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i Translation Zone UK
London, London, EC1V 2NX
Indian language translators in UK, Legal document translation services in UK, Technical document translation services in UK, Medical document translation services in UK, Tamil Translators in UK
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KL Translations Ltd
London, London, EC1V 2NX
certified translation, translation agency, translation company, document translation, translation services
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Inbox Translation
London, London, EC2A 4NE
localisation, translation services, interpreting services, proofreading, translation agency
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Lexiword Translations Ltd
London, London, N16 9BS
Lexiword Translations is a leading translation and localization company based in London. Over 10 years of experience and dedication to our customers have made Lexiword Translations one of the leading powerhouses of innovation and consistency of the industry. Our founding principles are quality, integrity, innovation and customer satisfaction. We provide high quality translation and localization services to corporate clients spread over a large geography including Europe, the U.S., the Middle East and the Far East. We don't just translate words - we capture the spirit and convey the message to your target audience. We work with professional native speakers with experience in the industries for which they translate. Our staff consists of in-house and freelance translators and editors with linguistic abilities and expertise suited to their translation tasks. Lexiword Translations strictly follows ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards. We have proven our client-oriented quality approach as we have drawn our own quality assurance and quality control procedures and strive to follow ISO standarts to the letter. At Lexiword Translations we are working with specialists from the fields of technical, medical, legal translations, software and website localizations and DTP services. We utilize state of the art computer assisted translation technologies and project management systems to provide our clients accurate and consistent translations and localization services.
Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Financial Translation, Top Translation Agency in UK, Translation Company London, Best Translation Agency in London, Translation Agency in London
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London, London, N1 7GU
GoPhrazy is a boutique media localization service provider, specialized in co-creating the authentic experience with your content in 150+ languages and within a foreign cultural context. We are artists, engineers and storytellers that overthrow barriers to communication to bring together people from different cultures and enable them to get to know, understand and respect each other. We employ cultural sensitivity and language expertise to help you capture the hearts and minds of your local audience and engage viewers in a culturally sensitive way across any platform, medium and device. Connecting cultures ...and loving every moment of it! GoPhrazy helps you build a strong, emotional relation with your target audience of another culture. We consider the cultural differences of your local viewers and consult you on your approach to establish mutual understanding and ensure the authentic feel with your content. Our cultural competence contributes to the superior viewer experience with your media in another language by delivering the original message in a different cultural context. This is the competitive advantage we provide to distinct you from rivals and make you stand out and in an increasingly crowded industry.
Localization, Voice over, Subtitling, Captioning, Dubbing
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London, London, EC1V 2NX
We help worldwide businesses achieve and grow the visibility they deserve by Translating and Localizing their content whilst being kind to our planet by adopting a zero waste approach towards nature. Machines don't have cultural awareness but our human translators do +150 languages +800 combinations +1k translators
Translation and Localization, Translation Services in London, Affordable Translation Services, Sustainable Translation , Translation Agency
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Espresso Translations.
London, London, WC2H 9JQ
Espresso Translations is a leading translation agency in London offering a wide range of professional translation services to businesses and individuals worldwide. Our translation company provides a translation service in over 150 languages thanks to our 2000-strong network professional translators. Our services include professional translation, proofreading, transcription and subtitling. We offer impeccable language translation service, reflected by our ISO certification for translation quality standards. Unlike other translation companies, every document is not only translated by a professional, but it is also subject to a second proofread by another expert translator. Request a quote for the best translating services.
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London, London, N1 7GU
Translayte is a UK based translation service that provides professional and certified translation services. We translate, edit and certify thousands of documents monthly, ensuring that our clients are able to complete applications successfully or communicate effectively.
Website Translation Services, Marriage Certificate Translations, Certified Translation Services, Translation Services UK, Birth Certificate Translations
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Avo Translations
London, London, EC1V 2NX
Avo Translation offers you high-quality and professional translation services. we have a team of experts who can able to translate your documents, website, media and even more. Our translation services include a website, legal, ethical translation. To know more about this, visit our website.

