hockey sticks and hockey equipment at affordable prices by world-famous brands like Grays, Adidas, Kookaburra, Mercian and many more. Worldwide delivery available.
Hockey Shoes Hockey Bags Hockey Sticks
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Smart Boards UK
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 5ST
Buy The Best Swegway Case Shell on Smart Boards UK online store with warranty and free nest day shipping services. Visit our online store to choose the best hoverboard, swegway, swegway parts uk from our best categories of products.
cheap hoverboards uk hoverboard spares Segway repair segway parts uk hoverboard parts
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Elite Club Football
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK14 6GD
Welcome to Elite Club Football, we offer football coaching in Milton Keynes, and our aim is to bridge the gap between professional academies and local grass roots clubs. To achieve this, we offer a range of development sessions which follow our structured "Elite Club Football Syllabus." This syllabus offers planned sessions designed to nurture and develop young players.
Football party Football Coaching
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Gravesend, Kent, DA11 0DF
Social Media for Golfers and Golf clubs, bringing golfers together worldwide. Open 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year!
Find Golf Partners
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TopGear Karting
Durham, Durham, DH1 2RS
Our karting track is ideally located in Durham, so if you're looking for go karting Newcastle, go karting Sunderland, go karting Darlington, karting Middlesbrough or karting Teesside we can offer you the finest indoor karting experience in the North East.
indoor go karting stag karting hen karting indoor karting go karting
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Bethigh|Betting Tips
London, UK, WC2N 5DU
Looking for betting tips & picks for soccer, football or tennis predictions? We provide free and paid daily sports betting tips, today's match predictions & more.
football betting tips today betting tips football football bet tips and predictions best football betting tips free football betting tips
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Independent Coach Education
Sedbergh, Cumbria, LA10 5BN
Independent Coach Education provides a range of high quality services to schools to enable them to enhance and develop the quality of their sports provision. This includes cutting edge training of coaches and referees at all levels, and in all sports played in schools. Additionally, there are recruitment and advisory services and a range of other products including preseason training camps, holiday coaching courses, coaching resources and celebrity visits to schools. Whatever your requirements

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British Balloon Flights
Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 0BZ
Experience luxury ballooning with your own charter champagne flight on either a sunrise or sunset package. We provide private flights for two to four people, with their own personal crew, flying from one of our exclusive partner venues. You'll take off and float majestically over the breath-taking panorama of the South Downs, in pure luxary, and marvel at the peace a balloon flight brings.
Balloon flights West Sussex Hot air-ballooning Sussex Champagne balloon flights Luxury Experiences London Luxury balloon flights Sussex
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Aberdeen, Ayrshire, 12 01003
We review a;; s[ports products and give an honest opinion.

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blue water freediving school
Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 9HP
Wellcome to Freediving World Join us on our Freediving Courses and learn how to control your body and mind. We will introduce you to new world of experiences and fun. All our courses are in small groups of up to 6 people. We have our courses in London and Hretfordshire. We offering PADI and AIDA Freediving Courses with possibility of learning online. If you are Scuba Diver and wont to improve your AIR consumption our courses will help you to do just that. If you are surfer and need to gain confidence we have loots of knowledge to help you achieve that. Group courses and private teaching available For more details please email us Courses in private pools with friendly atmosphere. LONDON\ESSEX\HERTFORDSHIRE\. First Freediving School in London to offer Mermaid courses. We delighted to offer 2 stages of courses for beginner and more advanced people. All details on the website.
freediving courses London Freediving freediving courses freediving uk PADI Freediving Courses
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Nathan Wood Performance Coaching
Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 3DT
Whether you're an athlete looking to improve your game, a sports coach wanting to increase your effectiveness, or a parent trying to grow your child's sporting potential, Nathan Wood Performance Coaching can help you.​ Performance Psychology Bespoke coaching for developing mental toughness, emotional control, and maximising athletic performance. Advanced Coaching Skills Functional education for evolving high levels of skill, helping players to realise their full sporting potential. Leadership Development Guidance and training for goal setting, strategic planning, enhancing relationship skills, and increasing positive influence. Group Dynamics Consultations, workshops and presentations on building high performance environments, and winning team cultures. ​​​
sports coach sports coaching sports consultant sports mentor sports psychologist
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Elgin, Aberdeenshire, iv30 6bh
A cricket blog which provides you with the latest sports news each week and also sells you with premium quality cricket equipment such as bats or gloves or protection
Rules of cricket how do you play cricket? Cricket
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Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41
Football Ticket providers in UK. Best way to get football tickets for Premier and Champions leagues.
Liverpool Tickets Chelsea Tickets Man U Tickets Man City Tickets Arsenal Tickets
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Sport Works Franchise
Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE99 2FJ
Sport Works is one of the fastest growing and most innovative businesses in the UK. Specialising in educational programmes for children and adults, our work harnesses the power of sport to improve education, health and employment in local communities. The Sport Works franchise offers individuals an innovative opportunity to work with their local community and make a real difference to the lives of local people. Unlike some franchise models, we do not target the schools sector and, therefore, we are not reliant on ever diminishing school budgets. Instead, we work with Government, local authorities, Colleges and charitable bodies whose funding streams are far more robust. This in turn creates a great business opportunity for Sport Works franchisees.
franchise sports Sport franchise
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Skirmish Ipswich
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP13 6EJ
Skirmish Paintball games Ipswich is a provider of paintball for Ipswich and the Suffolk area We cater for parties including children's groups, birthday parties, stag parties, hen parties etc
suffolk stag do hen do Paintball
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Southern Scuba
Gravesend, Aberdeenshire, ME3 7SX
Our team of instructors, dive masters and helpers are all dedicated to making southern scuba the first choice for scuba training in the south east. As we actively train up dive masters (the first step on the professional rung of PADI teaching) our team tends to evolve over time. The commitment to safety, quality and fun remains constant.
scuba diving training scuba diving scuba diving kent dive school padi
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London, London, EC1N 8SS
Artsurfcamp is one of the most prestigious surf camps in Europe. Although we have an office in London, we're located in Razo, in the municipality of Carballo, in the province of La Corunna on the Atlantic coast of Spain, it is also north from Portugal. We offer our services in a typical Galician summer house converted into a surf hotel and surf camp located 10 meters away to the Atlantic Ocean's waves. The house can accommodate up to 86 people in two floors. We have 19 rooms, some en suite and some with shared bathrooms. We also have our own bar-restaurant, the Artbar, with a superb terrace with stunning views to the waves and the sea, where you can enjoy a meal, bbq or a beer with friends and other guests. Opposite to the terrace is the relax area and the skate park, here you can just rest, enjoy the sun, practice yoga or other activities. Surf lessons, guiding and equipment is all available on site.
surfing classes surf school surfing surfing courses surf camp
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Adam Hall Golf Lessons
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 5FE
Adam Hall is a PGA Advanced Professional and County Coach for Surrey who offers fun and engaging golf lessons that will last you a lifetime. Currently offering a FREE taster lesson for all new pupils. Specialising in beginners, juniors and improving golfers, satisfaction is guaranteed. My mission is to offer long-term, highly professional, personalised coaching and development programs to every golfer considering all areas of the game. Working with the player, I believe that every golfer can improve when coaching is simple, effective and ultimately fun.
Beginner golf free Golf lessons london Junior golf PGA Professional Golf lessons surrey
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Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, mk7 7wh
Our kid's parties are perfect for any football mad child. 2 hours jam packed of football fun, playing on the latest 3g surfaces just like the professionals! Our qualified and enthusiastic coaches make the day extra special. Our party packages are based on 10 children but can be expanded to as many as you wish. Stress free children's party planning is exactly what you get at Powerleague, so all you need to do is turn up on the day and watch the children running round with smiles on their faces. As an added bonus we are offering 10 free spaces on our summer camp for 10 attendees to your party. That's a saving of £120 combined for ten children.
Kids Parties Football
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Medal Run Limited
Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS3 9QY
Medal Run virtual races host race events designed for runners of all ages and abilities. Virtual races allow you to compete in events on a time and date convenient to you. Participants are provided medals for their accomplishments. A percentage of the sign up fees are donated to charities.
race events virtual runner virtual running events running events virtual races
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Torque Human Performance
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, cv100ll
At Torque Human Performance we pride ourselves on delivering personalised and user friendly plans, advice and products to help you be the best you can be! Improving strength, speed, success and most importantly the individual goals of each client, Torque work on an individual and team basis across any age, ability or aim! Check out our services page for all our plans and packages!
gym massage nutrition fitness training
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Manchester, Greater Manchester, M19 2HW
FindACoach is the UK's leading online resource which connects the people within the local communities throughout the UK with high quality sports coaches and tutors they are looking for to take them to the next level. Being a team of sports coaches and athletes ourselves, we know first-hand how hard it is to find the right coach to unlock your full potential in a variety of activities and help you achieve your short, medium and long term objectives. Additionally we also understand how difficult it can be to build up your hours as a specialist sport coach or personal trainer; this is where we at FindACoach can help. With thousands of people searching for coaches and trainers across the country, and hundreds of training sessions happening each and every day, we make it easier to find your perfect match, no matter what your activity or location.
personal trainers sports coaches football coaching football training sports coaching
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SwimWay Swimming School
Putney, London, sw18 1pe
SwimWay Swimming School provides private swimming lessons to children and babies in exclusive London pools. Using our unique methodology developed by years of experience from all over the worlds SwimWay provides lesson in private pool, health clubs and hotels. Our methodology means SwimWay is the swimming school who doesn't use floats. Our instructors are in the pool with your child to support them. First we teach children to use their own buoyancy to be confident and comfortable in the water, then we move on to technique. Our instructors have years of experience and undergo safety training before the start of every term, far more than the legal minimum and many other swimming schools. This is an important part of the SwimWay culture and keeping your children safe while they learn a vital life skill. We Love teaching children to swim and have taught hundreds of families across London, we cant wait to hear from you.
baby swim swimming lessons childrens swimming swim class swimming school
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Tees Barrage White Water Centre
Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside, TS18 2QW
Tees Barrage offers a range of white water sports including white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and more. Whether you are booking a school trip, a day out with the family or want to take part in your favourite water sport, Tees Barrage is the place to be. We are located in the heart of Stockton on Tees in the North East, close to the A19 and the A66.
kayaking white water rafting canoeing sailing white water sports
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The Golf Hole
Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP6 6HJ
The Golf Hole is an indoor golf studio located at the heart of the Chilterns in Amersham. We offer the chance to play, practice and learn golf, with Flightscope club and ball radar (Trackman's big rival!). K-Vest 3D body tracking and SkyTrak combined with our TruGolf simulators you can play great golf courses indoors, learn to play golf properly and practice using amazing technology.
Trugolf Golf studio SkyTrak Flightscope Golf lessons
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Limitless Golf
Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 2TF
Limitless Golf provides lessons and coaching based at Chartridge Park golf Club in Chesham. We provide coaching for: Getting Started in golf Ladies Golf Lessons Junior Group Coaching Junior golf lessons Elite golf academy Flightscope/Trackman coaching So whether you want to improve your game, drive the ball further, pitch it closer or just play more consistently, Limitless Golf can help you unlock your potential. Located in Buckinghamshire near to Chesham, Amersham, Great Missenden, Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead, Aylesbury.
Golf club Golf lessons Junior golf Sports coaching Golf
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BikyBiky Limited
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M3 3WR
BikyBiky is a UK based well-established brand that provides high quality kids Cycle Harness for kids to learn to ride their bike without stabilisers or make the transition from balance bikes to Children's first bikes safely. Our product - BikyBiky Kids Cycle Harness has been tried & tested by thousands of parents on the European continent for the last 10 years - was designed in the World's cycling nation that is Holland! Our Kids Cycle Harness is ergonomically designed with soft to touch materials combined with padding to comfortably support and help your child find their own balance on a bike and boost their confidence in learning a new life skill. With our Kids cycle Harness, you can simply walk or run, in an upright position, alongside your cycling child holding onto the padded handle on the back of the vest securely. Our Kids Cycle Harness will fit snugly around your child's torso and then you can simply help guide a safe course and help maintain their balance through the padded handle on the back. In the event of any major wobbles or incidents you can simply lift up your child safely preventing any painful scrapes and falls and avoid getting tangled up with the bike. Not falling is so great and will inspire your child to keep trying and in no time they will be off on two wheels! Your child's safety is a key and so we have had our BikyBiky Kids Cycle Harness professionally tested to rigorous standards to ensure it will hold a weight of up to 50kg or 7½ stone. The waist belt is doubly secured with both very strong velcro strips as well as a safety belt with quick release safety clip making sure that the vest will not open accidentally. Our BikyBiky cycling Harness is so good that it has even been endorsed by the Road Safety Campaign in the Netherlands (VVN) and the Dutch equivalent of "The Automobile Association" (ANWB). The construction of our Kids Cycle Harness is of a very high standard and the materials used provide durability and padding in all areas to prevent "cutting in" from the strong straps both for your child and you. The quality of this vest is so high that it can be used over and over again without fail and in many different sports. Our BikyBiky Kids Cycle Harness is machine washable at 30°C and is available in 4 different colours in UK and Ireland.
Bike safety accessories Children's Bike harness bike bicycle stabilisers Child's first Bike Kids Cycle harness
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Pulse Archery
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP29 5AX
Official Archery tag provider based in Barrow 5 miles from Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. Archery Tag and Hoverball are both played with safe arrows and a great introduction into the world of archery. Traditional archery is also available with archery GB instructors.
Bury St Edmunds Archery Parties Team Building Archery Tag
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Let Me Play Ltd
London, London, W14 0HN
Let Me Play is a sports, education and outreach organisation that works with young people in a positive way. With the power of fun, our programmes are made to engage young people to grow as individuals. Established in 2004, Let Me Play has grown from a specialist residential sports camp organization to providing coaching and teaching programmes for schools and colleges across the UK. We also deliver on government funded projects and operate NEET Education Centres in London. The organization spans in 4 main areas: Education, Community projects, Residential Summer Camps and Schools Programmes.
Camp Education Football Summer Sports
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The Football Architect
Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1HR
The Football Architect offers bespoke 1 on 1 and small group football coaching to young players aged 11-18yrs in the Guildford area. Improve your game, fitness and self confidence with additional football training including Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) exercises, technique & ball mastery sessions and also improved tactical awareness coaching. Players are analysed and professional scouting reports can be prepared also. We offer an English FA Licensed Coach with First Aid qualifications and an enhanced DBS (CRB) check. Our training programmes are ideal for players wanting to achieve their full footballing potential or to improve fitness and self esteem. Whether you want to go pro, strengthen your scholarship application or are simply sick and tired of underperforming on the field, get in touch with us today to enquire about our services.
Football coach Youth Football Coaching SAQ training Football training 1 on 1 football training
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Flying Fish
Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 7BH
Flying Fish provide training courses for instructors of water sports and mountain sports.
scuba diving instructor training mountain sports mountain biking water sports
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The Northern Movement
Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway, DG2 9JG
The Northern Movement, Learn to snowboard the real way in Scotland. Beginners to advanced riders welcome. I teach snowboarding in Glenshee, Glencoe, Cairgorms, Lowther Hills and Nevis Range. I have been teaching for 4 years, with a focus on piste performance and variable free riding. Qualified through BASI and holding my ISIA technical exam, I am well qualifed and teach to a high level. I offer freestyle lessons through my UKCP freestyle coaching qualification. 1/2 day and full day privates available.
Freestyle Lessons Glenshee Glencoe Scotland Snowboard Lessons
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Divestyle Diving Ltd
Reading, Berkshire, RG2 9HT
DiveStyle Diving is an award winning PADI scuba diver training centre based in Reading, Berkshire and we offer everything from PADI scuba try dives to PADI Open Water Scuba Diver. If you wish to continue onto become an PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor you can achieve this right here at DiveStyle!

We have been teaching scuba divers and non diver for 20 years, and have built up a reputation as a friendly, welcoming and above all safe scuba diving centre. Check out these testimonials from some of our former students, some of whom are now PADI professionals that we are lucky enough to work with.

We put safety first and we price our courses to reflect. We do not cut corners when it comes to our customers, coming to us to learn to dive means you can be sure that comply with all the recommended safety standards and more!

Learning to scuba dive is probably the best decision you will ever make. Not only does it offer the chance of meeting new friends who are also into scuba diving. It is also the opportunity to learn new skills, travel to some of the most beautiful dive destinations on the planet; it is also huge amounts of fun and gives you some amazing experiences.

There's nothing quite like exploring a whole new world where you are an integral part of your surroundings. Gliding through water and discovering what the ocean has to offer will leave you speechless - and grinning like a cat!

In addition to our recreational PADI courses, we also offer professional PADI scuba diving courses and technical scuba diving courses for those of you looking for the next challenge. We have a wide range of scuba diving equipment for sale in our shop, and also have equipment available for rent at very reasonable prices. Check out our loyalty program that will help your hard earned cash go even further!
Learn to dive PADI dive courses technical scuba diving online scuba shop Learn to scuba dive
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Jump In
Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4LE
Jump In Trampoline Arena provides exhilarating experiences for fun-loving people of all ages. More than just a trampoline park, Jump In has 32,000 sq ft of wall-to-wall trampolines, a toddler zone, foam pits, battle beam, slam dunk area, tumble tracks and more! Come on, get involved and Jump In! Online bookings are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.
Trampoline Park UK Trampoline Park
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Little Ninjas Worcester
Worcester, Worcestershire, WR5 3DW
Little Ninjas is our childrens class that promotes fitness, focus, discipline, and is a great way to prepare them for WMF''s classes when they are old enough to make the step up. Classes involve games,weekly homework tasks and of course we teach them martial arts suitable for their age range. Children are rewarded for their continued efforts and improvements in the form of stickers and belts as they progress which is key to keeping them motivated. The classes are all themed focus, discipline, stranger danger, and balance are examples of how we structure our classes. We have graduations every 3 months where the students recieve belts this a great way to reward improvements, and is also perfect for goal setting. The children always get feedback to let them know what they need to do, to be ready for their next belt.
weight loss martial arts instruction children''s martial arts
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Worcester, Worcestershire, WR5 3DW
We promise to keep all our classes fun,vibrant and different so you will never get bored and more importantly there is always something to learn. So whatever it is that you are looking for come along and try out our taster session and see what Worcester Martial Arts & Fitness has to offer. Burn over 700 calories per class and experience what our members do, fantastic lessons that are family friendly yet challenging and engaging. What we do Our staff are trained to assist you in all aspects of your training, our instructors are trained in a number of martial arts for you to meet your goals. Why choose W.M.F ? Get fit Gain confidence Release stress Friendly team All levels welcome Beginner programs Family Martial Arts And Fitness Official grading schemes Pay as you go or Pay Monthly Experienced trainers
weight loss boxercise fitness martial arts tuition boxing
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Halton Zorb Football
Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 7LE
We provide 5-a-side zorb football for people aged twelve and up. Get in contact to make a booking or to find out more about this fun packed, adrenaline filled activity. Ideal for birthdays, stag/hen parties, end of season celebrations, school bookings, corporate fun days, works Christmas events, or just for fun! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.
Stag Zorb Birthday Fun Football
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Dunmhor Sporting
Kingussie, Aberdeenshire, PH21 1JZ
Located between the magnificent Cairngorm and the mystical Monadhliath Mountain ranges you will find the home of Dunmhor Sporting, where our visiting guests enjoy an unrivalled hunting experience set amidst some of the most breathtaking terrain in Great Britain.

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Bridport Tennis - Four Seasons Tennis Coaching
Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3QD
Hi, my name is Joe Chadwick and I''ve been providing tennis coaching services in Bridport and the surrounding area since spring 2014. I''ve been a professional tennis coach since 2001 and have taught tennis in many locations and to 1000''s of people. My main base now is at Bridport Tennis Club, but I have coached in Beaminster, Burton Bradstock and Charmouth. I coach juniors and adults in groups and individually in a games based environment. This means I don''t do constant, boring, repetitive drills but will help players fullfill their potential in a ''live'' game situation. I can help players of any age or ability, technically, tactically, improve their physical performance and defnately give the player faith and confidence in their game. Please get in contact if you would like to find out more and visit my website: :)
Tennis coaching in Dorset Bridport tennis Tennis in Bridport Tennis coaching in West Dorset Tennis coaching in Bridport
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Bay Cycle Hire
Herne Bay, Kent, CT65DE
Bay Cycle Hire is a small family run business based in Herne Bay, Kent and has been established since 2011 (Formerly Kent Cycle Breaks) We have a comprehensive number of ladies and gents 2013 Claud Butler Explorer 100 hybrid cycles available for hire. All hire cycles come fully equipped with mudguards, puncture resistant tyres and tubes, stands, rear luggage rack plus for the lead bike an A4 map holder and wireless cycle computer. If requested we also provide helmets, locks, pumps, gel seat covers, pannier bags or cargo nets, tool and first aid kits all included in the hire price.
Bike Hire Bike Rental Cycle Hire
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London, London, WC2h 9JQ
Innovative products ranging from LED cycling jackets and backpacks, gel cycling gloves, to anti pollution masks - For commuting, biking, running or sports.
running LED Jacket Cycling safety Biking Cycling
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Wirral, Merseyside, CH41 2YJ
T-Nutrition, established in 2006, is one of the UK''s leading Sports Supplements and Bodybuilding stores. Over the years, we have grown from a single small independent Sports Supplement store to a largely successful distributor throughout the North West of the United Kingdom. Now with 3 brick & mortar retail outlets and now an on-line service, we cater to the entire UK (and Europe in the not so distant future). At T-Nutrition, every member of our team has passion about fitness and is seen as family. We dedicate and pride ourselves in offering you a fast delivery on the UK''s largest range of the BEST Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding Supplements available and all at the best possible prices. With every stage of our expansion, we have always stuck to our motto "Nothing but the Best". We uphold a strong reputation in being the standard above all and will continue to provide our customers with only the best products, at the best prices, with the best possible service. We have over 90 brands and over 2000 different products of sports supplements, all under one roof. So if our website says "In Stock", its physically in our warehouse and within moments of your order being placed, it will be picked, packed and shipped to you ASAP! Put quite simply, we believe in Nothing but the Best... Do you? - See more at:
protein Supplements Nutrition bodybuilding Sports
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Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1EN
VIPmatchdays are an independent sports hospitality brokerage specialising in finding the very best packages at key events and venues around the UK. Contact us and tell us your specific preferences for a game and we can ensure we find you the best package to suit your needs and budget. VIPmatchdays is a division of the Miller Sports Group and boasts 15 years experience in the industry and many happy clients who have enjoyed hospitality sourced by us. Our attention to detail sets us apart and just tell us any special requests or requirements you have for your special day and our role is to make you feel like at true VIP for the day. Our comprehensive Event Calendar covers the key events throughout the sporting year, we also have relationships with individual clubs and venues directly so if you dont see your specific club or location listed, just get in touch and we can send you the information directly. All our packages are 100% official and are booked direct with the client or through one of our hospitality partners. We seek not only the best price in the marketplace, but the best seat in the house.
Entertainment Concerts Sports Corporate Events
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Warners Health
Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, HU4 6TE
We are based in HULL East Yorkshire and provide an affordable range of fitness, health promotion and rehabilitation services for individuals or organisations. Through our scientific health services, we can assess individual or group needs and develop tailored programmes to regain & maintain health and fitness. Our expertise in the field is underpinned by a staff of highly-skilled professionals and supported by a significant array of the latest equipment and technology. @WarnersHealth
Health Physiotherapy Gym Football Sports
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FM Central
Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 3DA
Football Manager website for gamers
FMCentral FM Football Manager Football Manager
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Springfit Gymnastics and Trampolining Club
Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7LT
Springfit is an independent member of the Saturn V Association of clubs who are approved by the local authority and has been awarded the Surrey County Council''s "Active Surrey" Gold accreditation and we provide recreational sporting activities for children and adults of all ages and abilities, predominantly in the fields of gymnastics and trampolining. We run classes at Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley, Surrey. RH6 9AB; St Bedes School, Redhill, Surrey. RH1 2LQ; Oriel school, Maidenbower, West Sussex. RH10 7XW and Jubilee Centre, East Grinstead, West Sussex. RH19 2HL. Classes: Gymnastics from Beginner to Advanced, Boys Only Gymnastics, Adult Gymnastics, Trampolining from Beginner to Advanced, Adult Trampolining, Freestyle Gymnastics (Parkour) and FunFit - Combined gymnastics and trampoline classes for pre-school children, focusing on skills to build balance, co-ordination, strength and ability.
Children Classes Trampolining Funfit Adult Classes Gymnastics
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Leisure Leagues
Warwick, Warwickshire, CV31 9FS
RUN YOUR OWN FOOTBALL BUSINESS!! At Leisure Leagues we can help you start running your OWN Football Business. Over recent years there has been a massive growth in the number of teams playing in 5 & 6 a side football leagues, now is your chance to capitalise on this by setting up leagues in YOUR area. At Leisure Leagues we have the industry contacts, expertise and know-how to help you buy, run and make a HUGE SUCCESS of running your own football business. We are offering a UNIQUE football franchise opportunity which unlike many other football franchises there is NO COACHING involved.
unique Football business service Franchise
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Kiddikicks Midbucks
Tring, Buckinghamshire, HP23 4QQ
KEEPING CHILDREN FIT & HEALTHY - Kiddikicks offers Early Years Football Coaching Classes to toddlers and children aged from 18 months up to 7 years. Kiddikicks has been established for 10 years running classes across London and the South East and we, Kiddikicks Midbucks, are really excited to be launching our Franchise of dynamic groups in your local community. You can learn more about us on our website. Suffice to say we try to make sure every child learns real skills in a super fun and safe environment. Our number 1 aim is to give toddlers and children a positive introduction to sport through football. We would like to invite children for a FREE TRIAL at our Thame or Aston Clinton sites. We can provide specific information if required, just give us a call. Follow us on twitter or like us on Facebook. Kiddikicks uses FA accredited coaches and sessions incorporate Val Sabin teaching methods for physical education adopted by the National Curriculum for England and Wales.
Healthy Happy Children Football Lessons Sports FA Skills Children''s Fitness.
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Alltracks Academy
Salisbury, Hampshire, SP5 1LX
The ultimate ski and snowboard courses in Whistler, Canada. Pristine powder runs, instructor qualifications, backcountry tours or perfecting your technique - wherever you want to take your riding, ALLTRACKS will help you make the perfect turn. Every one of our ski and snowboard courses is run against the backdrop of Whistler Blackcomb, Canada - consistently rated one of the world''s top year-round destination resorts.
ski instructor courses
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The Hockey Centre
Guildford, Surrey, GU21 5LJ
Providing sporting equipment both online and in shops in London, Woking and St Albans. Specializing in field hockey we also supply cricket and rugby equipment All our highly experienced staff can give you the best advice and offer the you best deals
Mercian Sport Rugby Cricket Hockey
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Healing Forever Therapies
Radlett, Hertfordshire, WD7 7LB
Amanda Carter-Heffer is a long established, highly experienced Complementary Practitioner. Specialising in Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Usui Reiki Master Healing, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Hot Stones Massage. My success lies in identifying where your particular health problem lies and taking a sensitive approach to your health restoration and well being. Please feel free to call me on 07790 007 694 to discuss your injury or health problem. I look forward to treating you soon.
Remedial Massage Reiki Master Healing Deep Tissue Massage Sports Massage Cranio-Sacral Therapy
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Station Bicycles
South West London, London, E17 3QG
Station Bicycles have the bikes for you, whether youre looking for Station mountain bikes or Station road bikes. Station Bicycles is a result of an extensive hard work dedication and market research. We are proud being an only GREEN Bicycles Shop London.
bicycles for sale bicycles uk bicycles for sale uk bicycle
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Paintballing LTD
Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 2BT
We are the Uk''s Number 1 paintball company, come play today and experience the ultimate day out!
paintballing sports activity paintball
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Gol Centre, Cardiff
Cardiff, Cardiff, cf11 8br
Gl 5-a-side and 7-a-side football centre in Cardiff is the citys favourite and busiest football centre with more people playing with us than at any other football venue in Wales. Our state of the art 3G pitches in Cardiff are availbale for one off hire or block bookings and we, also, run Wales''s largest 5-a-sdie leagues. Of course, we haven''t forgotten about younger users of the centre and we also offer the premier venue for Cardiff children''s parties and Cardiff''s most popular soccer schools with over 280 children attednfing every week. We are proud of our Welsh roots and of Wales'' football heritage and each court is named after a Welsh football great. Furthermore, we''re based just an eight minute walk away from Cardiff City Stadium the home of Cardiff City! Our Cardiff 5-a-side centre features; The biggest 3G 5-a-side pitches in Cardiff Ten 3G 5-a-side pitches Cardiff''s ONLY 3G 7-a-side pitch Changing rooms Cardiff children''s party room A fully licensed bar Function room for hire in Cardiff Meeting room for hire in Cardiff 120 CCTV monitored car parking spaces Open seven days a week For more information, or to place a booking, please call us on 02920 375760 or e-mail
Cardiff children''s parties Cardiff kids parties Cardiff Soccer Schools Cardiff 5 a side
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Fitness Football Coaching
London, London, N5 2TB
At Fitness Football Coaching we pride ourselves on creating bespoke sessions based on your needs and what you enjoy we are very professional and aim to maintain high rapport with all clients ensuring best results. We also add nutritional advice to our clients at request and can also help you maintain diets with our food plans.
Fitness Coaching Fitness Football Football Coaching Fitness Football Coaching
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Weybrook Park Golf Club
Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG224NH
Weybrook Park Golf Club, fabulous value for money Golf Course open to all the family, set in wonderful surroundings come and enjoy our great hospitality within our Club House which is also perfect for functions and wedding receptions.
18 Holes with building of additional 9 holes currently in construction Pulic Driving Range and Practice Facilities Great Venue for Parties, Conferences, Wedding Receptions and Dinner Dances Golf Tuition and Pro-Shop on Site 18 Hole Golf Course, Basingstoke
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Athlete King
West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0LB
Athlete King stocks some of the most advanced protein and fitness supplements on the market. We try everything we sell. If it works, we''ll tell you. If it tastes like cr*p, we''ll tell you. And through our network of stores and gym partners we know what to recommended for any goal, body type and fitness plan.
sports nutrition protein supplements
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Lets Chat Golf
Longfield, Kent, DA3 8JG
Lets Chat Golf is a brand new website that looks at different aspects of the golf industry. It''s founder, Jacob Welham, is a professional player with over 6 years experience in the game. He has worked in private, public and proprietary golf courses in the UK and has gained a high level of knowledge. Jacob blogs about key aspects of the industry e.g ways for golf clubs to increase revenue. Keep in touch with us to see up develop and grow into a leading market blogging site.
golf development Golf professional Lets Chat Golf Ways to increase golf club revenue Golf
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Segway Active
Chepstow, Gloucestershire, NP16 7LH
Our Segway Active experience is set in a fantastic location at the National Activity & Diving Centre (NDAC) in Chepstow, situated around a disused limestone quarry with fantastic views. We have 12 brand new Segways, a custom built HQ, training facilities and an off road track. Each driving adventure lasts an hour, starting with full instructions and a safety briefing on our flat training zone. This gives you the opportunity to get to grips with your Segway in a safe environment.
sport segway Adventure seeking Thrill Seeking Outdoor Activities
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BPA Cheer and Dance
Bristol, Avon, BS16 6TH
BPA is a Bristol based cheerleading and dance company. Our competition teams compete regionally, nationally and internationally. We have been lucky enough to be national champions for the past 4 seasons. We also provide weekly cheer, tumbling and dance classes for anyone to come along too. Please visit our website or contact us for more info
Tumbling Clubs in Bristol Birthday Parties Dance classes in Bristol Cheerleading
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Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 4EG
You can find or promote a fitness class or sports club for free on
Sports Club Fitness Directory Find a Fitness Class Promote a Fitness Class Sports Directory
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Excelsior Athletic Training
Cullompton, Devon, ex15 2rn
Excelsior Athletic Training offers coaching for sports people of all ages and abilities wishing to improve their performance. We provide strength and conditioning coaching for individuals, small groups and for teams. Our athletic development centre has a running club and a weightlifting club which train weekly. We also run regular workshops in the holidays for young sports people that feature ways of getting better at their sport including: nutrition, speed training; strength training, agility and time management. Head Coach James Marshall has extensive experience working with many different athletes including 5 who competed in the 2012 Olympics/ Paralympics, The England Rugby Uner 16s and Under 18s squads, the Great Britain Rugby League Under 18s and Under 16s squads, England Gold South West Under 16s boys and girls squads, London Welsh RFC, Exeter Chiefs RFC. James competed Internationally for Engand Karate, retiring after the 2004 World Championships in Tokyo. He is the author of "Training young athletes" and also 3 ebooks on Amazon: "Get Stronger" "Jump Higher" "Run Faster".
Sports coaching Running Weightlifting Personal Training Strength and conditioning
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Football Zorbing UK
Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3EZ
We offer the exciting and unique activity known as Bubble Football NATIONWIDE and can cover any part of the UK. We organise your event from start to finish and provide the venue, referee/host, bubble suits, goals and a free on-line group website to easily manage and view your event. We provide each group prior to the event with a bubble pack that lists all the information needed for the event to run smoothly including addresses, contact numbers, times etc.
Football Zorb Bubble Football Football Zorbing Bubble Soccer Zorb Football
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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG3 5JU
Stingball is the newest ball game having taken the UK by storm. Visit the Stingball website and see how you can become a free member and start playing, how you can build a Stingball team and participate in tournaments.
challenge of becoming a Stingball Stingball
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The Eden Angler
Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2LN
Guided fly fishing and tuition for Trout and Grayling in Cumbria in the UK on the famous River Eden, and It''s tributaries, the Rivers Eamont and Lowther. Lake fishing on Ullswater and Haweswater in the English lake district. Personalised fly fishing experiences from a fully qualified professional fly fishing guide and tutor based in Cumbria - an area of outstanding beauty in the UK Anglers of all abilities are catered for: fly fishing tuition and casting lessons for beginners and the more experienced. A day on one of our Eden rivers or Lake Distict waters will be tailored to suit your requirements.
Fly fishing in Lake District fly fishing lessons River Eden trout fishing River Eden Grayling Guided fly fishing
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Walking Football - Chelmsford
Chelmsford, Essex, CM1
Walking Football Chelmsford was set up to bring over 50s located in Chelmsford together over a match of walking football on a weekly basis.
Walking Football Chelmsford
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Everything 4 Rugby
Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 3QB
Everything4rugby''s mission is to build a meaningful, vibrant and rewarding grassroots rugby community, helping and supporting clubs, players and fans across the UK and Ireland to drive improvements both on and off the pitch.
rugby community Grassroots rugby coaching rugby store Rugby
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Edinburgh, Midlothian, eh1 3qb
Everything4rugby''s mission is to build a meaningful, vibrant and rewarding grassroots rugby community, helping and supporting clubs, players and fans across the UK and Ireland to drive improvements both on and off the pitch.
Rugby Union Sport Rugby
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Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan, cf33aa
bubble football
5-a side football
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Durham Cheerleading Academy
Durham, Durham, Dh4 6rq
Hi Welcome to Durham Cheerleading Academy! We provide cheerleading in Durham! We have recreational classes at 4 venues across the county and also Academy classes for both juniors and seniors. We also provide fitness classes, hen parties and birthday parties. Please like our page Please contact us for details!
Cheer Durham Gymnastics Dance Cheerleading
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Stone Lawn Tennis Club
Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8LD
Tennis club with squash, fitness classes and function rooms
Squash Function rooms Tennis
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Sporting UK
Chatham, Kent, ME4
Here at Sporting UK we aim to give everyone the opportunity to find their ideal sport and ideal location enabling them to train in that sport, in some ways we are educating people in the types and numbers of different sports there are all around the UK.
Activities Android App Sport Centres Sport Sport & leisure
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Bude Surfing Experience
Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8JP
Bude Surfing Experience offers a wide range of different surfing lessons, from full day activity packages to 1:1 personal surfing tuition. Bude Surfing Experience is a great place for stag dos, hen parties, corporate, clubs and more. We''re based in Bude Cornwall, please contact us at the surf school.
Surfing School Surf School Surfing Tuition Bude Surf School Surfing
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s4 swimschool
Walsall, West Midlands, ws4 1sa
swimming lessons for 3 and half years up to 12 years. very small group numbers so children learn in half the time of most other swim schools! Classes all over the Midlands and new lessons now in Chase Terrace, Burntwood. Elite swimmers and adults are also welcome
swimming lessons swimming lessons coaching swim school swimming
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R Evans Coaching
Worthing, West Sussex, bn16 4nb
A premier coaching experience; creating a learning environment to facilitate peak performance; guaranteed by a professional coach delivering genuine solutions and guidance. When the student is ready the teacher appears Wayne Dyer Whether youre new to golf or an elite player, find a simpler way of learning and developing your golf game. I am dedicated to guiding golfers of all levels to unlock their true potential and achieve peak performance. I am a Class AA PGA professional with over 8 years experience. I can provide a holistic coaching service ranging from swing mechanics to mind coaching to golf biomechanics and fitness. I work under the umbrella of Scott Cranfield of CGA and I am a level 4 coach under his guidance. I based myself at Rustington Golf Centre in Angmering, West Sussex, England. RGC is a first class golf centre with exceptional facilities where any area of the game can be coached and practised.
Russell Evans Coaching Golf Lessons Golf Lessons Rustington PGA Golf Lessons Golf Coaching
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Russell Evans Coaching
Worthing, West Sussex, bn16 4nb
A premier coaching experience; creating a learning environment to facilitate peak performance; guaranteed by a professional coach delivering genuine solutions and guidance. When the student is ready the teacher appears Wayne Dyer Whether youre new to golf or an elite player, find a simpler way of learning and developing your golf game. I am dedicated to guiding golfers of all levels to unlock their true potential and achieve peak performance. I am a Class AA PGA professional with over 8 years experience. I can provide a holistic coaching service ranging from swing mechanics to mind coaching to golf biomechanics and fitness. I work under the umbrella of Scott Cranfield of CGA and I am a level 4 coach under his guidance. I based myself at Rustington Golf Centre in Angmering, West Sussex, England. RGC is a first class golf centre with exceptional facilities where any area of the game can be coached and practised.
Russell Evans Coaching Golf Lessons Golf Lessons Rustington PGA Golf Lessons Golf Coaching
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PNI Online
Walthamstow, London, E17 5DU
PNI Online offers leading brands Thermadex, Paragon and Prodigy PNI supplements online. PNI supplies Premium Nutraceuticals, fat burner, thermogenic fat burner, testosterone booster, performance enhancer, pre workout supplements, muscle building supplements from Thermadex, Prodigy and Paragon. Source :
Premium Nutraceuticals PNI Prodigy PNI Thermadex PNI Paragon PNI Supplements Online
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Development Centre Sports Coaching
Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 7DR
Welcome to DC Coaching, we are known for providing one of the most extensive and flexible school and clubs sports coaching programmes in the North West. One of the most popular services we provide is our in school Coaching Programmes, where a member of staff from our fully qualified and experienced team of Coaches will visit a school during school time to provide the children with a fun and exciting games and a huge range of healthy activities in a range of the most popular sports such as Football, Dodge ball, Handball, Tag Rugby, Dance and many more.
tennis coaching sports coaching dance coaching holiday clubs football coaching
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Body Torque Pilates
Redhill, Surrey, RH1 5JJ
Body Torque Pilates offers Pilates classes in Reigate, Dorking and Betchworth. We operate from various venues and at different times to try and accommodate busy schedules. Hopefully we have a course that suits your lifestyle. All our Pilates classes range from complete beginner to advanced exercises, so even if you''ve never been to a Pilates class before, we can introduce you to the sport at your pace. We have our own Pilates studio in Redhill where we can offer you 1:1 sessions and we can focus on exercises that are right for you. We''d love to see you at one of our classes in the future, so give us a call, or visit our website for more details, and we can discuss the plan that''s right for you.
pilates for men pilates class core exercises pilates studio reigate pilates
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Fame Golf Academy
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 0EQ
The Academy offers unique group and individual golf coaching for ladies by a ladies teaching professional. Whether your are a complete beginner, new to golf, or an existing golfer who wants to improve your skills.right heres where you start playing!
golf coach ladies golf lessons golf instructor
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Hooked on Golf
Bathgate, West Lothian, EH48 2AG
An opportunity to travel the world,play the beautiful game and tours available in the UK including Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales.
golf adventure holidays UK golf holidays UK
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Best for Balls Limited
Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 5QW
Get the full range of Callaway golf balls to cater all types of players at Their custom fitting centre has service to advice you the best golf balls for your game.
personalized golf balls golf logo balls logo golf balls personalised golf balls golf balls
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Match Safe
Dungannon, UK, BT70 1NJ
We have been involved with a large selection of well-known sports retailers, but we are now happy to release our own Match-Safe Range. Supplying Gum Shields UK-wide we offer products to Great Britain, Northern Ireland and also the Republic Of Ireland.
Mouthguards Gumshields Gum Shields UK Mouth Guard Manufacturers Hockey Mouthguards
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Home Leisure Direct Ltd
Bristol, Gloucestershire, BS35 4AL
Home Leisure Direct is an internet retailer specialising in home and garden leisure products. Our wide range includes pool tables, pool dining tables, snooker tables, foosball tables, table tennis, trampolines, playground equipment and more. We check our prices daily to make sure our prices are the lowest prices on the web. All our items come with free delivery to mainland UK and all the accessories you need to get started. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 6pm and closed on Sundays.
foosball tables pool tables to buy pool dining tables football tables pool tables for sale
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Birmingham, West Midlands, B11 2AL
ABOUT US Zaror Sports is a bespoke team wear supplier based in Birmingham, West Midlands. At Zaror Sports, we supply kits from grass root to professional level clubs, for a range of sports including: Football, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey etc. Using our very easy 3D Kit Designer on our website, you can create your team kit. We provide many new and original designs as well as many colour options, ensuring that your clubs individuality is unique and like no other. We also provide training gear. We believe in making this process as easy as possible for our customers, simply choose your design and colour, tell us the quantity you require and once order is confirmed, we promise to create your order into a finished product and delivered within 4/6 weeks. Our team of manufacturers will ensure the best quality products will be produced within the best price range. We commit to build an honest, great customer relationship and great work ethic, so that we can give you the confidence and trust to deliver the best quality, standard and service. At Zaror Sports, we make it our priority in understanding what our customers want and take great pride in ensuring the quality control is provided throughout all stages; from the enquiry stage, to the manufacturing stage, to the packaging and shipping stage etc. This is to ensure that our customers are pleased and satisfied with our services as we aim to not only provide our products but to build a strong and loyal relationship with our customers.
hockey kits supplier bespoke team wear supplier basketball kits supplier cricket kits supplier football kits supplier
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Masters Academy
Loughton, Essex, IG10 3TQ
Masters Academy is a full time martial arts academy in Loughton, Essex. We specialise in martial arts for the entire family and have classes for kids, teens and adults. We mainly teach Fitness Kickboxing, MMA and BJJ. Our classes are suitable for all levels and we focus on building fitness in a fun and friendly manner. All new members get a free trial, a free t-shirt and a free kickboxing DVD. Hope to see you soon.
Fitness Martial Arts MMA BJJ Kickboxing
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Milton Keynes, London, MK10 9JZ
The Snooker Gym Ltd is the sole training provider worldwide to offer formal approval from the IBSF and WPBSA, providing you a completely robust qualification path that can be presented with pride in any country in which you live or choose to coach others. Their network of Coach & Master Coach Examiners means that you will be able to easily find a coaching school in your region who can take you through the necessary certification trainings. The added incentive of the possibility to be invited to join the exclusive group of IBSF Coach Examiners offers a great ultimate reward for those who wish to coach at the highest level. For more enquiries please contact us at
snooker tips snooker academy snooker shot snooker technique how to play snooker
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Taekwondo Wales Bargoed
Caerphilly, Glamorgan, CF82 8ES
Why learn Taekwon-do with us? - Get fit - Learn self defence - Build confidence & Self esteem - Anti-Bullying Program - Improve Self Discipline Taekeon-do kids classes from age 6-13, Taekwon-do mixed adult & family classes (excellent family discounts available) NEW CLASS OPENING MONDAY 24TH FEBRARY 17:15 UNTIL 18:15, HEOLDDU LEISURE CENTRE, MOUNTAIN ROAD, BARGOED. First 2 lessons free First 10 callers recieves free taekwon-do suit with enrolment call Lee on 07548 108956 for details LIMITED SPACES SO HURRY!!!
Fitness Taekwondo Martial Arts Children Sports club
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AppTech Media
West Central London, London, W1B 3HH
247 Free Bets have all the latest Free Bet offers from all of the best bookmakers. Get Free Bets with no deposits, Free Casino, Free Poker & Free Bingo!
mobile betting free mobile bets free sports bets free bets no deposit Free bets
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Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 1QW
Wall bars, wall rehabilitation ladders, children sport complexes wholesale and retail in UK. We have large selection of wall bars types and dimensions (width and height). Free delivery in UK. For more information, please contact us.
aerobic gymnastic gym fitness wall bars
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Didsbury Sports Ground
Manchester, Lancashire, m20 2ru
Didsbury Sports Ground the home of Didsbury Toc H RFC and Burnage Metro FC. Recently renovated Multi Sports Facility in the heart of Didsbury Village. The Club House is a modern venue,available for hire, with two function rooms both with separate bars and catering facilities suitable for intimate parties to large groups. From weddings to private functions The Club House is an eclectic mix of Lounge bar meets a Surf bar. The facility has modern sound systems, big screen satellite TV''s and wireless internet access and is supported by Didsbury Catering Co. who offer bespoke menu''s for all types of events. Check out for more details. If you need a venue to host sports events or outdoor activities we have 8 pitches and a modern changing room block with 10 individual team changing rooms with their own showers for male and female teams, including disabled facilities. Extensive car parks surround The Club House at Didsbury Sports Ground and late bar licenses are available.
Football Club Bar Event Venue Rugby Club Sports Club
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Dexters Surf Shop, School & Hire Centre
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 7TN
Dexter''s Surf Shop Surf School & Hire Centre, Scarborough is a fantastic base for exploring the area, with all kinds of fun activities for family and friends, We have it all! Surf Hire, SUP Hire, Kayak Hire, Cycle Hire & Deck Chair Hire not to mention our fantastic Surf School! There is plenty to do for all ages. Dexter''s Surf School is home to one of the most comprehensive surf schools on the East Coast and is the only asi accredited school on the east coast we also boast to be the number 1 attraction on tripadvisor. we are situated right on Scarborough''s North Bay 20ft from the beach. Our fully insured Surf School and fully accredited ASI Surf Coach are happy to teach one on one right up to large groups, we can accommodate most requests and all are welcome Schools, Stag / Hen Parties, Birthday parties and Corporate Events. Hiring and lessons has never been so easy, Just bring a towel and we''ll do the rest! We''ll even photograph it for you!
Bike Hire Surf School Surf Lessons Surf Hire Online Surf Shop
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London Fencing Club
North London, UK, EC1V 3PU
London Fencing Club is the best and the busiest fencing club in the UK providing coaching and training facilities for more than 300 regular members and hundreds of adult beginners. We also offer fencing classes for children, after school clubs and team building events. The Club employs eight Fencing Masters of the highest calibre. London Fencing Club offers coaching in all three fencing weapons: foil, epee and sabre. Advanced fencing classes include warm up/footwork, bladework or tactical lesson and free fencing. Private lessons are available from 6 pm onwards and can be booking using our online booking system.

