List of Businesses in Wigan

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Businesses in Wigan

Ordered by business category
Kimberly Access
Access equipment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ
CMA Accountancy Ltd
Accountants - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9dr
CPA Associates
Accountants - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7LA
Excel Accountancy Solutions
Accountants - Wigan, Lancashire, WN69JU
McGinty Demack Limited
Accountants - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0XF
G E Accountancy
Accountants - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8BP
Langtree Acupuncture
Acupuncture - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2TE
Cat Consulting
Advertising Agencies - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2DW
Sell a Car 4 a Quid
Advertising Agencies - Wigan, UK, wn5 0bg
WN Link
Advertising Agencies - Wigan, Lancashire, BL6 5BS
Planning Handbook
Advertising Agencies - Wigan, Greater Manchester, Wn1 2bn
Air Energy Management
Air Compressors - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2PR
Air Conditioning Installation - Wigan, Greater Manchester, M297TP
CC Engineering
Aluminium Repair - Wigan, Lancashire, wn8 7dj
SDA Architecture
Architectural Design - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1NL
Architectural Design - Wigan, Lancashire, wn3 4du
Style Design and Architecture Limited
Architectural Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 INL
SDA Architecture Services
Architectural Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1NL
SDA Architecture Limited
Architectural Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN11NL
Design and Draughting Services
Architectural Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 4DU
Athtech Designs
Architectural Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN36NB
The Architecture Company
Architecture - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2AT
Home Fragrance Store
Aromatherapy Oils - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 9ed
Morpheus Glass
Art - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 6HB
Traditional Paintings
Artists - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9RQ
Lloyd Cameron Auctioneers and Valuers
Auctions - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 5BA
Caliper Engineering Ltd
Auto Accessories - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9DW
Baby Shops - WIGAN, Lancashire, WN2 4JP
Cheeky Chums Premature Baby clothes Superstore
Baby Shops - Wigan, Lancashire, wn2 4jp
Balloons - Party Promotional - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0DA
BBK Labelling and Coding Solutions Limited
Barcoding - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0LF
Beckwater Bathrooms
Bathroom Fitters - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2HN
Sam''s Reps
Beauty and Fashion - Wigan, Lancashire, WN67HL
Missu Beauty
Beauty and Fashion - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 7AQ
Red Carpet
Beauty Consultants - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0AW
Julie Anne Beauty Therapist
Beauty Consultants - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 7JB
Fantasy Tan
Beauty Consultants - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8QX
Steph's Acrylics
Beauty Consultants - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 1XR
U Beauty
Beauty Consultants - wigan, Greater Manchester, wn5 9ed
Bella Nails
Beauty Consultants - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 9PB
Venus Beauty Studio
Beauty Consultants - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 8QZ
Best Hair & Beauty
Beauty Salons - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1XR
Beauty Within Hair Salon & Spa
Beauty Salons - Wigan, Lancashire, WN58BB
Butterfly Beauty by Steph
Beauty Salons - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 8AD
GP Bookkeeping Services
Bookkeepers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7QB
The Novel House
Booksellers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 2QH
Oracle Books
Booksellers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN23TQ
North West Aesthetics
Botox Clinics - Wigan, Lancashire, WN50LL
Kids Bounce 4 Fun
Bouncy Castle Hire - Wigan, Lancashire, wn2 2qx
Boing Boing Bouncy Castle Hire
Bouncy Castle Hire - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4TA
A and M Bouncy Castles
Bouncy Castle Hire - Wigan, Lancashire, wn3 4lt
A and M Bouncy Castles
Bouncy Castle Hire - wigan, Lancashire, wn3 4lt
Builders - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ
A P Dreamways
Builders - wigan, Lancashire, wn60dx
Plan-it Construction Ltd
Builders - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2AT
Wigan Builders
Builders - Wigan, Lancashire, WN57AA
bandw construction
Builders - wigan, UK, wn5 0hy
Teckna Drilling
Builders - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0NZ
Teckna Group
Builders - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0NZ
Pavement Rejuvenation (UK) Ltd
Builders - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 7LZ
Bolton Property Developments
Builders - Wigan, Lancashire, wn57hd
DJA Building Services
Builders - Wigan, Lancashire, wn2 3ry
AHBS Building Contractor
Builders - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN23NF
Builders - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn4 9ee
Johnson Family Builders
Building maintenance - Wigan, Lancashire, wn2 5qu
JH.G Property Maintenance
Building maintenance - Wigan, Merseyside, WN5 7LY
Building maintenance - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 4BZ
Building Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 9SR
Argus Security Systems Ltd
Burglar Alarms - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2BN
Northern Alarms
Burglar Alarms - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 1hw
Northern Alarms sec
Burglar Alarms - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 1hw