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SW19 Translation
London, London, EC1V 2NX
SW19 Translation it's a London based agency (Wimbledon, Merton), which offers professional translation services for the legal and immigration sector in the UK.
Diploma Translation London, Professional Translation Uk, Certified Translation London Uk, Birth Certificate Translation London, Certified Translation London
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London, London, W1T1JU
Intertranslations provides professional translation services in the UK in technical, legal, financial, marketing, educational and medical fields; and in all European and Asian languages. For more than 20 years, Intertranslations has been providing translation services from and to all European, Asian and Eastern languages. Our clients include private individuals and some of the biggest European companies, as well as Fortune 500 multinationals and EU institutions, such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, etc.
translation agency, legal translation services, financial translation services, translation company, professional translation services
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Avitas Translations Ltd
London, London, EC1A 2BN
Avitas Translations Ltd are a professional London based Translation and Language Service Provider. Covering over 150 Languages in any domain and specializing in Urgent deadlines, Avitas deal with Individuals, Businesses and NPO's and no project is too big or small. Avitas provide Certified Translations for Official Use and can also offer Same Day and 24hr options. Some of the services available include: - Translation - Proofreading - Localization - Website Translation - Multilingual DTP - Transcription - Voiceover With a friendly and flexible team, Avitas endeavor to exceed customer expectations each and every time. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Contact our team today to find out how we can help you.
Document translation service, Certificate Translation, Certificate translating, Official translation, Certified Translation
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TRANSHOME Translation and Localization Services
London, London, WC2N 5DU
TransHome was first introduced to the Egyptian local market as a small business venture in February 2002 and launched in Cairo. The company started as a small office with limited functionality, and the pioneers focused the efforts on translating patents, shipping and legal documents. Later on, the owners began to streamline the operations by appointing a team of freelancers with different specializations to cover up the market needs.
Localization , Arabic Translation Services , Arabic Localization Services, Translation
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DutchTrans - Translation Services
London, London, W1W 5BB
DutchTrans is an international translation company specialized in Flemish and Dutch translation services for documents and websites, but we can translate from and into any other language. We aim to deliver top notch translations at the lowest rates and we only use professional translators carefully selected. Your document will be translated by a professional translator, native of your target language. A second translator will proofread and edit the translation. Then, our Quality Analysis team will check your translation for any inconsistencies and will deliver it to you along with a quality report. We also provide certified translation for immigration at the lowest price in UK: only 20 pounds per page if the page has less than 200 words. All our certified translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the immigration office, and we can deliver your translation in less than 24 hours. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit our office in London, give us a call, send us an email or simply use the live-chat button on our website and ask for your free quote.
translation agency, Dutch translation company, translation company
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TRAVOD International
London, London, EC4N 4SA
Travod is the leading translation service provider and delivers culturally appropriate language solution to the world.
Translation Services
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London, London, EC4N 4SA
TRAVOD provides a range of on-demand, affordable professional translation and localization services to suit your multilingual needs for multiple industries, content types and platforms.
Translation services
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121 Captions
London, London, W1A 6US
Live Captioning Captions For Business Transcription Services Professional Lip Reader Services Best quality live captioning for your events, teleconference calls and webinars We provide stenographers to caption your event or teleconference call and give access to employees or delegates who can't hear the conversation. Our service is available remotely over the internet, or our stenographers can visit your venue. Captions for business events Our live captioning service makes your meetings, events, conferences and teleconference calls accessible to participants who are deaf and hard of hearing. With live captions for business events; Clients and staff will be able to more easily access your training and conferences Your deaf and hard of hearing staff can get fully involved in meetings and training courses Live captioning for employees may be paid for by government funding You have a great solution to retaining older hard of hearing staff and their valuable skills Non-native English speakers can more easily understand the dialogue Transcriptions of events are an added benefit for your employees and clients Transcriptions of your events Our skilled stenographers provide a real-time transcription of the content of the meeting, teleconference call, lecture, or event. This is at no extra cost to you. Uniquely, we provide transcriptions by email immediately after the real-time captioning of your event has finished. This enables you to use them as a meeting note and to confirm agreed actions without any delays. This offers the deaf viewer instant access to a very useful set of notes. Our transcription service is ideal for those teleconference calls or webinars you are unable to attend due to schedule clashes or illness. We still attend your event and caption it, and you will receive a transcript to review when convenient. We also caption and provide real-time transcriptions for events such as church services, film festivals, and podcasts. If we can access the audio output, we can transcribe it for you! Expert witness forensic lip reader services from the UK experts Whether you're a lip reader looking for communications support at an event, a lawyer looking for a forensic lip reader who can be cross examined in court, or a journalist looking for a professional lip reader to give you the inside scoop, we can help you. Our expert lipspeakers reproduce the shape of a speaker's words clearly and silently for expert lip readers. A lipspeaker allows a lip reader to focus on lip reading just one person rather than try to lip read many different mouth shapes and accents. Our professional lip readers will use forensic lip reading skills to produce a transcription of speech seen on video footage which has no audio, for example from CCTV or TV footage. For the legal profession: A professional lip reader would view silent video footage such as CCTV for use as admissible evidence in court. For the media: A professional lip reader would view footage of anything from a argument between celebrities at a party, to conversations between guests at a royal wedding or players at a sports event.