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Impact Roadshows
Birmingham, West Midlands, B12 0YN
Impact Roadshow is specialized in Body Building Expo with the top athlete Ronnie Coleman, Zack Khan, Phil Heath. The Body Expo also offers Body Building T Shirt, Gym Clothing and Gym Wear.
Ronnie Coleman UK Tour Body Expo Bodypower Expo Ronnie Coleman Tour
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North London Boxing Club
Wood Green, London, N22 8EL
North London Boxing Club caters fitness boxing training to the community in Wood Green and our classes designed to build up your fitness level.
Club Fitness North London Classes Boxing London
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Wildside Cycles
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2QL
Here at WILDSIDE we take cycling seriously; from the Saturday staff to the directors everyone is a keen cyclist, behind the counter [and the computer screen] we have ex-racers, BMXers, mountain bikers and commuters. We are on hand over the phone, email or in-store to answer any query you may have about any area of cycling and to help you choose the right products.
neil pryde bikes cannondale bikes bianchi bikes
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Cornish Surf Company Ltd.
Truro, Cornwall, TR1 9GW
Cornish Surf Company Ltd. take pride in representing smaller brands as well as the big brands. We are looking to expand to enable us to cater for all pockets and lifestyles, as well as the personal touch we feel a small business can provide.
surf boards West Coast Surfing, Cornwall Surfing Surf accessories wetsuits Surfing,
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The Black Sheep
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 1PD
Based in Manchester, UK, this company sells a great selection of quality skateboards, apparel, footwear and accessories at excellent prices. blacksheepstore
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Royal Private Coach
Kingsbridge, London, W1C 1BY
Royal Private Coach offers Personal Training, Yoga, QiGong, Life Balance Programmes, Corporate Fitness, Burnout Prevention, lovely meditative Travels and Retreats, Burnout Prevention, Blood Preassure Control, Life Coaching and Hotel Fitness Management. At our first meeting we will set a concept for your training, feel free to call for any questions.
corporate fitness london private trainer london yoga london company fitness events personal trainer london
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The Pre Academy
Cheadle, Greater Manchester, M224JN
The PRE ACADEMY | Developed by professionals | Replicating the UK Pro Club Academy system. The PRE ACADEMY offers License opportunities for football coaches wanting to work for themselves but would like to benefit from the back up and support of a professional team with over 20 years + in the football coaching industry. Benefits: SIMPLE to set up. Operate in a LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE. You choose the hours to suit you A PRE ACADEMY license is FLEXIBLE enough to fit around your full time job to boost your existing income OR operate full-time. The PRE ACADEMY is maintained by a COMPLETE ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM with Head Office support. You will be provided with EVERYTHING you need to get up and running. The PRE ACADEMY license opportunity was created by a coach with top level professional coaching qualifications and over 20 years professional club experience as a player, scout and coach; he is currently employed as Head of Coaching for under 21s at a Championship club. The formula has been tried, tested and proven to be successful. The PRE ACADEMY is new in name only! The founder has over 16 years experience of owning and running a very successful football academy in the north west. As a football coach, you too can benefit from this knowledge. The PRE ACADEMYs aim? To get childrens football coaching to pro club standard if not world class standard.
academy football license coaching self employment football franchise
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Trophies and Awards
Warwick, Warwickshire, CV37 8BT
EFX Ltd is a British business that designs and manufactures stunning awards and trophies made in their state-of-the-art studio.
trophies and awards
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Caludon Youth
Coventry, West Midlands, -
local football clubs local football teams,
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Mayhem Paintball in Essex
Abbots Langley, Essex, RM4 1AA
Provides various themed paintball grounds suitable for birthdays, corporate events or stag parties.
mayhem-paintball essex mayhem paintball london
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Sports Connexion
Coventry, West Midlands, CV8 3FL
The Sports ConneXion, your local leisure hub, is located in the heart of England, within easy reach of Coventry, Leamington, Warwick, Rugby and Kenilworth. At the ConneXion you will experience a warm welcome, you will find a wide range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, and all the leisure facilities you need to relax after a hectic day at work. The Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton On Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3FL, TEL 02476 306155
Weddings Gym Conferences Functions Leisure Centre
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All Saints Academy Sports & Community Centre
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL510WH
All Saints'' Academy in Cheltenham is a brand new fully-equipped Academy that is open to the members of the general public for both Sporting and Community needs during evenings, weekends and School holidays.Situated on Blaisdon Way, we have the latest sporting facilities and 3G astro pitch available in the area. We offer many types of fitness classes and sports clubs at ASA which makes it the perfect place for joining a class or club or to make a facility booking and use the newest and the best. The All Saints'' Academy Fitness suite is newly equipped with state of the art equipment from Pulse and our community educational courses will be coming soon so keep an eye out for courses that may interest you. We are idealy located with easy access to both the M5 and Cheltenham, and have ample free parking.
Fitness Suite Community Centre Sports Hall 3G Astro Sports Centre
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Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9RW
Baby Swimming lessons taught by fully qualified teachers. Courses available in London, Sussex and Hampshire. We teach babies from 4 - 6 weeks of age until 4 years old.
toddler swimming swimming lessons swimming swimming courses baby swimming
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unity stationers
Gravesend, Kent, da12 5uq
unity stationers with encyclopedia links
encyclopedia links stationers
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Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5TH
Reducing the barriers to golf by providing women''s group golf coaching with qualified PGA golf professionals. Organising women''s golf events for individuals and groups at any level of ability. Listing of golf venues and enabling on site engagement.
Women and family Golf event Golf coaching for women Professional women in business Women''s golf lessons
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East London, London, EC1V 9AZ
All about football at we provide a platform that help the game of football to grow. Any individual can become our member and contribute to the game of football. We finance the game at all levels.
football finance funding for sports funding for sport crowd funding websites sports funding
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Footie Funder
Lymington, London, EC1V 9AZ
Welcome to the crazy world of football. At, we unite all the football lovers and help the game of football to reach to everywhere. We finance football activities and arrange tournaments at all levels. For this any individual can also contribute to our cause.
grass root football funding crowdfund funding peer to peer lending crowdfunding
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Golf August Pro Shops
Elgin, Shetland Islands, cb7 4ws
pricing for properties in liquidation
sport golf
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Shaolin Tigers
Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 3AQ
Shaolin Tigers A club that offers training in martial arts, Thai kickboxing, and Shaolin kung fu with a main training camp at Pinewood Boxing Club, Pinewood Centre, Old Wokingham Road, Workingham, Berkshire RG40 3AQ.
martial arts berkshire
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The Cricket Company
Exeter, Devon, EX5 2QR
Cricket equipment and coaching specialists, based in Devon. Expert ECB qualified coaching provided to individuals and clubs by experienced coaches. Cricket equipment from the game''s leading manufacturers offered online, in store at our Devon showroom that''s dedicated purely to cricket. Free fitting and advice offered on all equipmentc
cricket kit cricket equipment cricket coaching cricket bats cricket
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Clevedon, Bristol, BS20 6TF
Just4Keepers South West Goalkeeping School Just4Keepers runs specialized weekly Goalkeeper training sessions throughout the South West for boys and girls aged six and upwards. Weekly training is designed to meet Goalkeepers individual needs to help them become the best keeper that they can be. Training is in a FUN environmentwith NO PRESSURE on the goalkeepers! What techniques would you learn? There are many techniques that keepers will develop through J4K to help them perform to name but a few: Handling Diving (Which covers, taking off, landing, get up quicker etc) Footwork Distribution Shot Stopping Angles Kicking Positional play (where to stand for corners etc) How to blame your defenders before they blame you..! Plus countless other techniques that will not only benefit the keeperbut also the keepers team! Coaching is taken by James Cope. James played for the Bristol City Football Club Academy and then youth team for 8 years, during which time he played over 200 games. At Bristol City James was trained by the best coaches in the south west including the current first team Goalkeeper Coach. James has an FA Level 2 Coaching Certificate (Currently working toward his UEFA B licence) and the FA Age Appropriate Certificate along with being enhanced CRB checked, First Aid Qualified and fully insured. James set up Just4Keepers South West just over two years ago and now coaches more than 100 goalkeepers on a weekly basis. James is also head of the Bristol City FC Goalkeeper pre-academy. He also has links with the North Somerset, Banes and Bristol Inner City Development squads. James has also linked up with the Cheltenham Town FC Academy. All the goalkeeping exercises and techniques that James teaches were learnt from 8 years valuable experience at a top professional club. Please Call/Text James Cope now on 07889380862 or email for more information and to arrange your FREE lesson.
soccer goalkeeper coaching bristol football
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Lee Fellows Personal Training
Bristol, Somerset, bs37 4ap
Offering Personal training solutions too all ages - offering fit camps, boot camps, 121 personal training, Herbalife(R) around Bristol, Yate, Bradley Stoke areas.
herbalife bradley stoke gym fat loss fitness yate gym
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Mor-Sports Ltd
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, s11 0FN
Mor-Sports Ltd is a family business based in Sheffield, in the UK, and has over 20 years experience within the sports surfacing industry. Mor-Sports provide a service for Clients offering tennis court surface installations, a general maintenance service and a number of other specialist surfaces including Playground sport and Safety Surfacing. The Mor-Sports team can provide services including: For tennis court construction, refurbishment and maintenance - the supply and installation of the Decoturf Acrylic Tennis Surfaces American Clay Surfaces Padel Tennis Courts Netball and Basketball Surfaces Walkways and Pathways surfacing Playground Sports and Safety Surfacing General Maintenance, Cleaning and Refurbishment of sports areas and surrounds Mor-Sports are proud to be approved contractors of the Decoturf Tennis Court Surfacing System, the surface of the US Open since 1978
sports surfacing tennis court refurbishment acrylic tennis court surfacing playground sport and safety surfacing tennis court construction
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Hammersmith, London, W9 6DL
PE ResourcesTeachers who coach is a free news portal that provides the latest and most accurate information covering the school sports and coaching industry. We provide a weekly newsletter summing up the weeks biggest headlines and deliver it straight to your inbox.
Sports PE PE Resources Coaching Physical Education
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Toot Hill Golf Club
Ongar, Essex, CM5 9PU
Toot Hill Golf Club - Offers professional coaching sessions in Ongar.
golf ongar
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Rich Lucas Fitness
Bristol, UK, BS37 6JE
This martial arts training centre offer classes for kickboxing, taekwondo, and MMA.
MMA Mixed Martial Arts Class Yate
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Polish Tigers Football Academy
Acton, London, W3 7PF
Football training for kids aged 4 to 11. We are located in London.
polska szkołka piłkarska polish tigers football academy szkłka piłkarska dla dzieci football training polish tigers london
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Gambling laws
Castletown, UK, IM9 1AB
Gambling is not anymore a favorite pastime of many. Through the years, the perspective on gambling has completely changed. Betting, rules, way of playing and even the tools used were all transformed.gambling has now bocome more of a fashion than game. So it is better to be aware of gambling laws and gbgc is one place where you can find all the information.
Gaming Consultants Gambling Laws
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Feltham, UK, SE1
Football is much famous and acquainted in these days. is the best place to find Football Tickets at great price. Lovers can Sell Football Tickets at easily.
Scottish Cup Tickets Premier League Tickets Champions League Tickets FA Cup Tickets Football Tickets
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Aslan Golf
Newton Aycliffe, Durham, DL5 6QZ
Aslan Golf have a number of Golf Equipment brands including Taylormade, Nike Golf & Wilson Golf. We have quality made golf drivers, golf clubs, shoes...
Online Golf equipment Golf equipment Aslan Golf
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Sports Vibe
Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 5JF
With many years of experience in the Sport Coaching industry, Sports Vibe provides only the highest quality sports provisions to Nursery''s and Primary Schools throughout the North West. Established in 2012, the business was formed by former Burnley Football Club coaches and is located in Burnley. Sports Vibe also offer Saturday morning football coaching clubs known as Soccer Vibe and also run Holiday Clubs every half-term in partnership with Sports Vibe can offer your Nursery or Primary School, the highest quality sports provisions in the North West. These include; Breakfast Clubs, Dinner Time Clubs, PPA Cover, Golden Time Schemes and After School Clubs. With a team that includes a number of experienced sports coaches, Sports Vibe has only the highest quality of deliverers, qualified to a high standard in the sports they teach.
After School Clubs Sports Instruction Primary School PPA Cover Sports Coaching
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Gym and Sports Supplements
Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6DL
Gym and Sports Supplements supply all of the latest sports nutrition, assisting you in getting better results in a shorter space of time. Not only will you get your supplements from us, but we will also offer you a workout guide suitable for your supplements, as well as offering you products suitable for home workouts.
Gym supplements Supplements Sports drinks Protein shakes Nutrition
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cycle craft ltd.
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, le14 4ss
Cycle Craft exists to provide for all your cycling needs, putting you right at the very centre of our business. We have carefully selected a range of products, which we offer at competitive prices, together with a speedy service and free returns should you need to. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any questions and to provide advice. Our aim is to guide you to the product best suited for your particular need and to bring out the best in your cycling. We are now proud to offer a bespoke bicycle building service. Using our own Elite frames we will work with you to develop the bike that works best for you. Whether you are a pro racer, a time trial rider or a leisure cyclist we have the solution for you. We also offer bicycle servicing and race preparation throughout Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, either from our premises near Melton Mowbray or, should you prefer, we can come to you. Always keen to work with the cycling community, we also offer event support. Most recently we provided support to the Armed Forces annual inter-service MTB Championships and this season we are the proud sponsors of Charlotte Broughton and Eve Lyon in their Cyclocross racing. Cycle Craft was established in 2011 with the aim providing a specialist cycling service but without losing the personal touch. Your happiness and success in cycling is central to everything we do. We aim to dispatch all orders within 1-2 working days and will contact you if we expect our dispatch time to be longer than that. Should you find the product is not what you required, you can just return it free of charge. When it comes to bike building, there is obviously a lead time but we aim to make this is short as possible as we know how important it will be to have your new bike! We recommend that you allow up to six weeks, but we will do our best to have it with you much sooner than that. We think that our service is the best available and we hope that you will too. We are always willing to listen to your ideas about how we can improve things for the future so please feel free to contact Mark at
cycle repairs cycle parts carbon bikes
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Evolution Golf Scotland
Bellshill, Aberdeenshire, ML4 1NS
Evolution Golf Scotland is a specialist in Scottish Golf Vacations and related sight seeing tours. We combine an unrivalled quality of service with an expert knowledge of Scotland to provide tailor made luxury golf vacations and golf tours.Evolution Golf Scotland can provide you and your friends and / or family with all the options that make up your dream golf vacation. We have a large selection of lodgings and sightseeing, as well as, indoor and outdoor activities. We also have golf packages that include some of the most magnificent courses in the world.
Travel Sport
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Jonjo ONeill Racing
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 5XU
Jonjo ONeill is a successful National Hunt racehorse trainer based in the Cotswolds in the UK. He helps thoroughbred racehorses reach their full potential. Various racehorse ownership options available.
horse racing trainer racehorse syndicates racehorse training racehorse trainer
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Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 4BA
Wetsuits, Surfboards, Summer wetsuits, Winter wetsuits, Surf shop
summer wetsuits sports shop wetsuit wetsuits surf shop
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Cycle Repair Shed
Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE3 3UP
Cycle Repair Shed is a small independent business based in Gosforth (Newcastle) offering a comprehensive range of high quality bike repairs, servicing and complete rebuilds. I will happily come collect and return your cycle once serviced / repaired *free of charge as the majority of work will be completed at my home workshop. Some minor repairs can be carried out at your home or place of work, again with no call out charge. This covers bikes of any age, type or condition. I aim to fix and return your cycle within 24hrs and no problem is too big or small I am here to help you and ensure your bike is safe and reliable to ride. *Any repairs / services within 15miles of Gosforth will qualify for the free pick up and return service. Any towns further afield will incur an additional 3 to 5 fee to cover my additional travel costs.
Bike Repair Service Wheel building Cycle
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Eureka Cycle Sports
Chester, Cheshire, CH1 6NP
We cover all cycling disciplines and actively participate in Road Cycling, Mountain Biking and Triathlon. We give advice first and selling is our second priority. If you don\''t need it we wont sell it to you.
Mountain Bikes Triathlon Bikes Road bikes
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Prolife Distribution
Walthamstow, London, E17 5DU
Prolife Distribution is a leading distributor of sports and nutrition supplements nationally and internationally. We provide various brands of sports supplements and nutritions such as Detox, D2 Nutra, Kinetica, Liquid grip, etc
Sports Nutrition and Distributor Supplement Distributor Sports Supplements Sports Nutrition Distributor Sports Nutrition
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Football Agency London
Strand, London, WC2N 6AA
We are a football agency based in London, UK, dealing with professional footballers across various leagues in England and the world. We support our clients through contract negotiations, media and public relations, finances, lifestyle management and talks with current or prospective clubs.
Football Agency
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Topspin Monkeys
Epsom, Surrey, Kt19 7EH
Serving up an ace tennis programme for 2-5 year olds! Topspin Monkeys aims to create a fun and positive learning experience so children develop emotionally, physically and socially for everyday life. Using specially adapted tennis equipment, sessions include a series of activities and games. We also use colours, numbers, shapes and letters to help with their educational development so they feel better prepared for primary school and for life. Above all, our sessions provide an opportunity for parent/carer and child to interact through a fun environment which in todays busy lifestyle is so important. Tennis is a sport where children and parents can play and learn together which encourages fitness and enjoyment for all.
learning Children Epsom Sport Tennis
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hallcross jfc
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, dn5 0te
hallcross junior football club under 10s and under 12s in the doncaster junior sunday football league
arksey jfc doncaster jfc junior football
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GSP sport
Selby, Aberdeenshire, yo8 4ya
I am a small business offering high quality sports equipment and clothing at great prices. Items include : Cricket bats, leg guards, gloves, shirts,trousers,jumpers,tracksuit tops Footballs, towels, kits Darts flights, stems Sports accessories
kit cricket equipment sport clothing cricket clothing sport equipment
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h2o kidz
Weybridge, Surrey, KT15 2QU
H2O Kidz is an aqua school providing baby swimming lessons in Addlestone, Weybridge, Byfleet, Woking, Chertsey, Shepperton and Walton on Thames Surrey. H20 Kidz offer swimming classes for babies and toddlers that teach children to swim by having fun in the water. Let us teach your young ones to be waterbabies through the use of songs, games, movement and word association. We also incorporate the use of color, shapes, toys, numbers and letters to help their everyday learning skills. All our baby swimming classes are taught by ASA qualified instructors specialising in baby swimming.
Baby swimming Swimming Classes Baby Group Toddler Group Swimming Lessons
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Penguin Sailing
Whitchurch, Shropshire, sy13 1ne
Shore-based RYA Training Centre specialising in on-line and classroom navigation and seamanship training, inlcudes FREE on-line training resource for all RYA students
Essential Navigation & Seamanship Day Skipper Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster Offshore RYA Training
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Mark Harrod
Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 7BF
Mark Harrod range includes Football Goal posts, Rugby posts, Hockey goal posts, Badminton posts, Netball posts, Tennis posts and a huge selection of accessories.
sports hockey rugby goals football
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Stockport Sports Village - Life Leisure
Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 1QX
Stockport Sports Village is home to the newest state of the art football facility in the North West. Boasting sixteen Optima 3G floodlit pitches, the same as those at FC Barcelona''s Joan Camper training facility, the complex is already home to many clubs from in and around the Stockport area. Players must wear football boots (no metal studs or trainers) to ensure the surface is kept in peak condition. Pitches are available to hire for seasonal training, club home fixtures and recreational use. Prices start at 16.50 for Juniors and 27.50 for Adults (Over 18''s). Football Leagues Pitch Invasion host 5-a-side leagues weekly at Stockport Sports Village, Sunday to Thursday from 7.00pm10.00pm. Leagues commence on Thursday 27th September 2012. To register a team or for more information contact Pitch Invasion on 0844 745 2020 or see their website Football Evolution host 7-a-side leagues at Stockport Sports Village, on Sundays from 6.00pm8.00pm and Thursdays from 7.00pm9.00pm. The leagues commence on Sunday 23rd September and Thursday 27th September 2012 respectively. To register a team or for more information call Football Evolution on 07717 790502 or email Football Clubs Stockport Sports FC (formerly Woodley Sports FC) will be based at Stockport Sports Village with all home fixtures played on the new Optima 11-a-side pitch. With ex-England International and Aston Villa player Peter Withe at the helm, the team is looking forward to new beginnings utilizing the Stockport Sports Village''s fantastic new facilities to their full potential. Many junior and senior football clubs have also signed up to play and train at the our new centre. Spaces are still available so call us on 07800 747442 for further information. Coaching There are a range of services available to clubs and individuals alike. After school clubs are held at the centre children and cater for sports such as football, tennis as well as other multi sports activities. For further information, times or availability, please email Children''s Parties are also available at weekends, with a range of party types from just 10.99 per child (includes coaching sessions and games, food and party area). For more information please call us now or email Tennis the NEW Home of Greave Tennis Club Stockport Sports Village is proud to welcome Greave Tennis Club. Previously based in Bredbury, Greave Tennis Club will be a fantastic addition to the new centre and working with them Stockport Sports Village hope to grow the sport locally. Tennis Coaching Coaching is available on Saturday mornings (from Under 8''s to more advanced adult players) for all standards and abilities with resident tennis coach Mark Beaver (LTA qualified & licensed tennis coach). Mark is fully CRB checked and is a British Tennis Association member. Fitness Suite & Studio Classes The new 5,000 sq foot gym houses the latest state-of-the-art Life Fitness equipment. The equipment provides something for all types of training and includes cardiovascular machines such as cross trainers, treadmills, bikes, steppers, rowers, Octane trainers and the Synergy360 (a multi-functional training station). Hammer Strength dumbbells, Olympic bars, squat racks, power racks, a Smith machine, plate-loaded resistance machine, cable resistance machine, TRX equipment, kettlebells, medicine balls and Vibroplates will test even the most dedicated gym goer! In addition we also run over 45 fitness classes every week. For more information call us T: 07800 747 442 E:
Tennis courts football centre gym health and fitness sports complex
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Ams Sporting Memorabilia
Northampton, Northamptonshire, Nn5 5dw
Ams sporting memorabilia is a business which sells autographs from the non league of football to the Indian premier league.we also offer a bespoke service.which means our customers can get exactly the signed item they want from any club of any sport
Genuine autographs Sports memorabilia Bespoke Signed Autographs
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Racing Profits
Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 3QX
Racing For Profits provides expert betting tips and advice for all horse racing fixtures based at Southwell Racecourse
horse racecourses where is southwell racecourse horse racing races horse fixtures southwell racecourse
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GO Mammoth Sports Leagues
Brixton, London, SE24 0QN
1) GO Mammoth Netball London leagues are thelargestandfastest growingnetball leagues you''ll find in London.Why? Our mixed and ladies leagues are aimed at players who are looking to have fun both on and off the court. 2) Everything is provided from 2 professional umpires for every netball game and all equipment, so all you need to do is turn up and have fun. 3) We play at the best indoor & outdoor netball venues in London!
netball league london london netball netball clubs london netball court london netball london
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Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 7NL
Bikes ''n'' bits is well reputed bikes shop located in UK, offers all new and exciting bicycles with manufacturer warranty. We supply good , reliable and quality products at unbeatable prices across the UK customers.
cycling bikes shop bicycle bikes
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Swim Sharks
Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH4 1AY
Swim Sharks! We are an Edinburgh based, learn-to-swim school, providing quality swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. Our aim is to develop confidence in the water and to establish good stroke technique through a programme that makes swimming fun to learn. We have developed a progressive learn-to-swim programme with Scottish Swimming that is designed for all stages, from complete beginners to club level.
Edinburgh Learn Swim Sharks Swimming
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Hitchin Town Community FC
Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG7 5AU
The Arena is North Herts'' state-of-the-art football facility with full size 3G artificial pitch, stadium seating, changing rooms & showers, player''s lounge & fully licensed bar. Available for pitch hire, leagues, tournaments, one-off events, matches, birthday parties, functions, events, meetings, kids parties, trial days for clubs & scholarships, football coaching clinics, PPA cover for schools, children''s holiday camps, and much, much more!
Sport Artificial Pitch Pitch Hire Holiday Course Football
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Equinox Sailing
Southampton, Hampshire, SO314NN
RYA Sailing School, based in Hamble providing RYA sailing courses, racing, cruising and charter
Team Racing RYA Yacht Racing Day Skipper sailing courses
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Loe Beach Watersports
Truro, Cornwall, TR3 6SH
Whether you want to Learn to Sail, Hire a Kayak, Windsurf or hire a Motor Boat we can help at Loe Beach... A watersports haven! Loe Beach is situated on the south Cornish coast, between Truro and Falmouth. Looking out across the Carrick Roads towards Mylor, St Mawes and the Roseland Peninsula. Where better is there to enjoy the natural theatre and tranquil waters of one of the premier locations in Cornwall. Loe Beach encompasses Loe Beach Boat Hire, Loe Beach Watersports Centre and Loe Beach Cafe. Loe Beach Boat Hire offers hire of several types of craft including: Motor boat hire, Kayak Hire, Sailing Dinghy Hire, Row Boat Hire Loe Beach Watersports Centre is an RYA Training Centre offering Learn to Sail, Learn to Windsurf, Learn to Kayak, Powerboat Courses, Youth Clubs, Multi Activity Days, Team Building & Corporate Events.
power boats dinghy sailing windsurfing kayaking RYA sailing courses
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Chester, Flintshire, CH5 1SA
Welcome to our Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes for beginners and intermediate level in Chester and Queensferry Deeside Leisure Centre.Every Friday and Saturday from 5pm - 6pm.Venue: Friday -Cheshire County Sports Club, Plas Newton Line,Chester,CH2 1PR , 5pm - 6pm.Venue :Saturday -Deeside Leisure Centre ,Queensferry , CH5 1SA ,5pm-6pm. What is Rhythmic Gymnastics? Rhythmic Gymnastics is an aesthetic discipline falling midway between art and sport.It is practiced exclusively by women and performed to music while using small hand apparatus- rope,hoop,ball,clubs and ribbon.Rhythmic Gymnastics is featured in The World Games,the group event is on the Olympic program. Why Rhythmic Gymnastics? Rhythmic Gymnastics Class will help girls develop essential life skills: Strenght(kinetic and dynamic), flexibly,Choreographic skills,Coordination,Fitness, Health,Memory,Concentration,Logical and analytical thinking,Creativity,Time management, Interpersonal and teamwork skills,Discipline,Self-confidence. Contact number: 07512044146 e-mail: web:
Sport-ribbon,hoop,ball,rope,clubs Chester,Cheshire County Sports Club Deeside Leisure Centre British Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes

