Energy Management in Cambridgeshire

Energy Partnerships Ltd
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 5SU
We take the hard work out of buying energy! All too often companies stay with their current energy supplier because itís the easiest option. We understand that! Everybody has more important things to do than talk to a dozen gas or electricity suppliers and haggle. With energy prices high and set to stay high, prudent energy buying is essential for all businesses. Haggling for the best energy prices is our speciality! we work hard to get you the best price because we know that if we do, youíll come back. How do you benchmark the prices you are paying or will be quoted? We are involved in this complex market every day and have hundreds of satisfied clients. We know what's a good price and what's a bad one. Our services are free. All we need is your permission to negotiate contracts by completing one simple form and a copy of a recent bill. The form gives us authority to talk to suppliers for you - that's all. Whether you switch or not is up to you.
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