Transcription services, Sign Language, Lip Reading, Electronic Notetaking, Live Captioning
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40dots Ltd
London, London, WC2H 9JQ
Language company offering localisation services, translation, proofreading, review, phone interpreting and other specialised services.
proofreading, greek translators, localization, Cat tools experts, greek translations
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Espresso Translations
London, London, WC2H 9JQ
Espresso Translations offers professional translation and proofreading services, specialising in European languages. The business was founded in 2011 by two bilingual translators, working in tandem to guarantee word-perfect Italian-English translations. Niki, a native English speaker, speaks fluent Italian as a result of having lived and worked in Italy. Danilo, a native Italian speaker, has years of experience living and working in English speaking countries and his English is word-perfect. Following our third successful year, we made the decision to branch out into other European languages. Unlike traditional translation companies, we pair together translators who, like ourselves, are native in one language and fluent in the other. Translations are then completed in pairs so as to ensure that concepts and contexts are not lost in translation. We have developed a growing network of translators and now offer translations in Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. Our business is growing very rapidly and we hope to expand our range of languages even further over the coming years. For us, no text is too long or too short, too simple or too complex. Our translations are accurate, authentic and affordable, with an added personal touch. Please visit our website for more information or to contact us for a quote.
Proofreading, Editing, Translations
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Lexis Languages Translation Services
London, London, EC2A 4NE
We are a premium translation agency based in the both the UK and Germany and we are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Our focus on providing excellent service has been our success – our translation services is fast, effective and highly customer oriented. We offer all the main world business languages. So, whether you are looking for Spanish to Portuguese or Italian to Swedish – come to us – we are the expert choice. We offer the following translation modi: Translation: Translation is the written transformation of a document from one language into another. Localization: Localisation adapts the translated document so that it is suited to the region that it is intended for (example: a German leaflet that is to be used in India is translated into English, but the English text is localised to that of Indian English, thus being more accessible for the local Indian consumers). Internationalization: In this case the document is translated into internationalised English, making it more accessible for non-native users of the English language. This form of English is less idiomatic than regional native English. What you can expect from us: We cover all of the main business languages. Here are some examples of the languages in our portfolio: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Czech, Lithuanian, Finnish, Dutch and many more… - All our clients receive a ‘Service Page’ which allows the upload, download and status-monitoring of translations being worked on - We translate from and into all standard text formats - We create and manage individual translation memories (TMs) for you and your company, thus maintaining your very own corporate meta-language. - We administer your corporate glossary (term bank), utilizing it to ensure continuity of language. - We archive all your translations, ensuring that you always have a backup. - We archive all translation memories and term banks ensuring that there is no loss of language knowledge. - Our translators are all qualified and experienced translation experts. - We guarantee that every translated document is proofread before being returned to the customer.
Business translation, German translation, Translator, Translation Service, Translation agency
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All Languages Ltd
London, London, EC1M 3JB
All Languages has a dedicated team of language services experts who have been providing transcription, translation, interpreting and language tuition services for over 30 years. Our experience means we have developed an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ requirements and unparalleled expertise in delivering language services. We use innovative techniques and the latest technologies wherever it helps us better meet your needs, but it is our commitment to excellent personal service that really sets us apart. Whether you need: • Language tuition • Translation services • Interpreting, or • Transcription services please call us on 020 7247 1344 to discuss how we can help you with your language services requirements. Whatever your requirements, the All Languages team of talented and highly-educated professionals is available wherever and whenever you need us to deliver accurate and high quality language services that can be tailored to your requirements.
Teaching, Language tuition, Interpreting, Transcription, Translation
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KL Africa Translations
London, London, EC1V 2NX
KL Africa Translations is a translations agency that provides professional translations services into and from all African languages.
African translation services, Africa translations company, African document translation services, Africa Language translation services, Africa translation agency
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KL Asia Translations
London, London, EC1V 2NX
KL Asia Translations is a professional translation services provider specializing in providing accurate translation services in Asia.
Asia translation services, Asia translation agency, Asia document translation services, Asia Language translation service, Asia translation company
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KL Certified Translations
London, London, EC1V 2NX
KL Certified Translations is a specialist translation services provider dealing in the translation and certification of all kinds of documents for official and legal uses in any language.
Certified interpreting services, Certified translation services, Certified translations agency, Cerified translators, Cerified translations company
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KL Medical Translations
London, London, EC1V 2NX
KL Medical Translations offers high quality and professional translation services for documents and all other materials and areas that have to do with the medical sector and Pharmaceuticals.
Professional Medical translation services, Medical translation agency, Medical translation company, Medical translation London, Medical translation services
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KL Marketing Translation
London, London, EC1V 2NX
KL Marketing Translations is a professional translation services provider specializing in providing high quality and accurate translation of marketing related documents covering all language combinations.
International marketing translation, Professional marketing translation services, Marketing translation London, Marketing language translation, Marketing translation services
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London, London, EC2A 4N