Morocco Surf Life
Aberdare, Gwynedd, W11 2BQ
Morocco Surf Life is a surf trip company with the accessibility to the best apartments and surf camps in Morocco , as well as other activities. For more experienced and independent surfers we got the best offers in surf guiding with the best local guides. Our offers are directed to clients of all ages, sexes, levels and budget. Besides surfing we offer other types of activities, knowing that no place in the word can assure us waves every single day.
surf lessons morocco surf camp morocco surf house morocco surfing morocco surf morocco
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Reaper Events
Stratford, Warwickshire, CV377JB
Reaper Events promote and organise Extreme Cross Country Running Events across the UK. The word Reaper is an acronym for Rivers Earth And Pain Extreme Running. Reaper events are typically about 5 miles in length over countryside that is rugged and challenging to cover even at walking pace. To further the difficulty levels obstacles are added, each race has between 20 and 30 specially designed obstacles that incorporate climbing, jumping, crawling, wading, pulling or leaping to surmount them. Whilst a Reaper event always includes water and mud, it does not strive to be predominantly a "mud challenge". The emphasis is placed on the event being an all round challenge where core fitness is just as important as cardiovascular fitness. Teams are encouraged to take part with there being a free place offered for every sixth team member who books. New events are being added all the time but two regular events held by Reaper are at Pippingford Park in East Sussex (April) and Corley near Coventry (October). The Corley event consists of not only a day race, but also a night event where competitors complete the course just by the light of their head torches. For anyone looking for a fitness challenge, a Reaper event really ticks all the boxes.
extreme cross country running mud running cross country running obstacle running extreme running
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Absolute Run
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG54EG
Absolute Run provides professional walk/jog and run coaching for all abilities. The aim of the run groups is to provide support, motivation and high-quality coaching to enable all abilities to achieve their goals. The run groups are inclusive of ability, age and gender providing a safe, happy and supportive learning environment. Small groups of joggers/runners are lead by a fully qualified Leader in Running Fitness who has an holistic approach to life-long learning in health and well-being. The long-term aim of the groups is to encourage members of the groups to participate in sporting activities on a regular basis to enhance quality of life.
Absolute Beginners Welcome Enjoyable Inclusive Supportive Motivational
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Assessor Bloodstock
Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 0NY
We at Assessor Bloodstock here want to be able to provide the full Thoroughbred Service: Stud Management Consultation Horses In Training for Sale Horse Purchase Advice Syndications We hope to do this by listening to what you would like to achieve and the direction you want to take. We can then tailor the advice to point you in the right direction and then provide a full service to help you along the correct path. We can all appreciate that while wanting to know more and not knowing where to go can be very frustrating in this Industry and potentially put a lot of people off. Having been involved in the industry for decades we feel we can help to build those relationships and provide a service to our client''s that will feel confident with.
Racing Syndicates Thoroughbred Horses for Sale Bloodstock Services Horse Racing
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Beachbreak Surfschool
Bridgend, Glamorgan, cf31 5ba
We are a Porthcawl basesd surf school operating on the beaches of Porthcawl and Aberavon. We offer surf lesson to people of all ages and abilities including families, group bookings one two one lessons stag and hen parties.Are lessons are 2 hours long which includes wetsuits and boards, a beach saftey talk, a full warm up, on land and in the water instruction. All are instructors are fully trained beach lifeguards, ISA trained instructors, CRB checked, and fully insured, so all you need is some sun cream and a towell .
Surf schools Porthcawl Surfing South Wales Surfboard Hire Surfing Porthcawl Surf School
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Finesse Leisure
Welwyn Garden City, Herefordshire, AL8 6bx
Finesse Leisure has something for everyone! If you enjoy golfing, you can hit the links on the Panshanger Golf Course, our championship 18-hole course located just outside of London. For the kids, we offer fun school trips in Hertfordshire, junior golf lessons, a state-of-the-art swimming facility, and much, much more! Our health and fitness center has the latest in exercise equipment to keep you in shape and active.
Kids days out in Hertfordshire Fun things to do in Hertfordshire School Adventure trips Adventure School trips Outdoor activities Hertfordshire
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Explore Activity and Education Centre
Farnborough, Surrey, GU16 6DS
Explore Activity and Education Centre at the Quays in Mytchett welcomes you to take a step in to the outdoors. Our fantastic location and team of dedicated staff enable us to offer a wide variety of activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether you are looking to host an action packed party or simply spend some time with adventurous likeminded individuals. Explore is definitely the place to be. We run courses for children and adults as well as activities through out all of the school holidays. Activities include: Kayaking Canoeing Go-Karting Wake Boarding Water Skiing Bush Craft Shelter Building Fire Lighting Raft Building Archery Low Ropes Course Rock Climbing Wall Crazy Kayaks Holiday Activities Orienteering
Courses Bush craft Parties Archery Kayaking
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LMagic Youth & Sports Project
Deptford, London, SE8 4SD
LMagic Youth Project WE ARE CURRENTLY PROVIDING LADIES FOOTBALL TRAINING SESSIONS AT THE BRIDGE LESUIRE CENTRE, SE26 5AQ EACH AND EVERY THURSDAY EVENING 7PM-8PM. Do you: Or have you had an interest in football? Are you aged 16yrs - 30 yrs? Interested in training and getting fit? Would you like to meet new people? Do you want to train & have fun? Fancy joining a team and competing in matches? We welcome all abilities: Beginners, intermediate and experienced Ladies. ***** YOU WILL BE COACHED BY FA QUALIFIED ***** FEMALE & MALE COACHES. You will train every week on a newly built outdoor astro turf pitch. You will compete against local Ladies team one sunday a month if you are available! Your training session will be 1 hour long and include a warm up, progressive drill training & a match. ** CALL US TODAY TO REISTER YOURSELF & RECEIVE A REGISTERATION FORM VIA EMAIL** Registration 2 and each training session 3. We look forward to hearing from you. Pleasr ensure that shin-pads and astro turf are worn as we will be training on an outdoor surface.
Voluntary Community Work Academic support Youth workshops Mentoring Mobile sports coaching
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The Sarah Harris School of Swimming
Wimbledon, London, SW19 6JB
Operating since 1993, the sarah harris school of swimming currently runs at 5 venues spread over this diverse range at 4 locations: London, Manchester, Chester, Sandbach. Sarah Harris and Rick Johnstone, qualified school teachers and ASA swimming teacher trainers, have created a swim tuition programme designed to elicit best results from swimmers on an ongoing basis, by focussing on such important concepts as motivation, enjoyment, excitement, progress, positivity and success. We teach relatively small groups of children of all abilities, from complete beginners to advanced swimmers on the verge of competitive training. We promote happiness and enjoyment in swimming and cultivate a success-filled environment for all, at every level throughout the programme.
5 national venues 45 minute lessons Small groups Age 3+ Free assessments
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Worcester, Worcestershire, WR38SX
Tacklesport is an established sports teaching and coaching software design and production company. The company was incorporated in 1994, as the first sports teaching and coaching multimedia production house in the UK. Limited only by available technology, the company originally specialised in developing animated sports teaching and coaching resources. In this early period much of our time was spent in trying to convince those responsible for developing resources for education and coaching to recognise the benefits available through the rapid expansion of technology, notably computer hardware and software. Our hard work paid off however, and Tacklesport is now established as a quality provider of effective PE teaching and sports coaching solutions and the company of choice for organisations responsible for the delivery of physical education and sport throughout the world. With a catalogue of informative and dynamic products and a record of developing quality cutting edge resources for clients, we continue to move forward as a premium provider of resources for PCs, internet and mobile technologies. We have recently released the FREE G.A.P.S. Sports Coaching App. Once a teacher or coach has downloaded the Tacklesport G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices, Skills) app and gain access to over 1750 exciting, animated games, activities, practices and skills, perfect for creating enjoyable and interesting coaching sessions and PE lessons on the move. This is a MUST HAVE app for any serious sports coach or PE teacher saving you time, helping you be creative, and engaging your players and pupils
Sports drills Coaching Sport Sports App Teaching
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Malvern Riding School
Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 5AD
Malvern Riding School is the town''s riding school being located just two minutes away from the retail park on Townsend Way. Small, friendly yard with all weather manege, outdoor jumping paddock, hack track, BHS qualified instructors, Pony Club, Stay All Day option. Learn to ride the right way, with Malvern Riding School.
the pony club riding lessons riding stables riding instructors riding school
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NE31 Sports
Hebburn, Tyne and Wear, NE31 1RA
An international provider of specialist traithlon products to help with training and racing.
transition sports wetsuit lubricant marathon triathlon
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Brazilian Soccer Schools Cambridge
Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 1SB
Brazilian Soccer Schools (BSS) exists to give players aged 5 - 18 years the best possible start in football. Quite simply our aim is to change the way football is both played and coached. We desire that the game becomes more skilful, entertaining and enjoyable to play and watch. To do this we have to change the way football is coached to children. BSS exists in all areas of the UK and there are a growing number internationally. Futebol de Salo was played by all the great brazilian players from Pele on. It is a condensed version of the 11 a side game played with a smaller (size 2) and weighted (10% rebound) ball that has virtually no bounce. The game develops many facets missing from the english game - dribbling, passing, touch and close control. What We Offer: BSS Sessions That Run Weekly Holiday Courses 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions In Schools Curriculum Coaching Team Coaching Birthday Parties
Soccer Coach Skills Brazilian Football
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Prestonpans, East Lothian, EH32 9GF
Lothian Gymnastics Academy was established in 2008 by Hayley and Stacey McDonald with one class on a Saturday, the club has now grown and we also have a display team that also trains on a Saturday and a Wednesday East Lothian Gymnastics Academy pride themselves on their hardworking coaches and their determination to succeed as a club, the club strongly relies on parent volunteers to help run the club and form a committee and hold fundraisers to help subside the costs. The club is a competing club that participates in 2 piece competition and all gymnasts that are part of the competition class are required to compete in these competitions a minimum of 2 competitions per year. The club also now has a display team that performs display and all gymnasts that are part of the display team are required to perfom in displays a minimum of 2 per year. The club also has a development class, this class is for gymnasts that show potentail in the sport, gymnasts can compete in one comnpetition a year which is optional. The coaches are highly qualified and experienced in General and Womens Artistic The aims of the club are to grow more each year and add other disciplines to allow a wide range for the gymnasts to choose from, The club Allows gymnasts to have fun whilst training and developing their gymnastics skills. The Club is a non-profit organisation which actively reaches out to companies and funding groups for sponsorship in order to help support continuous development i.e. purchasing equipment. We are also proactive in our own fundraising efforts via Childrens Discos, Coffee Mornings and inter-competitions, displays and much more. The combination of highly skilled and qualified coaches and strong club support all sharing the same vision of the desire to provide a fun, safe and highly motivated environment to get the best out of the gymnasts from East Lothian makes East Lothian Gymnastics Academy a fantastic and fun Club to be part of!
Gymnastics Club Childrens sports Gymnastics
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polklanuggo therapies
Falmouth, Cornwall, tr114qj
cornwall massage therapy falmouth sports
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Your Clubs Fan Club
Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 1EF
Involve your younger fans hassle free..... Whatever the sport, we''ll make the fan club! We''ll do all the work and for every fan that signs up, a profit will go straight to your club! What will my club get? A website for your fans to sign up and pay a joining fee of 5.99 A choice of website banners to upload to your website so your fans can join up A selection of adverts to put in your programmes Designed and printed A4 posters to display in your club A set of procedures to help you understand the process Standardised fan club Terms and Conditions The facility to communicate with your fans For enquiries call: 01702 337658 Or Email:
Sports Fans Fans Young Supporters relationship With Supporters Fan Club
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Ultimate Soccer Coaching
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 5SJ
Ultimate Soccer Coaching offer expert coaching to boys & girls of all ability levels aged 2-11. Our classes allow children the opportunity to play learn and express themselves in a safe, secure and FUN environment with support & guidance from fully FA licensed and CRB checked coaches. Our classes range from those suitable for beginners through to our academy classes for those more advanced. All sessions are tailor made according to age and ability. We make sure all participants are fully involved by limiting the number of children in each session. Our Courses are specifically designed so each child has fun, learns different techniques to enhance their skills and improves their overall game. Soccer Parties At Ultimate Soccer we know that a birthday party is one of the biggest events of the year, so we do all we can to make it the best day possible. Our football birthday party will last up to 90 minutes so there is lots of football time and includes some of our best games, coolest skills, competitions and our special birthday party tournament! For a birthday to remember, with qualified coaches providing fun games, skills competitions, World Cup matches and much more. We can come to a venue that you have organised or we can book one of the many venues that we are able to use - both indoor and outdoor, so we can guarantee fun whatever time of year! We provide a fully qualified, CRB approved, fun-loving coach who will deliver football party games. The coach will bring all equipment including goals, enough balls for one per child and cones/bibs etc. Parties are aimed at BOYS AND GIRLS! aged 5 12 yrs old. Soccer Schools Ultimate Soccers soccer school provides children with an enjoyable experience whilst developing and progressing key football skills. Open to children of all abilities, our holiday clubs actively encourage children to work on skills such as dribbling, running with the ball, shooting, passing, teamwork and more, all during fun informative game and coaching sessions. We run fun competitions including cross bar challenge, penalty shootouts, kick ups, mini world cup tournaments and much more, also every child will receive a medal and also trophies for high achievers.
Football Essex Football parties Holiday soccer schools Football Training Football coaching
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XRunner aaa-adventure-ltd
Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 3TL
The ultimate obstacle course races, there muddy good fun! Xrunner obstacle course races are the ultimate challenge, four new eXtreme running events for 2012, choose form either 5k and 10k trail runs, it’s muddy good fun. X-Runner is leading the way in a new era of adventure sports. This is not your average cross country run or obstacle course race, this is the ultimate adult adventure playground. X-Runner the UK''s No1 adventure sport specialists.
extreme race x-runner obstacle race obstacle course race xrunner
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essex badboy promotions
South Ockendon, Essex, RM15 5LN
essex badboy promotions are holding a night of white collar boxertainment at the civic hall grays essex, on 13th of april 2012, doors open at 7:00pm.. for tickets sales or for more infomation, please call; 01708 858994.. if you are aged over 18 and would like to come on board to represent our white collar boxing event please also contact us on the above telephone number.... prices for tickets; V.I.P tickets, max 10 persons per table - £40 per person,, inc waitress bar service. Tiered seating tickets, - £20 per person. Standing tickets, - £10 per person. tickets can also be purchased on the door .. Over 18s only event!!,, security door staff provided, self service bar also available. this is an event not to be missed!
events fitness training white collar boxing
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Manchester, Lancashire, m5 3ft
We are a leading golf equipment brand which produces clubs and bags used on PGA tours
Equipment Golf Clubs Bags Macgregor
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Beachbreak Surf School
Bridgend, Glamorgan, cf35ba
We are a surf school operateing on the beaches of porthcawl and the surrounding area. We offer surf lessons to people of all ages and abilities.The lessons are 2hrs long and all the equipment is provided in the cost all you need to bring is a smile and sun cream, all of are surf coaches are fully trained beach lifeguards,Isa trained surf coaches,crb checked and fully insured.
stag&hen parties surfboard hire surf lessons porthcawl surfing south wales surf lessons
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Hunting and Sporting Scotland
Lanark, Lanarkshire, G65 0NZ
Hunting and Sporting Scotland have access to many estates within, Perthshire, Fife, and the Highlands. With such a wide range of opportunity, they are able to offer some of the finest Roe Stalking in the country. This Combined with the company owner George Elliott having over 10 years experience in commercial shooting they are very confident they can provide a shooting experience second to no other. They pride themselves on the repeat business from clients and have a reputation that is backed very strongly by the testimonials they receive from their clients whom have enjoyed a superb hunting experience.
pheasant shooting Scotland hunting Scotland rough shooting shooting equipment deer stalking Scotland
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Blyth, Northumberland, ne243pt
Where a new company based in Blyth, Northumberland who are looking to offer cycle and equipment hire to families & young people in the Northeast. Also available are guided tours around Northumberland and the Tyne valley area. We do guided tours in many parts of the northeast including tyne & wear, Northumberland, visiting places like Hexham common, Chopwell woods always a favorite with young people, Keilder''s red and black routes and the lakeside route. Trips along the wear up to Fincle abbey and along the coasts. Pretty much I will cator for what ever you need. About the bikes. I have sizes from 17" to 19" and brands such as GT, Carrera, Trek and Kona. The bikes are washed and checked after each use any defects or damage is recorded on a check list and repairs are carried out by a local bike shop who sign my paperwork as proof of work undertaken. Each bike is also serviced once every 6 months I also can cater for birthday parties for young people from 6 years of age, using recumbent trikes, scooters ad go karts. The bikes and helmets are all included in the price as well as close supervision for your children by CRB''d staff. food supplied under shelter. Also hand made cakes to any design required are all additionl to the price of the bike hire.
Healthy living Recreation Children''s parties Mountain biking Sports
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Manchester, UK, 11225
Manchester United Live stream!
manchester united man utd
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Discover Archery Ltd
Guildford, Surrey, gu2 4jd
Discover Archery would like to introduce you to the exciting sport of archery with its rich and colourful history. We invite you to try your hand at this ancient Olympic sport with high quality instruction from fully qualified coaches who bring all the necessary experience and equipment to you. We offer a first class mobile service with competitive prices so to participate in this exciting opportunity contact us on
Discover Archery Holiday Camps Schools Coach Archery
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Skyriders kite store / Adrenalin head kite sports
Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 7RA
Hi we are skyriders Tradichaneil kite store and adrenalin head kite sports. We are north norfolk''s larges kite and windsocks stockist we are boasting over 1,000 items in store. We have been in business for over 16 years. we also have our Owen kite making work shop and kite repairs Center. We also have a power kite traning school as part of the shop we can teach from age 8 upwards we can take groups of upto 8 as well as one to one lessons. We can teach you kite buggying, kite mountboarding,kite dirtsurfing and so much more. So if you want to get in to kiting or just interested in kites popin and say hello. Skyriders fly safe!!.
Kite repairs Power kiting Kiting Power kite lessons Kites
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Benfleet Rileys
Benfleet, Essex, SS7 5SF
We are a sports bar based in Benfleet offering a range of faculities which include 6 full size snooker tables 6 English pool tables 6 professional darts lanes 3mt HD screen, 3D TV & 3 plasmas all showing live sports Membership is required and can be obtained within the club or via our website. We also hold regular dart''s & pool tournaments where cash prizes are won. Live entertainment, quizes and karaoke is also provided during the year
Cue sports Professional darts lanes Live sport shown
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Matthew Gale, Fencing Coach
Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL277QB
Matthew offers individual lessons in all three weapons (foil, pe and sabre) from complete beginner to advanced fencer. He also offers taster lessons for those who wish to come and try the sport. Individual taster lesson (50 mins): 25.00 Junior beginners foil course (4 x 45 min lessons): 100.00 (age 9-16) Adult beginners foil course (4 x 55 min lessons): 120.00 (age 16+) Individual lessons for Foil, Epee and Sabre (All levels, 30 mins): 18.00 (All levels, 60 mins): 32.00 For more information email: Or call: 07540321068
wadebridge coach lesson cornwall fencing
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Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 2EN
West Sussex Golf Club is championship golf in Pulborough, Sussex, UK. We are heather and sand top golf course with two ball golf club, driving ranges, practice ranges, golf societies, golf green fees, golf courses, golf lessons, golf instructions and golf club membership. Also golf shop, excellent restaurant and bar food facilities.
golf Club in Sussex Championship Golf Two Ball Golf Club Championship Golf Club West Sussex Golf Club
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Rileys Snooker Club
Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2SA
We are a Snooker club and Pool club. We have Poker nights and various special events throughout the year. Visit our Facebook page or website for more information....or even pop into the club and speak to one of the team..

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Sailing School and Rigging
Colchester, Essex, co7 0ry
Sailing School and Rigging runs a RYA sailing centre for adults and children. We can also supply rigging and boat chandlery.
Running Rigging, English Braids. RYA Sailing Course Brightlingsea Sailing Club. Mirror and Laser dinghy spares. Standing Rigging, Sta Lok.
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Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE8 6NE
We do not have other jobs. Skydiving is what we are very good at. We Specialise in Tandem Skydiving. You will not jump with someone who has less than 1 500 skydives under his belt! You will not find a better safety record in the country! We use well maintained, state of the art gear and have not had any incidents in over 4000 Tandem Jumps. We boast fantastic Turbine Aircraft that has been specifically adapted for skydiving and are maintained to the CAAs highest standards. We offer the highest jump altitude (13 000ft) and the longest freefall (45seconds) in the county! Our vastly experienced Freefall Camera crew has all been involved in filming National Skydiving Teams over the past years. THEY GET THE SHOT EVERY TIME!
extreme sport Tandem Skydiving Parachuting freefall Skydiving
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Passion 4 Pole
Brighton, East Sussex, bn1 3ad
I offer group and private Pole fitness (pole dancing) lessons based in Brighton and Hove. I teach from beginners up to advanced from the age of 16 up. Other classes include chairlesque (burlesque chair dance) which is a great way to get fit and have some fun doing so :-) We also do events through out the year including charity fundraisers, free shows, street poling and photo shoots just to name a few.
chairlesque pole dancing lessons classes Pole fitnesss
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School Sports Teaching Ltd
Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, BS24 7AR
Sports teaching and coaching in primary schools. We offer extra curricular activities and PPA cover swell as birthday parties and funding to schools and community groups.
Quality After School Clubs Birthday Parties National Curriculum PPA Cover
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Pedal Power Cycles
Thetford, Norfolk, ip256td
Cycles for sale. New and used. Spares repairs and servicing. Parts and accessories. Free cycle check. Collection and delivery service available. Used cycles range from 15 - 70.
accessories brakes gears lighting tyres
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Ballerz League
Greenwich, London, ECY1 OTH
5,6 and 7a-side football at it''s finest! Great, easy to reach locations with diverse, competitive and fun teams ready to challenge your team. A fantastic way to let off steam, improve your game or just keep fit. We are situated all over London and are waiting for you today!
pitch football sport london 5 a-side
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Premier 5s
Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH14 1RJ
Premier 5s organises five a side football tournaments and leagues in and around Edinburgh complete with medals and website statistics.
Football Leagues Five a side football Edinburgh Premier Fives Premier 5s
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Extreme Sensations Bungee
Barnard Castle, Durham, DL12 8LY
UK''s Largest Bungee Jump Club with more than 20 yrs experience in Bungee Jumping events across the North East of England.
bungee jump events bungee jumping bungee club extreme sensations bungee jump
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Simply Sports Tickets
Newnham, London, E16 1AG
By combining the very best of Global Sporting Events with top hotel accommodation, in Simply Sports Tickets we hope we can help even more people book for the special sporting event in one of the most famous and exciting cities in the world. We aim to offer a simple, friendly and informative service and are delighted that many of our customers keep coming back for more of the same! We not only provide top quality entertainment, but also offer hotel accommodation at a number of worldwide hotels. We offer excellent seats for all the great events in UK and abroad believe our service is second to none. Our customers are able to enjoy the very best Sporting Events that we have to offer and purchase tickets safely and securely through our online booking system.
rugby tickets sports events tickets formula 1 tickets bosing tickets sports tickets
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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, gl501dy
Slope-style is a new business venture to the cheltenham area situated just outside the town. Slope-style is able to offer a comprehensive range of snow sports equipment, featuring boards, bindings, boots, safety equipment and also clothes. Tailored to requirements, the product range is perfect for snowboarding/skiing and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The range of products are available from ther shop and also web site. They also repaire and service boards and skies at very competitive prices. The company is managed by a team of like minded individuals who have been working in the Snow Sports industry for many years. Having previously been involved around the snowboarding industrey. They feel that, Slope-style is more than qualified to look after the peoples needs.
oakley skate clothes snowboard hire snowboard repaire snowboards cheltenham gloucester
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The Paintball Jungle
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG22 8SY
The Paintball Jungle is a Sherwood Forest paintball venue based in Nottingham, close to Mansfield and it covers 150 acres of woodland. The Painball Jungle provides paintballing games for both adults and juniors, and the games can run on seven different paintballing zones that the customers can choose from. The Paintball Jungle can accommodate up to 250 paintballers at its Nottingham paintball venue.
paintball for junior paintball centre nottingham sherwood forest paintball paintball nottingham
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Blackpool, Lancashire, FY42LG
We are a home based family business in Blackpool lancashire. we have been collecting autographs for 40 years+ from football grounds, hotels, clubs,around the country. and very good respectable sources,all our products are 100% genuine we do not sell fakes. we are members of a few highly respectable autograph forums.We mainly sell autographed books, photo''s, magazine pictures, first day covers, footballs,gloves. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we may be able to source the item you are looking for.also always open to offers so do not be afraid to ask!!!!!
Collecting Memorabililia football Sports autographs
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Petersfield Swim School
Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4AS
Petersfield Swim School offers top quality swimming lessons in small groups of just five children to a teacher in beginner classes All lessons are held at Churchers College brand new 25 metre swimming pool.
Children''s lessons Swimming instruction Swimming school Swim school Swimming lessoms
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Wing Chun Scotland
Carluke, South Lanarkshire, ML8 5UF
Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu in its purest form at Wing Chun Scotland. Learn the martial art for practical, realistic, and effective self defence.
wing chun kung fu self defence scotland martial arts school wing chun scotland
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Kitesports Worldwide
Southend-on-Sea, Essex, ss39hg
Kitesports Worldwide is based in Southend on sea in Essex and delivers Kitesurfing lessons from beginner to Instructor level. Professional and patient tuition in one of the most exciting water sports around.
kitesurfing southend kitesurfing school essex learn to kite kiteboarding lessons kitesurfing lessons essex
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Golf club & Driving Range
Swindon, London, DY3 4PP
Halfpenny Green Golf Club & Golf Range, Golf Courses at Wolverhampton, Dudley, West Midlands, UK.
golf club dudley, golf clubs west midlands golf range, golf driving Range, golf course Wolverhampton golf clubs, gulf clubs UK, golf courses, golf club, halfpenny green golf club
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my sports contact
Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3EA
Bringing people and local sport together in SW Hertfordshire, connecting sports providers to participants who use the web to make lifestyle choices and purchases. A central market place for sports retailers, sports wellbeing and jobs in sport.
youth sports sports equipment sports wellbeing practitioners, kids clubs Sports information
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Horseboxes for sale
Greenwich, London, SE280AD
Offers Wide Selection of Horse Transport Specifically Empire Horseboxes.
Sale Transport Horsebox
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Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3SU
vivaTotz is an Oxfordshire-based coaching company specialising in the development of young people aged 2 years to 6 years. vivaTotz recognise that every child is an individual who thrives under the development of high quality coaching., whilst playing with other toddlers'' in social and interactive surroundings. We at vivaTotz take pride in supplying high quality coaching throuout Oxfordshire; our coaches always look to encourage each child to maximize their involvement , social skills, and development potential. vivaTotz is able to offer your child a safe and exciting learning environment and a programme that is sure to offer challenging pre-school and most recently sessions to children aged 2 years to 6 years.
Oxfordshire Coaching Toddlers vivaTotz Football
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Gymnastics With Nikki
Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, G744JW
Gymnastics classes for children & teenagers of all ages in East Kilbride.
gymnastics tuition gymnastics classes learn gymnastics fun activities for kids gymnastics
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Carlson Gracie Essex
Colchester, Essex, CO12TW
A friendly Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Team based in Colchester. Lessons are available in BJJ, submission wrestling, muay thai and MMA sparring. The team caters for amateur and professional fighters. Head BJJ and MMA instructor Alain Pozo is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown belt with 15 years of grappling experience. Alain is an English, British and European medallist. Muay Thai is under Alex Costa, current ECFF East of England K1 title holder. Alex has been a part of highly regarded fight teams such as Moises Batista Team and Chute Boxe. See website for current timetable.
MMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Muay Thai Mixed Martial Arts BJJ
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Cheriton F.C
Folkestone, Kent, CT11 9LL
We are a football school, complete with football teams and specialized coaching sessions for each position and all age groups. We offer high quality football coaching at affordable rates only 4 per session.
Football teams in folestone Coaching Soccer Football school Football team
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invisage international
Great Yarmouth, London, a13
"INVISAGE INTERNATIONAL" is an Experienced company manufacturing and exporting since 1979 leather/pu boxing GLOVES leather/pu shooting gloves leather/pu MMA gloves leather/synthatic leather fitness gloves leather /pu boxing accessories We always work on affordable prices and provide quality products in good time delievery Fine Quality, Most Competitive/Workable Prices and well in time deliveries are the key of Success. KIND ATTENTION PLEASE * We honor every customer request and can provide any product according to clients needs. All of our products can also be customized according to customers requirements. Please feel free to contact us with your own designs and information.. * We are confident that our products will meet to your entire satisfaction as well as your customers requirement. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best Regards, AKHTAR HUSSAIN MANAGER M/S. INVISAGE INTERNATIONAL SIALKOT-PAKISTAN Email: Web: Ph:+92-524-001761 Fax:+92-524-0017617 CELL:+92-321-6126752

