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Hands-on-Workshops Healing Institute - Education Services

Hands-on-Workshops Healing Institute Established 1990 Offer training that is fully insurable and accredited by the CMA and IPTI. Victoria Patton Cert Ed. Dip Boil. BA. MF Phys. ITEC.MIPTI. CMA. IOSH. CIEH (associate) is the proprietor and chief tutor. She is passionate about the benefits of massage and about the importance of looking after the person s a whole, not just treating the symptom. If you would like to discuss your requirements, calls to landlines will be returned. Courses available include: ENTRY LEVEL - Egyptian Hand and Foot Massage £130.00 Egyptian Sitting Massage £120.00 Egyptian Rejuvenating Face Massage £99.00 Indian Head Massage £99.00 Hot Stone Foot Reflex Therapy £110.00 Thai Foot Massage £75.00 All are fully insurable. Please ask. POST GRADUATE- Holistic Facial £110.00 Thai Hot Herb Compress Massage £130.00 Thai Foot Massage £110.00 Hot Stone Body Massage £95.00 Hot Stone Reflexology £110.00 Trigger Point/Deep Tissue Release £120.00 Honey Body Massage £124.50 Crystal Tranquillity £124.50 All are fully insurable. Please ask. SPECIAL OFFER Book two courses for the reduced fee of only £195.00 INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOPS- Massage Skills-£99.00 Multi-Sensory Massage £99.00 Thai Hot Herb/ Hot Stone Back Massage £99.00 MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP Mayan Abdominal Massage £65.00 Advanced / top-up Techniques £72.50 1 Learn in a friendly, informed, relaxed atmosphere 2 Increase your income by learning only from a qualified and experienced clinician/therapist/tutor 3 Offer your Clients a service they will want to come back for COURSE PROVIDER: Hands-on-Workshops Healing Institute LOCATION: Glasgow West End and Partick TEL: 0845 6434236 EMAIL: WEB:

Hands-on-Workshops Healing Institute
12a Sandyford Place
G3 7NB
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Hands-on-Workshops Healing Institute - Education Services in Lanarkshire

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