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Hampshire Hypnotherapy and Counselling Centre  Hypnotherapy Hampshire Hypnotherapy and Counselling Centre
Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 7AZ
Our professionally trained therapists have the experience and expertise to help you to resolve any issues that are causing your symptoms
hypnotherapy for confidence hypnotherapy southampton hypnotherapy for weight loss hypnosis for weight loss portsmouth hypnotherapy
Hampshire Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre Ltd  Hypnotherapy Hampshire Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre Ltd
Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 7AZ
When you need a helping hand and are considering professional Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy or Counselling you need to be sure you are getting the best therapy for you.
Counselling Centre Hampshire Hypnotherapy hypnotherapy
Inspired Mama  Hypnotherapy Inspired Mama
Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 7HY
Hypnobirthing & full birth preparation antenatal classes.
Clinics Training Services therapist Pilates Pregnancy
NLP Hypnotherapy Winchester  - Steve Wichett  Hypnotherapy NLP Hypnotherapy Winchester - Steve Wichett
Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9EH
NLP and Hypnotherapy Private Practice in Winchester Hampshire
Psychotherapist NLP Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy
Kim Searle Midlife Mentor  Hypnotherapy Kim Searle Midlife Mentor
Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG225UQ
Helping the busy, stressed, overwhelmed and anxious professional to become emotionally balanced and mentally calm. Using Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Limguistic Programming), and coaching.
Coaching NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Hypnotherapy
Jenny West Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Jenny West Hypnotherapy
Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4BU
How can I help you? I'm Jenny West, a registered and qualified Hypnotherapist, based in Petersfield, Hampshire, a lovely market town that's easy to get to. You're in the right place if you want to lose weight, break unwanted habits, reduce stress and anxiety, build your confidence, overcome a phobia or stop smoking. Hypnotherapy is also very effective for increased performance levels in sport, memory and learning, in fact the tool box of techniques I have, can be used for almost all areas of change you would like to make. Hypnotherapy can empower you to discover strengths in yourself that you didn't know you had and the consequence in your life could be nothing short of extraordinary. Hypnotherapy can help you to feel a sigh of relief, help you to solve your most pressing problems and make your life a happier one. Training, qualifications & experience I am a registered and qualified Hypnotherapist holding: - Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy from The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (NCHP). I am also registered with - Registration with The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) - Member of The National Society of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy & Mindfulness. Fees My approach is modern and effective and I aim to get you the best results in the shortest time. Free initial telephone consultation. Individual sessions cost £70 and last approximately one hour (your first session will likely take a little longer). How To Get Started First Step: Email or call me to set up an initial session. During this stage, we'll also establish a clear understanding of what you want to get out of hypnotherapy. First Session: Lasting around 90 minutes, we'll talk in depth about your experiences and you will also take the first step towards change with a full hypnotherapy session. Next Step: If you're happy, and if appropriate/and or required, we continue and set up a second session and we will arrange a weekly or fortnightly appointments. After 25 years business experience, in 2015, I began my training with The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and in 2016, I completed the Foundation Course followed by the Certificate Course to gain my Certificate in Hypno-Psychotherapy - CHP(NC). Following a Humanistic and Integrative Hypno-Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy programme, I am trained in the theory and practice of humanistic psychotherapy, solution focused therapy, mind body therapy with a particular emphasis on Ericksonian techniques. This integrative style means that I am able to match the style of therapy to suit your individuals needs and personality. Life before being a Hypnotherapist was a very different one. Between 2002 and 2013, I started, grew and eventually sold a successful travel business, Planet Cruise. In 2010, we were placed 5th in the Sunday Times Fasttrack 100 businesses reaching a turnover of £33m and since 2008, I was the face of cruise holidays on TV by presenting a weekly live Cruise TV show on Sky, Freeview and Virgin. Bringing all this experience and training together with a strong natural empathy, enables me to help you to find ways to live your life to its full potential.
Anxiety Hypnosis Stop Smoking Lose Weight Hypnotherapy
Serenity Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Serenity Hypnotherapy
Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 6XS
Serenity Hypnotherapy, based in Waterlooville, Portsmouth, offers hypnotherapy to help heal, uplift, motivate, empower and build confidence. Hypnotherapy can help you create lasting positive changes so you are free to enjoy life to the full. Whether you require hypnotherapy for anxiety or hypnotherapy for weight loss, to conquer fears, build confidence, quit smoking or simply to reduce stress, hypnotherapy can help you make those positive changes, quickly and effectively.Hypnotherapy can help with so many issues including:-phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder,irritable bowel syndrome, depression, grief, blushing, stuttering, sleep, anxiety, confidence, weight loss, pain,sleep, relationship issues, anger, driving test nerves, public speaking, sports performance, childbirth and so much more.I offer taster sessions if you'd like to just find what hypnosis is like and can even teach you instant self hypnosis. I provide a comlimentary CD with your sessions so you can continue to enjoy and reinforce the therapy at home. If you have any questions or would just like to find out a little more I offer free consultations.So many of my clients say, I wish I'd tried hypnosis years ago. To find out more why not take a look at the testimonials on my website and see for yourself what my clients have to say.