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Senza Forlenza
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG41LW
We our a top online store that is dedicated to you by bringing a selection of personalized gifts from your own memories with our top class range of canvases or if youre mad on sports we also can bring you a selection of licensed Novelties, Gifts and signed memorabilia from top Premiership Clubs like Man Utd, Manchester City, Spurs, Liverpool and we also cover clubs from Championship, League one, SPL, And International Football too. Our signed Merchandise also covers a range of sports not only football but from Rugby, Cricket, F1, Super bikes and Boxing so hopefully we cover every aspect of every sports supporters desire and most haves for collectors
Boxing Gifts Canvases Football Memorabilia
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Hi-Life Surf Shop
Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8LT
Hi-life Surf Shop is an online surf and snowboard shop, we stock wetsuits, surf accessories, apparal and technical snowboard clothing by Analog, Billabong, Ocean & Earth, Volcom, Etnies, Electric and Thirty Two. Although we are an online shop we are based in Bude, Cornwall so operate a daily surf check on our website and Twitter. Having worked in the surf and snowboard industry for the past 20 years we have a lot of experience and can offer advice on all aspects of the sports and equipment.
Online Surf Shop Wetsuits Clothing Snowboard Clothing Surfing
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ICC Island Spirit
Torquay, Devon, TQ8 8DP
RYA Yacht Training With over 60 years experience of cruising and yacht sail training, the ICC is regarded as one of the best places in the UK to learn to sail, and the scenery of the Devon and Cornwall coastline provides a beautiful backdrop and fantastic sailing terrain. While training courses tend to use local waters, we also offer 5 or 7 day cross channel cruises exploring some of the Channel Islands and offering great sailing experience on longer passages. All our cruises begin and end in Salcombe. Our dedicated training yacht Island Spirit is a Delphia 37 and is perfect for teaching, mile-building and relaxed cruising. We can accommodate up to 5 guests plus the skipper for RYA courses and mile-building, and more for informal group sailing and day trips. We welcome families, individuals, friends and business groups. Courses are residential onboard the yacht and prices include food, moorings and fuel. Our fully trained and experienced RYA Instructors make all of our courses enjoyable, while giving you the best of their knowledge and understanding. Safety is paramount and our equipment and practices are inspected regularly by the MCA and RYA.
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Escape Watersports
Bridgend, Glamorgan, CF336BX
Escape Watersports hold in stock an excellent range of Sit on Tops, Touring Kayaks, Inflatables, SUPs, and all related equipment. We are based just of the M4, (Junction 37) and 4 miles from the beach.
SUP Watersports Canoe Kayak Escape
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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, ng9 5ha
Pegasusmtb offers mountain bike instruction, guided riding and also bicycle repairs in the local areas of Chilwell,Long Eaton and Stapleford.
Instruction, guiding Bicycle repairs and servicing Mountain biking, sports and fitness
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Oyster Diving
Chiswick, London, W1 5EL
The UK''s premier PADI Scuba Diving and Travel Centre.
oyster diving padi diving courses scuba diving
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Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, NG241AL
eCamo, the Internet retailer of military and hunting clothing, is based in the UK.Stocking top brands like Web-tex, Viper and Jack Pyke to name just a few. eCamo dispatches many of its products same day! please log on to
Jack Pyke Clothing Hunting Clothing Viper kit Camo Clothing Jack Pyke
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Newnham, London, E161AG
Simply Sports Tickets have been providing Sporting Event tickets and hotel accommodation bookings online for many years. By combining the very best of Global Sporting Events with top hotel accommodation, we hope we can help even more people book for the special sporting event in one of the most famous and exciting cities in the world. We aim to offer a simple, friendly and informative service and are delighted that many of our customers keep coming back for more of the same! We not only provide top quality entertainment, but also offer hotel accommodation at a number of worldwide hotels. We offer excellent seats for all the great events in UK and abroad believe our service is second to none. Our customers are able to enjoy the very best Sporting Events that we have to offer and purchase tickets safely and securely through our online booking system.
buy sports tickets formula 1 tickets moto gp tickets world superbike tickets sports tickets
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Netball UK
Shepherds Bush, London, W12 7BN
Social Netball, Womens Netball, Mixed Netball, Netball Leagues, Netball Court, Hiring Umpires
Netball Leagues Court Hire Womens Netball Netball
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Hire a Pitch UK
Shepherds Bush, London, W12 7BN
Hiring Sports Facilities Across the UK, Kids Soccer Coaching, 5 a Side Leagues, 11 a Side Leagues, Netball Leagues, Netball Court Hire, Hockey Pitches, Hire a Referee
Kids Coaching Football Leagues Netball Leagues Court Hire Pitch Hire
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11 a Side UK
Shepherds Bush, London, W12 7BN
11 a Side Leagues, 11 a Side Training, Kids Coaching, Pitch Hire Facilities for 11 a Side, Womens 11 a Side
Womens Football Pitch Hire Kids Football Leagues 11 a Side
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Horse racing
Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, cm73dx
A small business for advice on horse racing tips and systems
horse racing tips horse racing systems horse racing
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Steel Fist Martial Arts Centre
Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 7AH
Steel fist is a combination of old martial arts tradition and new modern practical self-defense fighting skill. We at Steel Fist teach martial arts, self-defence and fitness classes to children and adults from the ages of 4years old and upwards in a fun and friendly environment. Steel Fist is run as professionally as a corporation but has the friendly feeling of a club with all its members young or old being part of the family. Our classes are for everyone from all walks of life. We aim to provide a good variety of classes to the community giving people somewhere to go and meet new friends, to encourage healthy, physically, mentally and confident life styles. With all our students young and old is to give a good understanding of martial arts traditions and to gain physically, spiritually, mentally and socially so that in a time of need they will have the ability to defend themselves and others in real life situations. We want Steel Fist Martial Arts to be a place where we can work with parents and children to promote healthy life choices and give the community a safe environment to try new things and to keep children away from the street where they can be pulled into crime and anti-social behavior. To help with people''s personal and social development with the understanding of others and develop positive relationships with people from all walks of life working with the local schools to help give children the skills needed in the future when leaving school and employment. We will always try to keep the cost to a minimum to make it more affordable for everyone giving flexibility to you and your training whether you are training for fun, fitness or wanting to take your martial arts further into competitions. Steel Fist Martial Arts is also welcoming to and offer classes that are suitable for children and adults with physical, behavioral and learning difficulties. Steel Fist Martial Arts is your club and we are always happy to listen to your ideas and try to meet your needs. Steel Fist Martial Arts holds a 1 strike and youre out policy if any of the techniques we teach are used outside of the club to bully, intimidate or hurt someone ells unnecessarily you will be asked to leave and not be allowed to return. We treat people with the same respect and good manners we expect from others. Please feel free to contact Mick to book your first free class ALL OUR STAFF ARE C.R.B CHECKED AND FIRST AID QUALIFIED
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Muay Thai Martial Arts Krav Maga MMA
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Holland on Sea (York Road) Bowling Club
Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO16 9HA
Holland on Sea (York Road) Bowling Club is situated along the end of the sea front at Holland on Sea at the back of the car park adjacent to York Road with another entrance in Maderia Road. We cater for all ages and would welcome new members, if you havent bowled before training will be given. The Club is a member of the Tendring Hundred League and play their League Games on Tuesday''s, Wednesday,Thursday''s and Saturdays. As a Club and individually we have enjoyed much success in the League. The Club hold a Coffee Morning from 10am till 11am on the first Friday of every month,excluding January and February and everybody is welcome,members as well as members.Saturday Social evenngs are held throughout the year usually on a 6week basis. From this season we are holding a Social Bowling Evening on Monday''s,and if your partner is not a bowler then they will be welcome in the club house for other activities eg: card or board games or darts! On 6th May Coffee Morning,Bowls Direct will be visiting us for all your Bowling needs. We will holding an Open Day on Saturday 28th May,so come along and give the game a try you will be given expert tuition and you can be sure of a very warm welcome.

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Kckckcc Enterprises
Swansea, Glamorgan, CF116AA
Open an account with bet365 today and qualify for up to 200 in free bets with our fantastic 100% Deposit Bonus.
betting bet365 offer code bet365 offer code
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ONE2ONE Swimming
Worcester, West Midlands, WR4OHU
Katherines ONE2ONE Swiming lessons available now. Private ONE2ONE Swimming lessons available for both adults and children. ONE2ONE Swimming provides tuition for the complete beginner and advanced learners wanting to improve there stroke. Missing out on being able to join in on the fun with the kids-well wait no longer,come to Katherines ONE2ONE Swimming lessons For further details Call on 07554995683
one2one swimming swimming tuition swimming classes swimming swimming lessons
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JPD Media Ltd
Brixton, London, SE1 4RT
Home of John Paul Davies Sky Sports News Presenter, Speaker, Chairing, MC and Presentations. Works with Charities such as Samaritan''s Purse and Churches.
sports presenter john paul davies sky sports news presenter wales charity speaker jpd media ltd
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Hampshire Kitesurfing Centre
Southampton, Hampshire, po139bx
Hampshire Kitesurfing Centre is a professional Kitesurfing School based between Southampton and Portsmouth at the famous Hillhead kiters beach, just 1 hour from London. Book your kitesurfing lessons online - our IKO and BKSA qualified instructors will have you up and kiteboarding safely on the latest and best equipment available. We offer expert advice, group and private Kitesurfing lessons, water photography shoots, pro coaching clinics from some of the worlds best riders and Kitesurfing Gift Vouchers.
London Course Centre Lessons Kitesurfing
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Squash Booking System
Wilmslow, UK, SK9 5AJ
An easy online booking system for your sports club.for more info visit: Head Office Smart-Entertainment Ltd Suite 68, Court Hill House, 60 Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AJ 0161 768 0007
Squash Booking System Tennis Booking Software Tennis Booking System Squash Booking Software
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Best Scratch cards
Loughton, London, AS13213
Best scratch cards online is a portal compares scratchcards and instant win sites, offer free no deposit bonus.
scratchcards,best scratch cards, online scratch cards
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Womens Running Network LTD
Exeter, Devon, EX4 4RN
We are an all female running movement founded in 1998 in Devon by Pauline Beare and Peggy Wiseman to inspire women of all ages to run for fun and fitness. Since 1998 the WRN has grown from a handful of members based in Exeter to a large organisation with groups all over England and Wales. "The success" says Pauline "is based on a simple philosophy: Giving all women, whatever their age, size or ability, the opportunity to run together to improve their health, fitness, confidence and safety." The WRN is affiliated to England Athletics, but it is different from other running clubs. For instance, there is not a single club house or a single club night. Instead, the Women's Running Network consists of locally organised groups that are co-ordinated through the network. Community based, rural, workplace, city all led by qualified passionate leaders. All leaders have completed a Leadership course and hold a licence to lead under United Kingdom Athletics. As the groups are relatively small and local, you will be given individual attention and your group leader will know you personally. Why An All-Women Group? Our groups are fun, social, non-competitive and open to every age, stage, shape and size. We genuinely support the complete beginner and by being all women, we find that our members feel less self-conscious. But I Have Never Run Before! We welcome women just like you. The Women's Running Network caters for women of all running abilities, including the complete beginner. Even if you are unfit or have never run before, the Women's Running Network can help you get started, giving you sensible advice, support and company while you run. We will help you to identify and reach your goals. Why Run? We've a Whole Load of Reasons Why! To have fun To improve your health To get fit and lose weight To meet other people and have a good natter! To achieve your personal goals To give you energy What are the health benefits? Reduces risk of coronary heart disease, some cancers, strokes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis Increases emotional well-being and confidence Decreases levels of stress, depression and anxiety Helps with weight loss and weight management Increases muscular efficiency Improves quality of sleep Increases energy levels What should I wear? Help and advice is always available from your group leader on what you need to be wearing throughout the year, but as a general guide you will need: A good pair of running shoes - it is advisable to buy these from a specialist running shop where you will be fitted properly. Dont forget that as a Women's Running Network member you may get a discount if you show your membership card. A good support bra Comfortable, lightweight clothing, preferably in layers that you can add or take off depending on the weather A reflective bib to be seen on dark nights/early mornings
Weight Women Fit Sport Running
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Glenrothes Cricket Club
Glenrothes, Fife, KY7 5QB
cricket club based in the new town of glenrothes. anyone wishing to play the game of cricket is welcome to come along and give it a try
sport glenrothes club cricket
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Cycle Tech UK
Hemel Hempstead, Buckinghamshire, HP11 1TX
Cycle Tech UK is the National network of Mobile Bicycle Repair Specialists, offering on-site service to any make of bicycle. Each business is independent working to the same high standard and service under the same logo. Like minded individuals who like to fix bicycles. Cycle Tech UK is a energetic business and smart alternative to the traditional bicycle shop. Operating from a large mobile workshop, coming to your home or place of work. Providing customer care, wide range of parts, accessories, cycles, ongoing service and maintenance.
Cycle tec Bicycle repairs Bike fixers Bike Tec Cycle Shops
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Kirtltlington Park Polo School
Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX5 3JQ
"From beginners to winners" I set the polo school up in 1994 with my partner at the time David Heaton-Ellis, since then my ethos has been to open the world of polo to more than just the elite few! I continue to strive to that belief. Set in a beautiful private Capability Brown landscaped country estate with its own polo club and seven grounds, Kirtlington Park Polo School is run based on the philosophy that this is a sport for more than just the elite and I ensure that my ponies and prices reflect this attitude. Polo has to be one of the most sociable sports for player and spectator alike, making for a friendly but competitive atmosphere. My clients range across the ages; I tutor schools, universities, individuals and teams, tailoring tuition to suit the ambitions of the client. Some people want to play tournaments, others want a taster in one day, while yet others want to find a new pastime. Whatever the intention I warn you now - it''s addictive and once played you''re likely to be hooked!
horses Oxfordshire school riding POLO
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EZ SPORTS - Discount Supplements, Cheap Protein Glasgow
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G12 8EW
Cheap Supplements, Great deals on Protein and fat burners as well as all in one meal replacements! Also stock variety of MMA Fight and training wear as well as general fitness equipment. We stock, phd, SCI-MX, YORK FFitness Equipment, Sportsense Nutrition, Reflex Supplements many more available!! Stockists of Bad Boy, Caged Steel and Venum Fight wear!!
thai boxing, BJJ, Rugby, Football, easy weight loss, getting stronger, wrestling, judo, karate MMA Fight wear, Boxing Gloves, Thai Equipment, Boon Fightwear, Scottish Fight Challenge! York Fitness, Swiss Balls, Knee wraps, Wrist straps, hand weights, kettle bells, dumbells, ez bar! focus mitts, protein bars, flapjacks, boxing bags, glasgow, stirling, inverness, dunfermline, Cheap Supplements, Great deals on Protein, Fat burners, All in Ones!
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NMV Sports
Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, TS18 3LD
We offer tickets to sporting events around the world. No matter what yuor sport we will have tickets for you. We can also offer top quality hospitality packages to sme of these events also. We act on behalf of ABTA and IBTA registered companies so your stay abroad is cvered under these rules.
Sport Tickets Hospitality Sports Hospitality Sports tickets
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Three Counties Ballooning
Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 4BH
Three counties ballooning operate hot air balloon flights in Herefordshire for small groups of 2-8 people including private flights. Flights are competatively priced and run between April and October. Flights include champagne toast after the flight and our ground crew will return you to the launch site after the flight
three counties ballooning hot air balloon hereford hot air balloon herefordshire hot air balloons hot air balloon flight
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Raw Strength
Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 2DB
Raw Strength offers strength and conditioning coaching to ambitious young athletes (11-18) throughout the local area. The training program, which is based in Warrington, aims at helping young athletes fulfill their dreams of gaining pro status, and offers a custom program coached by experienced strength and conditioning coaches. With a fully equipped training facility and experienced coaching, the company delivers a professional strength and conditioning service to all ambitious and driven athletes. The service is designed to improve sporting performance, helping clients to compete at the highest possible level. With caring and skillful strength and conditioning coaching providing customised workouts to clients, Raw Strength has a service that delivers results based programs using previous coaching experience from elite sport. Private Performance Training Once accepted onto the program you will be grouped with athletes of similar abilities and/or similar goals. This method of putting athletes into small groups provides each client with a competitive, intense atmosphere each time they train, improves mental focus, and has proven itself as the number one method of training professional athletes. This mental attitude alone could drastically improve athletic performance.Combine this with individualised training programs and a coach to assist with EVERY workout and it''s truly an unbeatable formula for success. Strongman Classes These sessions combine strength movements with short rest periods and will be adapted to suit your needs, this method gives you the combined benefits of increased strength, muscle growth, fat loss and improved fitness for all sports requiring repeated bouts of intense activity. You will train in a group to give you a competitive, intense atmosphere every workout to help you progress. Group training allows us to offer much cheaper prices than any one-on-one coaching model, with much more enjoyable workouts as a result of teamwork, camaraderie, and competition.
gym personal trainer rugby training strength and conditioning warrington gym
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Your Club Fan Club
Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS11EF
Operating an active fan club requires a great deal of time and resource to properly maintain which most sports clubs just dont have. Fortunately for clubs and supporters everywhere, SponsorPACK now has the solution. Our new fan club system offers sport clubs an efficient and cost-effective way to build solid and rewarding relationships with their fans. All we require from each club is that they sign up, and then we handle everything else at no up front cost to them. This is a great revenue builder for clubs and with a wealth of exciting and unique offers; its great for their fans too. Contact Diane at for further details
Fan Club Sports Club SponsorPACK Sponsorship Your Club Fan Club
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Cricket World
Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6EJ
Cricket World is the website to visit for live coverage of international and domestic cricket as well as latest cricket news, video and audio online.
cricket latest cricket fixtures cricket
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Online Sports Betting-How to Bet for Profit?
Market Harborough, London, LE16 7NL
Do you know how to make money at betting? Make 80 eur for 20 eur just few clicks, be advised. Online sports betting take advantage, no fees and the best rate available at online bookmaker, want a 90% chance of winning
bet sports betting bookmakers online
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Manchester, Greater Manchester, m18 7hj
Freediving instruction
AIDA Diving Snorkling Watersports Apnea
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Aqutech Diving Centre
Manchester, Greater Manchester, m18 7hj
Learn to Scuba Dive with Aquatech,the Premier Dive School in Manchester,training people in the fast growing sport of Scuba Diving.
PADI Scuba Diving Snorkling Watersports SCUBA
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MC2 Maketing Ltd
Brentwood, Essex, cm14 5hn is a fast growing internet golf club that provides golfers of all levels the opportunity to join games in their local area, record their golf stats, get a handicap, run societies and review over 25,000 golf courses around the world think Facebook for golf!
Golf Handicap Golf Friends Golf Societies Golf Course Reveiws Golf Games
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Cyclelife Doncaster
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, dn4 8sn
Welcome to Cyclelife Doncaster and what we believe is the best cycle shop in Yorkshire. We have a huge range of products to cater to all cycling requirements and pride ourselves on offering fantastic service to every customer. Our customer service is second to none, with our staff fully trained and from a cycling background with a passion for everything cycling. We have only been trading for a year now but the business is rapidly growing to offer a wider range of cycles and accessories from every manufactor, We have recently developed this website to offer an on-line service to customer which we are improving everyday. We would be delighted to help with any questions or queries you may have concerning your purchases and all emails are replied to promptly. Our aim is to provide the best possible relationship with all our customers and recommendation has been the key to our growth as a business. FIT - SCOTT - DIAMONDBACK - UNITED - HARO -RALEIGH - FALCON - GHOST - CLAUD BUTLER - WE THE PEOPLE - MONGOOSE - GT -CANNONDALE - CHARGE - RADIO AND MANY MORE
cycle repairs cycle servicing cycles doncaster cycle shops yorkshire Cycle shops
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Footy Monsters
Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5JP
Footy Monsters is a specialised football coaching company for young children and toddlers. The classes are based all over the UK, so please visit our website for your nearest venue: What can we provide? Here at Footy Monsters we supply top class football coaching for your toddlers and children. Making all our sessions as fun and enjoyable as possible is our main aim. At Footy Monsters we believe giving children the best start in life is essential and our pre-school programme aims to do this with complete success! Fun for all Our classes are aimed at children aged 18 months to 7 years. At Footy Monsters we allow and encourage parents to interact during classes, making them a great bonding experience. Through the history of Footy Monsters we have found that several parents tend to enjoy our classes as much as the children, whilst making new friends along the way (both parents and children!).
Coaching Football Toddler Soccer Children
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Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, NE21HA
SwimNE- the best swimming lessons in the North East- great pools, great teachers, great fun!!! We aim to build confident swimmers through fun-based lessons. We keep the class sizes small, and the teacher is in the water with the class. 1to1 lessons, adult lessons and competitive coaching also available. We operate out of 4 pools; Fenham Swimming Pool- Newcastle upon Tyne Sport Central, Northumbria University- Newcastle upon Tyne Kicks, Silverlink- Wallsend Deep Blue, Whitley Bay- North Tyneside Visit or email for more information
1 to 1 swimming lessons newcastle Swim School in the North East Swimming lessons North East Childrens swimming lessons north east Swimming lessons in Newcastle
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Strike Soccer Centre
Yeovil, Somerset, BA215DL
THE PITCH Our pitch is specially designed for small sided football. It''s 24m x 15m generating 360 square metres of the latest turf technology. The pitch is surrounded by kick boards and netting, forming a cage containing the ball and creating a super fast paced game scenario. The turf is a 3G surface, 3G looks like natural grass with similar playing characteristics (it is all in the way the ball bounces), it is non-abrasive and can be used with trainers or moulded boots. The turf provides a firm grip and allows for great ball control. Pushing off, running, stopping or tackling are all possible without additional risk of injury. Our pitch looks and plays like real grass!! THE INFO CENTRE The Info Centre is the hub of SSC where you can make your pitch bookings and payments. Here you will be met by friendly and helpful staff who will answer any queries that you may have. We also sell light refreshment in the form of water, sports drinks, chocolate bars and crisps. STRIKERS SUITE Our second floor offers more space and great viewing position as well as a table football game. It also houses a selection of seating so you have the opportunity to watch a match unfold form a vantage point or you can simply relax and watch our 32'''' flat screen TV. There is also a DVD facility for corporate events and holiday programmes. LOCKER ROOMS The Locker rooms provide changing and shower facilities for men and women and we also have a large disabled toilet.
childrens birthday parties 3g artificial turf yeovil somerset avalible to hire indoor soccer pitch
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Hereford snooker & pool centre
Hereford, Herefordshire, hr12du
Herefords home of snooker and pool, also providing skittle and darts facilities as well as a food menu and fully licensed bas
snooker hall pool skittles darts snooker
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Twelfth Man Coaching
Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR5 5DS
Based in Sunderland, Twelfth Man Coaching offers bespoke Cricket Coaching to clients throughout the North East of England. Formed in 2010, the Twelfth Man Coaching team all come from a local league background, and have many years of experience working with all ages and abilities. With a team that currently includes 2 fully qualified coaches, Twelfth Man Coaching has a growing team, fully qualified to either UKCC or ECB standard. All coaches have enhanced CRB disclosures, current First Aid qualifications, and have attended and passed Child Protection courses. The business delivers a variety of bespoke sessions to businesses, groups or individuals, which are designed to be both cost effective and enjoyable for everyone. Using facilities local to you, the business also has fully qualified coaches helping clients to improve on their cricketing skills, or general fitness.
Fitness Coaching North East Sport Cricket
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Hadashi Martial Arts
Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 2BW
We deliver karate and martial arts-based exercise and self defence instruction to schools, colleges, community groups and other organisations. Our specialisation is providing coaching for people who want to try alternative forms of sports, physical activity and fitness. We provide instruction to individuals looking for 1 on 1 coaching or small groups. People of all ages and abilities are welcome. We come to you, whether this is at your home, school, community centre or place of work. Instruction and coaching is provided by Sensei Andrea Carbon, 2nd Dan (Karate Union of Great Britain) with over 23 years of experience and a professional background in youth and community work. She has qualifications in coaching and First Aid, has CRB clearnce and is fully insured to teach.
Schools Self Defence Martial Arts-based fitness Private Tuition Karate Classes
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Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 1AA
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Putney, London, se15 2rs
SwimWay is the leading home visit Swimming School in London, providing swimming lessons to children and adults in exclusive private developments, homes, schools and gyms around London as well as 5 sites open to general public. Putney/East Sheen/Streatham Fullham/Kew Gardens
swimming streatham swimming putney swimming kew gardens swimming fulham swimming lessons
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Five Star Golf Events
Johnstone, Renfrewshire, pa10 2hb
Five Star Golf Events is a leading golf event management company and organiser of the ''Five Star Golf'' series of charity golf days at Scotlands leading golf resorts. Run by professional golfers and event organisers, Five Star Golf Events also works with clients to offer bespoke corporate and charity golf events, Celebrity / Pro / Am tournaments and golf tours tailored exactly to your requirements. With contacts at all the major golf venues and resorts in Scotland and years of experience organising successful golf events, Five Star Golf Events can take care of everything - leaving you free to enjoy yourself and spend time with your guests. The full Five Star Golf Event management service includes: Devising the event concept and format Venue sourcing and liaison Sales and marketing strategy Team recruitment and liaison Sponsorship sourcing Securing prizes and auction items Production of all print, HTML emails and websites Securing speakers and entertainment Managing the event on the day All pre and post-event administration, evaluation and invoicing
fundraising charity golf corporate golf scotland golf events
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Dagenham, UK, W6 0RA
Barefoot Traveler Sports specializes in offering supporter tours and bespoke tailor-made sports holidays throughout the world for Clubs, Organizations, Schools and private parties.
Sports Barefoot Sports
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Perfect Motion Sports Therapist
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB5 8JG
Perfect Motion Sports Therapy provides Cambridge with a totally mobile soft tissue, sports and remedial therapy service. We aim to provide the very best in remedial therapy services to active men and women of all ages and abilities within Cambridge and the surrounding area. Our sports therapy services include the assessment of posture, movement, fitness and injuries using the application of accepted principals of training and treatment and the most up-to-date sports therapy techniques. It is about putting into practice the knowledge to help and improve health, fitness and sports performance.
injury rehabilitation sports massage sports injury running injury sports therapy
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West Central London, London, W1B3HH
Swimming Instruction for babies and toddlers
Swim baby swim swim swimming lessons Anne hawley babies
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Nottingham Rugby Ltd
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG2 3HJ
"Established in 1877, Nottingham Rugby play in the Championship at their Meadow Lane home as they strive for Premiership promotion under the leadership of Director of Rugby Glenn Delaney. Off the field the club is just as ambitious, with renowned match day hospitality, competitive sponsorship and advertising packages as well as a host of upcoming match day events and occasions for all the family. For more information check out"
players sport nottingham glenn delaney rugby
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Sea Jay''s Solent Sailing School
Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 5RU
Sea Jay''s Solent Sailing School offer RYA sailing courses for Competent Crew, Day & Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster, 9 day fast-track day skipper. Based Lymington, near Southampton on the south coast of England
solent sailing courses RYA training courses, rya competent crew yachtmaster courses, RYA Sailing Courses,
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Gladiatorial combat
Glasgow, Aberdeenshire, G51 2SD
Gladiatorial combats is based at Legends gym Glasgow. We are a mixed martial arts ( MMA ) academy that specialise in all disciplines. Our Gym has the best facilities in the country and host some of Scotland''s best coaches.
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Stirling, Stirling, FK8 1AY
Welcome to EZ Sports Central Scotland and the Scottish Highland''s answer to sports nutrition and MMA! EZ SPORTS retail premises are based in Stirling and Inverness city centres. Stirling is a city well known for it''s sports facilities and pedigree. While the Scottish Highlands are also known for strongmen, rugby teams, bodybuilders and tug-o-war teams! So from football and rugby to swimming and boxing, Stirling and Inverness now both have a dedicated sports nutrition and accessories retailer dealing with all the best brands coupled with competitive prices and expert advice! New store opening DEC 2010!!!: 498 Great Western Road Glasgo G12 8EW - Cheapest supplements in glasgow, great advice, loose weight now, ask us how!!! Any further information please check out our website at:
Discount supplements Glasgow Get ripped for summer - fat burners - sports nutrition glasgow Cheap protein Glasgow - Whey - PHD Pharma whey MMA Glasgow
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Mandarin Cycles
Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3JZ
Mandarin Cycles A1 for BMX, Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Cycles and Childrens Bikes. All of our Bicycles come fully assembled and include a free six week check. Suppliers of 75 brands of bikes including Ridgeback, Claud Butler, GT, Mongoose, Commencal, Genesis, Saracen, Falcon, Probike, Stolen, Kink, We the People and many more we also stock skates and skate accessories from companies such as Ventro, Supreme, Airwave, Raptor, Phoenix, Sims and Bel Air. In our stores you will find a range of accessories from lights locks and mudguards to gloves and cycle covers to cover all budgets and requirements. We also offer an onsite repair service often same day, most small repairs can even be carried out while you wait. Our team has over 50 years in cycling and the cycle trade so why not give us a look at 1 Penn Grove, Aylsham Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3JZ or 22/23 Earlham West Centre, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 8AD or call us on 01603 418999 or 01603 452224. You can also log onto to see some of our huge range and place an order. We look forward to seeing you soon, Darrin, Nick and the Mandarin Cycles Team
Skates Norwich cycles BMX Norfolk
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Water Babies South West
Plymouth, Devon, PL3 4BB
Water Babies South West run baby swimming lessons in Plymouth, Torbay, Truro and Newquay. Water Babies is the UK''s leading baby swimming company, offering fun, innovative baby swimming classes, taught by world-class instructors. Our multi-award winning programme is structured yet gentle; centred around the needs of each individual child. Voted Best National baby & Toddler Development Activity in 2010, our classes have saved at lease eight children from drowning.
Cornwall Devon baby swimming lessons
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Youth Boxing Scheme
Bromley, London, se6 1sd
The Youth Boxing Scheme deliver''s non contact boxing and Fitness classes to Schools, Colleges, Youth clubs and Community groups we also work alongside Millwall football club in conjunction with the Kickz Scheme, providing non contact boxing training. Focus,Purpose,Discipline,Self control,Self esteem,Respect for others- This is the platfom on which the Youth Boxing Scheme''s training program is built. Our challange is to first, encourage young people to take part in sport, second to provide a program that is fun exciting and diffrent, third develop talent and take it to the next level. The YBS non contact boxing program is a workout that is hard to match,one of its strengths is its versatility whether your a beginner or advanced. The program is made up of Ground work- Skipping Floor Excerices Streching Core work Ladder Work Tec Work- Movemment Focus Pads Punch Bag Partner Work (non contact) Shadow Boxing Its an ideal program for all ages and abilitys, developing- Balance Agility Strength Coordination Speed Rythm Mental Strength. We are also proud to anounce the launch of Jr YBS, specially desinged for primary school children. The program is not about teaching young people to box or teaching them boxing technique and there is no contact whatsoever. The aim is to provide exercise and movement in a fun and engaging way, to improve coodination, to improve overall fitness and encourage team work. We have taken the traditional boxing workout and adapted it for younger children,it includes- Jumping Running Floor Ladder Skipping Team exercises. We have also adapted focus pad work for younger children,basing it on rythm and exercise,it has proved to be very popular ( no boxing technique is taught) We take our service to the client, and provide all equipment needed.
YBS Boxing School sport Youth boxing boxing clubs Boxing
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Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 9DG
Monster Racing was formed in 2010 as a sports event management company primarily to fill a gap in the middle distance triathlon event market, in and around East Anglia. Based in the Isle of Ely we have a multitude of venues planned to add to our events schedule and have already included a Duathlon series for 2011 as well as our core middle distance event on August 21st.
East Anglia Duathlon middle distance Ely Sports Event Management
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Righ Sports
Pontefract, West Yorkshire, wf8 1aw
Right Sports are a local sport and fashion retailer located in Pontefract town centre supplying sports and fashion clothing,footwear,equipment and accessories to the local area.We are an indepentant retailer supplying end of line,clearance and upto date stock but at a lower price than many other retailers. Along with the products we provide we pride ourselves on our unrivaled customer service.Right Sports has been established since 2004 and was set up to give the best products at the best possible price with the best possible service to its customers.
t-shirts footwear trainers hoodies sports
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Soccer Box
Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 2TB
Football shirts, shorts, sock, training wear and football souvenirs from the united kingdom and around the world.
football kits football shorts football socks football shirt football shirts
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Tamworth Olympic Gymnastics Club
Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 7UW
Our aim is to provide opportunities for males, females, young and old to enjoy physical activity through Gymnastics. This is a wonderful sport that provides valuable exercise, stamina, strength, flexibility, self confidence and discipline. Tamworth Olympic Gymnastics Club offers a variety of class to suit your needs and ability
Gymnastics Adult Gymnastics Tamworth Gymnastics
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UK Sport Searcher Ltd
Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 6HY
UK sport Searcher is a website that has been set up to promote sports clubs across the UK and was launched in Nov 2010. It is FREE for any sport club to add their details, including photos, charges, coaching times and much more. It is also FREE for anyone to advertise sport items for sale on the site.The idea is to build a database of sport clubs, which can be search to find clubs in a specific location, to play at regularly or whilst on holiday.
directory Club Search advertising Sport
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Stafford Jets Cheerleading Squad
Stafford, Staffordshire, ST18 0AD
Stafford Jets are a NEW cheerleading squad in Stafford!!! We are a competive squad, but we also take part at local events and host fundrasiers Our classes consist of a mixture of dance, gymnastics, pom dance and STUNTING!! We accept anyone from the age of 5 with no upper age limit!! No experience in any form of dance ect is required to join! We are open to everyone! :) So if your aged between 5-25 years old, please get in touch for more details. CLASS TIMES ALL 1-3pm NEW MEMBERS ALWAYS WELCOME!!! EMAIL
Events Children Cheerleading Coaching Sports
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Checkers Acrobatic Gymnastics Club
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 5RZ
Checkers Acrobatic Gymnastics & Tumbling Club offers expert training to all levels of ability. From complete beginners to international competitors, everyone is welcome. We have a fantastic new facility in the centre of Gloucester so come and take a look.
sports clubs gymnastics in gloucester spellbound acrobatics gymnastics club
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Enhanced Sports Massage
Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3BH
Enhanced Sports Massage Enhanced Sports Massage (ESM)

