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Kathryn Fletcher HPD MNCH DHP
Kathryn provides professional hypnotherapy services from two clinics in Bristol, in Clifton and Montpelier.

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of conditions including:

Anxiety and stress management
Increasing confidence
Overcoming fears and phobias
Increasing confidence and self-esteem
Stopping smoking
Weight control
Increasing motivation and performance
Reducing exam and interview nerves

Kathryn uses hypnosis in conjunction with solution focussed therapy to help clients to achieve their goals.

For more information, directions to the Bristol clinics, and details of fees, see the website or give Kathryn a call.

Stop smoking therapy is a single extended session, while all other therapy starts with a free initial consultation.

A relaxation cd is included for every client, free of charge.

Kathryn is UKCHO registered and is registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy.
anxiety, hypnosis, smoking, stress management, hypnotherapy
Kathryn Fletcher HPD MNCH DHP
HypnoWaves - Bristol
HypnoWaves is the home of Sam Langley; Hypnotherapist and composer of relaxation music. Sam combines solution focused hypnotherapy with specially composed relaxation music, featuring scales, rhythms and frequencies that are particularly conducive to relaxation. You can book a hypnotherapy appointment or choose from a number of Hypnotherapy, relaxation music and brainwave entrainment downloads.
Hypnosis, Brainwave entrainment, isochronic tones, Hypnotherapy, Relaxation music, Hypnotherapy
Mind Fit Solutions - Bristol
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy We use Solution Focused Brief Hypnotherapy which uses practical, modern and well researched strategies including the best of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We use these with hypnosis to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time. We focus on the goals you want to achieve rather than focusing on the problems and work together to take you towards a positive future. Main Issues helped : Weight loss, Fears / Phobias, Anxiety, Depression, and much much more ..... Please visit my website for further information.
hypnosis bristol, hypnotherapy southville, hypnotherapy sneyd park, hypnotherapy, bristol, hypnotherapy bristol, Hypnotherapy
Mind Fit Solutions
Sarah Mortimer Hypnotherapy - Bristol
Sarah Mortimer offers Clinical Hypnotherapy at The Healing Rooms on Gloucester Road, Bristol. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy looks at ways to help you move forward in your life and can help with a wide range of issues including negative thinking, stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, unwanted habits, phobias, weight loss, pain management, irritable bowel syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, sleeping problems and many more. The initial consultation is FREE and each client receives a FREE 30-minute relaxation/self-hypnosis CD for use in between sessions.
bristol hypnotherapy chronic pain, solution focused hypnotherapy bristol, hypnosis bristol, bristol hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy bristol, Hypnotherapy
Sarah Mortimer Hypnotherapy
Lloyd Robinsons Clinical Hypnotherapy - Bristol
Every so often, everyone finds themselves somewhere they don''t want to be. Whether it comes from dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, bereavement, or even excess weight and bad habits; at some point everyone will look in the mirror and say "something needs to be different". Solution focused hypnotherapy can be a wonderful, natural way for you to make that change, and start to really enjoy life again. In sessions where the goals and aims are dictated by you, we will use up to date techniques based on modern neuroscience in a relaxed, psychobabble-free environment. I am a friendly, reliable, and experienced hypnotherapy student in my last month of studying on the nationally-renowned Clifton Practice hypnotherapy course. I currently offer effective treatment for the following; -Stress -Anxiety -Anger management -Depression/low mood -Low self-confidence -OCD -Addiction -Bad/unwanted habits -Stop-smoking -Phobias and fears -Past trauma -Weight management I offer: -A free initial consultation (one hour), in which I''ll answer any questions you have about hypnotherapy, and explain exactly how we''re going to help you. -Free self-hypnosis CD (for the best nights sleep ever!) -The reduced rate of ?25 per hour (after the initial consultation). -A two hour anti-smoking session at ?45, after which you will be a fully fledged non-smoker. - Extremely effective treatment; most clients will not need to see me for more than 8-12 sessions. For more information, or to book your free initial consultation, contact me in confidence on 07896873658 or email me at dalsus@yahoo.com. I am currently practicing in Clifton, Bristol but if you have mobility problems, a home visit can usually be arranged. I look forward to meeting you Lloyd Robinson Lloyd Robinson Clinical Hypnotherapy