Intercombase Translation is a multilingual translation services provider with an office based in UK, London! We translate between English and over 40 other major world languages in all areas of expertise! Our professional translators translate in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese. We offer document translation, website translation, editing and proofreading, subtitling, voice over, and copywriting. To learn more please visit us online at or write us an e-mail at Looking forward to cooperating with you!
translate from english, english translation, translation in english, translate to english, translation services
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Accurate Translations Ltd
London, London, EC4V 5DR
Accurate Translation Ltd have particular areas in which their skills are second to none, These include but are not limited to: Legal, marketing, financial and technical translation. They have the most up to date technology so that all of their documentation remains consistent and professional.
Interpretation Services, Translation Services
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Exchange Lingo
London, London, EC2A 4NE
Global translation agency providing professional, accurate and reliable translation services in more than 150 languages at competitive rates. Exchange Lingo was created for the purpose of providing translation and interpreting services. Our goal is to provide ‘access’ to new markets allowing you to reach a wider audience to raise awareness and gain new clients or customers. We specialise in translation services which is an essential tool in today’s global business world. Any company trying to keep up with the fast-paced speed while looking to have any global presence will no doubt need translations of all types translated accurately, quickly and professionally. At Exchange Lingo we do just that and more. We are here for you.
Language translation, Transcription services, Interpreting services, Localisation services, Translation services
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Turkish Translations AATurkish Ltd
London, Middlesex, EN1 1QR
With 12 years of experience in Turkish- English - Turkish translation services, AATurkish Ltd provides Turkish language services to customers throughout UK. Established in 1998, the business is situated in Enfield (London): AATurkish Ltd was established in 1998 and has built up a reputation providing accurate and reliable services to a range of customers: from local authorities, corporate bodies, the voluntary sector, social enterprises and individuals with a diverse range of needs. Services provided: English –Turkish – English translations, interpreting, transcriptions, subbing, proofing, voiceovers, educational support, business support and consultancy. Turkish translations has in-house and freelance staff and delivers Turkish- English translation, interpreting and other language services to businesses and individuals. The services are designed to be cost effective, for helping clients to overcome language barriers. The company delivers reliable English- Turkish -English Language services that are tailored to improve your communication needs. AA Turkish has highly experienced in-house and freelance staff and ready to offer help for your language needs. AATurkish has been working private companies and statutory agencies such as OECD, EU, FCO, MOD, local authorities and major telecommunication, media and technical companies throughout the UK.
Turkish Language services, English -Turkish Translation, Turkish Interpreter, Turkish English Translation and interpreting, Turkish Translations UK
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London Translation Agency
London, London, E16 2RD
London translation agency that provides high quality professional translation services to business clients based in the UK or abroad. Our wide range of translation services includes legal translations, financial translations, medical translations and website translations. With over 5000 certified mother-tongue translators across the globe, we can deal with any type of translations in more than 100 languages, 24/7.
Translation Agency, London Translation Services, Professional Translation Services, Translation Services, London Translation Agency
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Duru Translation Services
London, London, W9 1AJ
DURU TRANSLATION SERVICES Professional Translation Services in UK Translation - Turkish to English - English to Turkish Fast and effective translation on: Written: - Documents, letters, scripts etc. Spoken: - Interviews, presentations, speakers, legal advice etc. Please call to get a quote on 0207 2894519 / 07766911907
Turkey, Interpretation, Turkish, Translator, Transation
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PM Translation and Interpreting Services
London, London, se26 6ru
PM Translation and Interpreting Services is a London-based Translation Agency providing bespoke services in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and many other languages
Translator, Service, Interpreting, Interpreter, Translation
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Rosetta Translation
London, London, EC4Y 1BJ
Rosetta Translation provides a full range of translation services to companies worldwide. We specialise in translating business and commercial texts to the highest standard. Our company is a multi-sector translation specialist and has particular expertise in the following fields: * Legal translation * Financial translation * Technical translation * Medical translation We guarantee a consistently excellent quality of translation in each of these various fields by making sure we assign every translation to the most appropriate specialised team of highly qualified translators, proofreaders and editors. Combined with our use of translation technology and our extraordinary flexibility as regards client needs, this results in the professional and reliable translation service that our regular customers value. Translations can be certified, notarised and legalised to meet your exact requirements. We also provide interpreting services worldwide.
Engineering Translation, Professional Translation, Business Translation, Legal Translation, London Translation
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Quick Lingo
London, London, E16 2RD
Quick Lingo is a London translation agency that provides high quality professional translation services to business clients based in the UK or abroad. We provide linguistically and culturally accurate translations for over 100 languages. Our wide range of translation services include legal translations, financial translations, medical translations and marketing translations. With over 5000 professionally certified mother-tongue translators across the globe, we can deal with any type of translations worldwide. Our company is committed to delivering high quality professional translation services consistently and that's why we have developed an efficient project management process. We rely on human translation for linguistic and cultural accuracy.
Website Translation Services, London Translation Agency, Professional Translation Services, Legal Translation Services, Translation Services in the UK
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London, London, SE23 3SY
At SATIS we have been providing top quality translation and interpreting services since 1993. Our international clientele includes companies and organisations throughout the U.K. and Europe. Years of experience, multilingual staff and a database of judiciously selected translators and interpreters enables us to offer a complete translation, proofreading and interpreting service for almost any language and subject area. Our translators work solely into their mother tongue and have the skills and expertise to translate in their specialised fields, whether this be legal, financial, marketing, technical, medical, I.T., marketing or the arts. We provide translation in almost all languages and subject areas. Whatever the language and no matter how difficult the subject matter we maintain our high standards from the first word to the last.