Qualified and experienced in the following:

Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy Level 4
Thai Yoga Master Practitioner (Advanced)

Currently Seeing clients from Samworth Bros (Occupation Health), Matthews Neuro Head and Spinal Injury Clinic. ~ GB athlete's to the retired elderly with mobility problems.-

Clinics in Central Loughborough, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.
sports nassage loughborough sports injuries deep tissue massage sports massage
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Darwen, Lancashire, BB32DN
S7 Soccer Academy has been creating links with Football and Education since 2005. We launched our Numeracy & Literacy through Football Initiatives and most recently our Science through Football Initiative to help us achieve our goal. We also run Holiday Courses during all school holidays, the National Average for Child Care is 3.50 per hour, our Holiday Courses work out at 1.40 per hour (35 for week) giving parents an enormous 52.50 saving each week per child. Our coaches have experience of working on Professional Football Academies which guarantees that the level of coaching we offer is unrivalled and of the highest standard, these coaching drills can also be downloaded from this website for PE Teachers, School staff, Junior Team Managers etc to use with their teams or classes. Each of the initiatives are engaging action packed days that leave the children asking when are we doing the educational side, as teachers celebrate their pupils completing tasks in 5 or 6 key areas of each subject, without the pupils even realising it!
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On The Ball Football Coaching
Walsall, Staffordshire, WS6 7PH
On The Ball Football Coaching was born to create a safe and stable learning environment for boys and girls of all ages and abilities. At OTB we believe our structured, inclusive approach can help build the great foundation characteristics in players and help create positive values, beliefs and behaviours for not only football but also for everyday life.
football birthday parties On The Ball OTB Coaching Football summer camps Football Coaching
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Bay Kayaks
St Ives, Cornwall, tr26 2eh
We are a kayak hire service based at the Station Road Car Park, Marazion beach near Penzance in Cornwall. Our aim is to promote kayaking for all ages, fun and the outdoor lifestyle around the Cornish coast. Safety is of the utmost importance and all our boats are licensed and insured. We have one of the best watersport bays in West Cornwall overlooking St Michaels Mount in Mounts Bay, Marazion. Double and single sit on top kayaks are available and are great for touring, surfing, fishing, general pleasure and groups etc. Bay Kayaks also offer kayaking tours around St Michaels Mount with one of our fully trained members of staff. The picturesque views from the rear of The Mount are spectacular and can only be seen from the water. Can you Kayak The Mount and obtain our Certificate of Achievement? All safety equipment is supplied (life jackets, towlines, helmets etc) Hourly rentals to full day rentals are available, please contact on 07400737219, or visit our website for more details.
Water Sports Marazion St. michaels Mount Cornwall Kayak Hire
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Bishopton, Renfrewshire, PA7 5DA offers you the opportunity to follow your dream and become involved within the worlds greatest sport! Our staff have experience of working in almost every football environment and bring a wealth of knowledge obtained from working in the UK, Ireland, America, Spain and Asia. As a jobseeker we will offer you the opportunity to advertise your CV to hundreds of clubs and football companies. As a member you will be able to update, change or redesign your CV. You will have full control of your account and we will give you the tools to ensure you promote yourself in the best way possible. If you''re an employer and you are seeking a specific candidate then we will have the choices for you to select from. You will be advertising your positions to thousands of suitably qualified, knowledgeable and enthusiastic subscribers. Where better to advertise than in the one site that can offer you exactly what you need! Jobs will be posted for positions in the local community as well as positions worldwide!
Coaching Jobs Football Coach Football Camps Football Employment Jobs in Football
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Grantown-on-Spey, Aberdeenshire, PH26 3HG
Basi Gap Year ski and snowboard Instructor course Nendaz, 4 valles, Switzerland. 10 weeks top quality training. All-inclusive course with a 99% passing rate!
instructor course basi gap year course ski instructor training snowboard instructor training basi gap
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Experience Archery
London, London, NW6 6AJ
Experience Archery London, We are a mobile Archery Company offering Archery Parties, Archery Lessons, Corporate Archery Days, Archery in Schools / Community Projects, Archery Stag & Hen Do's and Have-a-Go Archery Events. We have a passion for Archery, and our aim is to bring this historic and fun sport to you. Whether you are 8 or 80 years old we can tailor an event to suit your needs. Archery sessions can be run indoors or outdoors, in sports/community halls or fields, or even in your very own garden (If suitable). Archery is a social sport which makes it ideal for team building events or parties as well as a fun activity for a family or group of friends. Archery does not exclude on grounds of physical ability or fitness. Previous experience is not necessary to have an enjoyable day. We provide all equipment needed, and use lightweight recurve bows ensuring that everyone can have a go. Our instructors will help all participants get started and support them to shoot safely whilst having fun. We will be on hand throughout the event to offer support and advice for all aspiring Robin Hoods!
Archery London Archery Parties Kids Archery Archery Lessons London Archery
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Redbridge Sports & Leisure
Ilford, Essex, IG6 3HD
The Trust exists to provide sports and leisure facilities for the community at affordable prices. Customer care is our central philosophy. We welcome and help all of our customers to participate and enjoy their sport. We try to exceed the expectations of our users by providing exceptional sporting facilities in a safe and friendly environment. We listen to comments and criticism and attempt continually to improve our standards.
Juniors Gym & Aerobics Racket Sports Outdoor Sports Leisure Centre
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Sporting Chance Coaching
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, hp3 9pp
Our fun sports camps are designed to develop the movement vocabulary of children. Therefore giving them the chance to be physically active through adolescence and stay active in later life. We have camps and courses for both primary and secondary aged children, we also have our new ''transition camps'' which enable year 5 and year 6 children the chance to meet year 7 children in local secondary schools and give them a chance to become familiar with possible future facilities and classmates. All Sporting Chance Coaching camps are full of fun. Fun sports, fun break-times, fun games, all delivered by motivating coaching staff that have lots of experience either coaching sport or in teaching physical education and they ensure every child is happy, safe and having a great time.
childcare birthday parties personal training holiday activities Child sports camps
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Raptors Kickboxing
Dalkeith, Midlothian, EH22 5JG
The School provides Martial Arts Classes for Adults and children from the age of 4 years to 8 years of age (Little Eagles). And 9 to 12 years of age (Junior Raptors) Adults (13 to 60) Children automatically receive membership to the adult class upon reaching the required age limit. Learning Martial Arts can benefit in many ways, including: Improving self confidence and self discipline, making positive behaviour standard Increasing level of fitness and flexibility Realising the importance of respect and understanding that bullying is not to be practised or condoned Finding a great sense of accomplishment through our recognised grading system Meeting new friends and having fun
kung fu kickboxing fitness karate Martial Arts
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Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 2PR
Martial Arts and Self Defence Classes in Leamington Spa, The official website of Martial arts is, Learn Martial Arts in leamington spa, Martial Arts Classes in Leamington Spa, Martial Arts in UK, Self Defence Classes in leamington Spa and UK, Self Defence Classes in UK
Self Defence Self Defence Clasees in Leamington Spa Martial Arts Classes in UK Learn Self Defence Classes UK Martial Arts in Leamington Spa
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Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, st21 6su are a UK based company distributing everything from Weight gainers to Fat Loss supplements at some of the best prices on the market, All supplements baught from HallSupplements will get the best customer care with any size orders, All supplements purchased will be despatched within 24 hours ( if in stock ) and your orders are tracked all the way to your door, We distribute to all gym''s and Mixed Martial Arts centres in local area''s Check out our website for all new Products and supplement sales.
Vitamins / Minerals Discount Supplements Weight Gainers / Muscle Building Fat Loss / Weight Loss Bulk Supplements
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Crawley, West Sussex, RH103AT
Infant swimming classes held in North London,Central London,Surrey and West Sussex. Classes taken by Anne Hawley the U.K.s leading expert. Private lessons also offered.
infant swimming classes babies Anne Hawley lessons childrens swimming
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Garry Wilkinson Personal Training
Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9NW
With over 25 years experience of running on the roads and fells and now successfully reaching the National Standard of Competence in coaching and teaching, exercise and fitness, Garrys expertise is reinforced with an England Athletics Coaching License, Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapy, Nutrition and Weight Management along with Mountain Leadership Training and Mountain Bike Instructor/Leader Award. The possibilities I can share with you are endless.
Gym Instructor Sports Massage Therapy Clitheroe, Lancashire Personal Trainer Personal Training
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Top Flight Sports Management
Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN7 4JP
Fully licensed Agengcy ran by Ex -Professional Footballers Providing Career management , Contract Negotiations ,Excellent Out of Contract services , Sponsorship Aquisition , Excellent Links within Uk and Europe. Provide the highest standard of football coaching in Northamptonshire to ALL ages.This is linked into our scouting department who regularly attend sessions . The Proffesional players Signed also put in an appearance on at least 1 day of the courses available.They also attend to Judge competitions and present awards on the final day of each course.
professional Coaching sports management consultancy Football agency
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Goals Soccer Centre Northampton
Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN4 8BT
5 a side football, pitch bookings, 5 a side leagues and tournaments at our centre in Northampton. Goals is top of the league when it comes to 5 a side.
goal soccer centres football northampton five a side goals northampton 5 a side
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Fives Football
St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 3LR
Whether you''re looking for a one-off match against your mates, or to test your mettle in a competitive weekly league, contact Fives today and they''ll set you up. We also run coaching sessions at selected times throughout the week, with our fully qualified and experienced coaches able to cater for all ages and abilities. If you''re looking for a place to host a birthday, then why not do it here at Fives? We can provide a fun-filled afternoon for your child on their special day. For further information, or to book your place, call us today on 01744 754511 or email
Coaching Sports Football 5-a-side Indoor
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Rotherham United LFC School of Sport
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S14 1QB
Rotherham United LFC School of Sports is a professional Sports School operating in the UK, Owned and founded by Caroline Elwood-Stokes in March 2010. A high profile player in the Sports game. They offer a range of professional services for Womens'' and young ladies teams, Schools, Colleges, Football Clubs and Sports Camps. The Sports School is comprised of a number of fully qualified coaches that have vast amount of knowledge and experience who are dedicated to impact the advancement of children through sport. Sessions are designed to suit the needs of all, from grassroots to elite levels and are structured to ensure learning takes place in a fun, safe and friendly environment. The aim of the school is for youngsters to improve their sports skills, physical education and fitness but also to help children, through sports to deal with issues such as behaviour, attendance and motivation. This specialist training will promote children''s development across a broad range of basic movement patterns. These core skills are the foundation of all physical activity, which in turn will significantly improve a child''s confidence to participate in sport and increase their enjoyment whilst learning.
FA Sports South Yorkshire club football
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Little Kickers
Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX 11 9NH
Play not push a positive, fun-filled pre-school football programme executed in a friendly, pressure-free environment. Guided by the likes of FA qualified coaches, nursery school teachers, child health specialists and pro-active parents, the Little Kickers nationwide toddler football programme is an ever-evolving quest to teach fundamental football techniques & elementary life skills in a vibrant, group play environment. Invaluable social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork are conscientiously woven into a involving programme that places as much emphasis on simple learning concepts like colours and numbers as it does on fine-tuning a childs basic balance, agility and co-ordination.
little kickers pre school football childrens football football classes toddler football
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Cheap Golf Equipment
London, London, SW4OJY
If your looking for the latest golf equipment then we''re the leading golf store online.
golf equipment sales golf equipment golf equipment uk discount golf equipment cheap golf equipment
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Things to do in Dorset -
Poole, Dorset, BH14 8UF
GO AWOL provides outdoor activity vouchers for watersports, extreme weekend activities and fun things to do in Dorset, Poole, Bournemouth, Purbecks, South Coast, UK. Enjoy your weekends with GO AWOL activity vouchers for extreme outdoor activities that include watersports & things to do in Dorset, Poole, Bournemouth, Purbecks, South Coast, UK
Watersports in Poole Things to do in Dorset Activities on the South Coast Outdoor Activity Vouchers Extreme Activity Weekends
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celaeron equestrian centre
Lampeter, Cardiganshire, sa48 7rg
We are a family run equestrain and camping centre based in West Wales. We offer livery, lessons and schooling. We run a full show programme throughout the summer. We also gave a fully equiped camp site and can also offer holidays for you and your horse.
riding and livery centre take your horse on holiday stay in wales camp sites in wales riding in wales
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Petersfield Cycles - Cyclelife Petersfield (Bike Shack (Petersfield) Ltd)
Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4JJ
Cyclelife Petersfield in Dragon Street has firmly established itself as the cycle shop that caters for the whole family. It was established in February 2008 after we realized a gap in the market for an all round cycle shop that caters or every one under one roof. Manager Martin Brown has extensive service and technical knowledge of the bike trade, and, with his colleagues, can help you choose the bike and accessories that are right for you. We have customers from all over the south of England that come to our shop especially, for the great products and customer service we provide.
Bike Parts Cycle Repair Repair and Service Workshop Cycle Accessories Bike Shop
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Rotherham United LFC
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S14 1QB
Rotherham United Ladies Football Clubs'' NEW Store is now open. Possibly the first womens football club to have a store... You Personalise gifts for your loved ones, have your favourite RULFC player printed onto canvass.. Or send a personalised birthday card to your loved one. Ideal as: * Gifts, * Presents, * For fun or * Merchandise. Everything from: * RULFC Kits including team shirts and tracksuits * Hats, Caps and Gloves * Mugs * Mouse Mats * Canvas Prints * Lots and lots more.. Tell us the name of your favourite Rotherham United Ladies player and we will personalise it for you Or if you prefer to have something different, we can design them to suit you. Check it out at
FA football women club Rotherham
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Endurance Nutrition Limited
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 4PP
GU Energy Gels delivered to you next day across the UK. The GU has arrived - The best gel since 1991.
GU Energy GU Energy Gels Energy Gels GU Roctane UK GU Gels UK
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T2K Sports Surfacing / Tennis 2000 Ltd
Chelmsford, Essex, cm3 2jf
Established in 1989 T2K Sports Surfacing / Tennis 2000 Ltd is one of the most respected companies in the UK for Tennis court design, construction and installation, resurfacing, colour spraying, fencing, Artificial and synthetic grass. Also 3g Football, Hockey, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Golf. Maintenance and Lighting. Run by sports players for sports players! Managing Director and owner John Pearce still plays tennis for Essex T2K Sports Surfacing / Tennis 2000 Ltd specialise in tennis courts. Owner and managing Director John Pearce is an ex tennis pro of 13 years and still currently plays for the Essex County mens team. When it comes to complete knowledge of a tennis court construction and its finished surface John has played on virtually every surface available in this country and uses his knowledge as a player and of fellow top class players to install what is right for the companies clients. Whatever your requirements or playing standard we can guarantee to match your need at competitive prices.
Artificial grass and synthetic grass Resurafcing and fencing Colour spraying maintenance and lighting Tennis court construction
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Oyster Luxury Travel and Diving
Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6AY
The UK''s premier PADI Scuba Diving and Travel Centre. Diving courses in London, Surrey and Berkshire. Luxury diving holidays around the world.
diving surrey diving courses diving holidays diving london scuba diving
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maddogs martial arts shrewsbury
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 2EG
We teach martial ats to all ages from 3+ years we teach the madpups 3-7 years all about balance, control, teamwork, disapline and all the motor skills they will need later on in life, with lots of martial arts moves and techniques. The kids, we teach how not to talk to strangers,about bullys, fitness and how to stay fit and heathly, and they kearn sport karate/kickboxing The mixed adults classes we tecah kickboxing and get people fit through martial arts. Great for stress relief after work ladies only trying to get the women to look and feel the best hey can by getting fit, loosing weight and having fun FREE INTRO LESSONS COULD DOWN AND VISIT THE FULLY MATTED AND EQUIPPED MARTIAL ARTS CENTRE IN SHREWSBURY. CLASSES ARE FOR 1 HOUR. YOU CAN ATTEND AS MUCH AS YOU WANT CALL CHRIS ASTON TO ARRANGE YOUR FREE CLASS ON 07854857937
adult kickboxing kickboxing karate ladies only fitness
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Kitesurfing School Kent
Sandwich, Kent, CT13 9HP
Kitesurfing school based in Kent
tuition - coaching Kiteboarding School courses lessons Kent - Ramsgate - Whitstable - Margate - Broadstairs
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kitesurfing school
Sandwich, Kent, CT13 9PH
We are a mobile kitesurfing school that teaches kitesurfing from beginer to pro in Sandwich Bay Kent
school - schools kitesurfing lessons kiteboarding courses kent
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Dream Big Kitesurfing School
Worthing, West Sussex, BH15 8RA
We are a kitesurfing school that teaches people how to kitesurf and kiteboard. We are a mobile school and teach in Goring and Lancing
tuition kiteboarding school courses kitesurfing lessons
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Progressive Cycle Coaching
Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AE
Here at Progressive Cycle Coaching the coach, Dan Bennett, will personally design a cycling training programme based upon your racing and training goals. Your programme will include a range of training, racing and lifestyle advice (dependent upon programme) that is designed around your needs. There are a range of training programmes to suit all budgets and needs, and with the free extras you receive in the client area (training tips, bike skills, and the client discount store) you will not need any other advice.
Cycle Training Services Cycling Coaching Services Cycle Coaching UK Best Cycle Coaching Cycle Coaching Services
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Myst Lounge
London, London, e1 5jl
Shisha, sports and pool lounge serving gourmet food with a full bar.
Bar Pool Sports Food Shisha
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Stokes Intl Ladies FC
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S14 1QB
Stokes Intl Ladies FC were founded in 2010 by Caroline Stokes, an ex player with a career spanning 20 years, both in playing and coaching soccer. Caroline''s career begin in 1989, and in 1991, she began playing as a regular midfielder for Herries School girls team and also signed for her first club Sheffield Wednesday Ladies U''14''s. 1993 saw Caroline sign for Sheffield United Ladies but soon moved to a Rotherham based team called Kilnhurst in 1994, now known as Rotherham United Ladies FC. Her England career was about to start in 1996 and Caroline became an assistant coach to Sheffield City Wanderers. In 1997, Caroline began her coaching career and became a qualified coach. She gained her first coaching award for her efforts in coaching and gained several years experience in coaching voluntarily with Sheffield Wednesday Ladies U''12''s and at the Sheffield United Academy. During 1999, Caroline re joined Sheffield Wednesday Ladies as a player but she left after half a season to concentrate her efforts on coaching. Caroline is now the proprietor of Stokes-Intl Sports School as well as the Manager of Stokes-Intl LFC and Stokes-Intl-Youth/Community Project.
Football Soccer Sports Sheffield South Yorkshire Club Team FA WFA Women Ladies Girls
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Little Sports Stars
Ashtead, Surrey, KT22 0UT
Little Sports Stars The specialists in children''s Multi Sports and Fitness Coaching Nurseries, School PE Sessions Supply and PPA cover, weekday sessions for pre-schoolers Breakfast, Lunch, After School and holiday Clubs, Parties and more!
School Nurseries Parties Multi Sports and Fitness Coaching Little Sports Stars
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brazilian soccer schools St Helens
St Helens, Merseyside, WA11 0QW
Brazilian Soccer Schools St Helens. BSS St Helens. Brazilian Soccer Schools was devised in 1996, by Simon Clifford and has launched hundreds of BSS all over the world. BSS St Helens is an original franchise. We launched in August 2009 in Haydock and are now working throughout the St Helens borough, teaching the brazilian way of coaching using Futebol de Salao. Our aim is to deliver a huge programme of events as listed below. If you would like more information, or to book your children on to a session. check our website on or ring Ray Owen on 01744 611098. . BSS session . Schools sessions P.E. and after school. . Social inclusion - Community Coaching. . Soccer Schools, Tournaments. . Skills Badge, Academy, Pathway to national squad. . Girls football . One on One or small group Training. . Team training. . Birthday Parties. Team parties. . .....and much more to follow. 01744 611098 07545 092 371
fitness brazilian soccer schools social inclusion events community coaching, Schools , Street football midnight league. Futebol de salao, play the brazilian way!
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South Wales Surf Lessons
Swansea, Swansea, SA1 3jp
Surfing Lessons at Llangennith Beach on the Gower Peninsula in Swansea. Qualified instructors, all equipment provided.
learn to surf llangennith beach gower hillend campsite surf lessons
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BMX Asylum
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3AA
BMX Asylum is an rider owned and run bmx specif bike shop based near Hyde park Leeds. We stock full bikes, frames, forks, bars, cranks, hubs pluseverything els you could possibly need to meet your riding needs. We are also the ONLY bmx shop that offer bmx specific servicing. BMX Asylum stock brands such as Kink, B.S.D, Super star, Sputnic, Mankind, Odessey, Profile, Hoffman, Subrosa to name just a few.
Bicycles Bikes Cycles Extreme sports BMX
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Futbol Soccer Schools
St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 3LR
Futbol Soccer Schools the worlds finest football player development programme
futsal Football in St Helens Football coaching soccer skills Football
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Copa Sports & Leisure Ltd
Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 7JU
Sixes Football Centre has two indoor 6-a-side pitches, for fast paced league action, general pitch hire or training throughout the year, whatever the weather! With childrens coaching, birthday parties, bar and function hire and company events. Leagues - Mon to Thurs & Sun- one 40min game.
indoor football 6 a side football childrens partys coaching 5 a side football
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Pole Athletes
Sheffield, Derbyshire, S40 2BL
Pole Athletes was established in 2008, with one aim: to promote the power of pole dancing. Pole Dancing * Improves your posture, coordination and flexibility * Builds your upper body strength * Shapes your figure * Tones your whole body * Builds your confidence * Enables you to express your self * And is so much fun Pole dancing is now regarded as a recognised form of exercise and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout for men and women. With campaigns for it to become an Olympic event, and competitors continuously defying the law of gravity in awe inspiring displays, the world has been taken by storm by this radical sport, and you can be a part of it. Pole dancing is suitable for everyone, male or female, whatever your size or shape, you can be a Pole Athlete. Pole Athletes * Is committed to providing you with quality. All instructors continue their own professional development to ensure you get the highest quality training available * Has small groups taught by friendly teachers to ensure you get the best value for money in a fantastic environment. * Our timetable is full of events and classes to provide you with the opportunity to embrace this addictive sport and all it has to offer.
pole dancing classes Pole dancing
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Tumble Tots Swansea
Cardiff, Cardiff, CF23 7JB
Designed to develop children''s physical skills of agility, balance, co-ordination and climbing, through the use of brightly coloured Tumble Tots equipment in weekly sessions with parental assistance. The programme is structured to develop children''s positive personality traits including confidence and self-esteem. Each 45-minute weekly session combines fun, excitement and challenge in a safe and caring environment. All sessions use unique equipment and are run by staff specially trained to get the best out of your child. It is structured according to the different ages and stages of a child''s development. Gymbabes 6 months to Walking age: With parent involvement, Gymbabes helps to stimulate and encourage babies to use all their senses, gently and without pressure. Playing, exploring, crawling and learning together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Tumble Tots Walking to 2 years: This class is for children who can walk confidently. With parental participation, the confident walker is now encouraged to climb, jump, roll and other elementary physical activities that help stimulate body awareness. Tumble Tots 2 - 3 years: Sessions are now based around ''activity stations'' which form the basis for various task sequences. These are designed to enable children to develop their sense of balance, co-ordination and agility. Still with parent participation, children in this age group now start learning to listen to instructions. Tumble Tots 3 to School age: Sessions now focus on even more challenging task sequences with the use of higher pieces of equipment. As the more confident child now participates on his/her own, tasks are designed to further develop a child''s co-ordination, ball skills, body awareness and control.
Coordination Balance Climbing Agility Child development play programme
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5 a Side at Goals Leeds
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2AW
5 a side football at Goals Soccer Centres offer pitch bookings, 5 a side leagues and tournaments. Goals - top of the league when it comes to 5 a side.
five a side goals soccer centres goals leeds 5 a side
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Surface2Air Sports
Hythe, Kent, CT21 5AU
Surface2Air Sports is the only BKSA qualified kitesurfing School offering kitesurf lessons in Kent we teach at Camber Sands in safe shallow waters perfect for learning this amazing watersport. Course prices from 99 (Full day) inc all the equipment needed on the day. We also run 2 day course this are much better because after this course your ready to get you own Kitesurf equipment and get out on the water, We back all this up with a Retail shop where we sell all the kitesurfing kites, boards and anything else you may need inc wetsuits. for more info give us a call on 01303 268269
S2AS kiteboarding help Learn to kitesurf camber sands Kite surf 2 day course BKSA kitesurf lessons Kitesurfing Lessons
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Football coaching 4 kidz
Manchester, Lancashire, M34 6dx
Football coaching 4 kidz is a fast growing daytime activity for boys and girls aged between 18months and 6 years old. We help develop kids with there social & communication skills, self confidence, numeracy, colours, ball control and most of all having fun.
manchester pre school, sport, children drills, sessions, club, fun free, training, activities, tameside, football, coaching, kidz,
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Nomads Coaching
Clevedon, Bristol, BS21 7US
Nomads Kayak Coaching offer you everything you need to paddle safely. We aim to run a variety of courses, lessons, coaching through out the year but we pride ourselves on catering for newcomers to the sport. Our coaches are fully qualified, experienced and passionate instructors. Working on a small student to instructor ratio means courses and sessions always work to your aims, needs and pace. Our courses are held predominantly in Clevedon, North Somerset on a sheltered saltwater lake; however we can operate any of our courses at other locations subject to risk assessments and other surveys. Check out our course list and dates too see whats coming up, or to organise some one to one tuition. Alternatively if you would like to make a private group booking please contact us.

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Nottingham Cloud Dragon School of Tai Chi
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG4 1Bp
Tai Chi Lessons in Nottingham
Tai Chi for health in Nottingham, Tai Chi for relaxation in Nottingham Tai Chi Chuan ,Taijiquan Martial Arts in Nottingham ,Notts Martial Arts Tai Chi Self Defence, Beginners Tai Chi courses in Nottingham Tai Chi Nottingham, Nottingham Tai Chi
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Kent Kiteboarding School
Faversham, Kent, me13 7tb
Learn to kitesurf with lessons and courses from Kent Kiteboarding School (KKS), Kents premier kiteboarding or kitesurfing school in South East England. Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is the latest extreme water sport to hit the North Kent Coast and is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world. Kent Kiteboarding School makes it easy and accessible for anybody to try this amazing new extreme sport. At KKS, Kitesurfing tuition is available from complete beginner to competition standard, by the first IKO kitesurfing or kiteboarding instructor in Kent. We can teach the students the neccessary skills, safety knowledge and the theory, in a couple of days, so they can progress safely and independently. We are a mobile unit that utilizes various locations in Kent to run IKO/BKSA certified courses and lessons in kitesurfing. This means our students learn in the best and safest conditions, away from the crowds. All our teaching sites are less than an hour from the M25 motorway, giving good accessibility from London and the South East region. Visit the website to find out how Kent Kiteboarding School differs from other schools...also for the latest photos and news! Gift vouchers available!
mobile instructor safe lessons tuition courses birthday christmas present gift voucher whitstable faversham canterbury herne bay thanet kent ramsgate camber sands kitesurfing kiteboarding
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Broadstreet Rugby Club Coventry
Coventry, Warwickshire, CV3 2AY
We are very proud of our facilities here at Broadstreet Rugby Club Coventry, and can boast that our complex is set in over 40 acres of professionally landscaped grounds and woodland, our complex is situated in one of the most picturesque locations in the region. Broadstreet''s clubhouse has full wheelchair access on the ground floor and disabled facilities. This allows us to provide the kind of playing environments unequalled by others. Players train twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings from 6:30 PM on our two floodlit pitches. Daylight games we have a choice of 6 full sized rugby pitches. These excellent rugby facilities have been utilised by Coventry And District Union, Warwickshire RFU, Midlands RFU and the England Rugby for training sessions and full games in early 2008 for England Deaf Rugby Union in their matches against The Welsh Deaf Rugby Union in February and March saw the visit of The Scottish Deaf Rugby Union XV.
rugby players Coventry rugby rugby coventry coventry club Rugby Club
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Studio1 Fitness
Farnham, Surrey, GU105EH
STUDIO-1 is an owner managed gym run by National level competitive athletes designed for people that like to take their training seriously. With the ever increasing number of mass market gyms trying to cater for everyone the serious athlete can often find themselves frustrated with trying to train in an over crowded gym with queues for equipment, the gym being untidy, a lack of specialist equipment and the whole environment being more of a social club with as many people on mobile phones as there are training. Our aim at Studio 1 is to provide a training facility for the discerning athlete that wants to have the best equipment, an immaculate gym managed by professional sports people that can give advice on training and nutrition and that actually have a real interest in people achieving their goals. At studio 1 its not about numbers, in fact we have limited our membership to ensure the gym is never over crowded, the facility is populated with a mix of Gym80 and Precor Icarian equipment which is widely regarded as the best there is. The Gym is predominantly a free weights and resistance facility with limited cardio because anyone that purely wants cardio can attend any mass market gym and jump on a treadmill but very few gyms cater for the resistance side in a way STUDIO-1 has. 35 full member monthly standing order or debited off card monthly and you get a membership card and windscreen sticker to get easy access through security gate 25 day time trainer monthly standing order or debited off card monthly and you get a membership card and windscreen sticker to get easy access through security gate for daytime only rates and you are free to train between 7am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday and any time at weekends 5 pay as you go gets you a one off train on any day of the week 4.30 pm onwards and weekends and 5 for one off train between 7am -4.30pm Monday - Friday 350 gets you an annual membership and if you join part way through the year it will run from joining date until same date next year, this saves you 70 Personal training from Louise or Mark is priced at 30 per hour after an initial free 1 hour consultation to establish goals and assess current level of ability / conditioning. In addition to this specialist training packages are available and priced individually on request.
sport bodybuilding health & fitness gym weightlifting
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Anglia and Midland Sports LTD
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE8 4HN
Established in 1979, Anglia & Midland Sports LTD produce premium quality tennis courts and multi-use sports surfaces with the emphasis on using our own skilled workforce, the best materials, and a thorough and professional approach. Over the last 31 years we have surfaced over 4000 courts in schools, clubs, stately homes, parks and in private homes through out the UK. Anglia & Midland Sports LTD can offer fencing surrounds with tubular supports or with our own patented Obelisk surround system. All courts come with full design and installation service.
Tennis court construction
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Durham, Durham, dh7 9ey
Leaders of science based sports nutrition, providing Vitargo S2 to the UK and Ireland.
gym supplies sports nutrition genr8 vitargo
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Lucy''s Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons
Deal, Kent, CT14 6NU
Clay Pigeon shooting is a fun sport for all the family involving the shooting of a moving round clay target of which you anticipate its speed and direction in order to calculate where to shoot it in respect to its position when shot. It is a friendly sport for all ages in which can be participated as an individual, as a couple or in a group, for fun or competitively at a local Club, or even at County, National, International or Olympic level. Regular,safe, professional lessons with Lucy will prevent bad habits and result in safe, confident and consistent shooting. Lucy''s clay pigeon shooting lessons are available (CRB approved) for Children, Women & Men, and assistance given for the experienced shooter in diagnosing and solving problems, individually or in groups up to four per session. Corporate parties can also be arranged. For further information:
Sport for all the family Clay Shooting Kent Clay shooting clubs Cartridges, Clays and shotguns Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons in Kent
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Football Agents and Sports Management
Liverpool, Merseyside, L354LF
WWW.FOOTBALLAGENTS.ORG.UK - Football Agents solicitors offer professional representation and advice to Football Players on the beautiful game. Our Principal Solicitor, Ronnie Hutcheon is a Registered Lawyer under the FA Football Agents Regulations Registration Number RLH 894 offering a comprehensive football management service to players. Football Agents services include negotiating contracts, representation, media/public relations, disciplinary procedures and image rights. As Football Agents are a Firm of Solicitors all matters can be dealt with by us without having to refer to other parties. Football Agents are fully qualified and insured to act and advise. But it does not stop there, at Football Agents we encourage players to reach their potential by dealing with every aspect of a football players career. Football Agents will deal with all the distractions off the pitch leaving the player to concentrate on his game. A perfect partnership between player and agent both 100% committed.
negotiation of football contracts sports agents solicitors lawyers football agents
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Carroll Sports Academies
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, wv5 8we
Our sports skills programmes have been teaching and entertaining children and teens for over fourteen years. Each one is designed to teach boys and girls of all abilities and all ages. They are the perfect way for youngsters to participate in healthy physical activity, learn team skills, and gain confidence in a fun, no pressure environment. It is a great way to promote health and fitness to children of any age. Because we have access to venues both indoor and out, weather and seasons are never a problem. Pupils can stay fit and active all year round. Carroll Sports Academies know that children who work really hard deserve a little something to show for their efforts. This is why we award our younger children who participate in any of our sixteen week programmes through a Trophy Award Scheme. Awards help children develop self esteem and when achieved at an early age, they can be the foundation for a life time of confidence. Each sports programme is taught using a fun yet structured curriculum and by a fully qualified coach who has been CRB cleared. Our coaches are hand picked for their outstanding teaching abilities and their motivational approach in having fun while helping your child learn.
golf coaching football coaching cricket coaching tennis coaching sports coaching for children ages 3 - 17
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Central London Fencing Club
London, London, SW1P 4HD
CLFC provides a range of adult beginner classes, plus foil and epee club sessions for adults and children in central London.

