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Domains Missing From Nominet Account

Are your domains missing from your Nominet account – This could be your solution to getting them back.

I recently logged in to my Nominet Online Account and noticed lots of my domains were missing.

Panicking a bit I quickly logged in to my 123-reg account and fortunately they were still all there.

Why are my domains still showing OK at my domain registrar but not in my Nominet account

Have the Changes at 123-reg Affected your Domains at Nominet

You will probably know that GoDaddy took over 123-Reg a number of years ago and have recently merged transfered domains from the old 123 Reg system to the GoDaddy system.

With the change, the new domain management system has a setting for domain privacy levels with 3 options

On – Turn Privacy on to hide all contact info for this domain and replace the contacts with details from our privacy service provider, Domains by Proxy┬«.

Limited – Limited Privacy will show some contact info for this domain, including the Registrant Organization, State/Province and Country. No other contact details will be shown.

Off – Turn Privacy off to show all contact info for this domain. These details will be publicly available and could be used for phishing or spam, even if you turn Privacy back on.

The default setting appears to be On and even if people do adjust the setting I would imagine most will set it to On

The Problem with the 123 Reg Domain Privacy Levels

After a bit of experimenting with the domain privacy level settings at 123 Reg I discovered why Domains are missing from Nominet Accounts and how to solve the problem.

As stated above, the default setting dor domain privacy at 123 Reg appears to be On (as you would expect) but the big problem with this is – When you set your domain privacy level to On at 123 Reg (probably GoDaddy and all other GoDaddy brands too) is that it also appear to stop your domains appearing in your Nominet account.

The only way to get your domains back in your Nominet account is to weaken your Domain Privacy Level at 123 Reg and probably GoDaddy too.

I believe it is crucial to have my domains in my Nominet account so I have complete control, is this deliberate from 123 Reg so you no longer have total control of your domain or just an oversight?

Let me know in the comments below if your domains are missing from your Nominet account and feel free to ask how to get them back

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