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BKL Human Resources

35 Ballards Lane
N3 1XW

0208 922 9173

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Every business knows that its people are its most important asset. They may well also find that problems with people are the most time-consuming and draining. Helping you get the most from your people, and avoiding problems before they begin, is where our Human Resources consultancy can be invaluable to your business. People are at the heart of every good business, driving your success, increasing your profitability and giving you the cutting edge you need to achieve results. They hold the key to a more productive and efficient organisation. Whether you have just one member of staff or dozens and growing, being an employer carries a myriad of legal responsibilities and obligations. It can be a minefield... but we understand the pressures you face and are on hand to help and advise. Seeking our timely support cannot only help you avoid expensive and damaging litigation but also help your company to achieve its business goals. The Human Resources Audit Berg Kaprow Lewis’s specialist human resources service starts with an audit, carried out by our Human Resources Director, Marjorie Hurwitz Bremner. A consultant and lecturer with more than two decades of experience in personnel, training and management in both the public and private sectors, Marjorie is an accomplished professional in her field. Her audit will review your employee policies, procedures, contracts and systems against current legal requirements and codes of practice. Following the audit you will receive a comprehensive report and HR plan for the firm which can form the basis of a programme of activity. Recruitment and Selection We offer a comprehensive and expert recruitment and selection service. We write and place the advertisement, do a first sift of CV’s, test where appropriate and carry out the first interview. You only have to invest time at the subsequent stage i.e. once there is a shortlist of excellent candidates. Once the choice has been made, we can also help with writing the offer letter and contract. Policies and Procedures According to research, almost a third of employment tribunals are caused by misunderstandings arising through a lack of written statement of terms and conditions. Moreover, the majority of cases that result in an Employment Tribunal, centre on disagreements over wages and breach of contract. Our Human Resources Consultancy can review and formulate: Employment contracts – outlining terms and conditions of employment policies and procedures – discipline, grievances, family friendly, sickness and absence, internet usage and managing performance Staff handbook – clearly setting out the duties and responsibilities of your organisation and its employees Our service can be face-to-face or we can make recommendations based on any documentation you provide. Training Courses and Seminars Research shows that investing in people, valuing and developing them, results in a clear competitive advantage for your firm. We provide a range of tailor-made training initiatives to meet your company’s needs. First, we carry out a training needs analysis to identify and assess any issues that might benefit from development. Next, we may recommend a course, workshop, seminar, one-to-one coaching or mentorship in one or several key areas. Our range of courses includes: recruitment, selection and induction customer care managing time and priorities management development assertion skills stress management Afterwards, we will carry out a review ensuring that theory is turning into practice in your workplace. Seminars We offer a short series of employment law workshops, which are presented in conjunction with expert lawyers and barristers. These interactive seminars are based upon the employment life cycle – from recruitment to termination and cover the most common legal and human issues you could encounter in your business. The Employment Advice Telephone Helpline Do you know: what procedures to follow if you have to make redundancies? What rights part-time staff have? How to deal with poor performance or attendance? If you are unsure of the correct answer, or indeed have any other questions, we can help. Our employment advice and best practice helpline means that guidance and support and simply a phone call away. Where necessary we will undertake research on your behalf, referring you to additional sources of expert help, if necessary.

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