wellness, anxiety, phobias, trauma , depression, Hypnotherapy
Lloyd Robinsons Clinical Hypnotherapy
Henleaze Hypnotherapy Clinic - Bristol
The Henleaze Hypnotherapy Clinic is based near to Southmead hospital in Henleaze and provides experienced clinical hypnotherapy treatment in the Bristol area. The practice is privately run by two experienced and qualified hypnotherapists, Helen Rogers and Sally Falconer Hall, who are dedicated to helping client''s acheive goals and make desired changes using various methods and techniques, such as NLP (neuro linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and SFBT (solution focused brief therapy). Helen and Sally trained at a recognised accredited centre of excellence for hypnotherapy in the UK and have been awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD) which is the first nationally accredited hypnotherapy qualification awarded by the NCFE National Awarding Body. Both are members of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), one of the main professional bodies in the UK, and the UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO), and abide by their strict code of ethics. The hypnotherapists at Henleaze Hypnotherapy Clinic treat a variety of disorders from physical conditions to problems of a psychological or emotional nature. These include anxiety and stress related conditions, elimination of phobias, well-being and pain management, motivation and performance enhancement, effective management of weight, removal of addictions and obsessions, insomnia and sleep patterns.
phobia bristol, stop smoking bristol, hypnotherapist bristol, weight loss bristol, hypnotherapy bristol, Hypnotherapy
Henleaze Hypnotherapy Clinic
clementine-hypnotherapy - Bristol
clinical hypnotherapist in central bristol. I can effectively help change your life with issues such as phobias, confidence, weight management, anxiety, depression, relationships, public speaking, exams smoking and addiction. I am an experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who uses solution-focused brief therapy. Treatment is tailored to each person according to your needs and the individual resources and personality that you bring.
hypnobirthing, stop smoking, depression, anxiety, stress, confidence, hypnotherapy for fast, effeactive change., Hypnotherapy
Hypnochanges - Bristol
Bristol based hypnotherapist. Using Solution Focused Brief Hypnotherapy (SFBH) as an approach, successfully helping clients regain control of their lives. Located in central Bristol and treating a wide range of conditions including depression, anxiety, phobias, weight control, IBS, confidence, sleeping problems etc.
Hypnotherapy Phobias, Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Bristol, Hypnotherapy depression, Bristol Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy
The Harmony Practice - Bristol
The Harmony practice specializes in clinical Hypnotherapy, a relaxing, enjoyable and clinically proven way for you to achieve your goals. Harmony Hypnotherapy is based in the safe, professional, and comfortable surroundings of Air Balloon Doctors Surgery. Harmony is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the NHS directory of complimentary practitioners. Harmony will help you to lose weight, give-up smoking, be free of depression, anxiety, and fear, and help you excel in any area of personal or professional performance, as well as helping you with many other issues.
depression, weight loss, health, stress, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy
The Harmony Practice
Clinical Hypnotherapy - Bristol
I can help with anxiety/stress, confidence, phobias and fears, stopping smoking and much more. I provide a caring and confidential service.
, Hypnotherapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Sharon Stiles Hypnotherapy - Bristol
Hypnotherapy in central Bristol to help with phobias, anxiety, losing weight, motivation, confidence and unwanted habits such as smoking, drinking and nail biting. Face to face and webcam sessions available.
, Hypnotherapy
Sharon Stiles Hypnotherapy
Bristol Hypnotherapy - Bristol
Joanna is a fully registered and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapist helping in a wide range of areas including Stress, anxiety, confidence, phobias, panic attacks, depression and weight loss
, Hypnotherapy
Bristol Hypnotherapy
Sharon Stiles Hypnotherapy and NLP - Bristol
Indivudual sessions helping people overcome phobias, reduce anxiety and stress, stop smoking, lose weight, increase confidence and motivation. Group relaxation sessions and stress reduction.
, Hypnotherapy
Sharon Stiles Hypnotherapy and NLP
The Clifton Practice - Bristol
I work on a one to one basis with clients to help them overcome personal difficulties or challenges
, Hypnotherapy
The Clifton Practice

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