Hypnotherapy Waterlooville Hypnotherapy for anxiety Hypnotherapy for weight loss Hypnotherapist Portsmouth Hypnotherapy Portsmouth
Southampton Clinical Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Southampton Clinical Hypnotherapy
Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2HQ
Southampton Clinical Hypnotherapy (SCH) is a surgery based therapy practice situated in the heart of Southampton city centre. SCH combine proven therapeutic approaches from the fields of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Clinical Hypnosis. Our evidence-based programmes provide relief from a wide range of psychological and medical issues, helping you overcome life’s many challenges. We work to a strict Code of Ethics relating to supervision and ongoing training, ensuring my clients receive safe, confidential and effective therapy and my professional knowledge is at the forefront of therapeutic development. I have full professional and public liability insurance and am a Licentiate member with the Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Register, GHR, NCH, CHNC. Specialist programmes include weight loss, depression, anxiety, stop smoking, phobias, Pain Management, Headaches, Back Pain, Psychosomatic Complaints, Panic Attacks and Panic Disorders, Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Sleep Disturbances, Worry, Procrastination, Rumination, Stress Management, Addiction, Habit Control, Nail Biting, Stammering, Confidence Building, Self esteem, Motivation, Public Speaking, Driving / Exam Nerves , Academic, Athletic, Artistic Performance, Preparation for Medical/Dental Procedures, Anger, Jealousy, Emotional Management, Blushing, Eating Disorders, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Wart Removal, OCD / Obsessions and Compulsions
Phobias CBT Depression & anxiety Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
Cherryl Clarke Advanced Hypnotherapist  Hypnotherapy Cherryl Clarke Advanced Hypnotherapist
Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 5ND
Cherryl Clarke A.T.Dip.A.H. Advanced Hypnotherapist established since 2001 helping people from all walks of life to a better future. Free initial consultation offered to establish a personalised programme designed to address the needs of each individual client. Services offered include Stop Smoking, Life Coaching, sports visualisation techniques, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, weight control, stress, insomnia, alcohol, confidence, phobias, sexual problems, infertility, and many other personal problems. Call for your free consultation. This practice is based in Hill Lane, Southampton with off road parking available.
Personal Issues Weight control Stress Management Phobias Smoking cessation
Hampshire Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Hampshire Hypnotherapy
Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 0PT
Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to help your mind heal itself, which in turn can help to heal your body restoring some of the natural balance. It can be used to break habits, to give you confidence, to get rid of those negative feelings of depression, doubt, and correct the inappropriate feelings of anger and guilt. When used properly Hypnotherapy can be used to resolve psychological, emotional, and some physical problems too, as many physical illnesses are brought on by the mind.
hypnotherapy for illness Hypnotherapy NLP Hypno bands Hypnotherapist
Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 2HP
I have been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 23 years and I serve people in and around Portsmouth and West Sussex, helping them to improve their lives and health in ways that work for them and bring back the smile to their lives. I work with the tremendous power of the mind, helping my clients help themselves to become free of the negative emotions and aspects of their lives and move forward to a more positive and happier life. Any problem under the control of the mind can be helped in this way.
Eating Disorders and IBS Fears Phobias and Anxiety Confidence Presentations and Public Speaking Gastric Band Hypnotherapy hypnotherapy in Portsmouth & West Sussex
Caroline Moodie PDCHyp Dip Hyp MBSCH  Hypnotherapy Caroline Moodie PDCHyp Dip Hyp MBSCH
Andover, Hampshire, SP11 7HB
Caroline Moodie PDCHyp Dip Hyp MBSCH is a highly trained Clinical Hypnotherapist with 12 years experience. Using a number of therapeutic techniques including hypnosis, Cognitive Behaviour, Solution Focussed, EMDR and EFT she structures her treatment to suit the individual requirements of her clients. Caroline teaches helpful techniques which the client can use outside the treatment room. Hypnotherapy is used for a wide range of psychological and physical symptoms including weight, unwanted habits e.g. smoking, nailbiting, phobias, IBS, insomnia, stress and confidence. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment in childbirth and psychogenic infertility. Hypnotherapy is an effective safe and short intervention therapy when used by a professionally trained hypnotherapist.