Spanish translation, Legal translation, Chinese translation, Russian translation, German translation
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London, London, w37bn
TranslationsInLondon is an online translation agency. We, at TranslationsInLondon, always aim to deliver high quality translations in all European and Oriental languages. Our experience taught us that it is all about the quality. It is in this perspective, that we work and achieve the best results. Our clients are satisfied with our products, because we are not only linguists but marketing specialists. We want you and your company to achieve your goals. We employ only native freelancers with proven experience in the translation and localisation industry. Our freelancers are precious to our company as they act as real consultants. We are a successful team as everyone in the company has his/her vital role. Our company is a quite recent one, thus it was born and created by the partnership of experienced freelancers. By examining the market, we noticed that there was a lack of multilingual companies which also provide a marketing/sales consultancy
Italian translators, Interpreting , Multilingual translations , Translations In London , Translations
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Mother Tongue Writers
London, London, sw6 4tj
Mother Tongue specialises in the adaptation/creative translation (transcreation) of advertising and marketing related material. Our clients are marketing departments, advertising agencies and other marketing services agencies. We use a unique combination of market-based copywriters and specialist translators to adapt copy. We have a network of copywriters in most markets around the world.
international advertising, transcreation, marketing translation, advertising translation, creative translation
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Translators Town
London, London, SW15 6TH
Translation jobs board for freelance translators and translation agencies.
freelance translation jobs, freelance translation, freelance translators, freelance translator, translation jobs
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Word for Word
London, London, W13 0BG
Word for Word provides translation and proofreading services. We will ensure that your written statements help you to give the best first impression. Whether marketing materials, a company website, letters, presentations or reports, we will proofread your documents for errors. We will ensure that your documents present the professional image that your company or charity represents. Our translation service ensures that your documents, whether business or personal, have a smooth consistency of language with no misunderstandings through incorrect translation or guess work. We can translate to or from most languages. Contact us for further information.
Proofreading, Translation services
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Christal Clear Translation (London)
London, London, SW9 8PL
Christal Clear Translation (London) was founded on a strongly held belief in the importance of good International communication and language skills, whether in business, a professional, working abroad, studying at school or university, or just fascinated by the many languages of the world The Company is here to help clients write what they really mean, in any chosen language, in a clear, fluent and professional manner that is tailored to your individual requirements. The translation service is offered at the highest level by “Mother Tongue” translators, Translating in 20 different languages and over 50 different language combinations. Visit The service will ensure that your translation, vocabulary, grammar, spelling and sentence structure, is the best it can be, consistent and of excellent quality. The team comprises experienced Translators / Editors, Senior Managers and Linguists all with degrees in Languages and a history of educational, commercial and web translation. Christal Clear can translate your business document, web page, letter of application, CV, newsletter, press release or any other type of document. The Company would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate its skills and abilities to individuals or organisations, in the hope that they will join the many satisfied clients within Christal Clears growing customer base.
localization, Translation, translating ,, interpreting, interpretor, translator, localization, Translation, translating ,
See main listing - Christal Clear Translation (London)
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African-Eurasian Translations Ltd
London, London, E10 6PD
For over a quarter of a Century, African-Eurasian Translations has been a premier provider of languages services. We provide top quality services for a significant number of Major Corporations, Law Firms and Governmental Agencies throughout the UK. We have built an outstanding reputation for providing timely and cost effective translation, interpreting, transcription and proofreading services. African-Eurasian Translations bridges the communication gap between unique languages and distinct cultures by paying meticulous attention to the details. We know that succeeding globally in today''s business world requires paying attention to many subtle language nuances. Our continuous dedication to the details and meeting our clients'' goals have made African-Eurasian Translations a worldwide leader in the translation and interpreting industry for both written & verbal communication projects. African-Eurasian Translations has hundreds of highly qualified language experts on call 24 hours, 7 days a week. Located throughout UK, our interpreters and translators are experienced and proficient in speaking and writing hundreds of languages within an extensive range of specific industries. Our services are available at very competitive price as compared to the most of leading translation companies. This is achieved by significantly reducing our overheads and not compromising on quality of the services we offer. We cut our expenditures by having a non-central London offices and using direct marketing tools instead of employing expensive mediums such as advertising on publications, directories and search engines.
Transcription, Translation, Legal Translation, Interpreter, Interpretation
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Traductio Limited
London, UK, SE1 0LH
Welcome to Traductio - Experts in Polish Translation and Interpreting! Traductio Limited is a Polish Certified Translation Office specialising in professional and high quality Polish-English-Polish translation and interpreting services. We offer specialist translations of legal, medical and technical texts. Our company also provides certified translations of all Polish and British official documents. Traductio offers assistance at the formal meetings, conferences and teleconferences and also at the hospitals, health centres, courts, police stations and probation centres. What is more, our company provides services of Polish voice-over artists. We are rapidly earning a good reputation for an excellent customer service and high quality translation and interpreting services. We look forward to welcoming you soon! Our address: Linton House Suite 210, 2nd Floor 164-180 Union Street London SE1 0LH (London Bridge / Southwark) Tel. no.: 0207 9282 558 Fax no.: 0208 654 8035 Mobile: 0789 4802 777
Polish Interpreter, Polish Translator
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Mark Leach Interpreting
London, London, SE21 8BX