Offering corporate & group events, we welcome new members, beginners, intermediate & advanced fencers throughout the year.
Fitness Fencing Beginners' Classes Children's Session Sport
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WGC Judo Club
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL8 6XE
Welwyn Garden City Judo is a friendly community based, not for profit, club, established over 40 years and is one of the oldest judo clubs in Hertfordshire. We teach Judo as a sport for all and welcome judo players of all ages and standards. The Club is registered with the British Judo Association (BJA).
Judo club in Hertfordshire
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Liverpool, Merseyside, L9 7AU

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This sport listing has been removed.

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Swim Academy for Babies
Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 2SX
Swim Academy for Babies is a unique independent swimming school based in Cornwall, with classes in Redruth, Portreath, Mullion and St Ives. We can enable your baby to swim safely and confidently from an early age. We run special swimming classes for babies from newborn to 24 months old, in a friendly, relaxed and fun environment at carefully selected swimming pools. Special techniques are used to help mothers and fathers develop a deeper bond with their baby. The earlier babies are introduced to water the sooner they can be taught vital water safety skills as well as increasing their strength and stamina. We also include fun excercises to help mothers recover their pre-pregnancy body weight. We use internationally proven ''in water'' and ''underwater'' techniques to improve babies lung capacity and function as well as boosting babies self-confidence and general heath and fitness levels. Most babies also develop better eating and sleeping patterns, and many parents plan sleep times around swimming classes! Fathers and grandparents also welcome to bring babies to our classes. Underwater baby photoshoots also available at least twice per year.
underwater baby photography baby swimming classes mother and baby swimming baby bonding baby swimming
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Saaab through sport ltd
Telford, Shropshire, TF2 9FT
At SAAAB Through Sport we feel Physical Education/SPORT is that aspect of Education, which specifically employs psycho-motor activities and the related moral and social experiences in the development of mature, disciplined and well integrated people. Therefore we use Physical Education/SPORT as a tool to tackle aggressive and antisocial behaviour to achieve our desired outcome. (To develop disciplined and well integrated people). SAAAB THROUGH SPORT promote good practice and encourage a proactive response to supporting children to manage their own behaviour.
Anti social behaviour Gun and knife crime Physical education Sports
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Dutch Vision Ltd.
Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 2JY
A professional, reliable and player-development orientated soccer academy, creating a fun environment for children of all ages to succeed and become technically profficient in a range of skills. Dutch Vision Soccer Academy uses the most up to date coaching methods to ensure players of all abilities can enjoy, learn and progress in their sporting lives. We work with Schools, Football Clubs and other Organisations to provide their young people with elite coaching.
Professional Football Coaching and Tuition Football Coaching and Multi Sports PPA Cover and Teaching Cover Sports Coaching and Development Dutch Vision
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Carsington Sports and Leisure
Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1ST
- Sailing - Windsurfing - Canoeing - Mountain Biking - Tuition & Hire - Educational Groups - Recognised Courses
Climbing Water Sports Mountain Biking, Cycling Canoeing, Kayaking Sailing, Windsurfing
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Jarvis Sports Tours
Stockport, Cheshire, sk62na
Professional tours for amateur clubs,Jarvis Sports Tours tailor each tour to meet every teams different requirements we will organise your travel either by air or coach,accommodation and your fixtures we have a great range of tournaments for clubs to enter, and can cater for any type of sport from football to roller hockey we make sure you will have a team holiday to remember.
amateur sports tours and tournaments,football for kids ,manchester golf holidays, junior football tours, cricket tours,rugby tours and tournaments, schools sports tours and holidays, school golf packages, football tours abroad, sports tours,
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Ballooning Network
Bristol, Avon, BS3 1RN
Join us for a magical hot air balloon flight. From the moment the burner starts to fill the balloon envelope to the moment the basket touches back down, the whole experience is magical. As the air inside the balloon heats the basket leaves the ground taking the Pilot and passengers skyward. You will be in the air for up to an hour and fly where the wind takes you. We have various launch sites located in Bath, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Usk and Wye Valley, Somerset and Westonbirt Arboretum.
balloon flight bath bristol somerset gloucestershire usk wye wales hot air balloon ride
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Robins Reach Archery
Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK44 2BY
Before you go any further why not check out what our satisfied clients and customers have to say..... CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW Fancied trying your hand at Archery.... then why not try a fun session or a beginners course A GNAS (Grand National Archery Society) recognised beginners course consists of 8 hours tuition (NB. this is the minimum requirement by GNAS in order to join any UK archery club). At Robins Reach we can offer Beginners Courses at any time of day, 7 days a week, over 2, 3 or 4 sessions at a mutually convenient time. However, in winter, with the dark evenings, we find daytime/weekend sessions most appropriate. Alternatively, we offer a residential course, with a one or two night stay in our B&B. The course covers basic training in Recurve Archery plus in-depth safety; archery etiquette; different bow disciplines: Bare bow; Recurve Olympic Style; Longbow and compound; Equipment set up; Terminology and basic maintenance. Also advice can be given on equipment needed to take up the sport. A certificate will be supplied at the end of successful completion of the 8-hour course, enabling the client(s) to join any archery club of their choice. Our fully qualified GNAS coach, offers intensive one-to-one tuition/coaching for those requiring in-depth personal training. The same level of tuition can be provided for groups of up to 4 people involving a little less individual attention, but gaining experience from group activity. Robins Reach Archery also have a mobile facility and can bring the Archery range to you, (subject to satisfactory safety check) Robins Reach Archery can also cater for, to name but a few.... Corporate events; Social/club events; Schools after school activities; Fetes; Fayres; Charity/Fund raising events (donation made); Country Shows; Have-a-go;Parties for kids (and big kids).... GIFT VOUCHERS: Gift Vouchers for all occasions: To Purchase your Gift Voucher, simply contact us on 01234 376889 and we will discuss and advise (tailor make) the best package for you.... A personalised gift voucher (at no extra cost) can be mailed to the buyer for presentation to the participant/s. All vouchers are valid for 12months from the date of issue. The ideal Unique Gift All Archery events undertaken by Robins Reach Archery are fully insured for public liability. Our full risk assessment and Police CRB inspection report can be presented on request.
Archery Events Archery Parties Archery Clbs Archery Corporate Archery
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Hertford Clay Pigeon Shooting Club
Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG14 2HZ
Hertford Clay Pigeon Shooting Club is Hertfordshire''s Premier Clay Shooting Ground. Established in 1970, it occupies a purpose-built site just near Hertford with 10 different shooting arenas. There are several covered shooting points for the comfort of our guests in poor weather. We have ample car parking and a clubhouse with toilets and refreshments. Fully insured and affiliated to the CPSA, our Shooting School is open Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 4 for lessons for individuals and groups. Learn to shoot in safe and experienced hands, suitable for men and women of all ages. Stag and Hen groups, company days, staff outings, birthdays and anniversaries. Gift vouchers available from 25. All welcome. For the Club''s Fixture List, please visit
Clay Shooting Days Shooting Lessons Stag Parties Corporate Entertainment Clay Pigeon Shooting
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Sport and Lifestyle Injury Clinic
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 4UA
The Sport and Lifetsyle Injury Clinic offers assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries sustained during sports or home and work. This is achieved through electrotherapy, manual therapy, massage and exercise therapy. Neck and back pain can be comprehensively assessed and treated with sports massage addtionally offered. The well equipped clinic situated in Hemel Hempstead is run by graduates in Sports Therapy BSc Honours. The clinic has the use of a gym and swimming pool on site for conveinient rehabilitation.
Injury Clinic Sports Massage Neck and Back Pain Physiotherapy Sport Injuries
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Romiley Karate Club
Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 2BP
Romiley karate club was established by Sensei David Moon in 2003 and has already enjoyed unprecedented success on the local and national circuit. We have had countless successful gradings, training a number of our students to obtain their coveted Black Belt Dan Grade. We have entered numerous national tournaments in which we have always been extremely successful, winning many trophies and crowning several champions. We pride ourselves in training all our students to a high standard, whatever their ability. Lesson Information TRAINING DAYS AND TIMES: TUESDAY EVENINGS, FRIDAY EVENINGS AND SATURDAY MORNINGS PEAR MILL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE | UNIT 3A | STOCKPORT ROAD WEST | BREDBURY (next to the Adidas Factory) : Tuesday: 6:00pm - 7:00pm | Beginners (aged 7+) Tuesday: 7:15pm - 8:15pm | Advanced Cadets lessons Tuesday: 8:30pm - 10pm | Adults class (13+ any grade, beginners welcome) Friday: 6:00pm - 7:00pm | Beginners (aged 7+) Friday: 7:15pm - 8:15pm | Advanced Cadets lessons Friday: 8:30pm - 10pm | Adults class (13+ any grade, beginners welcome) Saturday: 10:00am - 10:45am | Kick Start: Karate 4 Kidz (children aged 4 - 6) Saturday: 11:00am - 12 midday | Any grade aged 7+ to adults (beginners welcome) Private lessons (karate, self-defence or fitness) available on request.
Martial Arts Shukokai Karate Karate
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Victory Leagues
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 8AB
We are a new low cost provider of small sided sports leagues, mainly running 5 and 6 aside football leagues throughout the country at a very low cost to the community.
5 aside 6 aside football leagues 6 aside 5 aside football
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Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN2 6JX
We are a sports and activities networking site based in Northampton. Free Registration today! We aim to get people involved and active by finding you a KeepFitFriend. * Jogging partner * Gym buddy * Swimming partner * The list goes on, you name it we can accomodate it. -It''s never too late to begin changing your lifestyle- -Get up and Go- Contact us now: email: email: Mobile: 07861746698/ 07702334848
active activities fitness health sports
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Pontyclun RFC
Pontyclun, Rhondda Cynon Taff, CF72 9DQ
A club with a long history of rugby in Pontyclun - indeed over 100 years. A building to be proud of, to house all that we need for holding functions whether it be a small staff meeting or a family celebration, a quiet evening out or a more boisterous celebration night. Good clean facilities, exceptional staff service, ability to provide catering facilities from a light refreshment to a much larger buffet . Contact us for a meeting or an enjoyable night out.
Cheap Drinks Sporting Meetings Venue Rugby
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Whitley Bay and Tynemouth Hockey Club
North Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE29 6TL
Providing mens and womens field hockey teams in Newcastle for all ages and abilities, Whitley Bay & Tynemouth hockey club have a team for everyone. Working closely with schools and colleges in and around Newcastle, WBTHC provides a high level of coaching and competitive weekend matchs.
newcastle field hockey recreation leisure sport
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Chelsea Karate Club
London, London, SW10 0QS
Welcome to Chelsea karate club Chelsea Karate Club has members ranging from beginners to black belts Our programmes are designed for two types of people: People who wish to take karate and become or stay fit People who wish to go one step further and participate in national & international competitions. we are fortunate enough to be taught by one of the W.K.F experienced instructors, Sensei Farzad Youshanlou. The Club is a member of English Karate Federation.The standard of teaching at the club is extremely high, and this is reflected in tournaments. Chelsea Karate Club is a Shotokan Karate club based in London under the World Karate Federation rule. We will help you acquire effective competitive Karate and at the same time we provide a comprehensive programme for personal development. It is our goal to raise the overall quality of our students'' lives. Please visit our website for further details. VENUE 1. Chelsea College, Hortensia Road, SW10 WEDs 20.00-21.00 THUs 17.30-19.00 SATs 11.30-13.00 VENUE 2. Fitrooms, North End Road, Fulham, SW6 SUNs 10.30-11.45 (advance only)
join us at Chelsea Karate Club
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Golf Lessons Warwickshire
Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 8AA
Golf Lessons Warwickshire, Rugby and Warwick with PGA registered Golf Professional Jonathan Gibbons.
warwickshire golf
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mickeys school of swimming
London, Hertfordshire, en4 8tf
Hi there my name is mickey walsh, I am a fully trained swimming coach now starting up my own company after 4 years of working for others. My operating hours are 6am - 11pm. I cater for both children and adults. Group sessions and private 1 to 1 lessons open 7 days a week.
swimming teaching swimming lessons swimming tuition swimming coaching swimming
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Marlow Sports People
Colne, Lancashire, BB8 0SQ
Perhaps you need a sports coach and cannot find the person you need? We can connect you to a vast range of coaches who have the skills you require and are available right now. Anyone wanting to engage with a sports activity can contact us to find information they require about venues, contact details and availability for sport.
Coaches Sports People Sports Venue Sports Community Sports Coaches
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Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4XH
Notts Sport is the leading UK muga supplier. Muga refurbishment available in addition to the synthetic turf pitches which Nottssport provides.
synthetic turf nottssport muga
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FTS Sportsturf Services Limited
Newbury, Berkshire, RG19 6HW
Sports ground and amenity contractors. Drainage, construction, renovation and maintenance. Machinery hire. Cricket pitch and golf specialists.
Sports ground maintenance Cricket golf renovation Pitch renovation construction Pitch drainage Sports ground contractors
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Goals Soccer Centres
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G7 5PR
5 a side football at Goals Soccer Centres throughout the UK. Book a five a side pitch, join a footy league or enter a tournament. Book online and play football now!
goals soccer centres 5 a side football leagues 5 aside tournaments five a side football centres 5 a side football
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Bozdag Taekwondo
London, London, E2 8DP
''Bozdag Taekwondo'' is a Taekwondo club in Shoreditch, right in the heart of London. Seyit Bozdag; Coach and founder of ''Bozdag Taekwondo'' has had over 20 years experience and started his trainig in Turkey, one of the most highly regarded countries for this ancient art. Bozdag Taekwondo is open to everyone from ages 5+ We also offer private classes for those who cannot, or do not wish to attend the group classes. We have alot of fun at our club, however we do expect some hard work from you. By attending classes you will become fit, both in body and mind. Your confidence levels will rise and you get the opportunity to be trained by an extremaly experienced coach who is an expert in Taekowndo as well as most other martial arts! Come along today for your FREE trial class! We look forward to seeing you training with us soon! Bozdag Taekwondo.
London Martial Arts Clubs in London Martial arts TKD Taekwondo
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Halstead, Essex, co91hb
supply of bait and tackle
boilies tackle bait
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Bristol, Bristol, BS31 1HW
cycle shop, top quality cycle sales,pesonal service, & repairs,accessories & clothing stocked
personal service bmx,mountainbikes,hybrids,comfort cycles bike rpairs & servicing wide range of accessories cycles,bikes, bike shop.
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the jockey club
Horley, Surrey, rh67bg
we offer a membership service to people interested in the horse racing field, we give tips out for horses.
make money horse racing tips
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NSCR - National Studio Cycling Register
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP10 0RE
We specialise in providing innovative training courses to Fitness Professionals within the Leisure industry. One of the training courses we provide is our nationally accredited Studio Cycling qualification. We offer a three phase instructor training programme, as well as update and refresher courses. Our courses are licensed by several manufacturers, and training companies, and continue to set the standard in Studio Cycling Instructor Training. The director and founder of the NSCR became the first ever European and British Spinning & Studio Cycling Instructor, working with the originator in 1995. We have taught over 2000 instructors and helped over 100 clubs start their Studio Cycling programmes. The Phase one 2 day course is designed to give students the skills required to teach all ages and abilities, in a fun and motivating class on any brand of indoor bike, covering both practical and theory sessions. The NSCR have vast experience in running in-house Studio Cycling Courses which are usually cheaper per instructor than public courses if you have more than 4 instructors. Training is conducted on a date which fits in with your timetable. Training is provided with the same knowledgeable Master Trainers we use for our existing programme of courses held in Buckinghamshire.
Indoor Cycling Spinning Accredited Studio Cycling Course
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Churchill Events
London, London, SW19 1NE
Corporate events- tickets and hospitality for all major sporting and theatre events.
Wimbledon tickets hospitality Rugby football
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Littleborough, East Sussex, 2087
Get quality golf accessories at online golf shop in lowest prices. Golf sales products are like golf equipments, golf shoes, golf putters, golf balls, golf clubs, golf drivers, golf discount, Powakaddy, cobra golf, Golf Trolleys and many more.
Golf Trolleys Golf Shoes Golf Balls Golf Putters Golf Accessories
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Bristol, Bristol, BS8 9BA
Find a local sports or fitness partner, other sporty singles, join or start a local team, find sports facilities and sports events. Its completely free to join.
sporty singles sports partner
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VU Ltd
Bath, Somerset, BA1 3AU
VU Ltd is a sports hospitality specialist for business and pleasure run by former England Rugby Union international Victor Ubogu. Operating out of Bath, VU Ltd specialises in quality dinners, days out and team building events around sports such as rugby, polo, cricket, racing and sailing. Visit to find out more.
Racing Hospitality Rugby Dinner Sport
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Cycle Routes UK
Mold, Flintshire, CH5 4LR
Web site offering free cycle routes and cycling information and advice within the UK.
cycle routes uk cycle route cycle routes
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Ilfracombe, Devon, EX34 8PL
H2Outdoor is your gateway to an exciting range of outdoor activities, all situated within North Devon. We specialise in providing unforgettable experiences by combining high quality activities with the outstanding natural beauty of this area. The activity sessions we provide range from one off tasters taking maybe just a couple of hours, to full weekend or week long packages that may be tailored to suit your exact requirements. Kayaking, canoeing, surfing, coasteering, mountain biking, pony trekking, rock climbing and abseiling are just some of the activities we have to offer.
activity packages devon coasteering north devon outdoor activities activity packages coasteering devon
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Trampoline Gymnastics
Darlington, Durham, dl1
Trampoline Gymnastics. Friday evenings ages 5 years and up all abilities. Holiday crash courses available. For more information or to book a place call Debbie on 07825 381601
Gymnastics Trampoline
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Carp Tutorials
Lechlade, Gloucestershire, GL73BG
My name is Lee Pollard Im a Level Two Proffesional Anglers Association (PAA) qualified Angling Coach. Ive been fishing for over 20 years and first started when I was six with my uncle taking me to the local rivers and pond catching roach, perch and dace. As time went on I became a carp fishing emthusiast, and from that day realised I had a massive fascination for these incredible fish. Over the years, Ive learnt so much and now have as much enjoyment passing my fishing knowledge on to you as I do cathching carp myself. Why not read a few of the carp fishing articles Ive wrote for fishing magazines. For the Pike predator angler - Ive been lucky enough to bring Gary Nunn on board who is a great friend and a very respected angler. Gary Runs the predator side of things and has over 30 years experience in fishing for Pike, Perch and Catfish; he has taken many big pike, perch and cats form numerous waters in the UK. Over our many years of angling there has been times when we have both needed pointing in the right direction . With over 50 years of experience combined, we thought it was a good idea to put these angling courses/tutorials and lessons together to help you improve your angling skills and put more fish on the bank improve your angling through our company
carp tutorials carp fishing tuition angling tuition fishing tuition carp tuition
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Brazilian Soccer Schools, Staffs
Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 9SE
Brazilian Soccer Schools (BSS), Staffs, illustrate that the dreams of any child, combined with daily practice and a unique devotion to the ball, can produce players with previously unseen levels of technical and physical ability. We exist to develop players who enjoy playing the game so much that they pass on their creativity, passion and enthusiasm to all of those who see them play and train. Please visit the website for more details on our 5 - 7 year olds coaching, 8 - 18 years old coaching, freestyle, girls only and team sessions.-
Staffs Soccer Skills Football Brazil
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London, London, NW11 7TJ
At we provide unrivaled prices on all things cycling. Clothing, accessories, components frames, bikes and wheels- We stock some of the worlds largest brands, and offer free postage, with no minimum spend. Even if you are new to the sport, one of our team will be more than happy to assist you. Let us know your requirements, and we can prescribe you an entry level bike that caters for your needs, but more importantly, your budget!
bike shop online cycle store cycling cycle shop cycling shop
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Kit Deals Ltd
Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 8BE, is an online sports shop, a sports product directory, a sports retail advertising facility that is designed for independent sports retailers. We provide great listing and web traffic referrals to our customers websites. Kit Deals is a sports kit deals offer website. We operate in the Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Football and Cricket markets.
Rugby Ball, Rugby Balls Sportswear, Sports Wear Sports Advertising, Sports Marketing Rugby Shirts, Rugby Shirt Sports Clothing, Team Kits
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NK Sports
Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, BS22 6AU
NK Sports is a traditional sports shop, located in Worle, Weston-Super-Mare. We are specialists in sports wear and equipment.
Embroidery School wear Bowls Running Football
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Ryan Matthews services
Brighton, East Sussex, Bn1 2lb
I operate in providing horse betting services to many customers which seek the opportunity to make a profit when betting on horse racing. I provide a subscription service that customers ring to obtain the relevent information which the client seeks.
Interactive Genuine Reliable Successful Profitable
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Southern Association Football Academy (SAFA)
Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 1EX
Top quality football coaching, courses and development centres for ages 5-14, all abilities and any gender.

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Peter Parks Golf
Hever, Kent, TN8 7NP
Pro Golf Lessons offers tips and instruction to golfers from Peter Parks PGA, Head Professional at Hever Castle Golf Club in Kent (near Sevenoaks, Edenbridge, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, East Grinstead, Crawley).
golf tips golf swing golf pro golf instruction golf lessons
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Prestwick Mill Farm Stables
Ponteland, Northumberland, NE20 9UB
We offer riding lessons,pony rides and hacking for all ages from 2 years in a friendly family-run environment. Maximum of four riders per lesson. Childrens'' birthday parties available. Horses for sale. All types of livery offered. All staff are CRB checked.
Hacking Equestrian centre Pony Horse riding lesson Horse riding
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Endurance Kickboxing
Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 0PG
Endurance Kickboxing provides the very best in full contact kickboxing tuition.
Gym, Fitness Accrington Kickboxing Full contact kickboxing Martial Arts
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Glynneath Karate Club
Glynneath, Glamorgan, sa11 5ab
Technical and Hard Training in a Safe Friendly Dojo.Qualified NVQ Level 2 Coach.Thirty Six Years of Experience with Japanese and British Instructors. History,Terminology,Grading and General Infomation of Karate.
womens class karate fitness teaching children glynneath
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Promart Supplies Ltd
Woodlesford, West Yorkshire, LS26 8WY
Promart Supplements - Bodybuilding & sports supplements supplier of whey protein powders, shakes and creatine in the UK. Please visit our website and bodybuilding blog, which provides information, special offers and reviews on bodybuilding supplements, along with the most competitive prices in the industry. All bodybuilding supplements orders include free p+p and for orders over 50.00 a 10% discount can be obtained by entering the discount code "googlebase" during checkout. If you need any help or advice, please use the ''contact us'' page and request a bodybuilding blog about the subject to be produced within 48 hours, or ask us for an answer directly. Regards, Martin Procter Promart Supplements
Protein Shakes Sports Supplements Creatine Whey Protein Powder Bodybuilding Supplements
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Horse Racing Consultant
Derby, Derbyshire, DE22 1FT
Hello, My name is Gurkamal Basra and I am the professional UK horse racing sports consultant based in the midlands area. I would like to invite you to visit my business website. I provide the industries best and unique Horse racing Tipping and consultancy service. We offer a very low cost daily, weekly or monthly based subscriptions. You can also tailor made your own package and we would be happy to take your reasonable offer on the board. Please visit our website at for further info! You can contact us via email, phone, online Interactive chat or simply fill the call back form and we will call you back! P.S - All our past results are updated in the results section. We hope to hear soon from you! Kind regards, The Horse Racing Consultant Team UK.
horse race Tips Horse Racing Tipping service Horse Racing consultant Horse racing betting software Horse racing best tipster
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Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 8RA
Forum for fans of Portsmouth Fc and ex users
pompey rivals Portsmouth pompey online Pompey
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smart sports coaching
Bristol, Bristol, bs10
Smart Sports Coaching is a Bristol based sports coaching company, currently offering football, and multi-sports courses for children aged 4-11. All our coaches are qualified in all of the sports we offer and have significant experience coaching children in Bristol.
sports school football coaching school coaching sports coaching
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Football Invasion
Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 2YT
Football Invasion is a leading 5-a-side football league organision. We have a variety of teams registered across the UK, ranging from groups of friends, corporate companies to local football teams. Football Invasion offer a smooth experience from the minute you register. Football Invasion organise everything, from pitches and balls to referee''s and league tables, all you have to do is turn up and play.
5-a-side Football in Watford, Hertfordshire Football Leagues 5-a-side Football in Reading, Berkshire 5-a-side Football in Alton, Hampshire 5-a-side Football
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Morecambe and District Hockey Club
Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 3JD
Morecambe Hockey Club encourages the growth of our sport in the Lancaster and Morecambe area and welcome players of all abilities and experience. We have sections for men and ladies plus a strong junior section. Our hockey teams play at various standards and would love you to join us! All training sessions and home matches are played at the University of Cumbria, Lancaster (formerly St Martins College). For further details and directions, visit
hockey in lancaster lancaster hockey morecambe hockey hockey in morecambe hockey club
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Banks o Dee Football Club
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB12 3AB
Banks O'' Dee F.C. are a Junior football club from the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. They play in the Scottish Junior Football North Premier League and are reigning champions. They play their games at Spain Park, by the banks of the River Dee.
Youth Football banks o dee Dee Aberdeen Football
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Cressey''s Surf Academy
Pyle, Glamorgan, CF33 6JE
Cressey''s Surf Academy is based near the beautiful beaches of Porthcawl, South Wales - only 25mins outside of Cardiff and just off the M4. As a mobile Surf School we are able to offer lessons all along the South Wales coastline, wherever the best conditions are for that day - we go where the waves are! Learn and improve your surfing skills up to advanced and competition level with enthusiastic and friendly fully qualified British Surfing Association surf coaches. Head Coach Ingemar Cressy is a South African surfing champion, BSA Surf Coach, Lifeguard and Fitness Instructor and offers over 20 years experience in the water. We use a mix of land and water based training, including video coaching and are able to offer tailored surf sessions for 1:1 and groups of all sizes, ages and levels of ability including: schools, youth groups, families, parties, team building and stag and hen days. All equipment is provided and prices start from just 20pp for half a day. Special offers are available for youth and school groups. Cressey''s Surf Academy is also the official distributor for DK Surfboards in Wales. Contact us for more information.
Surf lessons Surfing Wales Surf coaching Surf School Learn to surf
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Goals Soccer Centre Leeds
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2AW
5 a side football at Goals Soccer Centres in Leeds. Book a 5 a side pitch, join a league or enter a tournament online.
goals soccer centres five a side football 5 a-side football pitches five a-side football 5 a side football Leeds
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BURNTWOOD, Staffordshire, WS71QD
shooting and hunting equipment for all your needs pls take a look cheap as chips and loads to look at all buyers should use the web site as im british and own this site if you have any questions pls ask me thanks
air rifle shops hunting shooting equipment hunting equipment clay shooting
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Bike Right
Manchester, Lancashire, M11 2NA
We offer high quality cycling training, bikeability, mountain biking skills, cycle instructor training, bicycle maintenance courses, cycle to work schemes, cycling event management and cycling consultancy for travel plans and infrastructure development. We work with groups and individuals, children and adults across the country
bikeability bicycle maintenance cycling event management mountain biking skills Cycling training
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Ade Hospitality
Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 3AQ
Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality business specialsing in Corporate Events Hospitality Guest Speakers Seminars, Conferences & Exhibitions Client & Company Days Product Launches Promotions
celebrities Entertainment hospitality sport corporate
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Sport Academies Ltd
Islington, London, N1 0HS
Sport Academies is an exciting school holiday sport camp for children that combines coaching and games to help young athletes learn and enjoy sport. Our fresh approach aims to inspire all levels and get children active. Parents can rest assured that their children are being looked after in a safe and fun environent. We are currently running multi-sport day courses in North London and football courses in Rugby, Warwickshire where we also have a residential course running. We welcome boys and girls fron 3-16yrs.
Day course and residential School holiday courses Football camps Tennis, yoga, judo, cricket Sport camps
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Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 1NW
a new innovative cycling website!
MTB Road Track Time Trial Downhill Burry Stander Lance Armstrong cycling bikes bike
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Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 1TR

