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Herbal Permanent Hair Remover - HairyCure - NO MORE UNWANTED HAIR! No more unwanted hair from £39.99 - End embarrassing facial hair permanently! Safe & painless 100% organic herbal treatment guaranteed. Breaking news: HairyCure is now available for you: VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd offer you a life without unwanted hair growth that is affordable, without pain and without side effects!! We indroduce HairyCure, a100% Natural Herbal Oil Treatment. Read my story and order today. December 2012: Labratory tests confirmed to us what we already knew: HairyCure meets all EU quality and safety standards and is tested, approved and certified in the UK & EU against the strict EU regulation for the cosmetic industry that will go into effect from July 2013. My story: Like so many of us, I always looked for an affordable, safe and pain free solution to removing those unwanted hairs. It has been a big problem in my life. Up to now my solution was a monthly painful trip to the beautician to get waxed. Laser is too expensive, has too many risks and is too painful. In my search for safe and affordable beauty products, I have found HairyCure, a herbal permanent hair removal product. It has changed my life, and now when I go to the beautician I look forward to be pampered and I not to undergo my monthly excruciating waxing treatments. I am so happy with my smooth skin without the unwanted hairs. Vee Koppelman - founder VZ Hair and Glamour Benefits of HairyCure: •100% Natural Herbal Oil Treatment •No Pain •Safe and effective for facial and body hair •No more shaving •An end to ingrowing hairs •No more razor burns or irritation •No stubble •For men and women no matter skin or hair colour •No more embarrassing facial hairs •In the convenience of your own home •A cheap alternative to laser!!! THIS IS NOT AN INHIBITOR. HairyCure - Permanently stops unwanted hair from growing back forever - see the results for yourself. All temporary solutions and most medium term methods, take the hair off the surface of the skin which is why the hair will grows back. Permanent hair remover solutions destroy the hair follicle at its root preventing its ability to regenerate and grow. Selecting the right method use to be a difficult choice. HairyCure has made this choice a lot easier. From £39.99 you can permanently remove unwanted hair. How HairyCure Permanent Painless Hair Remover works: •Buy HairyCure online (from £39.99) •Wax the required area properly to remove the hair •Roll on HairyCure and massage the area gently for 2-3 minutes •Allow the skin to absorb the oil (30 minutes for face - 1 hour for other body parts) •Repeat for the next 4-8 times after waxing •Hair will permanently be removed No More Unwanted Hairs! Are you looking for the best hair removal formula, something you can just massage into the skin a few times and never have to shave again? HairyCure is natural aromatherapy oil which stops unwanted hair from growing back permanently - used after waxing. HairyCure is 100% natural, no pain and no side effects. HairyCure is applied to the desired skin surface after waxing. Used only once after each time of waxing. HairyCure Herbal Organic Treatment Oil : gives permanent results. Millions of people are looking for a practical solution to eradicate unwanted and unsightly hair growth. Until now, all the solutions available have either been painful, non-permanent or can damage the skin. Not so with HairyCure Herbal Oil Treatment. use between 6 -8 times - applying only once after each time of waxing for permanent results! Painfree solution: HairyCure is completely pain-free, is safe with no side effects - 100% Herbal solution and is certified in the UK! Gentle on the skin: Products or processes which are instantly effective do not target the natural hair-growth process and therefore the effects are not permanent; they can even lead to skin damage. This is not the case with HairyCure Permanent Hair Remover Herbal Oil Treatment. We recommend that you wax your unwanted hair as waxing will remove the hair from the root. After waxing the HairyCure''s oil should be applied on the area and massaged gently.The oil penetrates the skin and reaches the hair root. The herbal extracts will strengthen and firms the skin. As a result the passage to the root of the hair narrows after each application, until they get completely blocked preventing the hair follicle''s ability to regenerate and grow hair. This process simulates more or less the natural process for baldness for men. Benefits of Hairy Cure HairyCure provides you with the best, low cost and most effective permanent hair removal treatment with the following benefits: •Low cost •Permanently stop unwanted hair growth •No pain •100% safe as it contains 100% natural herbal oils •No side effects •Can be used by men and women of all skin and hair types •Is safe for all ages •Has been tested and approved •No more hair, no more shaving, no more waxing. Just beautiful touchable soft skin. Additional benefits: • Rejuvenates the skin, the herbal oils will strengthen the existing cells and constructs new cells, this process rejuvenates the skin, firming the skin, make the skin look younger and reduces wrinkles too • Heals acne, the linoleic acid in HairyCure oil is that is anti-inflammatory, acne reductive, and has moisture retentive properties which will heal and prevent acne Remove your unwanted facial hair with HairyCure Permanent pain free hair remover herbal treatment is suitable for both men and women, and is perfect for any area of the body such as the arms, back and legs - including more sensitive areas like the face, neck and bikini line. HairyCure is a Natural Herbal Permanent Hair Remover, the best alternative to Laser hair remover, stops hair re-growth permanently. A permanent hair remover - HairyCure stops unwanted facial and body hair. HairyCure is a herbal hair remover. More information: Customer References : HairyCure is new in Europe, however the product has been a success in Azia for over 10 years. We have also added the amazing story of Shamaila Zareen, the inventor of HairyCure. Please press the link to read these amazing stories : For more information from the manufacturer: What if HairyCure Permanent Hair Remover does not work? Will I lose my money? No Not at all. HairyCure 90 days guarantee. HairyCure manufacturer is so confident that this herbal treatment oil will bring you great result. But in case you are not seeing any result by using it in 90 days you can ask for your money back and we will give you the refund. You have nothing to lose except unwanted hair!

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