Stress and Confidence Unwanted habits e.g. Stop Smoking, Nailbiting, Hair pulling Phobias and Fears Weight Loss, Bulemia and Bingeing Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapist,
Start Living Today  Hypnotherapy Start Living Today
Southampton, Hampshire, SO17 1XS
Start Living Today Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in Southampton Start Living Today Southampton’s premier hypnotherapy practice run by Lenny Deverill-West. Gone are the days of the black and white film characters with swinging pocket watches that some how put people into a trance. I use a new and effective brand of Cognitive Hypnotherapy that utilses the lastest developments in Neuro Science, Positive Psychology and Neuro-linguistic Programming to help you break unwanted habits, reduce stress, overcome phobia and fears, lose weight without dieting, gain confidence, beat depression and much more. How Hypnotherapy can help you Stop for a moment and think about what in your life would you change if you could? and just imagine what your life would be like, seeing what you would see, hearing what you would hear and feeling what you would feel………….If you’re like most people you probably allowed yourself to experience what that would be like for a split second and then thought ‘yeah right’. This is an example of the kind of barriers hypnotherapy can help you overcome so you can get what you want. What hypnosis is used for? Stop Smoking and lead a healthier life Weight loss, lose weight without dieting by changing your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about food. Overcoming Depression and Anxiety symptoms using effective relaxation methods and therapeutic techniques that improve the way you think Treating Panic Attacks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) incorporating a modern understanding of how these conditions occur to reverse the effects. Stress, improving the way you think to reduce stress and improve your life Control and get rid of unwanted habits e.g. Biting Nails, Negative thinking using NLP and Cognitive Techniques Sports Performance, improving sports performance by eliminating psychological barriers to get the winning edge over your competitors Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, using powerful associative conditioning techniques and hypnotic techniques that change the way you think about public speaking so you can perform the way you want. I’d love to hear from you weather it’s to book a hypnotherapy appointment or just an informal chat, I’m happy to be of service to you any way I can. Warmest Regards Lenny Deverill-West DipCHyp, NLPract , MNCH (Lic) Phone: 07841411951 Email:lenny@startlivingtoday.co.uk Website: www.startlivingtoday.co.uk
public speaking southampton Southampton Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Southampton Southampton Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy Southampton
Dr Grahame Randall Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Dr Grahame Randall Hypnotherapy
Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7HE
Hypnotherapy provided by experienced medical doctor and hypnotherapist. Grahame offers stop smoking hypnosis and help with a range of issues including IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), addictions, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety and stress management, pain relief and weight control. Hypnotherapy is also available for improving self confidence, self esteem, public speaking and sports performance. Grahame’s hypnotherapy practice was established in 1998. In addition to his experience as a medical hypnotherapist, Grahame has many years experience working as a GP for the National Health Service in Haslemere, Surrey. Grahame is a member of The British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis. The hypnotherapy practice is based in Liphook, covering Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex area.
stop smoking hypnosis hypnotherapist Hampshire hypnotherapy
Kallisti Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Kallisti Hypnotherapy
Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 5LU
Hypnotherapist based in Hampshire, offering affordable hypnotherapy treatments and specialising in hypnotherapy for childbirth, stopping smoking and losing weight. Group sessions are also available.
weight loss hamshire childbirth quit smoking Hypnotherapy
NLP Life Changes  Hypnotherapy NLP Life Changes
Winchester, Hampshire, so22 4hx
NLP Life Changes is a mobile hypnotherapy practice based in the south west of the UK, using advanced techniques from NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy TM. Helping people to make positive changes in their lives, helping people overcome Fears or Phobias, Stress and Anxiety, Anorexia and Weight Loss, Addiction and Behavioral problems such as Anger Management or Confidence. NLP Life Changes can also help you to overcome PTSD or Depression.
Remove Phobias Overcome Depression Overcome PTSD Overcome Addiction Bournemouth Hypnotherapy
Lisa White Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Lisa White Hypnotherapy
Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 8JN
Trained to levels of excellence that meet British AND International standards, Lisa White Hypnotherapy consistently delivers World Class Mind Therapy to Clients accross the South,including; Guilford, Fleet, Farnborough, Woking and South London. Offering a winning combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)techniques,you will gain genuine results FAST,reducing the need for repeat visits. Lisa White Hypnotherapy can help resolve many emotional burdens including; Smoking Cessation,I.B.S,Unwanted Fears,Confidence,Weight Loss,Anger... Qualified to deal with Children''s issues (discounts apply) aswell as adults,Lisa White Hypnotherapy is Fully Insured,has CRB Clearance and abides by a Code of Ethics. Join Lisa White Hypnotherapy''s ever increasing list of satisfied Clients. It is time to... Open Your Mind... And Let Yourself In...