Description: Professional Interpreter • French/English • English/French • German/English. Available for conferences, business meetings and video conference interpreting assignments. Payment: Postal Order, Check, Cash, Switch, Paypal Language A: French to English Language B: English to French Language C: German to English Email: Business Hours: not listed Categories: Translator, Conference Interpreter, Language Interpreter , Consecutive Interpreter, Simultaneous Interpreter
Localization, Conference interpreter, Translator, Language Interpreter, French to English interpreter
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Big Translations
London, London, SE1 3HA
Big Translations provides high quality and reliable translation services from and into 90 languages. We specialise in accurate Legal, Medical, Marketing translations as well as full in-house Website content extractions and Proofreadings; all at a very competitive price. We also provide excellent multilingual DTP services to give you a one stop shop service! If you are in a hurry you can also benefit from our quick service for an early delivery or if you need someone to proofread your very important presentation to give you an extra peace of mind we can do that for you as well! At Big Translations all our courteous multilingual Project Managers will at all times listen very carefully to all your needs and expectations and will talk you though the best and the more cost effective solution. All the information you provide will be treated with extreme confidentiality by project managers and linguists alike. Call us today for a free quote on +44(0)208 3434 539
Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Multilingual desktop publishing, Legal and Medical translations, Website translation, Translation and proofreading
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Word Up Language Services
London, London, W9 1LT
Freelance Translator offering quality French - English translations at affordable rates. Free quote (with no obligation) available - response guaranteed within 48 hours! Document (text) translation, website translation, localization, interpreting and English language proofreading at competitive rates. Contact Merav now for more details or see
Interpreting, French - English, Freelance, Proofreading, Translation services, translator
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GoLocalise Ltd
London, London, W1T 6NY
GoLocalise is a one-stop shop for all your translation and voice over requirements. We at understand the importance of deadlines, accuracy and consistency in translation, copywriting and localization.
script translation, english to Spanish, english translation, spanish translation, translation agency
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London, London, E15 1SU
Professional, high-quality translation services from English into Slovak and vice-versa. Legal, medical, public sector, education, human resources.
public sector translation, Legal translation, Medical translation, Slovak translator, Slovak translation
See main listing - Slov-Trans
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London, UK, SW1Y 5NQ
Translation services into and out of over 100 languages in the areas of business, law, industry, technology, IT and medicine. Translation Agency based in London, United Kingdom.
United Kingdom, professional translation, translation agnecy, London, translation services
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ETLS International
London, London, E14 5LQ
ETLS International provides a fast and accurate translation service into all languages and technical areas. Our translations are always done by professionals who have specific knowledge of the specialist field of expertise required. In this way we ensure quality work is provided to our clients.
technical translation, language translation, financial translations, legal translations, translation services
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Florence Tesmoingt French Translator
London, London, NW5 2EA
Qualified and experienced professional English to French translator specialising in business proposals, contracts, press releases, marketing literature and websites
website localisation, translation, language services, french london, French translator
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London, London, W7 2KL
English-Italian Translations Italian-English Translations Prompt and competitive service, anything considered. Html / Trados Software. If you provide me the source text you want translating (English>Italian or Italian > English) I will translate it into the target language for a very low fee. I need some true translation experience before freelancing. It will also help me build my glossaries and translation memories having recently purchased the translation software (trados). I also need to expand my portfolio. I''m graduated in Translation, native Italian, studying further. Living and working in London for 5 years so you can have some confidence things will be done correctly. Any items considered, I welcome enquires from translation agencies although I am currently fitting this work into evening slots and weekend work.
Localisation, English, Languages, Translations, Italian
See main listing - EzeeTranslations
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LVogt Translation
London, London, N15 6ES
Professional and experienced medical translator English – Polish – English Competitive prices. Reliable and accurate translation Associate of Institute of Translation and Interpreting
Polish, Medical, translation
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Skrivanek Translation Company
London, London, SW1E 5RS
Skrivanek is a world leader in language services, specifically: translations spanning a multitude of languages and the effective localization of products on international markets. Established in 1994, it quickly managed to dominate the Central European translation market, creating a network of 51 branches covering 13 countries. Its well-stocked staff of professional translators, experienced project managers, and dedicated software engineers and DTP specialists have enabled Skrivanek to provide high-quality translation and localization services in any conceivable language and volume, creating an enviable clientele representing major corporations in various industries. Skrivanek’s quality of service is backed by EN ISO 9001:2001 certification.
professional translations, localisation, software localisation, technical translation, translation agency
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hi-fen translation solutions
London, London, E8 4DG
hí-fen translation solutions is a translation company providing bespoke services in more than 30 languages. Our customer focused approach to business takes into account the specific requirements of each project in order to offer you the best solution in translation. All translations are performed by qualified, experienced translators who are specialists in their chosen field and native speakers of the target language. Each has passed a rigorous entry test, is assessed on an ongoing basis and shares our concept of quality, business ethics and customer focus. We also offer CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS to private clients for use at the Home Office, UK universities, and others. Prices start at £65.00 for single page documents.
translation, certified translation, translation london, interpreter, certified translations
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Translator UK
London, London, NW3 6NG
Translator UK is based in London and are a translation company servicing the whole of the UK, providing the highest quality translation, interpreting, sworn translation, website localisation and much more.