Argus Fire And Security Ltd
Burglar Alarms - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN 1 2BN
Holrich Consulting
Business Consultancy - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 1ZH
JGP Consultancy Services Limited
Business Consultancy - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 1TD
Radius Business Solutions
Business Development - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 8SD
Porttia Business Mentoring
Business Development - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 7pz
Independant Kleeneze Distributor
Business Networking - Wigan, Lancashire, wn6 7sa
The Genie Has Landed
Business Opportunities - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 6DT
Ian Burrows Carpet Cleaning
Business Services - Wigan, UK, M46 9DW
Metacad Engineering Solutions
CAD Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN23RX
CAD Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN67HX
Titan Steel Projects Ltd
CAD Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN59DQ
Kevs Cakes
Cake makers and decorators - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 6EU
Coco Cakes
Cake makers and decorators - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2LF
Easy campervan hire
Campervan Hire - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7JS
outland camping
Camping Equipment - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 3ay
Ecartec Mobile Auto Electrics
Car Accessories - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 2BG
Ambassador Car Mats
Car Accessories - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ
Warrior LTPRTZ
Car Accessories - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ
Car Accessories - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ
FGL Autobodies
Car Body Repairs - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0HE
Dent Craft Ltd
Car Body Repairs - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2PG
TSBS Bodyworks Ltd
Car Body Repairs - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0XQ
BCC Citroen Wigan
Car Dealers - Wigan, England, WN3 4HX
Motoworld Ltd
Car Dealers - Wigan, UK, WN2 3XD
Car Repairs - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 0LF
Halfords Autocentre Wigan
Car Repairs - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 9AD
VCS Recovery Ltd
Car Transport - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN36PZ
Defined Auto Care
Car Valeting - Wigan, Lancashire, WA33QE
Starting Grid Valets
Car Valeting - Wigan, Lancashire, wn24xa
Bridgewater Home Care
CARE SERVICES - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 8AA
Carpet Cleaners - WIGAN, Greater Manchester, WN3 5HJ
Clean Carpets
Carpet Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7RH
Carpet Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN67JG
IB Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaners - Wigan, Greater Manchester, M460ga
Ashton Carpets, Lancashire
Carpet Fitters - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 8SJ
Just Fiat
Cars - Wigan, Lancashire, wn6 7ph
Griddle King
Caterers - wigan, Lancashire, wn3 6uf
Sherringtons Catering
Caterers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 3ju
Argus Security Systems
CCTV - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 2BN
Argus Security
CCTV - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 2BN
Argus Fire And Security Ltd.
CCTV - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN 1 2BN
Central Heating Engineers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn3 5lu
Ramaki, Station Road, Parbold
Ceramic Studios - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 7NU
Wigan Borough Veterans Council
Charities - Wigan, Lancashire, wn2 5eg
Pinnacle Chauffeur Transport Lancashire
Chauffeur Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4TR
Arley Chauffeurs
Chauffeur Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2UJ
Childrens Clothing - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9LH
Childrens Entertainers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, m298lu
Feed Your Future
childrens parties - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 7DS
Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 5TE
Smith''s Cleaning Services
Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN23QG
K.A.M Cleaning Ltd
Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3TQ
K.A.M Cleaning
Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3TQ
North West Cleaning Solutions LImited
Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 6JF
Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN35AA
Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN35AA
New Clean Wigan
Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4PH
busy b domestic services
Cleaners - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 4le
K40 UK Ltd
Cleaners Materials - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 3NR
Cleantech Solutions (UK) Limited
Cleaning Equipment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 9FZ
Cleaning Equipment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2PR
Clothing - Wigan, Lancashire, wn3 5uq
Clothing - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 0DW
ADM Leisurewear Ltd
Clothing - Wigan, Lancashire, wn3 4bz
Au Bleu
Clothing - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn5 9la
Clothing Manufacturers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 8DE
Wigan Claims Advice Centre
Compensation Claims - Wigan, Lancashire, WN7 1LR
Complementary Therapies - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 9DS
Complementary Therapies - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1TD
Lantech Systems Ltd
Computer Consultants - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8TP
Smart Business IT
Computer Consultants - Wigan, Greater Manchester, Wn68es
Computer Consumables - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 1AD
Computer Repairs - wigan, Lancashire, wn6 7af
