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Secure financial solutions Chester

Secure financial solutions Chester

Debt Management

A Debt Management Programme serves as a means for you to start prioritising your debts and regain control. It allows you to pay your household bills first (mortgage, gas, electricity, council tax etc...) then offer a reduced payment to your unsecured creditors (personal loans, credit cards etc...).

Debt Management is designed so you pay back what you can afford to the creditor on a monthly basis and not what the creditor requests. Here at Secure Financial Solutions, we can help you manage your debt and agree a repayment plan which fits within your budget.

Debt affects all walks of life, for many reasons; Divorce, Unemployment, Ill health, Redundancy. You would be surprised just who and how much debt people are in. The subject of Debt is almost Taboo. People are afraid to talk about it or to even admit the extent of their debt. Afraid to answer the phone or the door; worried every time another brown envelope drops through the door. Some couples don’t even tell their partner about credit cards and loans.

It isn’t just people on low wages that are affected. Most of us “grow into” our incomes as they increase. We regularly help people from all walks of life – doctors, solicitors, teachers, tradesmen, cleaners as well as the self-employed and company directors

Many of our clients have been supporting their own business, mainly for cash flow reasons, getting credit cards and personal loans to enable them to support their business.

We have clients that are going through a Divorce; they were struggling to make ends meet. Their relationship had broken down; they have gone from two incomes to one, both parties having to pay more to live separately. What seemed affordable together is totally unmanageable on one income. Divorce or Separation is never an easy thing to go through without the added financial burden. We were able to help them deal with the financial worries.

Debt is not something to be ashamed of. We understand Debt; there is always a solution to your problem, regardless of your situation.

The biggest step is to admit you have a problem. Calling Secure Financial Solutions will be the first step to sorting out your debt worries. We have a team of experienced Debt Counsellors waiting to take your call. Regardless of how much you owe we will have a solution for you. Don’t let your finances spiral out of control; let us take away the stress and worries of your financial burden. Call for free confidential advice


We will negotiate with your creditors to agree a plan and whilst we cannot guarantee that they will accept it, we can usually achieve an agreeable plan for you.

Interest and charges

We cannot guarantee to get interest and charges frozen, however we will work with your creditors on your behalf to achieve the best debt repayment plan for you.

Monthly or weekly payment

Made at the most convenient time for you, Secure Financial Solutions pay all of your unsecured creditors for you so that you have the peace of mind that your creditors have received the agreed payment.

Find out how we can help you with a Debt Management Plan by calling one of our trained debt advisors who will explain your options to you in a non judgmental and sympathetic way and hopefully put you on the road to a debt-free life.

We could help you:

Reduce your Debt, Repayments Freeze Interest Rates, Stop Legal Action, Give you a Free Debt Assessment, Negotiate with your creditors, Find the best solution for you

Debt Example

Credit Card         £14000.00

Personal Loan    £10000.00

Store Card          £ 4000.00

Credit Card 2      £ 6000.00

Total Debt          £34000.00

Payment before DMP - £1200.00 Per Month

Payment after DMP £550.00 per month

Total Saving Per Month £650.00

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