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First Liberty Credit Clear Services

38 Gonville Crescent

Phone: 08000132433
Web: _____________

Are Your Credit Agreements Worth The Paper They Are Printed On ? At last victory for the consumer ! We may be able to help you with all your debts and credit cards by getting them wiped out, yes WIPED OUT, not a consolidation loan, no reducing your monthly payments, just plain and simple WIPED OUT How do we do this ? We have a team that specialises in auditing credit agreements and finding the faults within them. With over 25 million that are currently being enforced when they are actually not worth the paper they are printed on, and we can help find these mistakes and release you from the burden that they put on you. You need to have taken the agreement out before April 2007 and it must be for more than 5,000 and less than 25,000 and still be either being paid now or still ongoing, even if you are only paying them 1 a week back we can still get these wiped clean. Whats the catch this sounds too good to be true ? Well you will have to pay us a small fee for our services 295 per claim, but this will only be asked for when we have assessed your credit agreements and we know we have a case against them. Why should we let the banks and credit card companies tell us of their massive profits when we are the ones that are making them the money and a large chunk of this is mis-sold or unenforceable you just dont know it yet ! How can I find out more ? Give us a call on 0800 0132433. or you can just log in your details on the web site or just have a look at the site, simple 5 mins of your time could change your life ! Do I have to be in debt ? We are all in debt one way or another unless you have won the lottery. This is for EVERYONE that has taken out a credit card, or credit agreement not just those unfortunate people who are in trouble now, protect yourself, family and friends for the future. Give us a call now on 0800 0132433 You Have Everything To Gain

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