Depression Insomnia Change Your Life Hypnotherapy Practitioner Hypnotherapist Hypnosis Weight Loss Stop Smoking Confidence Phobias Bed Wetting Exam/Performance/Presentation Nerves NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
Influential Mind Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Influential Mind Hypnotherapy
Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6JS
At Influential Mind Hypnotherapy you are offered a completely tailored service to suit your needs. You will attend a consultation where your issue will be discussed in the strictest of confidence and with a sensitive approach. Influential Mind Hypnotherapy will assist you in dealing/coming to terms with many issues ranging from smoking cessation to low self esteem Knowing what you want to put right is a massive leap, all you have to do now is take that decisive step in the right direction.
Self esteem Hypnotherapy Smoking cessation
Fay Watkins Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Fay Watkins Hypnotherapy
Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG23 7BQ
Fay Watkins DHP LAPHP. Basingstoke, Hampshire. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of conditions including: Anxiety and stress management Confidence and self-esteem Exam and interview nerves Fears and phobias Stop smoking Weight control and more. For more information including details of fees and other treatments see the website http://www.faywatkins.com or call Fay on 01256 782211. Stop smoking therapy is a single session lasting between 90-120 mins. Fay is APHP registered and works to a strict code of ethics. All sessions are private and confidential. hypnotherapy - hypnosis - stop smoking - stress - anxiety - phobias
phobias basingstoke stop smoking stress and anxiety hypnotherapy
SCD Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy SCD Hypnotherapy
North End Portsmouth, Hampshire, po2 0hp
I provide a private and confidential hypnotherapy service to help people change their life for the better. I specialise in Drug & Alcohol problems, Sexual problems, Fears and Phobias, Smoking, Weight-loss and Weight Gain, Stress, Anxiety, Worry, Dealing with Bereavement and Divorce. I work out of Portsmouth, but I am willing to travel out of the area.
sexual alcohol drugs smoking hypnotherapy
Reflections Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Reflections Hypnotherapy
Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28 7LP
Reflections Hypnotherapy ~ Sophia Steeden, Hypnotherapist in Whitchurch, Hampshire. Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural method of treating a wide variety of conditions, for both adults and children. Stop smoking, control your weight, gain confidence and beat anxiety, stop habits and phobias and much more.
Lose Weight Natural Health Care Hypnosis Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Hampshire
NLP Changeworks Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy NLP Changeworks Hypnotherapy
Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9EH
THERAPIES NLP, Coaching and Counselling Skills, Hypnotherapy, TFT , Psychotherapy, Training Courses, Coaching SPECIALISATIONS Anger Management, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Stress and Worry, Fears and Phobias, Depression and Hopelessness, Sexual Problems and Difficulties, Sexual Abuse and Assault, Emotional Disturbance, Assertiveness Issues, Weight Loss, Eating Disorders, Smoking Cessation, Traumas, Self Limiting Beliefs, Confidence and Self Esteem, Obsessive Behaviours, Negative Thought Patterns, Relationships OTHER Individual Member of BACP, NLP Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer SNLP
stress stop smoking gain confidence relationships weight loss
Lesley Carver (MSSM)  Hypnotherapy Lesley Carver (MSSM)
Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 6NJ
Fully experienced, qualified and Insured. Lesley Carver is a member of the Society of Stress Management. Hypnotherapy to overcome fears, panic attacks, phobias, confidence, smoking, anxiety, weight, depression etc
Phobais Hypnosis Stress Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy
Think-Therapy  Hypnotherapy Think-Therapy
Tadley, Hampshire, Rg26 3Nl
Hypnotheraist covering Tadley, Basingstoke, Thatcham & Newbury and adjoining villages. Fully qualified, insured, discreet service. See our web site for up to date details and offers.
life coaching weight loss depression hypnosis stop smoking
Release Hypnotherapy Odiham  Hypnotherapy Release Hypnotherapy Odiham
Odiham, Hampshire, RG29 1LG
Garry Coles - Release Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is associated with the cure of phobias such as fear of heights or flying, and addictions, particularly smoking, but can also help with such diverse issues as fertility problems, including IVF, weight loss, insomnia, lack of confidence, stress, motivation, or improving sporting performance. Most hypnotherapists rely on just planting suggestions in the subconscious. Garry Coles, Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist at Release Hypnotherapy, goes beyond this by using advanced analytical hypnotherapy techniques to resolve issues quickly and permanently by finding and addressing the underlying causes. Therefore, unlike many practitioners, he will not ask you to commit to long and expensive courses of treatment. As well as being a highly qualified and sought after Harley Street specialist, Garry is one of very few hypnotherapists in the country who are contracted to the NHS, where he consults regularly at a major hospital. Garry is available for consultations locally at prices you can afford.
Forward Thinking Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy Forward Thinking Hypnotherapy
Bournemouth, Hampshire, BH9 2JX
Hypnotherapy, NLP and Personal Development techniques to help, stop smoking, lose weight, confidence, cure phobias, stress, performance management, depression, motivation, insomnia, public speaking. Hypnotherapist based in Bournemouth, Dorset.
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