The IT Way
Computer Repairs - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN11LR
Wigan PC Medic
Computer Repairs - Wigan, Lancashire, wn21ab
S&J Computer Solutions
Computer Repairs - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 1LR
E.S.K Repairs and Upgrades
Computer Repairs - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 0BE
Mr PC Clean
Computer Services - WIGAN, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ
Computer Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0HQ
Literate IT
Computer Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN49HH
Business 2 Business IT Support
Computer Shop - Wigan, Lancashire, wn4 9up
ALRIT Solutions
Computer Software - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 5LA
Community I.T Support
Computer Support - Wigan, Lancashire, WN25TA
Conference Centres - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 3AP
kingfisher Replacement Conservatories
Conservatory Roof Repairs - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 4jz
Pier (UK) Limited
Construction - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7TP
DG Construction Solutions
Construction - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 9SR
The CCTV Company
Consultants - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 7xy
Platt and Fishwick Solicitors
Conveyancing - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1DB
Cosmetics Clinic
Cosmetics - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9RS
Jigsaw Counselling Northwest
Counselling - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2DP
Jigsaw Care Counselling
Counselling - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 2DP
Your Lifes Puzzles. Full Counselling and Training Service
Counselling - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 4TZ
susan hilton counsellor
Counselling - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 0ja
national transportation ltd
Couriers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn5 0ql
Craft Essentials
Craft Supplies - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3EX
Fidgety Fingers
Craft Supplies - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 4RH
Love Those Curtains
Curtains - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0XD
Impulse Dance Academy
Dance School - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 5QX
Belly Dance Wigan
Dancing - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 3HD
Debt Help - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 1HD
Chambers Moore
Debt Management - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0HQ
F.I. Design
Design - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8TR
B Lucky Fun Casino Hire
Disco and Band Equipment Hire - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 3qh
Go Fulfilment Ltd
Distrubution - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 0LX
My Home Living
DIY- (Do It Yourself) - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9LD
DJs - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5
DJs - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5
Shampoodle and Setter Dog Groomers
Dog Groomers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN49AF
Dog Kennels Direct
Dog Supplies - Wigan, Lancashire, WN22DY
Natures Way
Dog Trainers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 0RE
Standish Dog Trainer
Dog Trainers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0XR
Walkies Wigan
Dog Walkers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9HE
HH Energy Assessors
Domestic Energy Assessors - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 5JG
Domestic Energy Assessors - WIGAN, Lancashire, WN2 5YS
Kilroy Consultants Ltd
Domestic Energy Assessors - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 3YZ
Home Asssessments
Domestic Energy Assessors - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4TY
Andrew O'Brien Dip DEA
Domestic Energy Assessors - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 6SE
valuedoors wigan
Door and Window Fittings - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1JN
focus pvcu
Double Glazing - wigan, Lancashire, wn3 6xb
window Installation Services
Double Glazing - Wigan, Lancashire, wn23an
Double Glazing - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 9SL
Fit ''n'' Fix North West
Double Glazing Repairs - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 7BS
jetfast drainage
Drain Cleaners - wigan, Greater Manchester, wn1 3jr
Metro Rod - Mid Lancs
Drain Unblocking - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7LB
Drain Unblocking - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn6 9rn
BellaB Fashions
Dress Makers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn4 9xg
Power Wash Cleaning and Drain Services
Driveway Cleaners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN25XX
Drive Style Northwest Ltd
Driveways - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 5XY
C.G Paving Company
Driveways - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn34jj
parkside school of motoring
Driving Lessons - wigan, Lancashire, wn5 8lu
Matt's School of Motoring
Driving Lessons - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 6LN
Kew School Of Motoring
Driving Schools - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9NB
The Little Puffer
e Liquid - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn11nl
Pem vPes
e Liquid - Wigan, Lancashire, WN58JP
Project Textiles
Education Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7PZ
Ranking Rabbit
eLearning - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 0DZ
Joule Electrical Ltd
Electrical Contractors - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 8DP
Electrical Inspecting and Testing - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0EB
Performance Pump & Equipment Co Ltd
Electrical Services - Wigan, UK, WN2 4SZ
Vs Solutions
Electrical Services - Wigan, Lancashire, wn48tj