We use carefully-selected translators in the UK and world-wide to service international clients providing on-time, accurate and professional translated documents, contracts, certificates and more.

We specialise in Spanish to English translation as well as English to Spanish translation, however we translate from and into several other languages.
Spanish to English, translation london, translation uk, translator in the UK, translator in london
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Quick Lingo Ltd
London, UK, E16 2RD
Quick Lingo is a professional translation agency that will provide you with a full document/website translation service with free additional proof-reading to ensure that high quality is delivered to you at all times. For more information, call us on +44 (0) 208 223 7496 or email us at:
Changing Langauges , Languages, Financial Translations , Lingo , Translation services
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Migal Translations
London, London, SW18 3EJ
Migal is an international translation agency providing translation and other language related services mainly for business clients. Our main fields of expertise include the following fields: legal, financial, marketing texts; business correspondence; technical, medical documents; website translation.
medical translations, website translation, legal, financial translation, technical translation, translation
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Legally Translated
London, London, W1
Legally Translated is a translation agency specialised in the translation of legal and financial documents. We also provide transcription, interpreting and proofreading services. We cover worldwide languages.
Owners are professional translators, Financial and corporate translations, Transcription, Worldwide languages, Legal translation agency
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EN and Co (UK) Ltd
London, London, NW1 5RA
Translayion & interpreting service: Translation: Medical- Software- Technical- Legal- Commmercial- Media- Website localisation- Editing- Proof-reading- Typestting- Transcribting. Interpreting: Consecutive-Simulateous-Conferenece(Live&Whispered-Liaison-Audio Recording-Voice Over-Presrntion. Industry Type: Advertising-Banking-Biotechnolgy-Computers-Construction-Education-Engineering-Electronics-Finance-Health-Insurance-Law-Media-Literature-Marketing-Medicine-Pharmaceuticals-Social Sevices-International-Developing-Relations-Telecommunications-Not For Profit. Translation & Interprting service for over 150 languages.
Voice over, Interpreting, Editing, Proof-reeding, Translation
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Polish Translators Ltd
London, London, NW2 2AD
Polish Services.Translator provide a comprehensive range of professional English-Polish Translation and Interpreting
polish translator, translater, polish-english translation, Polish translation, , interpreter
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Verztec Consulting UK Limited
London, London, SW1H 0HW
Verztec assists companies to communicate globally across languages, culture & medias. Our range of services include Translation & Localisation, Seminar & Conference Interpretation, Multilingual Voiceovers, Software Internationalisation & Development, Software Testing & Global Learning. In addition to consulting, development & localisation into multiple languages, Verztec rigorously test & maintain enterprise-wide applications at world-class level. Verztec has worked with clients in a wide range of sizes, mainly supporting Global 1000 Companies in a variety of industries including Medical & Life Sciences, Banking & Finance, Information Technology, Legal & Electronics.
Seminar & Conference Interpretation, Software Translation, eLearning Translations, Multilingual voiceovers, Document Translation
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EN and CO
London, London, NW1 5RA
Having provided professional interpreting for over 10 years, our continued commitment remains in insuring that both our new and existing clients know that they can recieve the same high-quality services at any time, 24 hours a day. We provide services for both companies and private individuals.We offer a comprehensive range of services including translations, voice-overs, interpreting and conferencing. With over 3000 interpreters/translators on our books covering over 170 languages, our professional linguist work exclusively in their mother tongue. Contact us for a free quote.
conferencing, Interpreters, Language, subtitling, Translations
See main listing - EN and CO
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Anyword Ltd
London, London, W6 1HR
Anyword are a professional text translation agency with offices in the UK, France and Spain. We have a network of around 2500 freelance translators worldwide who all have their own domains of speciality and translate into their mother tongue. We translate any text - documents, leaflets, brochures, contracts, websites etc... in most specialist subject areas and into and from most languages
translate english, english french translation, english translator, french translator, translation company
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Russian business translation
London, London, W1J 5BD
Russian translator / interpreter undertakes work for British & US international companies and private businesses based in London. Assistance in business for owners, directors, top managers can be provided. Locations served: London W1 Mayfair, West End, Kensington & Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Regents Park & Marylebone, City. My phone number: 07704114323 For more overview of areas of my specialization and my clients reviews, please, visit my website:
mayfair, russian translation, interpreting, london, russian translator
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Idiomatic Translations
London, London, E9 5HP
Idiomatic Language Services is a translation company with offices in the UK, Spain, France, USA and the Far East. With more than 10 years experience, Idiomatics customers include law firms, local government, pharmaceuticals, media and engineering as well as small and medium sized businesses. Idiomatic translates to and from any language at short notice.
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London, London, W1D 2EU
Datawords translation has specialised since its creation in the translation of Asian languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, etc.). Thanks to its network of more than 1,200 professional translators, Datawords ensures you an exhaustive translation service in various fields of specialisation. Should you have any request (translation quote, etc.) please contact us online.
korean translation, japanese translation , chinese translation, russian translation, translation agency
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London, London, W128TX
TranslateMedia is a fast growing and innovative digital documents translation company focused on servicing the most demanding customers. TranslateMedia was founded in response to a growing market demand for a modern service orientated translations agency. TranslateMedia builds and maintains customised corporate translation services web portals for large organisations. The company has 950 translators in its network covering 52 languages and all major markets.
confidential, digital translations, accurate, punctual, instant quote
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Egon Media Systems Ltd
London, London, W1S 1HX
Professional translation from most languages into all languages. Contact us to have a quote.
Translators, Translate, Traduction, Translation
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Wording Translation Solutions
London, London, W1U 6PZ
Wording is a niche company providing the arts and media industries with first-class language services since 2006. Our professional and customer-focused approach delivers quality translation solutions by taking into account the specific requirements of each project. We offer professional translation services in over 25 languages for film scripts, music lyrics, art reviews, press releases, portfolios, contracts and much more. We also provide certified translations for documents and our top priorities are quality, speed and confidentiality. We have a handpicked network of qualified, experienced translators who are specialists in their chosen field and native speakers of the target language. Our selection process involves a rigorous assessment and all linguists are also appraised on a regular basis.
translation services, certified, certified translation, london, translator
See main listing - Wording Translation Solutions
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Translation service
London, London, W1W 5BB
Lingo24 provides professional translation services in all major world languages.
Translation company, Translation services, Translation agency
See main listing - Translation service
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Polish Translators
London, UK, NW2 2AD
Polish – English – Polish Translation and Interpreting Professional translation and interpreting services provided by Polish Translators Ltd

