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Charterhouse Clinic
London, London, W1H 2HL
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Anthony Attenborough
London, Greater London, SW18 5SP
Anthony Attenborough is a kinesiology practitioner based in London. We specialise in working one-to-one with clients to teach a variety of techniques proven to reduce stress, promote natural health and improve self-confidence. The 'Bates Method' of kinesiology can help bring the body's muscles and organs into a state of equilibrium, which allows relaxation, learning and 'seeing' to become easier. It involves righting acupressure, livelihood issues, psychological problems and muscular imbalance to allow the individual to achieve a state of total wellbeing and improve future quality of life. We focus on medicines and therapies that can complement existing medical treatments and advice. These give you a boost to help with physical and emotional pain relief, overcoming dietary or nutritional issues and improving bodily functions. We aim to find the root of your health or lifestyle issues, which can be evident in physical manifestations, such as skin and circulation issues, psychological manifestations like stress and in a lack of self-esteem and confidence, which may be caused by a block that prevents an individual from fulfilling their goals. We work by appointment, primarily in one-to-one sessions where the aspects of cornation, seeing and learning can be taught and supported, but we are also welcome to group sessions. We aim to give clients the opportunity to attain a vibrant state of natural health themselves, by teaching techniques that can be taken away and repeated in times of need. For more information, please contact: Tel: 02088747337
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