G and A Electrical
Electricians - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0HD
NB Electricals
Electricians - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8HR
crs electrical services
Electricians - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 0dn
Electricians - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 0DH
Barnard Electrical Contractors Ltd
Electricians - Wigan, Lancashire, wn6 7au
Electronic Cigarettes - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3AN
Totally Wicked E-Liquid Wigan
Electronic Cigarettes - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1BA
John Holden (driver hire) Ltd
Employment and Jobs - Wigan, Greater Manchester, Wn2 3an
Green Energy Inspections
Energy Management - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7QJ
PR Machinery Services Ltd
Engineering - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3PA
Thomas Smith Fasteners
Engineering - Wigan, Greater Manchester, M46 0RY
Engineering - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ
six:TEN Highways & Traffic Ltd
Engineering - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 8TY
Pier Fun Casinos Ltd
Entertainment - Wigan, Lancashire, wn57el
B Lucky Ltd
Entertainment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN23QH
North Hall Saddlery
Equestrian Supplies - Wigan, Lancashire, WN22BG
Church Equestrian
Equestrian Supplies - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 6PQ
Rutter Green
Estate Agents - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 8AQ
Fashion and Textiles - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1QH
CPP Fencing LTD
Fencing Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 3PA
Allied Insurance Services Ltd
Financial Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1XA
Compi Claims
Financial Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1LR
Argus Fire And Security Manchester
Fire Alarm Systems - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN 1 2BN
Exit Fire Safety Management
FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 5QF
A-vert fire Risk and management ltd
FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 7PD
A-vert fire risk and management
Fire Safety - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 7PD
Taskmaster Training
First Aid Training - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0ug
Epoxy Coatings UK
Floors, Industrial - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9PS
LA flooring ltd
Floors, Industrial - Wigan, UK, wn23ew
Four Season Florist
Florists - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 5LL
Four Seasons Florist
Florists - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3AN
Flowerz Station Ltd
Flower Retailer - Wigan, Lancashire, wn1 1hu
It's a Gift
Flower Retailer - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9UR
Flavour Master Ltd
Food Industry - Wigan, Lancashire, wn2 2pr
Provenance Online
Food Retailer - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 9DW
Paul The Pie Man Standish
Food Retailer - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0SD
franchises - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn3 6dt
franchises - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn3 6dt
Annes Fruit Shop
Fruit and Vegetable Wholsalers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN49AF
Bridgewater Laboratory Systems Ltd
Furniture - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3PA
home sweet home
Furniture - wigan, Lancashire, wn2 5xr
Little Lucy Willow
Furniture - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0XQ
new 2 ufurniture
Furniture - Wigan, Cheshire, wa33al
Express Furniture
Furniture - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn3 4el
Furniture - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 4EL
Wigan Bedroom Shop
Furniture - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1XQ
Abitare UK
Furniture - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 4EL
Abitare UK
Furniture - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 4EL
Furniture Repair - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn24qf
Garage Door Solutions (NW) Ltd
Garage Doors - Wigan, London, WN2 4RU
GW Gardens By Design
Garden Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1AH
New Leaf Grdens
Garden Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8DD
select lawn maintenance
Garden Services - Wigan, Lancashire, wn4 0bq
LTC Tree Surgery
Garden Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7TP
ap dreamways
Gardening Services - wigan, Lancashire, wn60dx
C.P.A Ironworks
gates and railings - Wigan, Lancashire, wn6 0XQ
Random Teens Ltd
Gifts and Occasions - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 7LY
Gems and More
Gifts and Occasions - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 9SX
HW Glass Ltd
Glass - Wigan, UK, WN2 3BQ
Red Herring Computer Graphics
Graphic Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 0DW
Create Creative Consultants Ltd
Graphic Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8AA
Ferryman Blue
Graphic Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 6LY
NW Design
Graphic Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4HY
the catwalk look hair and extensions
hair and beauty - wigan, Lancashire, wn1 3xt
Xpress Hair
hair and beauty - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0HA
Leah McDonald
hair and beauty - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9LJ
Hot Locks Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7SF
Hair Extensions by Anita
Hair Extensions - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 0BG
Creative Lengths Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2QP
Hair Extension Training NW
Hair Extensions - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 7BP
Hair By Lorna
hairdressers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, Wn3 4pe
The Cutting Crew
hairdressers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2JA