Stirling Albion Supporters Trust
Springkerse, Stirling, FK7 1DD
Stirling Albion Supporters Trust, Registered with the Financial Services Authority under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965, as the Stirling Albion Supporters'' Society Limited - Registration Number 29560R
Football Scotland Stirling
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Pure Strike Golf Coaching
Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3JX
Expert Golf Tuition for all levels, beginners and juniors most welcome. Dan Bailey is a well respected PGA Golf Coach based in Leicestershire. Here at Pure Strike Golf Coaching we are specialists in tailoring golf lessons to the individual which helps to optimise results.
kids golf lessons golf leicester dan bailey pure strike golf lessons
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Sussex Multisports Ltd
Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3LA
Sussex Multisports Ltd are a specialist Sports Coaching company delivering high quality coaching and aim to improve the local community by embracing social inclusion, equality and integration. We are particularly committed to developing and improving the standard of sports within schools and the local community. Sussex Multisports Ltd offer a range of sporting activities for children aged 4 to 16 within the county. We provide motivated and reliable staff that are fully qualified, have an enhanced CRB disclosure, are First Aid trained and have attended a series of training courses including Safeguarding children. Sussex Multisports Ltd currently hold drop in Saturday morning football at Old Boat Corner (near Hollingbury ASDA). Children aged 3-5 play in the Mini Tots group which is 10am to 11am Children aged 6-12 play in the Junior group which is 10am to 12pm We also hold Multisport Courses during the School holidays which are Monday to Friday 10am -3pm. These Multisports course will involve your child taking part in a multitude of sports such as Football, Tag Rugby, Kwick Cricket, Hockey, Dodgeball and Athletics. ONLINE discounts go to More information
Children Brighton and Hove Football Holiday Sport
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Robin Hood Events
Broadoak, Kent, CT20QE
Based in Canterbury,Kent, Robin Hood Events Ltd offers The ultimate archery experience to clients throughout the UK. Established in kent the company has over 12 years experience in the Archery sector. Perfect for Corporate events, Stag partys, Hen parties, birthday partys and childrens parties. No experience necessary, all equipment provided, 25 game zones to play, visit the incredible venue in Kent, mobile unit available, expert instructors, exciting team concept. Call for brochure. With a fantastic venue and fully qualified expert staff, the company is able to offer a professional archery day out to companies and the general public. The event is designed to be rewarding and fun, enabling clients to enjoy archery at its best. Robin Hood Events is a new concept in archery and a fantastic day is guaranteed. Robin Hood Events Ltd has introduced thousands of people, to archery, through corporate activities and the weekend fun games available both Saturdays and Sundays. The company is managed by Steve Nicholson who has been involved in the Archery business for many years. Having previously managed events companies since 1984, Steve Nicholson has assembled a team of expert events organisers and archery masters including International Champions.
Archery Party Archery lessons Archery Experience Archery Archery Kent
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willand, Devon, ex15 2ty
Excelsior offers strength and conditioning training programmes to all athletes and teams. This is ideal for those wishing to improve theri sporting performance. We also run strength and conditioning qualifications and coach education workshops. We also deliver Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programmes.
training programmes strength and conditioning qualifications Coach education strength and conditioning
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The Kitesurf Centre
Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7SB
The Kitesurf Centre offers kitesurfing lessons at Camber sands beach in East Sussex. We also run kiteboarding coaching courses and lessons in landboarding and powerkiting. Camber is just 1 hour from Brighton and just over an hour from South London. The Kitesurf Centre is run by two very experienced BKSA qualified instructors providing a wealth of knowledge and skills which will be passsed onto you during you kite lesson.
kite boarding lesson kitesurf london kiteboarding brighton kitesurfing hire kitesurfing lessons camber
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Leyland, Lancashire, PR25 1AP
Soccer Coaching in the Leyland area for 4 -14 year olds. Run by FA Qualified coach with over 4 years of coaching experinece. Coaching includes: SAQ, Skills, Games. Saturday Mornings (time dependant on AGE) oNLY 3.00 per session
soccer school coaching soccer football coaching football
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London Warriors
Wimbledon, London, sw19 1tn
London Warriors is a leading Martial Arts Academy run by highly experienced instructors for students of all ages and abilities. The Academy specialises in kickboxing and self defence and promotes healthy living and well being. Tony Francis Chief Instructor is passionate about all aspects of the martial arts and is dedicated to passing on his vast knowledge, experience and skills to his students. Students of London Warriors have competed both in the UK and internationally with a high success rate
Good Health Self Defence Personal Training Martial Arts Academy Kickboxing
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Seroiously Fun Swimming Schools
Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire, HP10 0TT
Seriously Fun Swimming Schools are the UK''s leading provider of swimming lessons for babies, children and adults. Swimming lessons for babies aged 4 months to 3 years, kids swiming classes for children aged 3 to 12 years, Academy swimming club for kids aged 12 years and over plus adult swimming lessons. Seriously Fun Swimming Schools offer swimming tuition at warm indoor swimming pools throughout Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey.
swimming classes for children kids swimming lessons adult swiming lessons swimming classes for babies baby swimming lessons
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Northwest Snooker Services
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY5 3EP
Northwest Snooker Services your snooker and pool table refurbisher. Services, sales, maintenance and repair. Storage and transportation. Full or partial recovers. Billiards equipment sales and accessories.
recovers pool maintenance cue snooker
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London, London, 620100
Bonuses and news from top online bookmakers. Free picks on football, NHL , tennis , NBA , MLB.
bookmakers betting
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Futures Sports Limited
Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN6 8ET
Futures Sports has been running specialised hockey camps since 1991. During this time, Futures Sports have built up an outstanding reputation for providing children and young people with a safe, fun, challenging experience that they will never forget. Futures Sports Camps have been recognised nationally and internationally in the past through schemes including the FIH International Year of the Youth and the England Hockey Year of the Umpire.
Futures Sports Hockey Field Hockey Hockey Camps
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Orange Squash
crumlin, Gwent, np11 3bp
Based in south wales, Orange Squash offers squash coaching to clients throughout south wales. Established in 2009 the company has over 6 years experience in the squash coaching and over 16 in the squash sector. The firm aims to supply businesses with a professional coaching service and operates from squash courts around south wales. The expert staff allow clients expert squash coaching, fitness work and an overall improvement in your game of squash. The service is designed to work the client hard and improve your squash every time. The company is managed by Damian Burgess who has been focusing on the Squash sector for many years. Having previously worked for Caerphilly Squash Club, Newbridge squash club, Newport Squash Club and Caerphilly county borough council as well as Cardiff University and Glamorgan university, Damian Burgess is experienced enough to manage the company. With a team that includes Damian Burgess and Greg Tippings friendly squash coaches, Orange Squash has a growing team, qualified in squash at Level 2 and Level 3. Orange Squash has a satisfied network of clients, situated in and around South Wales, including School children and teachers, as well as anybody else who wants to learn or improve their squash.
south wales profesional squash damian burgess squash squash training squash coaching
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Britannia Wrestling Promotions
Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, LL18 2UL
Britannia Wrestling Promotions (BWP) are one of the fastest growing British Wrestling promotions of current time. Offering action packed wrestling shows across the whole of the UK.
wrestlers directory welsh wrestling britannia wrestling promotion steve saxon british wrestling
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TandR Darts and Promotions
Warwick, Warwickshire, cv34 5pp
We are a Promoting company and we supply dart Exhibions which include top PDC and BDO players . We also run tournments which includes a Dart shop for all your darting equipment. We operate all around the UK and Europe.
Europe Tournments Dart Shop UK Exhibitions (PDC and BDO players)
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Dizzy Heights
Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9PD
Free online golf tips and golf tuition, golf swing analysis, instructional videos and golf practice tips from famous European Tour golf coaches. The site is free to use (you just need to register if you watch more than 3 videos). It is not commercial in nature as the famous golf coaches have agreed to give away the content for free in order to try and save 1 million golfers a shot each off their handicaps.
Online Golf Tuition Golfing Tips Golf Videos Golf Practice Tips Golf
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Lakenheath Clay Target Centre
Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 9FB
From novice to expert shooters we have the facilities to meet all of your needs. Clay Pigeon Shooting Practice Shooting School Group Shooting Days Stag/Hen Clay Pigeon Shooting Days We also offer an excellent gunroom accompanied by our extensive restaurant and Bar. Situated in over 100 acres of beautiful Suffolk countryside. Travelling from Mildenhall to Brandon along the A1065, we are exactly four miles down on the right hand side. Open: Wednesday to Sunday 10am-5pm, and 6pm-9pm on a Wednesday night! We are also open on Bank Holiday Mondays. For further information on this clay pigeon shooting centre in Brandon, Suffolk visit our website.
Events Corporate Shooting Lessons Stag/Hen Days Shooting
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On The Ball Soccer 6
Benfleet, Essex, SS74EU
We are a six a side soccer company with leagues based around Essex. Our leagues are competitive and fun with rewards for the winners of the leagues. There will also be ppportunities to face leage winners from all around Essex.
Essex Football Soccer League 6 a side
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London, London, SE13 6ST
We are a bunch of girls and guys who wanna get the world skydiving, to have some fun.. If anyone is interested in joining us for a fantastic experience, weather you want to learn how to Skydive or just do a Tandem and enjoy the sun (partying too of course!) do let us know LONG WEEKEND IN SPAIN (Tandem and Partying!) - 380 includes: - Travel insurance - Skydive insurance - Return Flight - Transport - Accommadation - Tandem 2 WEEKS IN FLORIDA/SPAIN (Full training course) - 2500 Includes: - Travel Insurance - Skydive Insurance - Flights - Accomadation - Transport - Exam fees - Gear Rental - 7 level AFF course - All A licence jumps (including instructor jumps) - Packing course So save your partying on the weekends and join us on a trip you will never forget If you have any further questions contact us: LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!
holiday parachuting extreme sports adventure skydiving
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Touring Teams
Bristol, Somerset, BS3 9EX
Our website allows UK Sports Teams to register for FREE and search for other teams to organise tour fixtures. The site shows available accomodation in the area that they are touring so making it a lot easier for Tour Organisers.
Sports Tours Team fixtures Sports Teams
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PB Tennis Coaching
London, London, nw8 0el
I am a fully qualified tennis coach to a level 1 ATPCA, which is an Australian Qualification equivalent to the LTA level 1. I have 1 years full time experience and another year self-employed experience. I used to be a national tennis player when I was a junior and reached a ranking of number 1 for my age in Australia when I lived there! I can coach anyone of any age, so if the coaching is for you, your partner, your children etc. it doesn''t matter as I have coached children as young as 3 years old and adults well in to their seventies. I am willing to travel anywhere in London as long as the courts are within a 5 - 10 mins. from a tube station. So you have to find the courts, but this is also convenient for you as you won''t have to travel, I will come to you! My name is Paul and you can contact me on: OR 07793 219 060 Look forward to hearing from you!!
practice coaching lessons sports tennis
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Nottinghma, Nottinghamshire, NG5 2GA
Scuba Diving Lessons Nottingham, Discover Scuba experiences sessions, PADI Open Water Courses, Divemaster courses, Kids diving fun.
Sub-aqua Nottingham Diving Nottingham Nottingham Scuba Scuba Diving Nottingham Nottingham Scuba Diving lessons
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Hatton Golf
Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 3LL
Specialist Indoor Golf Lessons for all abilities and ages. Full Custom fitting and club repairs facilities.
Golf club repairs Custom fitting Indoor golf Golf Lessons
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Brazilian Soccer Schools Wigan
Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 1SU
Ever wondered why Brazilians are so good at football? Now the International Confederations of Futebol de Salao and Brazilian Soccer Schools Wigan are giving you the chance to find out. Sessions taking place on Mesnes Park Terrace Playing fields on Saturday Mornings from 9am till 1.30pm Booking is essential as places are limited
de Soccer skills coaching Football
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Football souvenir store
Luton, Bedfordshire, lu2 9rz
We are a leading online company selling football gifts a memorabilia for all the major teams from around the world. We Also provide up to the minute football news and reviews
football memorabilia football gifts soccer merchandise football merchandise
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Teamworks Distribution Ltd
HULL, East Yorkshire, HU7 5UW
Teamworks Distribution Ltd stock over 200 brands and offer a range of 7000+ products including sports supplements, health foods, vitamins, Healthcare & personal care products, sports accessories and much more.

Customers will be assured a unique on-line shopping experience that is both friendly and secure. The Teamworks catalogue is reviewed weekly and you can be assured that we respond swiftly to changes in the needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves on after-sales service and customer support. If you have any questions regarding our products and services, please email our sales team

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little dippers swim school
glasgow, Strathclyde, g3
Swimming lessons available for Adults and Children Fully qualified teacher offering classes for Nervous people Beginners Improvers Technique Fitness and weight lose classes available Groups (5 per group) One to one ( 1 pupil and swim tutor) Two to one ( 2 pupils and swim tutor) Mark is a fully qualified swim teacher, lifeguard teacher/examiner and first aid teacher/examiner for more information please contact Mark Mooney MSTA call or text on 07507 566 253
swimming lessons swimming lessons
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Harlow, Essex, cm203sy
golf competitions,golf apparel,golf forum and golf training aids
Uk open matchplay competitions golf swing aids printed logo plo shirts golf foum golf competitions
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The Park Golf Course
Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1DA
Friendly 9 hole golf course for members and visitors situated near Winchester, Hampshire. Suitable for both beginners and golfers wanting more of a challenge in a beautiful setting.
golf courses uk hampshire golf course winchester golf courses members golf courses golf course
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Gorilla Circus
London, London, W12 8EG
Gorilla Circus is the latest in circus training, a new and exciting group specialising in Flying Trapeze and other aerial arts. The company is currently based in London.
Training Trapeze London Circus Flying
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McVey Sports Surfaces
Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 6LA
Specialists tennis courts construction. We have 30 years experience and in that time we have built hundreds of tennis courts in both the private and public sectors. We install, design and refurbish tennis courts and sports surfaces.
tennis court design tennis court construction sports surfaces MUGA tennis court
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UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd
Marsh Gibbon, Oxfordshire, OX27 0HW
UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd offers a range of skydiving experiences nationwide for people or groups of people wanting to experience skydiving for the first time. We provide sound, high quality, friendly personable advice coupled with a superior service to people ensuring that we recommend the most suitable course for them based on their skydiving aspirations. Skydiving experiences are available at 25 British Parachute Association (BPA) affiliated centres across the UK. UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd is run by 5 times World Formation Skydiving Champion Claire Sparky Scott. Claire has been skydiving for 16 years and is a qualified Static Line and Accelerated Freefall Skydive Instructor, so customers can be sure they are in safe hands.
Corporate and team building days Free charity skydives Indoor skydiving Gift vouchers Skydive and parachute jump courses
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Turning Point Therapy
Croydon, Surrey, CR0 3BF
Enhance your sports performance with Turning Point Therapy. At Turning Point Therapy we combine hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, stress management, and cognitive behavioural therapy to maximise your success and allow you to achieve your goals as quickly as practicably possible. At Turning Point Therapy we can help you in the following areas; self confidence, motivation, focus, anxiety, reducing injury time, reducing performance failure, removal of emotional blocks that affect performance, pre-game insomnia, anger management, pain tolerance, dietary habits, practice schedules, elimination of negative thought patterns, team building, procrastination, burnout, issues relating to perfectionism and relaxation. Expect the best of yourself and get ''in the zone'' with Turning Point Therapy...together a winning formula.
hypnotherapy Therapy Sports Health Sport
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Silver Arrow Archery
Edlesborough, Bedfordshire, LU6 2ES
Archery for everyone. Specialist in traditional and longbow archery. Showroom with a wide range of equipment plus archery beginners courses, coaching, longbow making course, arrow making course, archery birthday parties. Archery for schools, scout groups and youth groups. Based on the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire border.
Traditional archery Longbow archery Archery beginners courses Archery lessons Archery
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Push and Glide
Watford, Hertfordshire, WD19
Push & Glide Swimming School provide extremely high standards of instruction. We pride ourselves on our dynamic, friendly teaching environment. All our classes are low-ratio. Push and Glide Swimming School offer lessons to children three years plus and adults; all abilities are provided for, from water confidence to lane swimming. At Push & Glide we provide excellent teachers with much experience, who are committed to maintaining and improving an excellent quality of swimming instruction. All our teachers are fully qualified, through the ASA.
watford fitness children lessons Swimming lessons
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Swim with Style
WEm, Shropshire, SY4 5AP
Swim with Style is a private run swim school teaching children and adults to swim from the nervous non swimmer - advance. We have small classes and the teachers are in the water. Our venues include - Prestfelde School, Shrewsbury, The Quarry - Shrewsbury, Wem Swimming Centre, Bannatyne''s Health Club - Shrewsbury, and Maelor School - Penley. Please check directly with us for our availaibilty and to book a space.
Swimming Lessons
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Global Maintainance Ltd
Liverpool, Merseyside, L31 1LJ
Because of the advancements in artificial sports surfaces an increasing number of football clubs, schools, local authorities and leisure clubs are having artificial turf pitches built. Regular maintenance is a good way to ensure that you get the maximum performance and life span from your artificial surface. Often pitches we inspect are suffering from a range of problems due to compacted infill and poor sand distribution. They are worn excessively because of a lack of regular maintenance. This will results in the need for rejuvenation. Alternatively can cause health and safety issues often putting the pitch out of use and causing a loss in revenue.
maintenance artificial turf pitches artificial turf
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UK Cheap Supplements
Harrow , London, HA1 4TR
Elite Supplements have been established for five years and are now the leading wholesaler of sports nutrition & bodybuilding supplements throughout Europe & the UK. We are an online based organization and we stock and sell a wide range of leading sports nutrition brands manufactured in accordance with IS09001 procedure. Our online super store offers competitive prices on all bodybuilding supplements and fitness nutrition products in the UK. We stock over hundred quality leading brands such as, Maximuscle, BSN, IDS, Chemical Nutrition, Garnell Nutrition, PHD, Muscletech, Reflex, Nutrisport and many more.
supplements protein supplements fat loss creatine sports supplements
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Mike Rogers Fencing Coach
Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 4HR
Mike Rogers Fencing Coaching offers one to one or group fencing coaching at basic to world leading levels. Mike is a highly experienced fencing coach, renowned for his patience and excellent communication skills. Mike has vast experience teaching in schools, fencing clubs, training camps, holiday activity days and at corporate evnts and team building excersises. Mike is based in Cornwall but travels throughout the U.K. He is fully qualified, C.R.B cleared and first aid trained. To enquire or book a one to one lesson or a group experience, call Mike on 07727 042446
sport fencing sports coaching cornwall sword fighting
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Belfast, County Antrim, BT1 6BB Great football merchandise, equipment and gifts at wholesale prices! Go Kit Yourself Out!!
official football merchandise merchandise gifts football equipment football
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UK Football Ltd
Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 9BG
New 5 and 6 a side Leagues Starting New 5 and 6 a side Football leagues are starting again in 2009 and are set to kick off the first week in February at Selby College. The leagues are played from Monday to Thursday every week and UK Football wants new teams including Womens Teams and Childrens teams to enter. The cost per week starts from 14.00 per team per week and the leagues run from 6pm until 10pm on each of the nights with games lasting 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 40 minutes. UK Football are also looking for the best 5 a side teams to play in the qualifying Futsal league to win the chance to play at the FA Futsal finals in Sheffield in July 2009. The winners of the leagues will be entered into national 5 a side competition and receive trophies and medals at the end of season presentation evening. UK Football are running a tournament for 15 per team in the last week in January for any teams that are interested in entering and to get involved please call UK Football on 0845 108 5413 or 07988760985 alternatively you can email
Tournaments Soccer Leagues 5 a side Football
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cricket coaching in herts
st.albans, Hertfordshire, al22hz
Cricket Coaching in herts by Jemile 07788662882 provides cricket lessons - 121''s - cricket parties - cricket camps and cricket funday''s we coach children and adults. Ecb qualified head coach
coach herts hertfordshire cricket cricket coaching
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Ashton Golf Centre
Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 0AJ
Ashton Golf Centre is a 9 hole pay and play golf course set in beautiful parkland surroundings on the banks of the River Lune. We are open to the public, 7 days a week and welcome both beginners to golf as well as the seasoned golfer. We have a 10 bay automated floodlit driving range, also open to the public. The Centre is owned by Martin Lake, a PGA Golf Professional, who is always on hand to offer advise on all aspects of golf and equipment. We are fully licensed and have both a sports bar and cafe, serving hot and cold snacks. EVERYONE WELCOME CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFO
golf society lancaster golf course lancaster driving range lancaster golf lessons lancaster golf lancaster
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ROBROYSTON, Strathclyde, G331JW
Childrens gymnastics class for boys and girls aged 4+. Wallacewell Primary school, Robroyston, on Monday and Fridays. Limited spaces available please call Janet on 07966406834 for availability
gymnastics childrens
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Oh Kami Karate Club
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G23 5LY
Oh kami karate club has classes at the John Paul Sports Centre, Summerston TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS 5:00pm - 6:00pm Children (Beginner - Yellow Belt) Children of all ages are welcome to come along to this class 6:00pm - 7:00pm Children (Green - Black Belt) 7:00pm - 8:00pm All grades (16 years +) All adults are Welcome 8:00pm - 9:00pm Advanced (16 years +) Wallacewell Primary School, Robroyston - WEDNESDAYS 5-6pm
training sport keep fit health karate
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jk's racket stringing srevice
rotherham, South Yorkshire, s636bf
Racket stringing service. ukrsa qualified. badminton-tennis-squash-raquetball. also-grip re sizing/new grips/grommets. drop off/pick up/postal services offered. phone for advice or a quote. 48hr turnaround. based in rotherham,south yorkshire,but will accept postal jobs from anywhere.
48 hr turnaround restringing ukrsa qualified quality service racket
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Genus Marine and Leisure
St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 8AE
marina berths for sale spain and the balearics, boat moorings, boat berths,marina moorings for sale, mediterranean moorings, marina berths, spain, boat moorings, berthing, marina berths, berths for sale, berths wanted, boating, boat deliveries, Spanish Mediterranean coast
boats marina moorings boat berths boat moorings marina berths
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Bristol, Avon, bs4 4hl
A skate school based in Bristol that teaches children between the ages of 6-12 and adults to rollerblade. We teach at group classes and also privately. We organise lots of skating events such as rollerdiscos and skate half marathons, to help increase the popularity of this sport. We also sell skates from our website and help people to choose the right skate for them.
skating lessons Roller blading Inline skating Bristol Skating
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Surf Unleashed
Wrafton, Devon, EX33 2BT is set up and run by surfers for surfers. We want to ''unleash'' the best products at the best prices to enable you to ''unleash'' your potential. We have a long history of surfing and working in the surf industry and we offer a broad range of high quality products backed by excellent customer service. We are environmentally responsible and stock a wide range of green products which we will continue to grow. Many of our products are sourced directly from manufacturers to help reduce carbon footprint on delivery miles.
surfboards surfing
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Gorton, Greater Manchester, m188ef
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Whitworth Park Sports Club
Manchester , Lancashire, M14 4EP
Whitworth Park Sports Club (WPSC), Rusholme football club providing Somali football and other youth sports for the Rusholme / Moss Side community and Somali Manchester. Created by Somali youth to provide activities for the youth within our local district. The idea was to regenerate the young people within South Manchester through sport, giving them the opportunity to develop themselves and the South Manchester community. Now recognised as a credible Moss Side football club for the youth and Somali UK.
Somali Manchester somali football rusholme football Somali football
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Unearthed UK Sports Management
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3JH
Unearthed UK Sports Management are here to help all footballers of the United Kingdom. If you can play football and want help in reaching your potential, then it is our aim to help you to reach your footballing career goals whether it be through trials with a professional club, gaining a scholarship to study at an American University, playing in Australia or playing for your local amateur or semi professional club. We have a range of programmes that we use when helping each individual.
scholarships Soccer Trials Management Football
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Absolute Triathlon Coaching
Nottingham , Nottinghamshire, NG% 4EG
Whether you are a novice, experienced or elite triathlete we can work with you to develop the skills and techniques needed to improve your performance and achieve your personal goals. Our range of services include rolling weekly programmes, 1-2-1 coaching plus much more. Our BTF Registered Triathlon Coaches work closely with each client to deliver a bespoke training plan tailored to your individual needs. We also offer Training Days & Camps, Personal Training, Nutrition advice and Sports Massage.
Sports Coaching Triathletes Swimming Analysis Coaching Programmes Triathlon Coach
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the eventmaster
sale, Cheshire, m33 7 jq
the eventmasteris a online ticket agency dedicated to selling tickets for all major sporting and concert events aroun the globe
every event aroud the globe concerts sporting events everry artist tickets
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Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 3LD
Swimabout Swim School & Academy provides full tuition and coaching for children or adults in both group and private lesson formats. We aim to deliver excellence in all lessons through our 4 main beliefs;- Safety, Confidence, Understanding and Enjoyment. Pupils can also expect to learn new and exciting aquatic skills such as pool rescue, first aid and lifeguarding techniques whilst developing their swimming ability. Swimabout also organises pool party events ideal for birthday parties or special occasions. Based at the Belfry house hotel and other locations in South Manchester.
swimming clubs swim Swim school Private swimming lessons Swimming lessons
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The Runners Centre
Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 1LE
The Runners Centre, a place where every runner comes first. All major brands stocked a wide range of footwear, clothing, and accessories for road running, fell running, fitness and triathlon. Free video gait analysis to ensure best shoe for you. Sports massage and injury clinic by appointment, easy parking close by. A very friendly place.
fell running fitness running equipment triathlon running shoes
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Sports Force Limited
Hebburn, Tyne and Wear, NE31 1NB
Sports Force Ltd. can offer a range of teaching sessions within school time that are linked closely to the National Curriculum for children aged from 4-16. Sessions available include the following: Sport specific coaching sessions in all sports including football, netball, basketball, rugby, dance, gymnastics, athletics and cricket and tennis Multi-sport PE sessions PE and sport related classroom lessons Benefits: Structured sports lessons with child friendly equipment The chance to put learnt skills into match play A sports role model, who is enthusiastic and energetic Healthy Lifestyle and exercise Development of Social team interaction New found talents and skills, A flexible PPA package that is designed to keep pupils active while meeting the changing demands of today''s Primary Schools criteria
lifestyle coaching teaching schools Sports
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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 6FG
CyberGolf - Indoor Golf Centre. At CyberGolf play and practice on over 50 of the World''s greatest golf courses. We have a bar and lounge to relax after the game. We have tuition and corporate event packages for all group sizes. Fun and Golf whatever the weather.
corporate event golf nottingham indoor golf driving range golf
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Lisa Wilkinson Sports Therapy
READING, Berkshire, RG7 3EY
Lisa Wilkinson has worked in the Sports Industry for over nine years. She has a number of clients in and around Reading from businessmen to sports professionals. A regular runner herself, she has trained many clients up to Half Marathon standard including John Madejski OBE,DL, Chariman of Reading FC
Deep Tissue Massage Sports Therapy Injury Rehabilitation Running Sports Massage
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Powerleague Fives LTD
Bolton, Lancashire, bl26bz
With 43 centres nationwide, modern facilities and all-weather floodlit pitches, Powerleague are the champions of 5-a-side. We provide competitive leagues at all of our centres with up-to-date information on upcoming matches and your opposition available through our centres and our website plus all games have an FA qualified referee. Or you may prefer to play social games and our pitches can be booked for one-off or block bookings.
free functions 5 a side things to do bolton football leagues football
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September Cycles
Chester-le-Street, Durham, DH3 4LY
September Cycles offers profesional cycle maintenance at your convenience across the North East of England. We will travel to your location at a time convenient to you, and either repair your bike on site, or take it to our workshop, and return it to you. All types of cycles serviced. MTB Specialist.
Mobile Repair Service Cycle Bike
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Torquay, Devon, TQ26AJ
We specialise in quality football souvenirs, gifts and accessories with products ranging from footballs,cups,bowls and other items relating to your favorite teams. all you need in football accessories.
footy football team souvenirs
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Premier Sports Group
Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3ER
Premier Sports Group Ltd are one of the UK''s fastest growing Sports Development companies. We offer in school coaching, kids holiday courses, sports funraising events, sporting apparel and kit and much more...please visit our site
Kids Holiday Courses Apparel Sports Coaching PPA Cover
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Footy Tots Ltd
Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7BH
Soccer Sessions for 3 - 6 Year Olds Fun packed sessions, learn basic skill sets through football related games. Children will also develop their social skills through interaction with their peers. An ideal introduction to the beautiful game.
Coaching Tots Soccer Football Footy
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Academy Soccer
Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7BH
Soccer Coaching for 6 Years & Upwards High standard coaching sessions specifically designed to improve technique and execution of individual skills and team ethics. Children learn laws of the game on a journey of self discovery, delivered in a happy non presurised environment where each childs enjoyment is the primary focus. A great way to equip your child with footballing and social tools that will stay with them wherever life takes them.
Academy Children Soccer Coaching Kids
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Dorset Dragons Cheerleaders
Poole, Dorset, BH123JJ
Allstar competition cheerleading programme. Recruiting for new members! No previous experience required although gymnastics/dance is an advantage. Squad launch date = January 2009. Community recreational classes will be running from leisure centres and schools in Poole from September 2oo8.
sport dance children teenagers cheerleading
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Norfolk Falconry
Gressenhall, Norfolk, NR20 4EQ
For an owl experience you will not forget, from a falconry company with over 20 years experience with birds of prey, for probably the prettiest hawk walk in Norfolk or for falconry lessons, visit Norfolk falconry.
birds of prey falconry hawk walk owl experience norfolk falconry
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Leeds, West Yorkshire, ls133df
FOOTY-TIP The Premier league football Tipping Competition HOW GOOD ARE YOU? How good are you at picking the winning teams from the Premier League? Can you pick a draw? Now is your chance to test your skill to see how good you really are. The ultimate football tipping competition has arrived.
tipping competition Tipping Footy-tip pools Football
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ponpriddty, Glamorgan, cf37 1nf
uk''s premiers mobile rock climbing wall
mobile climbing wall wales mobile wall portable wall mobile climbing wall mobile climbing
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gw goalkeeping schools
surrey, Surrey, KT14 6HE
Professional Goalkeeping Coaching in Surrey for children aged 6yrs to 14yrs. holiday courses and evening courses.
professional coaching children surrey goalkeeping
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TAMWORTH, Staffordshire, B77 3RB
Mo-gylity is a gymnastics club based in tamworth open to both boys & girls.We hold pre-school classes for 3-5 years,recreational classes for 5+,& advanced classes for those who wish to somersault!!!Classes are held at The snowdome, Woodhouse sports centre,& Rawlett sports centre. For more info call MARION DALE ON 01827-312561.
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Nottingham, UK, NG1 5BH
Diveintheblue are the diving abroad specialist. Using the PADI referral service people can learn the basics are diving in the safe and controlled environment of a pool in the UK. Allowing them actually dive aboard from the start of their holiday.
Scuba diving abroad Scuba tuition Scuba Travel Scuba Equipment scuba diving lessons
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Premier Golf Days
Fornham All Saints, Suffolk, IP28 6JT
Premier Golf is a group of professional and experienced businessmen who are passionate about business and golf! With expertise in both, your corporate event is guaranteed to surpass yours and your clients expectations. From corporate golf day events, overseas golfing holidays, gala dinners and golf trips to professional golf tournaments, we will handle everything just the way you want it.
corporate golf events golfers golfing golf days
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legends bookmakers
colchester, Essex, co28ht
if winning isn''t everything, why do they keep score? win more and keep more of your cash with legends. more special offers than any other bookies in colchester.
horseracing gamble sport bookies bet
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Claire Norman Personal Training and Sports Massage
London, London, SW2 3AA
Personal training and sports massage available in central and south west London locations. Over 10 years experience including sports specific (field sports, racquet sports, endurance, boxing, kickboxing), weight loss and nutritional advice, rehabilitaion. Training available in your home, outdoors or private studio based in south west London. Massage available in central London (SW1 location).
Sports massage Weight loss Personal training
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Thurston, Suffolk, IP31 3PZ
Putterfingers supplies Crazy Golf / Mini Golf equipment for hire or sale. Our Crazy Golf packages contain everything you need for a family, fun or corporate event, including fairways, putters, obstacles, balls, scorecards and flags.
sport crazy golf mini golf golf course golf
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MBK Leisures
Rake, West Sussex, GU31 5DL
Coarse Fishing, match and pleasure there is something for everyone. With a choice of five match, one specimen, seven day ticket waters and log cabins for fishing holidays in Hampshire, Surrey & West Sussex
Holidays Angling MBK Log Cabins Fishing
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Aa1 Football Fever
Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 7QL
I sell branded football merchandise at discount prices.All top teams,Arsenal,Man Utd,Liverpool,Tottenham,Newcastle Utd e.t.c Examples of stock include bedding,curtains,footballs,shinpads,pictures,mirrors,wellies,slippers,wallets,mugs,badges,flags,car products,pet bowls,sweatbands,confectionary e.t.c Prices start from under a fiver!! Speedy delivery, normally within two working days.
cheap branded football discount top football teams football team stuff football merchandise
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Discount Motorcycle Clothing and Accessories
Beltfast, UK, BT69AX
Biker Gear is foremost company, offering Motorbike Clothing and Accessories, Helmets, Leather Jackets, Gloves, mens jeans and ladies motorbike clothing at cheap price.
Helmets Boots, Gloves Ladies Clothing Motorbike Clothing, Motorcycle Accessories Leather Jackets
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Allsports Promotional Merchandise
Groby, Leicestershire, LE6 0GU
Sports promotional merchandise branded for businesses, events and audience event targeting
sports branded promo items all sports promo products promotional products
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Liverpool, Merseyside, L36 0UX
To encourage family learning, particularly for people who have learning disabled adults in their family. To give families choices regarding their learning. To establish a variety of learning programmes including leisure and creative activities. To promote independent adult learning and develop a culture of life long learning. To promote integration into the community.
family learning learning disabled adults KPAC
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Simply Archery
New Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, NG22 9QX
Archery lessons for individuals, schools and colleges, special needs and corporate
lessons schools and colleges corporate special needs archery
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Belper Meadows Tennis Club
Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1BA
Belper Meadows Tennis Club (BMTC) is a friendly and informal tennis club with aorunf 100 members, adults and children, of mixed playing ability. Opportunites for coaching and match play. New members are always welcome.
Belper Sports tennis coaching Tennis
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park street, Hertfordshire, al22hz
Cricket Coaching Company specialising and offering expert tutoring in batting, bowling, wicket-keeping and fielding by a cricket coach using video uploads and downloads to tutor cricketers.
improve cricket coach batting bowling cricket coaching
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Drayson Barwell
Great Bookham, Surrey, KT23 3EU
Barwell Motorsport and Lord Drayson have formed a joint venture operation, Drayson-Barwell. Official Partner Team of Aston Martin Racin
alms aston martin racing motor racing team paul drayson drayson barwell
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Bowmen of Skelmersdale archery club
Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 6JB
Target Archery Club affiliated to the Grand National Archery Society and is located in the town of Skelmersdale in the County of Lancashire.
archery lessons beginners lessons archery tuition archery beginners courses archery courses
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wheels on heels
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 4NP
Wheels on Heels Ltd are an online retailer as well as a high street shop based in Blackpool town centre, retailing all types of skates. We stock Heelys, hence our shop name, Ice skates for both Figure Skating and Ice Hockey, Rollerblades for both recreational purposes and roller hockey and also Aggressive skates for those who wish to be a little more adventurous and perform jumps and grind etc. We sell old fashioned 4 wheeled Roller Skates mainly to adults reliving their youth, but there is no harm in that, they are fantastic fun speaking from personal experience! We have skateboards and Wave / Ripple Boards. We also have bags, guards, protective equipment guards and helmets etc for all the above sports along with clothing for Figure skaters and hockey skaters. We have most leading brands in stock and of course most are available through our website, although there is always a list of items waiting to be added to our stock list online. We pride ourselves on customer service and for customers who visit the shop we measure up and fit all skates, and for those who use our online services we try to offer as much information as possible to assist you with selecting the best skates/products for your individual use.
skateboards ice skates rollerblades heelys skates
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the dive shop
ashford, Middlesex, tw15 2up
padi scuba diving courses and diving equipment sales courses run at our own inland diving site
padi courses scuba diving diving equipment mask fins and snorkels diving courses
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The Social Golfer
Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ, the online community for all UK Golfers. Whether 18 or 80, scratch golfer or a novice, The Social Golfer provides a fun and easy place to manage your golf life. At The Social Golfer you can: Find detail of Local Golf Clubs using the latest map based search technology Read independent Course Reviews (and add your own) Easily keep in touch with old friends using our Private Messaging system Meet New Golf Friends Join pre-arranged Local Golf Games (or arrange your own games) Join an existing Golf Group (or form your own group) Keep upto date with the latest golf News Direct from the BBC Share your experience and golfing knowledge on the Golf Forums And, generally just socialise with like minded SOCIAL GOLFERS Join today while were still offering a free annual membership, get online and, of course, play more golf.
golf course review golf partner golf partners golf course golf game
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Chorley, Lancashire, PR6 7TF
Introducing rugby into schools. Providing before,after or during school coaching to key stage 1 & 2 pupils. This includes SAQ,skills on how to send and receive a ball, competitive invasion-type games and team work
breakfast clubs coaching schools after school rugby
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Scorpion Sports UK Limited
Bolton, Lancashire, BL1 6BJ
Scorpion Sports UK Limited manufacture and wholesale Scorpion Rugby, Football and Cricket equipment to Retail Outlets, Shopkeepers, Internet Sellers, eBay Sellers, Schools, Colleges, Universities and local Clubs throughout the UK and Europe. Top quality sports goods at highly competitive rates. All enquiries welcome. 2007/2008 Official Boards Sponsors at the JJB Stadium where Wigan Warriors Rugby and Wigan Athletic Football Club play. Rugby, Football and Cricket equipment all at hugely discounted prices. Contact Scorpion today and eXperience the difference!
Sports Goods UK Rugby Balls Scorpion Cheap Footballs Rugby Bolton Sports Equipment UK
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Surrey Field Sports Ltd
Woking, Surrey, GU23 7BP
Retailer for all well known shooting and hunting equipment such as quality Field & Classic outdoor clothing. Large stock of Shotgun Cartridges - Game & Competition. Clay's, Clay Traps, Decoys, Dog training items and Traps. Hunting Knives and ideal gifts such as engraved hunting theme Glasses/Decanters and Cartridge Displays.

