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IKEA Business Network Membership

I joined the IKEA Business Network today.

For those who don’t know what the IKEA Business Network is IKEA describe it as;

“This is a special place for you and your company. Here you have easy access to services, offers and benefits to help your business needs. Together, we can help your business to grow. Keep reading to find out more – or sign up now to access the benefits straight away.”

I’m usually a bit sceptical of these things but as it is IKEA and I like the way they do things I decided to take a look.

Benefits of IKEA Business Network Membership

The IKEA website lists a number of benefits when joining the IKEA Business Network including;

  • Free quick fix design tips
  • Learn with IKEA ​
  • Perks for your people
  • Member discounts
  • Discounted space solutions
  • Free hot drink

What is the IKEA Business Network?

Similar to the Amazon Small Business Account the IKEA Business Network makes it easier to keep track of your business purchases and transactions which I assume will make obtaining VAT receipts easier and is better for record keeping.

What are the benefits of the IKEA Business Network?

As you would expect, most the benefits are related to dealing with your space, interior design, office furniture, etc. to get businesses to use IKEA more.

In the Learn with IKEA section There are some great little video tips categorised as; Spaces – People – Business

I was expecting them to be marketing orientated and subliminal advertising for IKEA but after watching a couple I was pleasantly surprised.

Not sure if I would use the design tips, space solutions and are sadly too old for the perks for young people 🙁

The learn with IKEA, members discounts and free hot drink look good though, what would have been the clincher though was Free Meatballs.

Would I recommend Joining the IKEA Business Network?

I’ve only had a very brief look but from what I have seen so far I think I would recommend the IKEA Business Network

Join as your business and you can also invite your colleagues to sign up to your account either as;

  • Member with no admin rights
    Can see company information, edit personal information and access their own registered transactions.
  • Member with admin rights
    Can see, edit company and personal information. Can invite colleagues and access all registered company transactions.

How IKEA Describe IKEA Business Network

“Our free loyalty club and get access to unique benefits to create a better life at work.

From discounted access to employee benefits, free interior design consultations and online training modules – we have everything you need to help your business grow.”

Are you a member of IKEA Business Network?

Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Do IKEA have an affiliate program or referral program for the IKEA Business Network ?

If anyone knows if IKEA have a referral program for the IKEA Business Network please let me know where to find out more about it in the comments below or email

IKEA Business Network

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