Cutting Crew Hair Salon Wigan
hairdressers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2JA
Hair at 92
hairdressers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN12LF
Hilton Hair Design
hairdressers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4SL
Kards and Kraft Ltd
handmade greeting cards - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2LF
T''handy Mans Building Services
Handyman - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn2 1hu
Handyman Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 OBQ
Handyman in wigan
Handyman Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8JB
body fitness gym
HEALTH AND FITNESS - Wigan, Lancashire, wn6 0hn
Safety Management Consultancy Ltd
Health and Safety - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 5BA
Kabco Limited
Health and Safety - Wigan, Lancashire, wn6 7tp
Healthcare World
Health Products - Wigan, Lancashire, WN57NY
Motivate Me
Health Products - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4GR
Medical Response Service
Health  - Wigan, Lancashire, wn6 7tp
Wigan Hearing
Hearing Aids - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8QH
Holiday Accommodation - wigan, Lancashire, wn2 2be
Stair Crazy
Home and Garden - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 7NW
No1 Canopies
Home Improvement - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8LP
S G Home I mprovements
Home Improvement - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn48qr
HomeSafe Improvements
Home Improvement - Wigan, Lancashire, wn23pa
Rhino Ironing
Home Work - wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4QS
Human Resources as-you-go
HR Consultancy - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0HZ
Hypnotherapy Wigan
Hypnotherapy - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 0LZ
Transform Hypnotherapy wigan
Hypnotherapy - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 3QG
Real Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy - Wigan, Lancashire, WN60HW
Wigan Anxiety Centre
Hypnotherapy - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 4HE
Supplies Direct
Inkjet Retailer - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9QP
Insurance - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2AG
Public Liability Insurance
Insurance - Wigan, UK, WN1 1XA
Philip Martyn Designs
Interior Designers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 8QE
want-a-site web design
Internet (Web Design) - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 0DL
Desired Media
Internet Marketing - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 4AT
pressed 4 time
Ironing Services - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 9hq
Press on of Standish
Ironing Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0UA
Tynans Electrical Limited
IT Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 4ET
TechCare ICT Ltd
IT Support - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 9DE
Hollie''s Jewellery
Jewellers - Wigan, Lancashire, wn67eg
asw joinery ltd
Joinery - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn67sa
Joinery - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 8jt
Stack Joinery
Joinery - Wigan, Lancashire, wn68ah
Oaktree joinery
Joinery - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn4 9re
J J Joinery
Joinery - Wigan, Lancashire, wn68bg
De Reve
Kitchen Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7HD
Angelo Anthony
kitchens - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2EH
Cheap Kitchen Doors
kitchens - Wigan, Lancashire, wn3 4bw
BBK Labelling and Coding Solutions LTD
Label Printers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0LF
nightshade plates and labels
Labels - Wigan, Lancashire, wn2 4dx
Landscape Gardeners - Wigan, Lancashire, wn59jh
Everlasting Lawns
Landscape Gardeners - Wigan, Lancashire, WN12EL
Goddard Smith Solicitors
Law - Wigan, Lancashire, WN58AQ
Leaflet Delivery - wigan, Lancashire, wn2 4qn
Festoon Lighting
LED Lighting - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7LA
rossfieldlettings and property management
Letting Agents - Wigan, Lancashire, wn3 5ba
Robin Park Letting Agents Wigan
Letting Agents - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 0QP
JC Lettings Ltd
Letting Agents - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 7XX
Locksmith Wigan
Locksmiths - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1AS
Locksmith Hindley
Locksmiths - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3PA
Locksmith Pemberton
Locksmiths - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8JW
Anytime Locksmiths Wigan
Locksmiths - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 4BG
King OF Locks
Locksmiths - Wigan, Lancashire, WN23SP
Global Campers Uk
Manufacture - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2LE
Rob Stephens
Marketing - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0QF
Wigan Bujutsu Kai
Martial Arts - Wigan, Lancashire, wn3 4sa
English Karate Academy
Martial Arts - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 8XR
Lee Commercials
Mechanics - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 9BG
A1 Clutch Specialist Centre
Mechanics - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn2 2ed
MediDec Solutions
medical equipment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 0JG
medical equipment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 9FJ
Medical Response Services
Medical Services - WIGAN, Lancashire, WN5 9PG
Wire Mesh Fabrications
metalworking - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 5BD
Get Chris Mini Bus
Minibus Hire - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7AS
Rhino Professional Ironing
MISC - wigan, Lancashire, wn24qs
Crofters Growbag
Misc - Wigan, Lancashire, wn4 8ae
Misc - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 5AE
K.A.M Ironing
Misc - Wigan, Lancashire, wn23tq
Williams & co
Misc - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7XY