See main listing - Surrey Field Sports Ltd »

Cricket Demon
Long Load, Somerset, TA10 9JX
Online cricket shop for a great range of cricket supplies. Cricket equipment, cricket bats, batting pads, gloves, cricket clothing all at low prices.

See main listing - Cricket Demon »

Extremehorizon Ltd
Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 0UE
Online surf shop and surfing resource site

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Yorkshire Golf Equipment
Darlington, Durham, DL3 8QX
Joanne Furby PGA golf professional is pleased to bring you Yorkshire Golf Equipment to supply you with all your Golf Equipment Requirements. Please browse our store and buy online through or secure website.

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Sporting Start
Manchester, Greater Manchester, NA
Sporting Start is a service provider for primary schools, delivering PE in the curriculum and offering various sports provisions across the Greater Manchester area.

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Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1BJ
Brightways Export (U.K) Int. Ltd is OEM Manufacturer, Importer & Distributor of Quality Sports Balls & Equipment. Goods are manufactured in our factory Brightway Exports International in India founded in 1963 & our partner factories in Far East. Our clients include Major Chain stores, Premiership football clubs and many premium & advertising companies. Our Unmatched quality & service continues to win us commendations from clients all over the globe.

See main listing - Brightways »

The Sports HQ
Alvechurch, Worcestershire, B48 7ER
The Sports HQ is the European division for Confidence Sporting Goods, inc., the famous manufacturer from Palm Springs, California. We sell a huge range of golf equipment, including golf clubs from major brands such as Texan, Wilson, Prosimmon and Hippo other products include: Golf Balls, Lake Balls, Golf Trolleys, Golf Accessories, Golf Bags, Golf Clothing, Golf Shoes and Golf Clothing. Because we sell directly to you, you can expect to save up to 70% on normal retail prices when buying from us. Call us today on 01527 598 388 for more information or to place an order.

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angels on ice
coventry, West Midlands, cv7 8jr
ice skating dresses,roller skating dresses made to measure,

See main listing - angels on ice »

Executive Boxer
Birmingham, West Midlands, B9 4ED
Executive Boxer are the pioneers of white collar boxing in the Midlands. They offer high class one to one training sessions in their "real" boxing gym close to Birmingham City centre. All sessions are none contact unless you decide otherwise, if you do then Executive Boxer will enter you into one of their regular fight night's in which you will compete against somebody of similar weight and ability in a Vegas style showdown!! For more information check out the website. Go on, you know you want to!!

See main listing - Executive Boxer »

JG Hockey
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK12 6BA
We are a family run business with a combined total of 40 years playing experience in British ice hockey. This puts us in a unique position to offer the best advice especially if you are new to the sport because whatever brand of equipment you are looking to purchase we have probably worn or used it. We stock a full range of ice hockey equipment and inline equipment including ice and inline skates, gloves, sticks, shorts, protective ice hockey and inline equipment and accessories from all the major brands like Bauer Nike, CCM, Reebok and many more.

See main listing - JG Hockey »

Premier Team Sports UK Ltd
Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8AZ
Children's Sports Parties. Out of School & After School Clubs. Boys and Girls. Age 5-13

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Atomic Sports
Clacton On Sea, Essex, C015 4XA
Atomic Sports is a very successful sales, marketing, and online retailer of a wide variety of innovative outdoor "toys". Our products include KMX karts, trikers, flybars, kickaroos, and much more!!! Our products will surely bring outdoor fun and ecitement to people of all ages.

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Abyss Dive Centre
Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 4HJ
Abyss Dive Centre is a PADI 5 Star centre offering a full range of diving activities to suit all levels and abilities. Whether you want to take a full scuba diving course, an introductory scuba diving lesson, join us on diving trips and holidays, or hire or buy from our comprehensive range of scuba diving equipment. Abyss Dive Centre is the place to visit. Scuba diving is one of the safest sports in the world, and with the correct training it can deliver a lifetime of new experiences. Furthermore, taking a scuba diving course is a great way to meet new dive buddies with similar interests to you. There are no hidden charges when you use the Abyss Dive Centre for your scuba diving. Course materials, pool sessions and equipment rental are all included in the cost of a scuba diving course. Whether youre looking to try something new and exciting, looking for someone new to dive with, or looking to go pro, Abyss Dive Centre is here to help. Our friendly team of professionals are always ready to give you advice.

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national, Northamptonshire, nn15 6ud is your free football ticket to the next local football game in your area. Search through thousands of UK teams and players looking for Sunday league, Saturday league, 5-a-side, 11-a-side with mates, colleagues, or even jumpers for goal posts. This could be the next fantasy football for amateur players!

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Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Linwood, Renfrewshire, PA3 3HR
Wrestling and Self Defence Training. All shapes, sizes and genders welcome.(over 16 only) As well as the art of pro wrestling, we add more to our program to supplement and enhance your skills. This can include; health and fitness, weight training and cardio work, amature and shoot wrestling, various mixed martial arts, self defence and boxing techniques.

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SunshineKids Academies
Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, BH21 4AH
SunshineKids and its PGA Professionals run sports academies specialising in golf.The company works closely with the Junior Golf Foundation and takes golf into Schools in the Ringwood, Fordingbridge and Poulner area. If you work in education and would like to find out more about golf as axtra subject please contact Paul Bowden. Holiday Camps are the core business of SunshineKids and they are run out of selected clubs in East Dorset and West Hampshire. This summer (2007) Sturminster Marshall G.C. will host our 4 day clinics. Kids between 6 and 16 years are more than welcome, and all abilities are catered for. Please e-mail: or call: 07788626263 for a brochure.

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Windsport Falmouth
Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 5UF
- Watersports Centre, Sailing/Cat Sailing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Windsurfing, Power Boating & Land Yachting! - Tuition at all levels from beginners to advanced. - Boat/kayak/Canoe and Windsurfing Hire. - Corporate Landyachting.

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Essex Racing Club
Essex Racing Club is a racehorse ownership club with three racehorses in training for 2007. Members enjoy a share of all prize money won by our horses, free or discounted badges for racecourses around the country, regualr reports about horses progress and racing plans, stable visits to trainers, annual dinner, and will enjoy exclusive facilities at the new Essex racecourse being developed at Great Leighs. Membership costs 295.

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SWINDON, Wiltshire, SN3 4RH
KC Members Club - The King Of Clubs Swindon (UK) based Poker venue and sports/social club - offers football, cricket, golf, chess, cribage, celebrity guest speaker events and Poker Tournaments and events

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Easy Grand Prix Tickets France
Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex, France, 92522
Demandez vos billets pour les Grand Prix de Formule 1 en Easy Votre billeterie de Formule 1. F1 tickets. Billeterie Formule 1. Grand Prix tickets. Billets pour les Grand Prix et billets F1. Facile acheter en ligne

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A1 Paintball Ltd
Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH27 9LR
A1 Paintball Edinburgh Scotland UK. Paintballing Activity Games Centre Nr Edinburgh. Quality Paintball Activities at Afforable Prices for Stag/Hen, Corporate Events and General Recreation. Suberb Venue.

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M/s.Allied Enterprises
Sialkot, Pembrokeshire, 51310
We are pleased to inform you that about ourselves M/s.Allied Enterprises is a leading name in all kinds of Sports Goods, Fitness, Leather products, kindly visit our online catlogue for close result.

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SX Media Limited
Ilford, Essex, IG1
Sports one stop website. Find clubs, arrange games and publicise events.

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Mulligan Magazine
Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH10 7HW
Mulligan Magazine, a new Regional Golf Magazine and Website to Golf in Scotland, the Home of Golf

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Big Splash Sales and Marketing Ltd
Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 4PL
Product development with manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities. Products include: Tricues - snooker and pool cues. De Novo fishing lures. Sola Drinks

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Medal Masters
Windermere, Cumbria, LA23 2AN
Medal Masters - Supply Sports Award Medals & Boxes Customised To Your Needs.

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Play The Whistle
Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, ML3 8NH
Specialist in women's football. Items for sale including women's football boots, female football kits and clothing, female thermal wear and much more.

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colchester, Essex, co30ps
Scuba Diving school based in Colchester, Destined2dive is a recently opened friendly dive school, run by an experienced Padi dive instructor, who has the previous experience of running a dive centre and teaching scuba diving up to Dive Master. We have the knowledge to teach scuba diving and speciality courses of which include Nitrox, wreck and many more... We can teach a wide variety of people from 8 years old and up, there is no age limit to diving providing you can complete our dive medical. Scuba diving is a great way to extend your social life, making friends with other divers and enjoying holidays abroad and within the UK. You can always complete your diving with us if you have already had previous experience elsewhere, you are taught at a pace that suits you. If you are a little dubious about what to expect then come for a try dive where you will experience diving in a local swimming pool at your own pace.

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Glasgow, Stirling, G63obs
Uk based company selling american pool tables,visit theb internet showroom for details of the pool tables,9 and 8 ball pro tables ie 9 foot tv tables in stock

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Wistler Archery
Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 1AT
Supplying Archery Equipment and Disability Aids Nationwide

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Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 4FG
Mental Training for increased Sport Performance using NLP and other complimentary therapies

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Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8AJ
Train1on1 is a web based service that enhances the link between qualified football coaches and the outlets / individuals who require their services. Train1on1 offers coaches access to employment opportunities all around the world by working with a number of organisations such as Amazon, Kitbag, St John Ambulance, SAQ International, Major League Soccer Camps in the US, kick it Out, Sports Travel International and Gap Sports. Train1on1 also offers the very best in coaching and professional development by providing a number of professional development courses whilst also building and maintaining a worldwide community of coaches. Through membership to train1on1, coaches will have the opportunity to discuss and share drills and tips via our coaches forum and continual support and guidance will be on offer. Train1on1 strives to create the coach of the future by creating awareness of health / fitness and nutritional issues in coaching and how to combat these.

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Storm kayaks
Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, bn43 5hz
Stormkayaks are located on Shoreham Beach, West Sussex. We are suppliers for DAG and FORCE kayaks. With a comprehensive range of Sit on Top, Recreational, White Water, Play boating, Freestyle, Extreme, Touring and Sea kayaks. We have a great range of clothing and equipment including, Spray decks, Buoyancy aids and Paddles from Nookie, Yak, DAG and Force. With made to measure packages available. Advertise your kayak for free on our sales page. Email a picture and description. Please call or Email for more details.

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bedford, Buckinghamshire, mk40 2rb
retail sportswear

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international cricket shirts
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG2 6SL
Online Listings of where to buy cricket shirts - england cricket shirts, australia cricket shirts, and all of the other teams in the cricket world.

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Purple Dot Sports Limited
chingford, London, e4 7py
FREE sports coaching for the local schools

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Louth, Linconshire, LN11 0UE
Extremehorizon is an online surf shop supplying essential surfing hardware, accessories and equipment. Our website also provides masses of surfing information

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Plumpton Rugby Football Club
Plumpton Green, East Sussex, BN7 3AL
Plumpton Rugby Football Club based at the glorious setting that is Plumpton Racecourse. We are a small club that has amazingly acheieved back to back promotions in the susses leagues and now enters the 2006/7 season in Sussex Division One. If you are looking to join a club where the craic is as good as the rugby then look no further.

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Selsey Cricket Club
Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 9BB
We welcome new members to join our Club Memberships can now be paid for on line, and donations can be made through our secure payment system here It is free to send money via PayPal, although to receive it costs the club just over a pound, if you feel you would like to help towards this cost you can pay your subs and extra through the Donate option Secure Payments Any individual or Business who would like to donate money to the Club it can be done here Adults and Colts Cricket - Training league and non-league matches. Social Membership for non-players Family Membership. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Club & Bar The Bar will be open on Match days, and after Nets on Fridays. Bar Telephone number 01243 602148 Anyone wishing to be added to our mailing list, please send an email to Join our emailing list, and we will forward to you on a regular basis Fixtures and Club news to you Monthly Committee 2nd Tuesday of every Month

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Bristol, Gloucestershire, BS32 1WZ
A Company selling high quality football kits at affordable prices.

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ST ALBANS, Hertfordshire, AL1 1TN

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Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK41 9WZ
Online sporting store and interactive community. majorsporty on-line sporting store has over 7,500 sporting and leisure products and 60 brands including team kit and this is growing all the time. The on-line community include events, information and articles, galleries and other engaging material. Any registered club or organisation can earn commission through its members purchases, which is designed to support grass roots sport and good causes. When a club or organisation registers then they are given their own promotional codes that will give the club a commission on every purchase made by their members who also get an additional 10% personal discount (on non-sale items).

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Sporting Elite
London, London, SW11 5QJ
Sports online shop offers quality sports equipment at low prices - especially hockey, cricket and rugby equipment.

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Football Souvenirs and Gifts
Torquay, Devon, TQ1 4RW
We specialise in quality football souvenirs, gifts and accessories with products ranging from footballs, headgear, scarves, and bags . You can buy all our products online, and be assured of efficient and friendly customer service at all times.

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Eastbourne Sub-Aqua Club
Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6JH
We are a diving Club based in Soveriegn Harbour. We have both PADI and BSAC instructors who can teach you to dive. If you are a diver join us to dive from our RIB in Sovereign Harbour and get free air all year.

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Football England
Chorley, Lancashire, pr6 0pp
English football news & views. Covering all the English leagues, womens football and the England Team. World Cup coverage for Germany 2006.

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London Beach Store
London, London, W11 2EU
At London Beach Store we're dedicated beach life experts! Fancy flying over sand, grass, snow or surf propelled by Power Kite and defying gravity on the latest ATB Mountain Board or Long Skateboard? Stockists of Kite, Surf and Skate equipment and fashion

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Bothwell Castle Golf Club
Bothwell, South Lanarkshire, G71 8TD
Bothwell Castle Golf Club is one of the premier parkland golf clubs in central Scotland. Bothwell Castle Golf Club is a flat 18 hole parkland course located in the woodland area surrounding the 13th century Bothwell Castle. It is near the intersection of 3 motorways, ensuring easy access to visitors from central and southern Scotland. Bothwell is a popular course with members and visitors alike, and is challenging for players at all levels. The building of the new clubhouse with its excellent modern facilities on a new site makes it an ideal venue for corporate and and smaller group outings.

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The Total Fly Fishing Co.
Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 6LN
expert fly fishing casting tuition, guided chalk stream fly fishing, corporate fly fishing days, escorted fly fishing trips to UK destinations and abroad

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Dartford, Kent, da1 3aa
Online Sports Shop, extensive line of footwear, clothing and sporting goods all rfom one website, utilising some of the highstreets major brands we can offer competitive prices and many special offers, sale priced items.

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Red Dragon Paragliding
Ogmore Vale, Cardiff, CF32
Red Dragon Paragliding is based in South Wales and we aim to offer the best deals on all Gradient, ProDesign & Digifly paragliding equipment. This website is operated by experienced paragliding enthusiasts, so you can be sure that we know what we are selling you!

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Hull, East Yorkshire, HU9 3NL
This is a popular Rugby League community forum which is on the raise. It is a not-for-profit company which is looking to develop into a complex site for members world wide. JOIN TODAY and talk about the latest slant on rugby league, including a chance to win prizes, free e-mail addresses, graphics and much more! RUGBYLEAGUETODAY: ----------------- The No.1 Rugby League forum on the Net!

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Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 4RU
Electronic distance guides and movies of the golf courses for insertion onto their websites. The CaddyAid distance guide handheld computer is used by Tour professionals and club golfers alike.

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i Diver Ltd
Watford, Herefordshire, WD1 4AA
Scuba diving and freediving resource site with news, reviews, site finder, online store, scuba diving clothing range, diving related links and dive calendar.

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Everything Golf
Lincoln, Linconshire, LN10 6PZ
Golf equipment sales of brand new golf equipment for all ages.

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Extreme Sports Products Ltd
Neath, Neath and Port Talbot, SA10 8PX
Manufacturers of powerkite buggies. Stockists of powerkites, traction kites, clothing, surfboards and accessories.

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Swimschool Leeds
Leeds, North Yorkshire, LS7 2TJ
Swimming lessons in Leeds for all ages and abilities

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Rush RIder
Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2PD
An extensive range of water sports equipment including canoes and kayaks, kite, surf and mountain boards, wetsuits and windsurf boards.

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ILC Sport
PRESTON, Lancashire, PR2 9ZG
Producer and retailer of Sports DVDs, specialising in Football and providing content for English Premiership, Championship, Champions League, FA Cup, World Cup

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Lads Army 2006
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 3LH
Lads Army 2006 producing high quality clothing, footwear and headgear for the world cup in Germany 2006

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Cecils Rent A Rookie
Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23
National & Rookie Bangers for hire!

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Premier Sports
Clacton, Essex, co16 7hw
Childrens sports coaching for ages 4-11 coaching for children bothe in and out of schoool. weekly sports sessions and holiday sports courses, all in a fun, safe and freindly enviroment

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Dive Buddies
Birmingham, West Midlands, b448jr
Scuba diver training. PADI training courses available from Open Water, up to Dive Master.

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DE AR International
Letchworth, Hertfordshire, sg6 1qr
Importer Exporter and Supplier of Sports Goods especially Footballs, Rugby balls, Volley Balls, Mini balls, Promotion quality balls etc.

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Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 6EW
A up and upcoming e-fed, looking for staff and members.

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Extreme Direct Ltd
Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3EB
The UK's number one online retailer for Bmx, Skate, Inline and Surf equipment and apparel.

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Sporting Challenge
Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1LE
On-line shop specialising in technical equipment & clothing for lifestyle sports. Martial arts, Skiing, Snowbording, Hiking, Trekking, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Nutritien, Swimming & Diving, from big names including Cimac, TSport, Deuter, High 5, Edelrid, Madrock, Keela, Helly Hansen, Gill, Magellan, Aquapac, Dirty Dog, Kangaroo Poo & Blue Wahoo - Find it all at Sporting-Challenge!

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Burnham Angling
Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 1AX
Fishing Tackle and Baits shop. For all your fishing requirements - Run by an angler

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Worldwide Fishing Flies
Egremont, Cumbria, CA22 2QE
The highest quality hand-tied fly patterns, made in Cumbria, the home of the English Lake District by Mark Hunter of Egremont. 100,000 patterns available from an extensive library. Full Custom Tying Service.

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Programme Collector
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9GJ
Website selling football programmes. Large selection including Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United, internationals, FA Cup, big matches, etc

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Shipdham, Norfolk, IP25 7LU
JawDivers is offering the chance of a lifetime to become involved in the fastest growing recreational sport in the world. We are offering introductory rates for PADI Open Water courses and referral courses in NORWICH. This is beneficial to the beginner in that the academics, pool work and exam can be completed before going on your tropical holiday, (WHO WANTS TO BE SITTING INSIDE A CLASSROOM IN PARADISE) thus setting aside your days for pure ocean enjoyment. Study can be done here entirely at your own pace and with 1-2-1 mentoring from a fully qualified PADI instructor. Just come and see what its all about...

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Anglia Sporting
East Anglia, Suffolk, ip67 o00
Anglia Sporting are pleased to offer some of the finest pigeon decoying in East Anglia.

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GlenGolf (Clubmaker)
LINCOLN, Linconshire, LN6 0ST
Custom built golf clubs using Snake Eyes clubheads and shafts and grips from major manufacturers. Also, custom fitting and golf club repairs. Retailer of Snake Eyes golf clubs and golf bags

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Elston and Hopkin
Brigg, Linconshire, DN20 8PD
Snooker & Pool Services , Supplies and Sales.

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International Martial Arts Academies
Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 9DU
An International Martial Arts Association offerring martial arts tuition in the UK and 29 countries.

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West Country Racing
Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 1NT
West Country Racing provide affordable racehorse ownership. For a low fixed monthly fee, you can enjoy all the benefits of racehorse ownership.

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nailors fishing
Southampton, Hampshire, so31 4lx
fishng tackle covering all range to suit everybodys needs.

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Tilbury, Essex, RM188HQ
E-COMMERCE AND MAILORDER for the supply of various sporting goods at budget prices.

See main listing - P.E.T. SPORTS »

Vegas INC
Cleveland, Non UK, 44147 sports picks from the nation's best handicappers, with world-class handicapping information, winning sports picks, free handicapping and sports articles and more.

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6 Nations Hospitality
Edinburgh , Edinburgh, EH1 1DD
6 Nations Hospitality are delighted to offer OFFICIAL packages at all venues. Our product range enables you to decide which packages most suit your budget!

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Fiqco Industries
Sialkot, Non UK, 51310
Dear Sir, Hope this finds all of you in the best of your health. Being one of the manufacturer/exporters of Leather Gloves & Sports Balls (Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Hand Ball ) here in Sialkot PAKISTAN. We are very glad to contact you for establish business relation with your company.For furthur information about us you can visit If you require any kind of SAMPLES, please inform us so that we can send you immediately for your evaluation and approval. We assure you that our price is very competitive as compare with our quality. Assuring you our best attention at all times, and we are anxiously waiting your early and favorable response. Thanking you in advance. Yours faithfully, For FIQCO INDUSTRIES, Muhammad Irfan

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Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 3DX
Interactive Sports Entertainment. Imaginative Sports Games played on a small scale using inflatables

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York, North Yorkshire, YO26 7QY
Suppliers of prestigious and exclusive football teamwear, training equipment, goalposts, footballs. Performance Clothing Design, bespoke sportswear design. Football Development, investment, promotions.

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Your Golf Travel
Wimbledon, London, SW197LW
Welcome to Your Golf Travel - No. 1 for Golf Travel. Our highly trained and experienced sales team of golfing experts provide our clients with consultative advice to guarantee your ideal golf holiday. We provide the best prices available on the internet, and the most complete service to satisfy all your golf travel requirements. Call us now on 0800 043 6644 to speak to one of our sales team and let us demonstrate our commitment to organising your golf travel.

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Galvin Green Store at Premium Golf
Woking, Surrey, GU22 0RA
The Galvin Green Store at Premium Golf. A UK online store - Purchase Galvin Green golf waterproofs, goretex, golf clothing and Gavin Green accessories from Premium Golf.

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Premium Golf Ltd
Guildford, Surrey, GU12BZ
Website for the discerning golfer. Top brands, instruction and an interactive game improvement service.

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Premium Golf
Guildford, Surrey, GU12BZ
Website for the Danish shoes brand, Golf Copenhagen provided by Premium Golf Ltd.

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Melton Divers
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1RT
Diver Training Scuba Diving Rebreather Training Diving and Travel Travel consultants Technical Services for divers and diving equipment. Air and Nitrox Filling available.

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Farmington, Bristol, 06032
Ticket Matrix offers Sports Tickets,Concert Tickets & Theather tickets for US Events.Don't You want Hard to Find Tickets for the US events?"

See main listing - KUSARD LLC »

Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8AA
We are the Manufacturers and suppliers of Boxing and Martial Arts Equipments

See main listing - Sportsurrey »

The Golf Shop Online
Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6JN
The Golf Shop Online offers Low Low prices on all top name brands

See main listing - The Golf Shop Online »

Online Boxing Gloves and Mitts
Surrey, Surrey, 49060 number 1 provider of high quality Boxing Gloves, Boxing Mitts, Boxing Equipments, Martial Arts, Weight Lifting, Protection and Training Equipment AND ALL SORTS OF GLOVES at prices that dont reflect the extortionate market we are in.

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newcastle-upon-tyne, Tyne and Wear, n\a
The North East Fishing website is for Coarse, Game and Sea anglers covering all regions Including Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, Durham as well as others. The site is for anyone who has any form of interest in fishing within the North East region.

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RHN Tennis UK
Exmouth, Devon, EX8 4RL
RHN Tennis UK offers Tennis Coaching from only 10per Hour. Go to and click on your region to find out more.

See main listing - RHN Tennis UK »

Bright Bike Limited
Bristol, Avon, bs4 4eu
Bright Bike are wholesalers of folding electric bikes. Our range include the FOLDe and long range GR-8. We are full of Bright Ideas!

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Amazon Enterprises
Sialkot, Non UK, 51310
We are hopeful that every thing in your office is running in good way, and we are wishing you all the best in your business. Availing an opportunity we would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high quality Soccer Balls, Soccer Training Balls, Soccer Promotional Balls, Hand Balls, Volley Balls, Beach Volley Balls, Indoor Balls, Rugby Ball, & Mini Balls. Quality and commitment are the main factors for the cordial business relations and We are confident that you will find us perfect in every respect. In case you are interested to purchase any of these items from us, Kindly let us know your requirements for the best and prompt compliance on our part. Please visit our website & send us your complete mailing address. With best regards, we remain in the meantime. Sincerely Yours All the Times,

See main listing - Amazon Enterprises »

Made 2 Measure Golf Ltd
Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 3GA
We provide the most comprehensive online custom fitting service available. We offer you the opportunity to make a properly informed decision about the components which are used to manufacture your next set of clubs. We don't simply supply a list of 5 or 6 different components and let you make a best guess choice. We have access to hundreds of different components, which give us thousands of potential combinations. Based on the information you supply on our detailed custom fitting wizard, we can advise which heads, shafts and grips will suit your game. All are individually priced, so you can buy clubs that suit not only your game, but also your budget.

See main listing - Made 2 Measure Golf Ltd »

Rabi Trading Co.
Chigwell, Essex, IG7 4DR
Cricket bats gloves pads balls & motorbike saddle bags gloves sissy bar bags at low low prices feel free to compare our prices to any other retailer in UK.

See main listing - Rabi Trading Co. »

Shah Zeal Enterprises
Sialkot, Ross-Shire, 51310
We glad to introduce us as Manufacturers & Exporters of Cricket Bats, Pads, Gloves, Kits, Apparels, Track suits, T-shirts & all other accessories. We are from the Sialkot, famous city in world sports goods manufacturing & Export. We are wanted to work with your esteem Organization to prove our workmanship, services & best Quality. Awaiting for the kind & best promote response, Regards, S.Saeed irshad, For Shah Zeal Enterprises, Paris road Sialkot, Pakistan. Tel # +92 333 8621758. Fax # +92 432 597164

See main listing - Shah Zeal Enterprises »

shooting stars coaching
redbourn, Hertfordshire, AL3 7EA

See main listing - shooting stars coaching »

Sawnii Groups
Sialkot, Edinburgh, 51020
Manufacturer of Cricket Ball, Cricket Bat and all Equipment, Soccer Ball, Hockey, Track Suits, Sweater, and Hosiery Products

See main listing - Sawnii Groups »

Beyond Blue
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG19 8RL
Diving courses, scuba diving training and padi lessons supplied throughout the UK. Based in Nottinghamshire Beyond Blue cater for all levels of diving courses and supply advice on equipment and gear

See main listing - Beyond Blue »

The International Polo Academy
Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7PW
Polo lessons & Courses, Corporate Polo Days, Gift Vouchers, Polo Holidays

See main listing - The International Polo Academy »

Sub-Mission Dive School
Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 4PW
PADI Dive School offering the full range of PADI Scuba Diving programs from beginner to professional levels. Call for a free information pack

See main listing - Sub-Mission Dive School »

taichihealth Inc.
shijiazhuang, South Yorkshire, 6368
Provides Tai Chi Chuan Merchandise, include: DVD, Shoes, Video CD, Uniform.

See main listing - taichihealth Inc. »

Extreme Things, LLC
Pasadena, Non UK, 91101 is a distributor of vouchers for various sporting and leisure activities like bungee jumping,Self-Defense Training,Shark Diving,Skydiving,Whitewater Rafting,Dance Lessons,Fencing Swordplay,Fitness Vacation,Go-Kart Racing,Hang-Gliding

See main listing - Extreme Things, LLC »

Secta Kites
Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 3TT
Designers and Manufacturers of kite sports equipment including power kites, traction kites and kite buggies.

See main listing - Secta Kites »

De Sports Casper
Daska, Non UK, 51010
- De Sports Casper is a specialist to produce a top world-class soccer wears, training wears, active wears, basketball wears, beach wears & other sportswear & sports goods products with new innovative styles, technical features and affordable prices for the complete satisfaction of his foreign vendors and winning their full confidence.

See main listing - De Sports Casper »

Cobra Martial Arts Association
Audenshaw, Greater Manchester, M345LP
Martial Arts Group with clubs throughout the UK

See main listing - Cobra Martial Arts Association »
cornwood, Devon, PL21 9PN
sports teamwear specialist football-rugby-netball-hockey leisurewear printed embroidered

See main listing - »

kendal, Cumbria, LA9 7SH
online exercise and fitness equipment site offering the customer a product cheaper than RRP, with the flexibility to purchase online with Paypal or call us upto 8.30 pm 7 days per week.

See main listing - click4fitness »

Tynemouth Extreme sports Ltd
Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear, NE30 4EY
Extreme sports supplier of wheelman, wheel man, offroad, engine, tierney rides, snowboard the streets, Extreme, Extreme sports, Extreme Sport, xtreme, xtreme sport, freebord, freeboard, freebording, freeboarding, freeboards, freebords, all terrain boards, Skateboarding, Surfing, Mountainbiking, Motor-cross, Snowboarding, Skiing, BMX, Kitesurfing Sky-Surfing,Bungy Jumping,Sky Diving,Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Base Jumping,climbing,skimbat, kitewing, wakeskate, Mountain boards, Mountain boarding, Mountain-boarding,snow skiing, Downhill Mountainbiking, In-Line Skating, Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Wakeboarding, Kayaking, Surfing, Windsurfing, Sailing, Water

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Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 1SL
North West UK Power Kite Specialist :: Kite, Buggy, Mountain Board and Kitesurf specialists and enthusiasts

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Refkit Ltd
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV6 7SS
Football referee kit and equipment, from referee shirts, shorts and socks to linesman flags, Casio watches, whistles and referee accessories Refkit gives you the widest choice in the world.

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Frickley Athletic Football Club
South Elmsall, West Yorkshire, WF9 2EZ
A Unibond Northern Premier League Football Club based in South Elmsall near Pontefract in West Yorkshire We are seeking Sponsorship for the coming season.

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Teamkit Ltd
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV6 7SS
Teamkit retails football team kits and equipment including football shirts, shorts and socks, footballs, training equipment and tracksuits. Our standard range is complimented by our bespoke service

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Frcikley Athletic Football Club
South Elmsall, West Yorkshire, WF9 2EZ
A Unibond Northern Premier League Football Club, based in South Elmsall near Pontefract. We are seeking Sponsorship funding of all levels.

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Healthy-sport Ltd
Maylandsea, Essex, CM3 6AW
Dynamic and Unique sports nutrition network franchise business seeking 5 people ONLY - pleasant, teachable, determined and skilled entrepreneurs to deliver's Global Wellness services model and handle web site leads of prospective customer enquiries

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Majorette supplies Uk
London, London, SE
Supply of high quality majorette and cheerleading equipment.

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Legendary Sports
Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 9LG
Legendary Sports - Your one-stop, online shop for Soccer, Basketball and Korfball team kit at crazy prices! Bespoke, hand made kit for your team. Look the best for less!

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Valentine Distribution
Southsea, Hampshire, PO4 9JJ
Uk supplie rof sports and fitness agility training equipment.All our equipment is easily adapted for use in training drills for all types of Sports, both Professional and Amateur. Effective in training to improve agility, fitness and speed. All our equipment has been manufactured in the UK to the very highest specifications and specially selected for optimal quality and performance.

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Scuba Splash
Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, SS0 7BB
The Mini-B scuba diving system is a winner of the scuba diving industry's most prestigious award, the Dema. This revolutionary new product makes diving more accessible for all as it is has been designed for maximum portability, speed of setup and ease of use. It is ideal those that want to try the sport for the first time, for training and for those of us who dive purely for leisure, ie try dives and shallow reef dives. The Mini-B is also an excellent package for training, as it is very quick and easy to "kit-up", (you simply put it on like a rucksack) and meets the safety requirements of all the major training agencies for use in full-scale training activities. Built to military specifications, the "Mini-B" is a complete all-in-one diving system that uses standard components and includes brand-name regulator, alternate air source, power inflator, air cell, depth/pressure guage and internal weight pouch all housed in a reinforced rucksack.

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Our Kids Sports
knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 9DF
Britains biggest junior sports web site with 2000 pages covering 38 sports across eight UK regions.

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Football Merchandise
London, London, N4 4JL
Soccerphile Ltd. is a web-based company involved in the football industry providing football and travel information for major tournaments. The company is also involved with web-site design, English-Japanese translation and e-commerce.

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Lomo Watersport
Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, G13 3HP
Wetsuits and watersports products through and online catalogue. Also waterski and wakeboard accesories.

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Formula Framed
Aberystwyth, Powys, SY23 1JL
F1 and WRC photos mounted and framed in a unique montage collection of photos! F1 merchandise also available

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Racing Comfort
maidstone, Kent, me185bz
Specialists in Horse racing hospitality for corporate and private users. Operating at Britains top racecourses

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St.Helens, Merseyside, WA10 1LR
Cycling based Search Engine, directory and Reviews BBs. Hundreds of resources and links relative to cycling. Shops, bikes, components, holidays, riders, news and more...

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Bolton, Lancashire, bl17ar
You No 1 guide to buying Oakley Sunglasses on the net

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Lifejackets UK
Plymouth, Devon, PL9 9SJ
Retailer of Life Jackets, Buoyancy Aids & Vests for Adults, Children and even the pet dog! Lifejackets for ALL watersports.

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Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4NP
Suppliers of racket accesorries and equipment to all including council authorities. We offer competitive prices.

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