o Specialist/Technical Translation
o First-Draft and Email Translation
o Certified & Sworn Document Translation

o Court, Medical and other
o Business Meetings & Conferences
o Inductions
o Consecutive & Simultaneous

o Subtitling
o Voice-Over
o Transcription

Specialists in the Polish language.
•Over 400 highly experienced linguists
•Full project management
•Competitive prices
•Fast turnaround times
proof reading , interpreter , Translation, Voice over , Polish Translator
See main listing - Polish Translators
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Sky Translations Ltd
London, London, EC1M 4DF
Sky Translations is an independent company specialising in technical, scientific financial, legal, medical and pharmaceutical translation. We also provide web site development and localisation services for software, documentation, help, online content and technical authoring. In addition, we also offer a state of the art printing and packaging service.

See main listing - Sky Translations Ltd
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Let's Go Translations Ltd
London, London, NW2 9GF
translation and interpreting services to all areas in all languages.

See main listing - Let's Go Translations Ltd
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London, London, SE22 8NX
Quality English to French translation services. General, business, technical, medical, scientific, musical and entertainment-related documents. Competitive prices. Contact us for a free quote.

See main listing - Yeoman
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Latvian Translations and Interpreting
London, London, E1 0DF
High-quality, reliable English to Latvian, Latvian to English, English to Russian and Russian to English Translation, Interpreting, Proof-reading, Voice-Over and QA services.

See main listing - Latvian Translations and Interpreting
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Language Connect
London, London, SE1 4NA
Operating from a central London location, Language Connect is a passionate company offering translation, interpreting, website localisation, voiceovers and other language services in over 120 languages and dialects to clients worldwide. Set-up in 2003 the company has 5 years experience in the language services sector and provides a wide range of specialist language services which are delivered by their strong global network of professional and talented linguists.

The business offers comprehensive language translation services to national and international businesses, legal professions, the National Health Service and Government organisations. Language Connect is a reliable language translation service capable of understanding and responding quickly to your needs and ensures high quality work at very competitive prices. Language Connect has ISO 9001 recognition and is a member of the Association of Translation Companies; the business also has expert staff enabling clients to communicate effectively whatever their language.

The company was set up by Iwona Beak and Ben Taylor who share an interest in different languages and cultures and a passion for helping people to communicate effectively whatever their nationality.

In a recent independent survey Language Connect clients state the company keeps their promise in reference to delivery, quality and price. Language Connect works with national and international businesses, legal profession, National Health Service and Government departments. Many have been using the company since they opened and a significant proportion of new business comes from direct client referrals. Language Connect have always been committed to building long-term relationships with all their clients, big or small, by delivering excellent language translation services every time.

See main listing - Language Connect
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Polish Translation and Interpreting
London, London, E14 8JN
Polish Translation/Interpreting/Subtitling Services

See main listing - Polish Translation and Interpreting
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Worldwide Translation Bureau
London, London, W1U 6LU
WTB is positioning itself to be a leading provider of translation and interpreting services to private clients and corporations that operate in a multi-national multi-cultural business environment We provide precise and accurate translation and interpreting services covering all subjects We can support all European and major non-European languages

See main listing - Worldwide Translation Bureau
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Aplomb Translations
London, London, WC2A 1AD
Aplomb Translations is a professional translation company based in London that provides translation, interpreting, proofreading from and into most languages. Aplomb serves clients in the legal, financial and technical sectors, amongst others. We also specialise in website translation and localization. We like to think that the company is particularly good at translating both accurately and fast at very competitive prices.

See main listing - Aplomb Translations
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Ideas Translated
London, London, N3 1AE
Quality business translations by native Brazilian linguists

See main listing - Ideas Translated
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London, London, N1 7NP
Accurate, appropriate translation, immaculate typesetting and world-class website localisation in more than100 languages. Fast, competitive, quality services for all your print and electronic media needs.

See main listing - WorldAccent
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