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Gentle Healing - Reiki Healers

Reiki is Japanese in origin and is a gentle energy that is channelled from my hands to the client to transmit the Reiki which feels warm, soothing, calming and relaxing. It is used for many reasons including healing, stress relief and general wellbeing as well as for more serious illnesses. You would sit in a chair or lie fully clothed, minus shoes on a Reiki table. Most people relax and sleep allowing the healing to begin. You do not have to be ill to benefit from Reiki and anyone can benefit.

Gentle Healing
The Studio 2a Marsland Road
M33 2HQ
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Gentle Healing - Reiki Healers in Lancashire

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Gentle Healing
Reiki Healers, The Studio 2a Marsland Road, Sale, Lancashire, M33 2HQ

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