KAM ironing
Misc - Wigan, Greater Manchester, Wn2 3tq
Hot Tub Hire Wigan
Misc - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1BG
Micks Discos
Mobile Disco - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9LW
m.p.m auto
Mobile Mechanic - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 0pr
delta auto
Mobile Mechanic - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 0pr
City Mobiles
Mobile Phones - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN8 0LN
Model Shops - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 8QH
Cotaplan Portable Buildings
Modular Buildings - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 8BX
j s mole patrol
Mole Catcher - wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0DT
Morses Club Wigan
Mortgage Brokers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 6PR
MOT Centres - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 3XB
Clarks Motorcycles
Motorcycle - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2EH
Theia Transparency
Motorsport - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0LF
Mission Nutrition
Nutritional Supplements - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9DW
SGS Interiors Limited
Office Refurbishment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7XA
Aarrow Villas
Overseas Property Consultants - Wigan, Lancashire, wn1 2pf
Macfarlane Packaging
Packaging - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 6XU
Hopson Packaging
Packaging - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0PN
Belmont Packaging Ltd
Packaging - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 4HR
Macfarlane Packaging Wigan
Packaging Suppliers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 6XU
KG Carrier Bags
Packaging Suppliers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8AE
Packaging Suppliers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 4HR
A lick of paint
Painters and Decorators - Wigan, Lancashire, wn1 2pf
Painters and Decorators - wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 4tq
Provision Contractors Ltd
Painters and Decorators - Wigan, Greater Manchester, Wn13bb
Work from Home - Earn More - Live More
Personal Coaching - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn1 1xl
2 Achieve Bootcamp
Personal Trainers - Wigan, Lancashire, wn8 6dg
Aardvark Pest Control
Pest Control - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0RY
Cavalry Pest Solutions
Pest Control - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2NA
Pet Shops - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9AF
Shampoodle and Setter
Pets - Wigan, UK, WN4 9AF
Creative Images
Photo Retouching - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 0rh
365 Photography
Photographers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0UA
Photographers - wigan, Lancashire, wn5 7pz
eager beever photography ltd
Photographers - wigan, Lancashire, wn23qa
V and S Photography
Photographers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9RD
Vanilla pod studios
Photographers - Wigan, Lancashire, wn6 9rs
Physiotherapists - Wigan, Lancashire, WN36DH
Fieldhouse Physiotherapy Services
Physiotherapists - Wigan, Lanarkshire, WN5 8SS
North West Plant Hire
Plant and Tool Hire - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 8ts
c and m plastering
Plasterers - wigan, UK, wn3 5qq
A S Finishes
Plasterers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3QG
Plasterers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 0TY
Aspull Mechanical Services
Plumbers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 1EH
powerhouse flushing
Plumbers - Wigan, Lancashire, wn40qy
Hawkley Plumbing & Tiling
Plumbers - Wigan, Lancashire, wn35nw
LPS Lee Plumbing Services
Plumbers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 5RS
wn2Plumbing & Heating
Plumbers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN24GJ
Emergency Wigan Plumbers 24-7
Plumbers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 3AS
The Daisy Foundation Wigan & Surrounding Area
Pregnancy and Birth - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 3SA
MY Jetwashing
Pressure Washing - Wigan, Aberdeenshire, wn3 6hw
Relevant Media
Printers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 3SU
JAK Fine art printing
Printers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 9JS
Wanta Design and Print
Printers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8PW
Projekt Tutoring
Private Tutors - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2BJ
Proofreaders - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2PH
The Heaton Group
Property investment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3BE
Northwest Homecare Solutions Ltd
Property Maintenance - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 4LT
Landlord Direct
Property Management - wigan, Lancashire, wn49uh
Bizspace Wigan Lockett Office Space
Property Management - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 8DE
MRE Properties Ltd
Property Management - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3AN
Property Services - wigan, Lancashire, wn4 9uh
The Dungeon Studio
Recording Studios - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2DW
Grovewood studios
Recording Studios - wigan, UK, wn69jf
Higher end music
Recording Studios - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7BS
Prince 24hr recovery
Recovery Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, Wn40yu
Ribchester Recruitment Ltd
Recruitment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4SH
Equinox Financial Search And Selection Ltd
Recruitment Agencies - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 5BA
b&h removals
Removals - Wigan, UK, wn2 1ut
roadside removals
Removals - Wigan, UK, wn2 1ut
red rose removals
Removals - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn1 1xp
MLV Removals
Removals - Wigan, Lancashire, wn3 6xe
repairs - wigan, Lancashire, wn6 9eb
Holland Hall Hotel
Restaurant - Wigan, Lancashire, WN80QZ
Liverpool Roller Shutter
Roller Shutters - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 OST
Roofers - WIGAN, Lancashire, WN6 0XF
esk industrial roofing ltd
Roofers - wigan, Lancashire, wn6 7tg
Billinge Roofline
Roofers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7BL
Benchmark Roofing Company
Roofers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8DP
Roof Craft, Wigan
Roofers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 6SU
Garage Roof Systems
Roofers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7TG
Dono-Co Trading
Safety - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 9HT
lightburn construction
Scaffolding - Wigan, Lancashire, wa3 3ua
Any Scaffolding and Access Products
Scaffolding - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn4 9sr
ACRC Services NW Ltd
Search Engine Optimisation - Wigan, Lancashire, WN59QX
Wilplan Training Ld
Security Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0SS
Saturn Security (UK) Ltd
Security Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8RG
Kingsman Security Services Wigan Ltd
Security Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2PP
Security Guard Providers LTD
Security Services - Wigan, Lancashire, wn25jb
lms security
Security Services - Wigan, Lancashire, wn80da
Access Denied Systems
Security Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7PJ
B2B Secure It
Security Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 9AR
Argus Fire And Security
Security Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN 1 2BN
Argus Fire And Security Limited
Security Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN 1 2BN
Hawkeye Support Services
Security Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 5eg
Self Storage Standish Ltd
Self Storage - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XF
Shopping - Wigan, Lancashire, WN8 9CE
Sign Makers - wigan, Lancashire, wn5 9rg
Wigan Skip Hire
Skip Hire - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 1HF
software companies - Wigan, Lancashire, WN12BN
JD Software Solutions Ltd
Software Development - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0RH
GoddardSmith Solicitors
Solicitors - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 8AQ
QualitySolicitors Stephensons - Wigan
Solicitors - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1NN
Wistler Archery
Sports - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 1AT
Brazilian Soccer Schools Wigan
Sports - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 1SU
Sports Equipment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN57NW
Excel Cheer Centre
Sports Store - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7NR
ADM Leisurewear
sportswear - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 4BZ
sportswear - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 4BZ
easylifting stairlift services
Stairlift Suppliers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 0PT
Stone Valley Work Surfaces
Stonemasons - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3LF
Sanderson Watts Associates
Structural Engineers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 4HG
Fleming Smith Associates Ltd
Structural Engineers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN40QJ
Keith Dennis Associates
Surveyors - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8AA
Compass Ceramic Pools North West
Swimming Pool Maintenance - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN3 6PG
Rhino Airport Express
Taxis - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XF
L.J Telecom services
Telecommunications - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2HJ
Wiagn Telecom
Telecommunications - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2HJ
Lansafe Communications Ltd
Telecommunications - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9AE
JBConsultancy UK Ltd
Telecommunications - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN23PA
UK IT Networks Limited
Telecommunications - Wigan, Lancashire, WN11SX
Gary povall Utility Warehouse
Telecommunications - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 0RZ
Arantec Telecoms Systems
Telecommunications - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0BZ
PD Tiling
Tilers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 5BF
C.A.L Tiling
Tiling Services - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn1 3DA
Tiling Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9DL
Addtime Recording Company Limited
Time and Attendance Software - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 0TZ
Snuggly Tots
Toys - Online - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2LE
Tow Master UK Ltd
Trailer Manufacture - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0JY
Zenith Computing
Training - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8RS
Tembo Training
Training - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 3SU
FLM Training Ltd
Training - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 3AY
Specialist Mental Health Training
Training - Wigan, Lancashire, wn1 3rp
The Clear Thinking Partnership
Training and Development - Wigan, Lancashire, WN60TB
Safetytech Services Limited
Training and Development - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn7 9ae
Corbetts Executive Travel
Transport - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 5JG
J and S Light Haulage
Transport - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn4 9sx
airport express wigan
transport and leisure products - wigan, Lancashire, wn3 5hg
Going Places For You
Travel Agents - Wigan, Lancashire, wn2 4gf
Travel Agent Beat My Quote
Travel Agents - Wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 4gf
Explorer Travel Site
Travel Agents - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8DZ
Uzaze Travels
Travel and Tourism - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 2XZ
Brain Ease!
Tutoring - Wigan, Greater Manchester, M29 7JZ
Ash Tutors
Tutoring - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 8XR
PTL Tutoring
Tutoring - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2BJ
Ash Tutors.
Tutoring - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 8XR
etyres, Wigan
Tyre Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8EU
Aba Wicca Wear and Pagan Supplies
Unusual Gifts - wigan, Greater Manchester, wn5 0re
Select Salvage LTD
Vehicle Sales - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ
GPS Tracking
Vehicle Tracking Systems - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 0YA
Luc Van Dijck
Veterinary Services - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN1 2NB
Video Producers - Wigan, Lancashire, wn4 9ae
AM Office Solutions
Virtual Assistant - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2DT
Strictly Admin
Virtual Office Assistants - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 8PT
Flying Changes PA
Virtual Office Assistants - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN4 0LT
Calderbank Metal Recycling
Waste and Recycling - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 0XQ
Biffa - West Manchester Depot
Waste and Recycling - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 5TB
Norstrom Metering
Water Treatment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN49DW
Water Treatment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN49DW
Norstrom Group-Norstrom Metering
Water Treatment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN49DW
WD Meters Ltd
Water Treatment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 5RJ
atg UV Technology
Water Treatment - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8AA
Web Developers - wigan, Lancashire, wn1 1hs
Foundation Hosting
Web Hosting - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 5TA
Ideal Web Solutions Ltd
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 4WP
Clicked On
Website Designers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 8HE
blue-itech Limited
Website Designers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN6 7DD
Yes Website Design Wigan
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 9FA
Nuevo Web
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 4LT
RedPepper Design Ltd
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9RX
Click Web Solutions
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn6 9JP
Click Business Solutions
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7XA
Web Design In Wigan
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN67RE
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, wn2 5bz
Webrem Web design in Wigan
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 3UQ
Website Designers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN12LE
Nexus Websites
Website Designers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN58JG
Website Designers - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 2HP
Elegance Wedding Car Hire Wigan
Wedding Car Hire - Wigan, Lancashire, wn1 2qj
Grace Wedding Cars
Wedding Car Hire - Wigan, UK, WN4 9DE
Inflatable Fancies
Wedding Decorations - Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 9RN
absolute weddings
Wedding Photographers - wigan, Lancashire, wn67ar
Peter Lancashire Photography
Wedding Photographers - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2PA
New Leaf Topiary
Wedding Services - Wigan, Lancashire, Wn6 8DD
bridal and executive carriages
Wedding Services - wigan, Lancashire, wn2 4xs
Elegance Wedding Car Hire
Wedding Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2QJ
absolute weddings nw
Wedding Services - wigan, Lancashire, wn50jq
Wedding Bits n Bobs
Wedding Services - Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3LT
Kara''s Design
Wedding Stationery - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9HU
CardsCraft Wedding Stationery
Wedding Stationery - Wigan, Lancashire, WN49AE
Anchor Video Productions
Wedding Videography - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 4JZ
Sapphire Video Productions
Wedding Videography - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN5 7UD
Wedding Videography - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8DH
Imagine Video Productions
Wedding Videography - Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9LT
Wedding Videography - wigan, Greater Manchester, wn2 2jq
weight control - Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8LX
Will Makers Of Ashton
Will Writers - Wigan, Lanarkshire, WN4 8PT
ARC Window Films
window tinting - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 4HS
Isle of Malt
Wine and Spirit Retailers - Wigan, Lancashire, PR7 5PA
stoves and flue
Wood Stoves - Wigan, Lancashire, wn5 8ag
Quality Embroidery Garments - QEG
workwear - Wigan, Greater Manchester, WN2 4SP

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